Dear Bangalore – Part 2

Yes, I cant think of a more exciting title though this post is all about my blogmeet excitement 🙂

So, RD told me one fine day that he has decided to run.

RM: toh bhag na rey

RD: no no RM, run the marathon in Bangalore

RM: Kyun, abhi toh you went, why you want to go again..and waise bhi, these Bangalore walas keep how many marathons in an year eh?

RD: arey this one is amazing, its called the Kaveri Trail marathon  and I so want to do it

RM: okie go ahead

RD: so do you want to come to Bangalore with me

RM: hmpf! how can I run as well…who will take care of the brat then?

RD: no baba, do you want to come with me just like that….

RM: No! no money for all of us to go

RD:Well, I was thinking you could meet up with your perima and cousin AND meet up with your blogger friends you know…after all, they called me and all that and even came to meet me last time

now you know why I married this guy eh?

So it was decided due to lack of finances or what I perceived to be lack of finances, we would go by train (which mean one day off from work) and come back by flight..and so the tickets were booked and leaves were approved etc etc

then I wrote to a set of girls (SEVEN in total) hoping at least one would show up 🙂

but much to my delight, ALL OF THEM agreed and they even turned up..
go on and read about the baap of all blog meets 🙂 (Well at least in my life 🙂 )


1. RM (of course of course, how else can I write about it)
2. Seema
3. Lifeslittletwists
4. Uma

5. Nithvin

6. Smitha
7. Garima
8. Summerscript

And of course the kiddos

1. R
2. ManTam
3. Chutku
4. R (This one is not my R, but Uma’s R)
5. S
6. Poohi

In total, 8 women and 7 kiddos…

Venue: LTT’s house, which is in reality is a palace 🙂


1. Gems in bowls…I mean, gems in katoris for the kids..can you believe that lady is so so generous that she gave them gems in katoris…*Breathes slowly and still cant believe it*
2. Bhel puri..yes yes boss, bhel puri (I ate 4 bowls of only bhelpuri)
3. Jam sandwich…yummmmmm
4. Amazing home made Brownie courtesy the amazing Seema..I mean I have told her so many times to leave Abbas and come to me 😉
5. Ice cream (I didnt eat, promise, thanks to my horrid throat ache)
6. Chips (hey you didnt give me that why?)
7. Rasagulla from haldirams which both SS and Uma got…I was suppose to take a tin back to Bombay (excuse me, I was the special guest remember) but I forgot darn!
8. Samosas – I heard LTT saying they were good, but excuse me, with bhel around that too home made, why would I eat samosas..

To spoil LTT’s house to the fullest, with spills, screams, shoutings, and fun


LTT’s Chutku was kind enough to share ALL his toys…

So step 1: Let the kids loose

2. Let them create a din so much that I am wondering if LTT’s parents will ever let us enter their house
3. Let them fight about the toys and then each respective mother pretends to teach their kid how to share and fails just turn a blind eye and let them solve it themselves
4. Poohi is the oldest but surprisingly she is NOT the gang leader

5. Its Chutku’s house but he is NOT the gang leader
6. Uma’s R has learnt that the safest way to handle a group of 5 girls is IGNORE them and concentrate on the cars, buses and a broken aeroplane wich RM aunty encourages him to take as if its hers

7. Mannu has decided to ignore my R and just eat those gems

8. Tammu is pretending to be friendly with Garima aunty and SS didi and playing ball with them
9. In the mean time, the brat of the day (read R) is instigating everyone to go upstairs and generally making random sounds and teasing the little boys..
10. S of Nithvin realises that putting up rings in the stick is a fun game until everyone else wants to play it 😉
11. Brat R is now successful in going up the stairs despite LTT screaming at Chutku not to go
12. Now Chutku is climbing the stairs from outside the grill and asking R to come with him
13. Now R has succeed in asking Poohi didi to come with her who is reluctant because LTT aunty said no, but RM just gives her a wink and up she goes
14. Tammu has gone up as well and Mannu waits a second, gives me a naughty smile and follows
15: S realises rings are boring and follows
16. Uma’s R realises no noise is around him, looks up from his aeroplane and goes up in a minutes
17. Now R has successfully taken all the kids up and they learn the art of going up and down, down and up..and thus creating noise of the century

in the meantime, the ladies have exchanged notes, ragged SS to the fullest, (well, I ragged her, the others were kind enough to ask me to shut up), ensured high sound levels, and full stomach, and talked and talked and talked and know talked..

