Of Stolen Moments and Public Transports

No, the two have no connection what so ever 🙂

But thats how I can describe my weekend…and no stolen moments have nothing remotely romantic attached to it..you know just in case your imagination runs overboard 🙂

The Stolen Moments …relate to dancing 🙂

1) On Friday, I go to pick up R at the daycare and EVERYONE is dancing to the tunes to ‘pankhida re udi jajo pavagaadh re’ and I just stand there mersmerised by the atmosphere. R’s teacher waves her hand and calls me in. I dont stop a second. Take out my bag, flung away my chappals and there I am in my element – dancing away to the tunes of Goddess Durga. THIS is what I call my kind of prayer 🙂

2) On Saturday, R and I won passes to the Kids Club Garba at Khar. As soon as I reached there, R was given a Dandiya. I couldnt resist  myself and danced three rounds before going and sitting down and cajoling R to dance by herself. This is what I call, my stolen moment of dancing.

3) Yesterday, my neighbour’s daughter got engaged. RD, R and I went there, and R was in her best, managing to wriggle out a bit of the engagement cake from her ‘didi’ The girl is resourceful eh? Not only that, she made her ‘didi’s elder sister’ come and give me the rest of the piece because they were worried if R could eat the whole bit. Did I say the kiddo is resourceful?

Anyways, so just as we were saying our goodbyes and planning to go down for dinner, I heard the familiar beat. One that matches with my heart beat. I didnt wait a bit. I just went there, saw a guy trying to cajole his friends into starting off the garba. I just swinged myself to the music. And my damn bag came in the middle. CHucked it aside and restarted. Yep, went into a group of total strangers and initiated the dancing process. Go on, call me mad 🙂

And I danced, about 20 rounds, with RD and R looking at me. I stopped twice but RD convinced me to go one more round. There are times, I like this guy you know.

and so I did. THIS is what I call a super Sunday dance 🙂

I loved my stolen moments of dancing and I think my bhakti for the Goddess is at its peak when I dance and not when I sit making that prasad 🙂


Our car went for repair.

So on saturday, I was the epitome of a Bombayite using the public transport to the fullest

1. Took R to her school by the BEST bus
2. Came back by BEST bus since I didnt want to wait there for 1.5 hours while she was taking part in some colouring competition
3. Went back again by BEST bus to the market to ask the mechanic to get my activa repaired
4. Took a BEST bus from there to R’s school;
5. Came back by the BEST bus home

Digressing. So R and I are walking to the bus stop near her school. We see our bus coming. I start to run, R trips. I decide to walk letting go of the bus. The bus driver sees us but we are a bit far. A guy gets off the bus. The bus tries to start, the guy shouts, and says ‘wait wait choti baachi aur uski maa hai’ the entire bus looks back. The conductor smiles and rings the bell one time. Dont worry bus rukegi the guy tells me.

I rush with R, get into the bus and wave a thank you to the guy who stopped the bus and generally mutter thank you thank you to the people sitting in. To my surprise, its the same driver and conductor R and I meet in the mornings while going to her bus stop.

Bombay I tell you, comes up with such lovely surprises 🙂

Digress over 🙂

6. Took the BEST bus to the station
7. Took the train to Khar
So,  there had a pretty much public transport day on Saturday 🙂

Hope you guys had some stolen moments of Bhakti…


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32 Responses to Of Stolen Moments and Public Transports

  1. Amit says:

    You are a non-stop dancer kya? 20 rounds?!?! Ok, I actually do not know what that means because I have never done Garba. And RD doesn’t dance?

  2. No, you don’t sound crazy. You just sound enthusiastic and happy whenever there’s garba around. 🙂 There’s not much of a dancer in me, or so I think at the moment, but there seems to be one inside you. That’s why you couldn’t resist the beats. 🙂

    I totally agree that everyone has his/her own kind of faith, his/her own ways of praying. I just wish people would be more accomodating of other people’s faith and ways of prayer. I feel the closest to God when I am writing, reading or amidst lush nature.

