Risms :)

R and I are coming back from the daycare in a rickshaw

RM: Aaj kuch homework hai
R: I finish kar diya
RM: okie, any new rhymes
R: haan, ek sikhaya teacher ne…
RM: oh which one
R: hmm..errr..hmm..oh look at the bus, its yellow and going, oh Amma! it looks like the bus but it is moon
R: aisa kuch tha

And just for records, the actual rhyme is

Oh! Look at the moon
shining up there
Oh Mother! it looks like
a lamp in the air

All, I can thank God is, that R is not a lyricist!!!


RD and I are midst a very very serious argument regarding..well actually I dont remember what is was about..but we were arguing in loud tones

R: Stop fighting Amma Appa, not good for health!!

We both shut up 🙂


I am screaming at R about something during bed time..RD has gone to close the door..

Just as I finish shouting and R finishes a crying session, my hand hits my forehead and a pimple breaks with blood oozing out

RM: oh God, abhi blood
R forgets to cry, gets very excited *Gory* :kidhar kidhar
I show her my head
R: Bola tha na Amma, shout nahi karenka…jitna you shout, utna boil breaks okie?  kal se shout mat karo, toh blood nahi ayega
RM: !!!!

R and I are in the rickshaw on the way back home

RM: did you eat your tiffin
R: yes
RM: ok good
R: Kyun diya mereko idli…
RM: Kyun kya problem hai?
R: yesterday, you didnt poocho me na?
RM: So what, you like na idlis
R: yes, I like, but next time se, poochke dena, toh main barabar eat karungi okie?
RM: !!!!

Asking for permission to fill her tiffin box! hai bhagwan!


So RD and I got a chaniya choli for her, and RD was just asking me casually why I was insisting on a chunneri for it, because it didnt need one..

RM: Well you know, all girls may wear, and then she may want to wear it as well

RD: oh okie

And so we ended the conversation

Yesterday, while trying to figure out what to send to her daycare for the garba, I realise the chunneri has no relation to the chaniya choli

RM: R, lets forget the chunneri rey, this looks good without it as well
R: Nahi Amma, mereko dena daycare ke liye
RM: Kyun?
R: Because, everyone else wear karenge toh mereko bad feel hoyega na? iskeliye send kar do!

My God! Cant discuss anything in front of her eh?


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79 Responses to Risms :)

  1. Psych Babbler says:

    ROFL!!! Reading this at work is a bit hazardous as I’m snorting with laughter and trying to not disturb my colleague! Loved it all! The innovative nursery rhyme (still trying to figure out where she got the bus from all that!), the liking the idli but still requiring you to ask her, and the boil breaking when you shout! R is going to be my dose of laughter if I ever need cheering up!

  2. metherebel says:

    I love R’s version of the rhyme … O’Amma was the best 🙂

    Fighting not good for health??? Of course you have to ask her permission before you fill her tiffin, isn’t she the one eating it?

    Of cunneri, I can say like mother like daughter!

  3. Jazz says:

    Haha.. lol on that aisa hi kuch tha rhyme.

    And she will look lovely in that chaniya choli. Wish to see the pic. 🙂

  4. Amit says:

    //Stop fighting Amma Appa, not good for health!!
    Thats it? You stopped? Hahaha!
    I wish my Mom and Dad were that considerate.

  5. deepM says:

    Risms is back!! 🙂

    Felt so good after reading in this lovely morning.

    R is shoooooo cute. 🙂

    Anyways Happy Navratri. We are planning to go to see one of the famous Gararba today. Trust me i am more excited to go than my husband. 🙂

    Aaj haryali hi hariyali hai office mein. 🙂
    are you following the color code for navratri? I mean its fun right?

  6. ROFL
    R is a doll, a rockstar. She is so adorable. 🙂

  7. RM with her hindi accent i feel like i am listening to a conversation in a parsi household and not a tamilian.. okie not even gujju

  8. Jas says:

    Cute R… I loved how she preached shout nahi karneka 🙂

  9. What to say about R?? She is a sweetypie na??? Abhi se shout nahi karne ka aur pehle poochne ka bhi, okie?? lol
    I was going to ask you RM that you have written so much about your dear Fisher women, dear Rickshaw drivers, dear Bus drivers, dear traffic policemen etc etc… we are waiting for OUR DEAR R’s Risms 🙂
    One more thing, have you stopped telling stories to R kya?? It’s been so long since you wrote one 🙂

  10. Aww, you should post a pic of her in chaniya choli, RM. Chaniya cholis look really cute on little girls 🙂
    LOL at taking permission before packing her lunch box 😀

    • R's Mom says:

      they do look cute..but to put them on is a scary preposition…I am already dreading Tuesday when I have to make it wear for her before 7 in the morning!

  11. ashreyamom says:

    lol.. RM , i must say R is soooooo cute.. Drishti suti podunga.. :D..
    so u have got a mediator for ur fights.. , a poet in hand, and some one can grasp things from others conversation.. great kid..

