Of Playgrounds, Painting and Stuff

I am not a big fan of Times of India… I think their articles on some issues are so pathetic that it makes me cringe…

But we buy the TOI hard copy at home..*rolls eyes* dont ask me why?

Yesterday Amma made me read this article infact she had kept the paper separately and showed it to me….

What an article…

I just want to copy paste the entire stuff…its awesome…Something my Appa has been telling RD and I forever…

Mary Kom is someone I admire…she did more to the mothers of India than anyone I think can do..give them the courage to think that life doesnt stop after motherhood and you can do WHAT  you want..there need not be any guilt involved…Again you can argue she had her spouse’s support etc etc..but still, I think if I were in class 4 and had to write an essay on someone whom you admire, after my Amma, I will write about Mary Kom…

Anyways, in the article she talks about sports and she gives a mother’s point of view..she talks about childhood and play and she gives a parent’s point of view…I am totally impressed…

Please read..in the meantime, I am going in search for a job in a place where there is greenery abundant 🙂

In other news..here are two more T shirts I painted..one for R and one for a friend’s kiddo…

I am going to start one more on HP theme 🙂


This one is for R


R pointed out this one to be done from the book…I liked the way they have come out 🙂


This one is for a Friend’s son….and the friend doesnt know about it yet 🙂

Mathangi – you liked?

A different view


The Owl! I liked it though R didnt..gah!


Appa came down last Sunday and since it was R’s ‘exams’ on Monday, I made the grandfather and grand daughter sit and study 😉

R is telling him A says ae, B says ba..etc etc..and they come to N, N says na thatha and N is for nest…

RMD: Hey look, the nest has some eggs in it…so N says nest and eggs inside the nest what say?

RM: Appa dont you go about confusing her grrrrrrrr

RMD: oh sorry sorry..hey kid, dont say all that okie, otherwise your amma will scold both of us

and then they go giggle giggle giggle

and then after a couple of days, we are ‘revising’ *Rolls eyes*

R: Amma, N says na and N is for nest, inside nest is eggs…so N is for nest and eggs inside the nest..okie?

This father of mine is impossible! and brat of mine seems to have the memory of an elephant just in places where you shouldnt be having it eh?


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60 Responses to Of Playgrounds, Painting and Stuff

  1. Jas says:

    I loved the T-shirts. Really cute. I read the article and it is indeed very nice. I also have TOI at my place because I love their articles.

  2. Zephyr says:

    Mary Kom is a doll. I am glad I met her before media commandeered her and she will still very simple. And if you want to read about her childhood — a lovely one — wait for my new book 🙂 It has childhood stories of others too.,

    Hey, your designs are supercool! What an artist and a writer. I bet you will illustrate your own book of stories one day. And then R will not have to remember two names — one of the writer and another of the illustrator!

    • R's Mom says:

      you are SO SO SO SO SO Lucky that you met her…waiting waiting for the new book..errr…you were supposed to send me a link for your older one..please do!

      LOL on illustrating my book..hehehe 🙂 you sure can make me laugh out loud

      • Zephyr says:

        The first one is Children who made it Big and you will find it on Flipkart. Wonder if they have stock though. And I am not joking, your book is coming out. When I predict good things for others, they always happen. So there!

        • R's Mom says:

          hahahah! you are sweet Zephyr..no the book is not available on flipkart it says out of stock gah!

          and oh! please predict I am settling down in Australia, I would love if that happens 🙂

    • @Zephyr

      I never knew you wrote a book! What is it called? What is it about? And what is the second one called?

      PS: Were you a reporter by any chance?

      • R's Mom says:

        go on tell her Zephyr..hmpf!

        PS – I dont know about the reporter part..were you were you????