Some nuggets

1. SS is telling her love story, did you know that the word computer is a code for your boyfriend – well SS’s friend thought that
2. Love stories involve a lot of talking…yes they do *rolls eyes*
3. RM has no patience and wants to know about the proposal until she is asked to shut up by Uma and Smitha
4. Rosogullas taste amazing when they are eaten in twos

5. Uma has gorgeous hair!
6. Smitha doesnt look her age at all! Both Seema and I asked her if she was as old as she said she was gah!

7. Nithvin is the biggest sport ever..she came despite recovering from a fracture and her Vin is really sweet eh? I ragged him totally

RM: errr…Vin can you come here for a minute
Vin: yes
RM: now take our pictures will you
Vin: scared: of course of course
RM: grin grin 😉

8. Garima was so confused at how many kids were there, that she just got some clips and books…and she got the exact number of clips for the girls
9. R and I had a fight on how she should not be taking the books bought for the boys, until Garima intervened and asked me to just give eh?
10. Seema is an amazing cook..oh well, I said that earlier didnt I?
11. LTT is very very generous..she opened her absolutely amazing house to a bunch of crazy kids and crazier blogger friends 🙂
12. While discussing the next meet, I invited all of them to Bombay, there was a pregnant pause and then they were discussing on how Smitha’s house is a good option gah!
13. SS is secretly happy at the venue of her wedding..she knows her wedding wont be gate crashed 😉
14. I so want that bhelpuri..okie, I already said that twice!
15: R spills water on the carpet…RM is screaming. R looks up and I tell her..go get a poocha from inside…she just goes into the kitchen, looks around, sees LTT and Seema busy cooking, comes the meantime, Smitha has taken tissues and cleaned it and says okie its fine…R looks at Smitha (she is distracted) looks at me and says Dekho Amma, aunty ne ekdum clean and dry kar diya na! well…I give up..
16. Seema and Abbas come to pick me up..and then while dropping back Seema confesses something..

Seema: RM you know what, I recognized you
RM: Wow you did, how rey
Seema: Well, I have seen so many pictures of yours and R’s from the back on the blog, that since you were facing the other side, I quickly recognized your back sides
RM: !!!!

17. Blog meets are the funnest in this world okie?

Thanks for coming across people..a lot of my comments I  have censored but written to you all in the mails..

thank you and more thank you

Now you know why I think Bangalore is wonderful eh

Next post – The train trip, the food by perima and the metro adventure

Since I am a drama queen, let me clarify that despite having crepe bandage on my left foot and  suffering from a severe sore throat, I actually went for the blogger meet..heheheheeh 🙂

PS 1.I was so happy learning that SS is getting married after reading her post on Thursday that I jumped from my seat, in so much excitement that I twisted it so badly that I had to limp my way to the doctor before getting into the train and get an injection on my  backside. I threatened to strangle SS on meeting her which I did, after hitting her properly on her backside 😉 Revenge like they say, is sweet eh?

PS 2. – I sent a clarification email yesterday to these folks mentioning how my voice is actually very sweet and I was suffering from a sore throat on the day we met.
Nithvin mails back saying “Good you cleared my doubt you voice did sound sweeter over the phone a couple of months ago. So, was wondering what happened to it :D.”

Gah 😉

Ps 3 – We didnt get too many pictures…go figure…8 women and not even 10 pictures..that too we toook at the last minute…I am not putting up any because most of the bloggers dont really put up pictures 🙂


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58 Responses to Dear Bangalore – Part 2

  1. Tharani says:

    I am plain jealous. Gah to all of you. And you sprained your leg on hearing Ss is getting married huh????? You are such a sweet heart.

  2. Lifesong says:

    Wow! Sounds like a super bloggers meet 🙂 You guys had so much fun 🙂

  3. My Era says:

    OMG what a fantastic blogger meet 😀
    Thank you for this sensational live report from the meet 😀

  4. Sreetama says:

    Wow wow & more wow! This was awesome! Can’t imagine how much fun you & the kids had! Come to Delhi RM! Congratulations to SS for her marriage! 🙂

  5. uma says:

    whatay sum up, lady! :-))))
    Seriously bahut maza aya na…and when re did we ignore your offer to meet in B’bay…anyway am coming, I said 😉

  6. Smitha says:

    What fun that was 🙂 And I can proudly say that finally, finally, I got to attend a blogger’s meet. The only bloggers I met so far was Deeps – a fleeting meet, a couple of years ago, and Pallu – for five minutes. This was a proper treat 🙂

    You deserve an award, RM. Coming all the way to bangalore and all the way to meet us, with a sprained ankle and a sore throat 🙂 And LTT, you deserve a medal for just hosting us. What a mess we left your place in, and your parents – they are such sweethearts!

