Randomness Returns

On August 15th, if there is one thing that I want Indians to get free from is their notion of Indian Standard Time…NO! its not fashionable to be 1 hour late for a flag hoisting function which is supposed to begin at 8.45 AM and starts only at 9.45 AM..it just irks me and makes me feel less Indian..

When, for heavens sake, WHEN will Indians understand that if something begins at 8.45 AM, you come in at 8.43 AM..not at 9.42 AM!!!!

I was disgusted with the attitude of our building folks who came in late and didnt even have the decency to look ashamed 😦

R and I met up with my old office friends at a mall food court….my friend AD had a lot of trouble writing in the four lines book A B C D hehehehe 🙂 What? I didnt take it okie, the brat insisted she wanted to practice her lines *rolls eyes*


R and I are coming back in a rick after meeting my friends 🙂 we had such fun together…

R:Amma, itna traffic kyun hai..

RM: because its rainy season

R: but its not raining

RM: errr..

R: but rainy season hai toh rain nahi hai, still there is barish na?

RM: yes yes

R: Kab tak hai rainy season

RM: Till september end

R: Toh aapka birthday kaise celebrate karenge?

RM: errr…kyun?

R: arey rains mein, how we will celebratofy?

RM: we wll just like that..anyways, what was your plan

R: Arey, I will buy you Harry Potter ka sara books,

At this point in time, I realised the brat is the only one beside her dad, who knows what to gift me 🙂 I am overwhelmed or whatever is the maternal equivalent of that!

RM: Awww! I love you da

R: no, you love Hermione not R


on August 15th

RD: did the cook call?

RM: no rey

RD: oh! What if she doesnt come

RM: I dont know

and well..she did come in yesterday, just to let me know that the timings arent working out of her…ah! well..didnt I mention I am a panvati..next time I get a cook, dont expect anything to be announced to anyone gah!


so I have this insurance policy. Some months ago, I got a call from them saying my advisor has changed, yaada yaada. I was like okie with that and then I got a call from this guy, (Lets call him HS) he told me he was my advisor and he wanted to meet me. I was wondering why? But I told him its fine he didnt have to meet me and I was happy with the insurance etc etc. No madam, but I WANT to meet you he said.

Because I was in a hurry, I told him call me in August then.

Two days ago I get a call

Is this RM?

RM: yes whose this please

HS: I am HS, and I want to meet you

RM: Why?

HS: To tell you more about my products, what I do, what additional stuff I have

RM: But sir, I dont need anything and I dont want to meet you

HS: no, you HAVE to meet me, I stay nearby I can even meet you later in the evening

RM: But I am not interested

HS: but I  have so much more options for you, you have to invest more

Thats it, something snapped in me, I was so bugged I told him very abruptly

RM: see, sir, I told you once that I am not interested, and you cant force me to meet you. If I need anything, I will call, otherwise whats the point of wasting our time. Please dont call me and ask me again.

There was silence on the other side. I felt I was really rude and was almost going to apologise when the guy tells me

HS: Acha theek hai, if there are any good products I have in October, I will call you back.


*Bangs head on the wall*


Julia/Julie Project, Recipe #13

Methi Dal

I must admit, I am not a big fan of methi..the only way I eat it is either in theplas or in gotas…theplas are good, but gotas involve deep frying and I am not a big fan of the same..

RD on the other hand is not a big fan of theplas Gah to him for that…he finds them too dry..yaa whatever!

anyways, so I decided to make methi dal thanks to the super duper (I am a HUGE FAN!) BongMom, Sandeepa…I am a silent reader of her blog and she often takes me to Calcutta 🙂

Here is her recipe…

What I did

Put a fistful of moong dal and tuver dal in the microwave ka patram. Added some grated ginger and one tomato cut into small cubes…

On the other side, chopped some garlic, onion, put a bit of oil, jeera, turmeric, hing, in a kadai. Added the onions and garlic, after some time added the methi leaves. added some dhaniya jeera powder and some garam masala powder. cooked that for a while. Added the cooked dal, some salt and let it boil.

It turned out pretty good infact and it wasnt even bitter. RD loved it and well, I liked it as well.

Thanks Bongmom, you are a sweetheart 🙂

Its yummy with some brown rice and a dollop of ghee on the top.

Yesterday when I was leaving to meet my friends, RD put on the TV, and I saw a glimpse of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire which was being shown. RD started asking me questions, why this why that…

I tried to answer him but realised that its not working out the way I want him to understand…I mean who can explain the seven HPs in 3 sentences, bolo bolo?

RM: Ufff! RD, why dont you just read the books, we have all seven of them, you gifted them to me remember???

RD: errr…yes, but you told me it just gets darker in each book na.., and I dont want to read dark books you know!



More on August 15th

I spoke to my Amma on 15th morning

Amma: Appa is in total tension, so much that I havent seen him so tensed even before the international lecture

RM: totally concerned: Why Amma? what happened?