        • Zephyr says:

          @ GND, no I was never a reporter — can’t report facts without adding mirch masala. But have been a feature writer and children’s writer too — for young adults. And RM, why are you angry with me? I do love you so…… 😦

  3. I am in love with Mary Kom myself, thanks to Zephyr’s post. 🙂

    We get Times of India as well, as that is a good way for beginning-to-read-news-ers to go. 🙂

    LOL @ R and her thatha’s antics. 🙂

    The T-shirts are super cool. Loved the red one!

  4. techie2mom says:

    I agree with you on Mary Kom, she truly is a role model and i am a big fan…
    Wow, you are going great with the t-shirts…I am on my way to reduce the weight so that i can wear one of the RM creation 🙂

  5. chaitalichari says:

    Hey RM, tees look cool ha.. i agree with zephyr on dat illustration part..
    And ur appa tellin R abt da eggs i don’t find anything wrong abt it 🙂 Its additional info.. rite

  6. uma says:

    LOVED the T-shirts. I second Zephyr when she says that you will (actually should) illustrate your books. The stories are anyway ready. It will be a hit RM, trust us.
    And, Deccan Herald also featured the article on Mary Kom where she stressed the need for a playground for children these days. Very valid point.

    • R's Mom says:

      oh please Uma, I can only do either written work or draw easy stuff like Warli which involves only lines and circles 🙂

      I dont get Decaan Herald..can you send me the link if you have it

  7. Amit says:

    Mary Kom is definitely an inspiration. I hope she goes on to open her boxing school and inspire more women.
    I am fine with the TOI newspaper but somehow I do not like their online website. It is stupid and has very low quality of articles.
    I know I was supposed to ask you to make a shirt for me but will I look ok wearing a Tshirt with Harry Potter on it? 😛 Your shirts are really good. You can start a clothes line and then who knows, you might feature in the fashion week in Paris. 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      oh even I am hoping she does 🙂

      Their online website is horrid honestly 😦

      of course?? why not? I am confused why cant you wear a HP T shirt…I wouldnt mind painting one for you..you can even tell me what you want…I wont write mushy stuff like Harry + Ginny or Ron + Hermione…I would write more stuff like Expecto Patronum and stuff 🙂

      • Amit says:

        Ok. I want ‘Voldemort still rules’ written on it and some cute picture of him killing Harry. 😛
        Ok, just joking but something to do with Voldemort will be great.
        My size is L (it is actually M but all Tshirts shrink a bit). 🙂 How will it reach me?

        • R's Mom says:

          Oye…kuch bhi kya..I cant do drawing and all that….Something on Voldemort…errr..lemme think lemme think..will get back to you after giving it deep thought over the weekend 😉


  8. lifesong says:

    The T shirts are simply Wow! Loved R’s T shirt and all the others too 🙂 You are too good with this RM 🙂
    Thank you for sharing that article on Mary Kom 🙂 I really admire her.

  9. Mathangi Vijay says:

    Yes, I also really admire Mary Kom for her sheer will power and her ability to show all the women folk that if they really try anything is possible even after marriage and kids and there is no need to feel guilty! Thats one Example!!
    And the T-Shirt is awesome. The Owl is cute 🙂 The crossword is damn cool! I just love it! Thanks a lot RM for taking the pains..
    And R she is such a darling and so is your dad. My hugs and kisses to her 🙂

  10. ashreyamom says:

    going to read the article… wow.. t-shirt is nice.. and hey the pic R pointed from book and what u did has come out really well.. OWL post.??
    and hey R has good memory.. i thinks kids remember what you ask them to forget na.. 🙂

  11. Smita says:

    Mary Kom is an inspirational person!! She is the eptiome of ‘dreams do come true if you really try hard’ 🙂

    And those T Shirts are awesome!! You are becoming better nd better!!!

    and LOL @ ur father & R’s adorable antics!

