Random Again

– Not well again…I am really tired of being sick…

On saturday, I had a severe throat ache and then RD threatened me to take 2 days off or else…or else..he said…

I got bugged at him and I said or else what?? bolo bolo..dont threaten me..

RD: or else…I will call your mother


And so he actually carried out the threat..called up Amma, and she being the mother, supported…HIM!!!

She said if you dont take monday off, I am coming there on Wednesday…

RM: Amma, I am fine

RD: no she is not..she thinks she is a super woman..and can do stuff..troubling everyone..

and he went on and on and on..I think he got this from my dad, pakao the other person so much that you dont have a choice but to shut up..

RM: okie okie…Amma you dont come,I will take the day off…

and so thats why Monday was off…


For all who are smart and are thinking why Amma didnt threaten to come on Tuesday…ah well..its Appa’s birthday today and she didnt want to leave him alone heheheehhe 🙂

and just for records..she managed to learn to make sitaphal basundi for her man…gah!

I was stiff bored yesterday..honestly…I dropped the brat to the daycare because I was supposed to be resting!

and came home and got really bored!!!

but…I had got some 20 Enid Blytons on my Kindle and read about 10 of them…Famous Five..TEN Famous Five…I loved loved loved them!!!

Now that I am *ahem* older, I have an issue with Anne being the housekeeper and George being pushed by the guys not to get too adventrous..but I guess, when Enid Blyton wrote it, the feminist movement was not full swing eh?

But on the whole, I have to admit, I am an Enid Blyton fan 🙂

the food described…wow!

the simple stories…wow!

the lovely scenic descriptions…wow!

super super 🙂


I have decided never to leave my job though…at least unless its absolutely necessary..I really got bored at home..though for a change, I did no house work…I actually rested 🙂


and oh! for the records again, I am better now…have a slight congestion which is likely to go in a few days…I am surviving on haldi milk, hot water, ginger tea..and a big deal of scoldings from the mother and spouse 🙂


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76 Responses to Random Again

  1. lifesong says:

    Wish you get better soon RM.
    I too still love reading Enid Blytons 🙂
    A very happy b’day to your dad 🙂 It is my Hubby’s b’day too today 🙂

  2. Amit says:

    I don’t know if this is applicable to everyone but ever since I have started exercising, I haven’t fallen ill since a long time. I think you should think about it. Your body will develop immunity if you keep it healthy.
    Take care. 🙂
    I used to read Famous Five when I was in tenth standard. Then Sherlock Holmes took over. But, yes, I loved them.

    • R's Mom says:

      Errrr….I travel in Bombay by public transport..that my darling Amit, is equivalent to any exercise you can ever do 🙂

      Well, I did read Sherlock Holmes..but Enid Blyton has a charm of her own..you know for a long time, I thought Enid Blyton was a guy 🙂

      • This is the excuse everybody gives and get trapped in their own unhealthy ways. Public transport gives you stress, all the physical activity you do is exertion. It does you more bad than good.

        Workouts on the other hand, lets you exercise without stressing you. It does more good for you. Please include exercise in your routine. I agree with Amit here, they do build up your core strength.

      • N says:

        Erm even I thought Enid Blyton ws a guy. Glad to know Im not alone :D. Sorry RM to phut your bubble, public transport is no exercise, juz an extra stresser. Im into phy.fitness, tennis, BB, Karate skating etc. And I cant rem the last time I fell ill (unless you count lying at office).

  3. Get well soon, R’s Mom ! And Kudo’s to RD for going ahead with his threat to call your Mom. With all the running around that you do, some time off to rest in abs required.

  4. Is it because of the weather? I think you didnt take proper care the first time around.Good you took yesterday off. Do take care!
    Yesterday WAS off for us here because of Ramzan 🙂 And I’ve taken the day off today,I had so much office work that was not getting done in office-so Im sitting at home and completing all that today-without any disturbances!

  5. Take care, RM. Get well soon!

  6. Take good care of yourself RM and get well soon. Take some steam for the congestion, works wonders.
    Happy birthday to your dad! Both my parents are August born too 🙂
    Ah, the food in Enid Blyton novels! Strawberry tarts, sausages, ginger-bread…yummmm

  7. Pepper says:

    Enid Blyton! Those books have been my treasure. I started reading them at 9 and I must have read all of them 35786567356 by now. Yes, Annie and George, they should’ve have been treated the way they were. But at that time, the differences didn’t even occur to me. Had I read those books now, I would have probably objected. All said and done, her books are my favouritestttt ever. I can recite random lines from random paragraphs from random books of hers.