    The kids sure had a great time, next time at my place, then? RM, you can’t miss it. Get RD to run another marathon in Bangalore. Or better still shift here 🙂

  7. Oh wow, what fun 😀
    Pics!! I want the pics RM please please please!!!

    You should at least have got somebody to take a pic of all of you from behind, that way you could at least put up a few pics with this post 😉

    LOL at Seema recognizing your backside hehehe.

  8. gah and bah to all you show offs!!!! 😡

    What?? Smithu didn’t bring any of her baked goods? 😯 I like that part… 👿

    Next time I plan to visit Bangalore, I will send mails to all these kids who had real some real fun…then I can climb up and down the stairs with them and howl 😛

    • R's Mom says:

      hehehe 🙂 totally showing off eh?

      Arey bechari Smitha she came under dire its totally fine and then of course Seema had got along her baked products na…

    • Smitha says:

      Saks, I wanted to bring along brownies -that was the only thing I can bake at the moment – no baking pans or baking accessories, you see, but Seema was already bringing that 🙂 I promise I’ll bring the baked stuff when you come here. Or better still, come and stay with me, and I shall bake away 🙂 You will just have to promise to eat whatever I make 🙂

  9. Sumana says:

    Oh wow sounds like fun. So many Blore bloggers. Nice update RM.

  10. Sujatha says:

    aha.. sooper updates.. It was like reading a live cricket update from cric info 🙂

  11. Awesome.. well it seems I need to head to Bangalore instead of mumbai now..

    The kids had fun ..

  12. summerscript says:

    Super cute post 🙂
    I cannot stop smiling 😀
    I enjoyed it completely 😀 😀 😀
    And yayyyy I met the rockstars!!!!! 🙂

  13. ashreyamom says:

    wow.. looks like all of u had a great time re.. i am jealous.. so when r u all coming to vizag?? 🙂

  14. SJ says:

    RM – Arey..what an observation on what each of the kiddos were doing ! Hat’s off !
    Sounds like so much FUN !

  15. Swaram says:

    Oh ho I was waiting for the pics, since u said u were waiting for pics in the last post 😛

    Lovely RM! Wish I was there too 🙂 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      arey Swaram, I saw the pictures the others sent me, honestly nothing that I can put up on the reveals too much 😉 sorry 🙂

      Oh you come to bombay girl..come fast 🙂

  16. Nithvin says:

    Finally managed to read the post now..bad luck day today! Internet problems, lots of work..
    What a post RM! seriously, when did you observe so much about the kids? you have eyes behind your head also ,eh? 😀

    I am just laughing reading this post..must make sure V also read this 🙂

  17. Ashwathy says:

    Oh wow, you knew so many bloggers in Bangalore??

    Bah and pah to you!! 😛 I second Saks!!

    Anyway I will go to Bangalore and eat all the cakes and pastries that Smitha makes! Hmph!! 😛

  18. anisnest says:

    going green RM.. totally… Grrrr…
    sounds like a lovely meet and anyone who reads this post will long for such a meet.. the way you have narrated it is so lively..

  19. Amit says:

    Wow! That was one tornado meet. Your post was like a storm so I can imagine what great fun you all had! 🙂
    Hope your throat is all right now?

  20. Mathangi Vijay says:

    Hey I am back and lovely to read about the bloggers meet. So much fun you guys had! Hope your sprain and throat sore are better now.

  21. LF says:

    I am reading your posts after long break and now I am super excited than you were. I felt so bad and wished I were in Bangalore too. What a fun blogger meet..I wish I could see the pictures too.. It would be a pleasure to see all my fav blog friends together..You disappointed 😦

  22. techie2mom says:

    Wow, this really was a baap of all blog meets 🙂
    There was so much of fun!!!!

  23. Scribby says:

    what is this post like RM ? hasi bhi aa rahi hai aur jealous bhi feel raha hai 😀 what ya, you ladies had so much fun and the way you’ve described it all….hats off to you sistah 🙂 you’re awesome!

  24. Bah! I am so so so jealous! I want a bloggers’ meet too! NOW! 😦

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