  12. chipmunk says:

    brilliant!!!!! he he he if u get angry blood will ooze he he !!!! she is building her own rhymes its good 🙂 her brain works so fast!!!!!!!

    my day started with big smile when i saw the title Risms !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I’m first??? 🙂 Being sick leaves a lot of time to surf, read, and comment.
    Anyways, I love R-isms! R and rhyming, well at least she’s creative!
    “Stop fighting, not good for health.” Hahahaha, she’s so adorable.
    The idli condo was the most hilarious. I guess form now on you have to take her permission before packing her lunch, and then she can eat it happily.

  14. Ashwathy says:

    All, I can thank God is, that R is not a lyricist!!!
    Give her a break, will you?! How old do you think she is anyway! 🙄 Sheesh! 😛

    R: Stop fighting Amma Appa, not good for health!!
    We both shut up

    Shame on you! U actually fought in front of the kid? 😡

    R: Bola tha na Amma, shout nahi karenka…jitna you shout, utna boil breaks okie? kal se shout mat karo, toh blood nahi ayega
    ROFL!!! U deserved that!! R is turning into your dadi amma now! 😆

    Hahah now she has demands on her tiffin also! Wow, at the age of four! 😯 Maanna padega boss!

    Chunneri? U mean dupatta-types to go along with the chaniya choli?

  15. My Era says:

    Kids pick up all we do and say and repeat it at most unexpected times 🙂
    Loved that rhyme R created 😆
    Tight hugs to the cute, naughty angel 🙂

  16. uma says:

    R is such a cutie re…totally loved the conversations..esp the moon looking like a bus…lolol…lagta hai mere R ki hawa lag gayi..imagining vehicles in anything and everything..:-)))

  17. meenameno says:

    he he its exactly thes eposts that me was missing! It was literally a LOL moment…… But asking permission for lunch box took the cake 😛

  18. Lifesong says:

    🙂 Loved reading them all RM.
    “Stop fighting Amma Appa, not good for health!!” 🙂 Kids are the best moderators for their parents when they fight 🙂
    She is super cute. Hugs to her 🙂

  19. sandhya says:

    Oh, I wish I had met her too!

    This is one girl who knows her mind. LOL!

  20. Pepper says:

    You do know she talks a lot of sense, don’t you?

    • R's Mom says:

      Gah! you always support her dont you 🙂 BTW the hand santiser you gave, is reaching its end…day before yesterday the brat tells me ‘Aap P didi se milne nahi ja rahi kya?’!!!

  21. Soo adorable and smart :).. Very cute…

  22. Nachu says:

    LOL.. Next time do get her majesty’s permission before packing.. okie :P? Awesome she is.. Have been waiting for Risms.. Looks like double the wait, double the fun 🙂

  23. Maddie says:

    loved it!!! Kids pick up everything we say or do!! 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      arey totally yaar…I think I have to be really careful around her..something the other day, RD wanted to tell me, finally he told it in Bengali..and the brat understood it was something about her and asks me ‘Appa ne kya bola?’!!!

  24. Mathangi Vijay says:

    Wow!! Risms again! I just love them! R is super cute na, She is such a free spirit, creates her own rhymes, wants only the tiffin she likes, giving you advice on not shouting, she is super cool! Hugs to her!

  25. Smita says:

    Hugs to the little devil!!! 🙂

  26. yayyyyyyyyyyyyy R’isms are backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk 🙂 god bless the little one . look at how many smiles she is putting on so many people and I have the BIGGEST of the smilesssssssssssssssssssssssss

  27. anisnest says:

    LOL… she is growing amma.. no shouting anymore okie? they know how to defuse us.. 🙂

  28. Huh ditto on the Dont fight part and on askig permission part and on not discussing anyting in front of him part….ive begun to seriously loose hair now…

  29. You made my day RM, rather credit goes to R. Hugs to my sweetheart.
    Rhyme was cute 🙂
    Kids to make us stop fighting, I did a similar post where Chucky did the same:)
    jitna you shout, utna boil breaks words of wisdom.
    Why can’t you ask RM, she is not telling she wouldn’t eat idly, just ask her next time ok?

  30. and kids one hear is tuned to listen what we adults speak, I have came across many things like this with Chucky, now I am more careful 🙂

  31. Kavitha says:

    you didnt poocho me na? – aawwww…. thats where i loved R

  32. Swaram says:

    I luv luv luv her 🙂 Muahs darling!

  33. ARP says:

    Wow!!! Enjoyed the R’ism throughly. R is a witty one 🙂 “Fighting not good for health ….”. Fantastic. Where does she get all that gyan from ???? Thanks RM for the laughing dose.

  34. Shilpa Garg says:

    A very smart kid, I must say! 😀

  35. garima says:

    Lol…R is such a sweetheart.wanna hug her tight 🙂

  36. Eh?where is my comment to this?

  37. Sara says:

    I am not sure my reply went through or not 😦

  38. Sara says:

    Looks like not …

    Wow !!! I could visualise while reading it …. you must be enjoying every moment with her.

  39. Scribby says:

    just one line: R rocks and she has a point 🙂

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