  8. Sujatha says:

    My birthday wishes to ur appa… Take care RM !! I think u r getting stressed so much… take good rest 🙂 .. get well soon

  9. Awwww that is so sweet of RD and your mom! 🙂 Glad to know you are feeling better now, and that you had a day off.

    Enid Blyton used to be my favourite writer in childhood. I used to snap up books by her at the library as soon as they would appear. It has been AGES since I read anything by her. 😦 Would love to do that again!

    • R's Mom says:

      sweet? oye..whose side are you on???

      she is awesome na..go on..get a book fast..if you read diary of a wimpy kid, I am sure you will love to go back to Enid Blytons

  10. Hi RM, I hope you will get back to normal soon..
    Just wanted to let you know that I apsolutely love all your posts 🙂 Inspired by you, I have started writing a blog. I live in Australia and everyday in office, from 12 to 1 in afternoon I keep checking your blog to read your new post 🙂 Take Care 🙂

  11. garima says:

    Hope you get well soon…monday was not a holiday for you?We had off for Eid…
    Sithaphal basundi,i love it am drooling…but its a pain to remove seeds from the fruit and then add it in the milk..once again aunty is cute…And a very happy birthday to uncle and many more to come 🙂

  12. My Era says:

    A very Happy Birthday to your dad 🙂
    Am glad you are feeling better after resting….get well soon dear.
    Count me in in being a big fan of Enid Blyton 😀 😀 😀

  13. techie2mom says:

    Hey good to know you are feeling better 🙂
    So sweet of RD to call your mom and so sweet of her to threaten you (Pan maaro support to haji pan tamne j che) 😉
    I too love Enid Blyton…recently i went to someone’s place and her son has this collection of famous five books, so till she was busy with something, i chanced upon the books 😉
    Your mom learnt to make sitafal baasudi, i am impressed!!

  14. rainmusings says:

    Get well soon RM ..

  15. Smita says:

    Oho! Have u tried Kadha? Take a cup of water, put some tulsi leaves in it, a slice of ginger & 2-3 kali mirch in it. Cover the vessel and boil the water till it becomes half cup. Put a little honey/ mishri in it and drink it lukewarm. After that cover your face and go to sleep. Trust me you will feel better.

    And I too am a Enid Blyton fan and specially that of their food. My God what way she used to describe it na.

    Take care of yourself re 🙂

  16. Mathangi Vijay says:

    Take care RM.. Get well soon. Here my Hubby is also down with the same symptoms as you and is refusing to take a day off.
    Enid Blytons, yes I simply love them till date. And yes, like you, for a long time I did think that Enid Blyton is a guy 🙂

  17. Sreetama says:

    Here’s wishing uncle a very very happy birthday! Many happy returns of the day! You sound awesome! 🙂 Now on a more concerned note, how are you now? Take care and get well soon. Really sorry to know that your cook couldn’t manage the timing! 😦 I thought you had off due to Eid. Take good rest. Hugs! So is aunty coming to Mumbai to be with you?

  18. hey .. glad u rested and took a day off.. i was sick over the weekend too..
    what happened to ur cook? belated birthday wishes for ur dad..
    i’m a big big enid blyton fan.. my fav still is secret island!.. i was sooo inspired to run away and hide on my own secret island when i was in 3rd / 4th.

    • R's Mom says:

      Cook nahi ayi…time didnt match 😦

      thanks for the birthday..aaj hi hai so you are on time

      Secret island na 🙂 ah! I wish…I think my favorite is naughtiest girl in school 🙂

  19. chaitalichari says:

    You need rest RM, i hope ur taking care of ur health.. try for a cook who can cm in the early morning..
    Happy Birthday to ur dad.. and i want sitaphal basundi recipe..

    • R's Mom says:

      morning I leave at 7 rey…no cook in our area will come ever 🙂 and honestly I wouldnt want someone in the morning….doing my stuff and getting R ready itself is a task 🙂

      thanks thanks

      will ask Amma 🙂

  20. deepM says:

    Get well soon RM..

    Happy Birthday to your dad! My husbands birthday is on 22nd August i.e tomorrow. Planing to make a chocolate cake for him . WIsh me luck 🙂

  21. 🙂 Good of him, you would not listen otherwise ..

