Of Old Age Partnerships

Incident #1:

I am sitting out of the mall, waiting for my friend SDT to come so that we could go in to watch the movie…one old aunty gets off the rickshaw. She stretches her hand out and an old uncle comes out holding her hand. Aunty is wearing a chic saree, flowers in her peppery grey hair, specs on and bangles clinking. Uncle is slightly stooped, well built, with a grey beard and half bald head. They both smile at each other as if they are the only people around. Uncle points towards the booking counter.The conversation takes place in Tamizh

Aunty: But I thought it was up. We have always come here and gone up directly na to book the tickets.

Uncle: Yes, but this is the first time I have brought you on a Saturday morning show na..and he winks..

She blushes, and smiles back

and then they see me looking at them…uncle grins, aunty blushes..and as if to overcome his embarrassment, he asks me ‘booking counter there na’

Yes  uncle, I say, barely able to stop the wide smile threatening to split my face into two 🙂


Incident #2

Every time I go to pick up R from the daycare, I see this couple. This old aunty, thin, wearing usually a cotton saree, specs and snow white hair. Next to her is this uncle, who holds a walking stick, I think he is paralysed from one side bending towards one side, with his mouth lopsided, but aunty, holds his hand firmly, makes him take one step at a time, both of them barely talking but they seem to understand each other perfectly, as if in some kind of a ballet of their own. I always smile at them and aunty always answers me with a nod. We dont know each other at all, and yet they give me a sense of reassurance that all is not bad with the world.

One day, aunty crossed the road to get some veggies I think, and uncle was standing there, holding on to a car. A guy came to take off the car. He realised uncle couldnt stand without support. Aunty had her back turned to us. In about 30 seconds, she saw the situation, crossed the road, thanked the guy profusely and she and uncle went back. The guy of course, was sweet enough not to start the car or ask uncle to move till aunty came across 🙂


Incident #3

On saturday, RD, R and I went to get some kelas and ribbons for R. R loses her ribbons at the rate fo 6 per week. Which is absolutely not very good on my ribbon finances..but thats another story.

So while RD was sitting in the car, R and I got off to buy the ribbon. There was an old aunty sitting in a wheelchair. grey haired, wearing a maroon and white night gown and an old uncle, almost bald, wearing an offwhite shirt, holding and pushing the chair. The aunty was wondering which colour bindi to buy.
Aunty: Kai karu? (What do I do?)
Uncle: Kai pan ghe, tu chaan vatnaar 🙂 (Buy anything, you will look beautiful)

I went awww..and aunty blushed beautifully 🙂

She ended up buy three colours of the bindi 🙂


PS – On a completely different note, I have decided to make 9 different prasad for the nine nights of navratri.Errr.. I must be crazy, but hey, I know that.

So here is the first one. Brown chane ka sundal.

Soaked the channa on Monday morning (Great feat RM!)

got it pressure cooked on Monday night (Super)

Got the coconut grated on Monday night and here’s what I did.

Take some oil in kadai, add mustard, kadi patta, urad dal, hing, turmeric. Add the pressure cooked channa, add salt.

Take some coconut and green chilly in mixie. Ghumao it. and then add this mixture to the channa.Mix well, show prasad to God and then of course, Eat 🙂

Wish me luck for the rest of the days eh? and as usual with the start of Navratri, I am spending some time in self pity, missing Garba of Baroda like crazy 😦 go on, please indulge me 🙂


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65 Responses to Of Old Age Partnerships

  1. Shweta says:

    This is such a lovely post.. 🙂 though make me realize even more that my parents are getting older.. 😦

    I have never been to a Garba Night.. it never used to be trend in Delhi.. though now its changing.. bt I feel it won’t be the same and I don’t Go…

    I want to go to one in Gujrat. So You tell me.. kahan ka sabse Bestum Best hota hai .. if I have the chance to attend only one night.. ??

    • R's Mom says:

      Oh in GUjarat, depends on how you look at it…Ahm is more modern, Baroda is more traditional, Saurashtra style is different, but wherever you go, its vibrant, colourful and full of energy 🙂

  2. Amit says:

    Know what? Sometimes I wonder on which planet do you live. You on Earth right? 😛 Just confirming.