  12. Ashwathy says:

    I SO loved that bit about the grandpa-grandkid bit that I HAD to comment on that first! 😀 I am a sucker for that relationship….reminds me of the warmth of my relationship with my own grandpa….
    Hahahah R actually remembered the nest and eggs and everything else? 😆 Yep, just when you think she won’t remember! 😛

    Loved that article by Mary Kom. Reminds me of what one of my seniors in office advised me. To shift to Navi Mumbai once I have kids, because there is lots of open space, rather than stick to city area.

    TOI actually published that? 😛 She didn’t get any better newspaper or what? We used to subscribe to TOI like a lot of Mumbaikars do…and get a copy of Mumbai Mirror alongside. Until I realized both are useless papers…and switched to HT and Mint. Definitely an improvement. Best would still be The Hindu, though, IMO.

    P.S.: Love your t-shirts too. Better make one for my kid ok? Err…after I have a kid I mean! :mrgreen: Yes booking in advance! I am shameless….but then you already knew that, didn’t you? 😛

  13. sandhya says:

    Loved the T-shirts, RM. You are becoming quite the professional, na?

    I like your Appa!

  14. Bikramjit Singh Mann says:

    Oh yes the lady has done more than hundreds who occupy those high chairs, and those who go on and on and on and those who go on dharna’s .. I have written enough at various places I personally feel that people who go on and on and on are their to make a name for themselves and the good will or something to do for women in general is very low on their priority list..

    the example i give is that women who actually need help those living in remote areas and not one or two but millions they probably dont even know anything about the movements and all they still have to get up and walk miles to get water.. BUT anyway

    Mark Kom has shown how to do it , she has actually done it and that’s what counts the most , we should learn from her..

    THe tee-shirts are awesome and on the last part 🙂 .. he he he

  15. Bikramjit Singh Mann says:

    MARY KOM has shown how to do it , she has actually done it and that’s what counts the most , we should learn from her..

    (sorry for the typo)

  16. Gayatri says:

    Loved the T-shirts. They are great. You should think about marketing them, have an etsy shop or something similar or tie up with an NGO and outsource your ideas and someone else does the work so you won’t have to spend so much time on them. That way you can even live in Iceland and get the work done (only you have to make sure there is good broadband connectivity!):).
    You should also think about illustrating a book with your stories on the veggies and I’m sure they will sell like hot cakes/vadas :).

    • R's Mom says:

      *goes out to figure out what is an Esty shop*

      hahahah LOL on living in Iceland with good broadband 🙂

      Arey but Gayatri, the warli ones are copied from a book, they are not my ideas 🙂

  17. Swaram says:

    I am totally in awe of Mary Kom for many reasons too 🙂 What an inspiring lady she is!

    And about the papers, the less said the better. It’s the same everywhere 😐 We get Hindu bcoz I love their supplements for the articles they carry, but even they have gone the crap way now esp. when it comes to mainstream news 😦

    And RM, ur tees are really good! U r quite the artist eh?;) Warli is one of my most fav forms of art 😀

  18. Sreetama says:

    I loved the article. Even I’m not a TOI fan but still subscribe to it as I can read it quicker than Hindu or Indian Express and the pg 1 reports don’t continue in next page. Even if they do, they start with a new sentence/paragraph.Cute t shirts! Lol at R’s memory! 😀

  19. pixie says:

    the tee shirts are simply fab!!
    I admire Mary Kom too!

  20. telugumom says:

    The T-shirts are very very cute 🙂
    I don’t like TOI either. Ofcourse I just read it online here sometimes.
    The reading sessions of grandfather and granddaughter made me laugh. It is a similar situation at our place too when ever my parents or in-laws visit 🙂

  21. Sia says:

    Mary Kom is an inspiration in more ways than one! The tees look cute. 🙂

  22. meenamenon says:

    Ur Tees get betta by the day!

    Now why aint I not able to identify u settling down abroad… lol!

  23. Scribby says:

    super cool tees RM, you’ve become an expert sistah!!! congrats 🙂

    Now going to read the article…

    and that nana-poti duo rocks!!!! 😀

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