    Wow, that was such a sweet incident in the bus. You seem to live amidst such lovely people! 🙂

  3. sandhya says:

    That’s Mumbai for you. You get disillusioned by a lot of BS that happens around and then something sweet like this happens out of the blue.

    LOL on the dance Bhakti. Go on, enjoy!

  4. There is one TV serial which cms on SAB TV, taraak mehta ka ulta chasma.. in that there is one female who is enthusiastic garba dancer, she can dance anytime and anywhere i remembered her when i read ur post 🙂

  5. meenamenon says:

    U know what the title made me think for a moment… Of stolen moments in RM N I went aaaaw 😛

    N RM before i forget lemme tell u – ur post of the sprong cleaning of pooja room last week, got me into action. So while I dint do it before navarathri kicked I did it atleast before the last 3 imp days… thank u for it 🙂

    N waaa 20 rounds! Glad u danced to ur hearts content .. hubbs is been poestering me for garba on wednesday, but i hv these two left legs.. soooooo

    • R's Mom says:

      hahahah! on spring cleaning 🙂

      Arey I hope you go for Garba once..you dont need to know how to dance at all..just go there and sway and the rhythm will get you anyways 🙂 go on go on

  6. ashreyamom says:

    wow.. RM is remembered the episode of ur dance the night before ur wedding.. good going dear.. when r we going to see the videos.. 🙂

  7. Jas says:

    20 rounds.. are you a motorized doll? wah kya stamina hai… 😀

  8. Shilpa Garg says:

    That’s some super dancing during the weekend!! 🙂

  9. anisnest says:

    that’s wonderful.. I wish someday I get a chance to dance away.. our weekend was spent in visiting friend’s house for Golu, watching Garba on the Indian street near our home, making Jack-o-lantern and playing Time bingo.. what a mix.. Golu/Garba/Jackolantern.. lol 🙂

  10. what a fun weekend that was,now I want to see you dancing 🙂

  11. Mayborn Gemini says:

    I wish I lived close to you.Would have gone dancing with you, learnt some garbha/dandiya from you. I love to dance , even though I am horrible at it.

    • R's Mom says:

      hey long long time..hope things are fine…oh I wish I could teach you virtually or something 🙂 and no one is horrible at dancing..thats one of the in born qualities we have..its just a matter of being bindaas about it 🙂

  12. Comfy says:

    Aaww I would love to see you dance. The dandia season in Mumbai is so much fun even when I could not go garbha. Loved reading all about it. And now the song is stuck in my head 🙂

  13. sjscribbles says:

    Wow – Seems like so much fun RM 🙂

  14. kirti says:

    Hey RM, I have been reading yr posts regularly and enjoying each one but somehow stopped commenting assuming it was a favour on you (as you would have one comment less to reply 🙂 )
    You seem to be an enthusiastic person , not alone a dancer . The public transport , week days , exhaustion …..nothing seems to keep you from being enthu and jive.* I bow to thee*.
    Your this post overflowed with so much of happiness and energy that I had to comment although I was a bit disappointed to see the Bhakti content while ‘stolen moments’ had suggested something otherwise (wink wink wink).
    Bhakti for me is making sweets and eating them .I feel connected to God each time I gobble up a Laddu or a modak or take a lick of Shrikhand.

    • R's Mom says:

      LOL on the favor…its sweet of you to continue reading…I love replying to comments as well..so go on 🙂

      oh food and bhakti are always linked to each other rey 🙂

  15. Ashwathy says:

    Can I say I love this post? 🙂 Sigh!!

    Wow, you can dance so much?! 😯 That’s a real eye opener! 😛 But I have seen the garba nights in Delhi and Mumbai so I can understand where this comes from!

    Never had a chance to participate myself though 😦 Need to plan something next time!

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