  3. Beautiful, beautiful post, RM. I am thoroughly touched. All of these aged couples are so sweet… makes you feel that all is not yet bad with the world, hai na? You said it right. I would want to have such a relationship with the OH in our old age, honestly. 🙂

    Loved the title of the post, too. These are old age partnerships, all right.

    All the very best for the variety of Navratri prasads that you have decided to make. 🙂 Kudos to you! I wouldn’t dare to do that with my schedule, and your schedule is waaaaayyyyyy more hectic than mine!

    I am missing Navratri in Ahmedabad like crazy, too. I totally get what you mean. I never used to actually do the garba there, but I used to go and see the people performing year after year. I loved the festivity that is in the air all over the city and the enthusiasm of the people in choosing just the right kind of dress and dancing away till the wee hours of the morning. That spirit is of a different level altogether, na? I am thinking of doing a post on this aspect, too.

    LOL @ ghumao it. Really. You are R’s mom, all right. 😀 😛

    • R's Mom says:

      Hai ma, you never did Garba..chokri, kem?? next time, lets coordinate and do Garba together…I dont mind doing in Ahm as well 🙂

      oh I am waiting for your post 🙂

      I pretend not to read your last line 🙂

  4. Nice to read abt old age partnership 🙂
    Wishing u a happy navratri 🙂

  5. chipmunk says:

    Dont worry!!! daily don do sundal:) split the items!!! my mom does odacha kadalai podi on alternate days saying no individual ll come again !!!!!!! easy way grind the powder and put sugar and blend it again 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      LOL on podi..your mom is super cool

      Well, I have got 8 different types of pulses, so I better use them up eh? thankfully they dont involve too much work..so its fine 🙂

  6. Sreetama says:

    Beautiful post! Reminded me of my grandparents. Both of them are not very well health wise, still take care of each other! 🙂 Happy Navratra! 🙂

  7. Jazz says:

    RM, one incident from my side.

    Imran’s grandpa is very fond of travelling while grandmom is not. When we were in Chennai, grandpa wanted to visit us but as usual grandma was not keen. So they fought and finally grandpa came for 2 weeks. They would not talk over phone too.

    Then my MIL told him how grandma was silently crying missing him and not interested in doing anything. We took grandpa out for shopping that weekend, and he bought a lovely saree for his wife and insisted on leaving asap. 🙂

  8. techie2mom says:

    Loved this tale of old age parternership 🙂 Thanks for sharing…
    Me too missing Navratri 😦 Hugs…
    All the best for prasad…

  9. Ramya says:

    pphew… waiting to get old and spend such times with Vinodh 😉

  10. ARP says:

    Wow RM …. lovely post.Thanks to your observation and narration, Incident #1, #2, #3 were fabulous. And Hats off to you on your initiative of nine prasad for navratri out of which 6/7 are working days.

  11. Lifesong says:

    Beautiful post RM 🙂 I always think watching an old aged couple in love… caring for each other is one of the sweetest sight ever 🙂

  12. Mathangi Vijay says:

    So nice to read about the elderly who give company to each other! I always keep pointing such people to my hubby and ask him if we would also be a happy and content couple at that age too! I wonder! I feel so happy when the elders take time for themselves out of their children, grandchildren routine and go for shopping, movies, tours etc. Proves that they have a life too!
    And All the Best on your Prasads. You can add them on to your Julie/Julia project as well I believe.
    And Wish you a very Happy Navrathri!!

  13. An awww post.. what a beautiful life the oldies you mentioned are living ..love and care .
    And yes the guyvwho did not start his car is also good..

    And I liked it show god Prasad and eat it yessss but but but also share it.. sharing is always good.

  14. Very beautiful post RM 🙂 It is a joy to watch elderly people and long for old age just for the beauty and warmth it symbolises 🙂
    All the best with your recipes 🙂

  15. Ha…I knew this is where I need to peep in, while I am exhausted feeding two babies 🙄 I have a sloppy smile on my tired face after reading this 🙂 hugs to you darling!

  16. ashreyamom says:

    hope i stay with my husband atleast when both of get old :)..
    good luck for the 9 prasads.. so mixi gumao for coconut iis way for getting grated coconut?? no scraping it??? nice short cut..
    oh ya i also use to loose my ribbon a lot.. so my mom decided to buy the roll and keep it at home, so we cut it when needed for required length. 🙂

  17. meenamenon says:

    Thts such a swet post! You know its one of my greatest wishes – to grow old with this peter-pn husband of mine 😀

    Err my prasadam for 9 days take shape of fruits, milk(!), sweets(bought from shop) n may be on the big day pyasam(made from MTR ready-to-make payasam mix/0.. so hats off to u!