  22. Nachu says:

    Ohh get well soooon.. And laze over and get rest..
    Enid blyton is my fave as well! Ever read Malory Towers? It is school series and I love it and have re-read the entire series million times…. Famous five, Kirrin island!!!! And the clumsy scientist!! As for the sexist part, I never felt that way when I read those books.. Now thinking of it, when I was young and wasn’t allowed to do zillion things, and had those “girls should be like this and that”, my first reaction probably was hate being a girl and may be later in growing up years, I thought the other way, that women/girls should be treated equally… So may be George’s attitude of not liking to be a girl was probably that kind of thoughts and anger or rather not wanting to fit the perception that society had on women those days! And I absolutely loved george for her rebellious stints as well like calling herself George instead of Georgina and cutting her hair short!

    • R's Mom says:

      surprisingly I havent read Malory Towers, but its definnitely on my wish list..everyone I know has praised it sky high!

      so agree on the Enid Blyton thing 🙂

  23. ashreyamom says:

    get well soon..
    glad u had a proper rest day.. may be u need such break once in a while, and enjoy the books.
    belated wishes to appa.. 🙂

  24. Ashwathy says:

    I agree with RD here… (as most often I do 😛 ). When your body is screaming for rest, you should be actually taking that rest instead of trying to push your luck! 🙄
    It’s hard enough to manage oneself, and also have to manage a cranky, sick, irritated partner! 😛 Jeez! Get some sense into your head!

    Happy belated bday to your appa! 🙂

    I really got bored at home..though for a change, I did no house work…I actually rested
    A lot of people would enjoy that break…. getting a chance to actually do NOTHING. Especially when they are sick. You being the weird creature that you are, got so restless and bored that you couldn’t wait to get back to work again. No wonder R is the way she is…. if this is anything what you were like when you were pregnant with her then NO SURPRISE there!! 🙄 😛

  25. I hope you get well poora soon 🙂
    And Enid Blyton ohhh I love his writings too…..I remember spending the library period in school reading all the editions of famous five. 🙂

  26. chandni says:

    Get well soon love! And good to see that your post is still so happy and positive. I hope good health returns soon!

  27. Gayatri says:

    Get well soon. I’ve been meaning to write to you, hopefully I’ll do that in the next couple of days. Take rest and smell the roses (if not in your balcony/garden, maybe from your neighbour’s!).

  28. metherebel says:

    Get well soon RM!

    I loved Enid Blyton too 🙂

  29. Comfy says:

    You rest up, do you hear me. No getting sick. Hope you are all better now.

  30. sandhya says:

    Have been off the net for a few days, RM. House-guests from the in-laws’ side.. Catching up a bit since they have gone out for a half-day Bangalore-darshan trip, and I have some me-time!

    Loved Blyton, of course. You know that very well.:) Even I had an issue with Anne doing all the chores and being sidelined every time. Loved the descriptions of food, though for the record, British food is far from tasty for our palates. Have lived in the UK for some time, and the only British food I liked were pasties. Yes, we ate at many non-Indian restaurants on our travels within the country- even in pubs in tiny hamlets which are more of just roadside restaurants or a local place to get together in the evenings for the locals. More like our dhabas and less like what the word pub indicates to us here.

    My favourite- Naughtiest Girl. Never liked her Noddy or Binkle and Flip stories.

    A has not really taken to the Famous Five, though she does enjoy other series. Her favourite? The Circus books.

    And if you like Enid Blyton, you will like her biography by Duncan McLaren, that focuses on and links to the phases in her life that are reflected in her books. Guaranteed to make one fall in love with her work again, no matter what her personal life was.

    OK, sorry for the mini-post.

    • R's Mom says:

      Naughtiest Girl is my favorite as well…

      Wow! you sure travelled across UK eh? but somehow when the food is written about, it does seem so so yummmmmmm!

      Thanks for the reco, will check if I can buy it off flipkart or something

      please dont be sorry and all, I love to hear your views 🙂

      sent you an email

  31. Swaram says:

    Hi5 from a fellow Enid Blyton fan 🙂

    Glad to know u are feeling better RM ! And best wishes to Uncle 😀

    Annnnddd that so sounds like the convo Su and my Mom have when I refuse to not take leave/ rest etc.. hahaha!

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