  18. Ashwathy says:

    There is something about old couples’ love that makes me go sigh. There is a warmth and quiet understanding that passes between the two….that comes from years and years of togetherness. Sometimes real life is better than reel life/dreams. 🙂

    BTW I have sent you an email. *I am coming to eat the goodies* 😀

  19. Smitha says:

    Awww! Such an ‘Aww’ post! Such fun, it would be to grow old and loving like this, no? Walking hand in hand, during the twilight of your life.. A loving older couple feels so much more special than teenagers in love, don’t they? I can only hope that husband and I don’t kill each other before we get this old 🙂

    And Happy Navaratri! Wow for that prasad idea – how, how how do you manage to do all this?

  20. DI says:

    Sigh! Whenever I see such sights, I can only wish I end up with something like this someday 🙂

  21. anisnest says:

    I so so so love these simple yet beautiful moments that you capture RM.. sometimes I yearn for it too.. as I always say to you not everyone can notice these lovely moments unless they themself appreciate and believe it.. salute to you lady.. God bless you..
    Abt the prasadams – good luck with that.. I am sure you can make one everyday.. how nice would it be if only there was a virtual eating/sharing technique 😀 😀 😀

  22. lifeslittletwists says:

    Lovely post rm.looking atthose couples makes one to believe in the partnership and companionship of marriage…

  23. LF says:

    Waw all three incidents made me go Aww, they are adorable and cute. You making 9 prasadams,I admire your enthusiasm 🙂

  24. chattywren says:

    A sweet and lovely post RM – somehow it made me think of my parents a lot. Wish you a very happy Navratri. I am always v. jealous of those who have seen the Navratri in Gujarat, because I’ve never been there during this time.

  25. Chandrima says:

    It is Durga puja too. In our village home we have our own Durga puja.. I am missing too…

  26. It is so good so see old couples taking care of each other, I was in future already after reading the incidents, visualizing PK & me as an old couple lol
    Look forward to read the prasad recipes for next eight days RM, bring them on 🙂
    OH and BTW, Achal mehta was here in Sydney last to last week, since PK is from Baroda he literally dragged me to the ground to play garba while Achal mehta was singing.. I am sure you will know who he is since you are also a Barodian 🙂 Now PK’s another mission is to take me to Atul Purohit garba night 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      1. I am SO SO JEALOUS!! Darn!
      2. I love Achal Mehta
      3. But I prefer Atul Purohit to Achal Mehta
      4. I think Atul Purohit has a more divine shraddha filled voice, as compared to Achal Mehta
      5. I am still jealous damn!

  27. I don’t know where my comment went 😦
    I wrote that I was visualizing PK & me in old age while reading those incidents, it is so good to see old couples taking each other’s care 🙂
    Look forward to reading the Prasad recipes for next eight days, bring them on RM 🙂
    Oh & btw, Achal Mehta (I am sure you know him since you are also a Barodian like PK) was here two weeks ago & PK literally dragged me to the ground to play garba on his songs.. next on his list is Atul Purohit…
    apne Gujarat jesa maja toh kahin nahi yaar.. what say RM 🙂

  28. You’d be a good influence on a cynic like me. Always able to see the positives and the goodness around. Teach me how you do that! Can we see pics of the food you make for Navratri? Y’know…through blogosphere I’m finding out when festivals are…I haven’t had a clue since I came here apart from mum texting me on the day. Must admit, they never interest me but at least my awareness levels have increased… 😛

  29. Such a sweet post..loved the last one..feels good to know there is such love these days.
    Happy navratri to you.

  30. Sumana says:

    aLL THE 3 INCIDENTS MADE ME GO AWW actually. I notice this with my parents as well. They end up fighting for petty things and when the other is not around, you should see them await the other anxiously.
    Ahem ahem on the other side, since my IL’s stay here , i don’t make much effort on the sundal front, mil makes one everyday. Go feel J.

  31. Vidya says:

    Rock this Navrathri with your special prasads! An utterly-butterly-sweet post!

  32. Jas says:

    All the luck for prasad 🙂 and a heart warming post.

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