Amma: arey he has been asked to become the chief guest for the August 15th function on the campus and he is worried

RM: oh! does he have to give a speech

Amma: oh if he had to give the speech, I would have had to start clapping in the middle to indicate him to stop, he thinks everyone loves his lectures…hehehehe

RM: then?

Amma: oh he is tensed because he has to unfurl the flag!!


and then I call up in the evening

RM: Did the flag unfurl?

Appa: in all enthu: yes yes it did, in one shot

you should have heard the enthusiasm, as if he went to Mars and discovered water or something

RM: great!

then Amma comes on the phone

RM: did he do well? (What its fun to gossip about one’s father 🙂 )

Amma: hehehe 🙂 yes he did… the only problem was during the guard of honor, he was walking so fast that the director had to keep holding him back to make him walk slowly

and we burst into laughter 🙂


and oh, this is what I did on Independence Day.

Anyone liked it?

Why the obsession with Harry Potter? I dont know. maybe Sandhya is doing a series on her blog which is just making me go through that ‘phase’ again ? ETA – This is the link to all of Sandhya’s discussions…go on Potter fans..check it out 🙂 http://arightowrite.blogspot.in/search/label/harry%20potter

But I think this one is not bad at all. Check out my broom, owl and snitch. heheheeh 🙂

and oh the crossword I tried to build 🙂

and failed miserably 😦

R came and shook me a bit so a bit of untidiness around. but thats okie, where am I a professional?

anyone wants a RM painted T shirt themed on HP heheheh 🙂



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67 Responses to Randomness Returns

  1. Mathangi Vijay says:

    Ya I know what you mean by Indian Timings.I’ve been at the receiving end many times. Seriously I hope it changes. Sigh!
    And R wants to gift you Harry Potter Books? So sweet na.. My son also says that when he becomes Biiig he will buy me 100 books!!
    And what the cook is not coming 😦 I guess we all put nazar that you got a cook! Seriously RM feeling so bad that it did not happen.. Better luck next time..
    And your Dad was the guest of honor in Independence Day celebration! Wow thats a matter of honor right? Damn Cool. One of my uncles is a ex-military man and he is being made the chief guest in all the Independence Day celebrations in his neighborhood. Matter of pride na!
    And the painting, I so so love them. For a Harry Potter crazy me, it is like a must have. And I like this gray one better than the prev. The Broom is so so cute.. Way to go RM!!

    • R's Mom says:

      But it shouldnt be an issue in Singapore na?

      LOL on the son buying 100 books 🙂

      Arey dont ask, that cook na 😦 forget it…I guess I will just continue cooking!

      My Dad is the oldest thats why the honour heheheeheh 🙂

      So you like this one is it..okie done 🙂

      • Mathangi Vijay says:

        In Singapore, the normal school events and everything they start dot on time, but still in the community functions where some Indian programs are happening, there is this same time problem. There is a minimum half an hour of delay in start..

  2. Zephyr says:

    Hey patent the T-Shirt double quick before someone steals the idea! Being a tel-marketeer is one of the most thanksless and shameless jobs there is. I sometimes feel sorry for them and speak nicely to them and then like you end up banging my head on the wall 😀

    • R's Mom says:

      arey Zephyr, check out what A did in the link on the previous post…She should be patenting it 🙂

      I know I know the telemarketer thing..I am usually very polite, but I didnt like this guy’s persistence too much..it was so irritating!

  3. Amit says:

    You already have Harry Potter ka sara books and you want them again? Just in case the previous lot gets stolen? 😛
    And I had this dream sometime back that I am unfurling a flag and it won’t open. So I pull and pull untill the whole pole lands on my head. It was scary. I think that is a flag-unfurler’s worst nightmare.
    And no cook? See you should never tell about such things to people before they actually happen. Buri Nazar lag gai! 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      nah! The brat thinks thats the only thing I want 🙂

      WHAT! seriously you pysched out my Appa or what hehehehe 🙂

      dont ask about the cook yaar..pain!

      • Hehe RM my father always laughs about this flag-hoisting ceremony he once attended where the chief guest pulled and pulled but the flag wouldn’t unfurl .Ultimately the pole broke into two and fell down spectacularly. No one was hurt fortunately. This must surely be every chief guest’s worst nightmare.

        I guess your dad must have seen something similar sometime, which is why he was so happy to have unfurled the flag in one go 🙂

        • R's Mom says:

          oh maaaaaaaa!! thats like super scarey rey!

          nah…Appa hardly believes in the hoisting business..he is like rather work extra to prove your worth…I think he was just generally scared 🙂

  4. Jas says:

    Randomness returns and in fashion 🙂 Thankfully our building people did the hoisting right on time whether there was the entire society or not. I loved it.

  5. My Era says:

    Wow! you are on a roll with T-shirt painting… I like that 😀
    Don’t panic about the cook RM just ask her if she can suggest someone else who can fit to your timings…something should come up soon 🙂
    As far racing with guard of honor I can so understand that for I too used to be pulled back while marching in school 😆
    R is a sweetheart to know what her mum would love on her birthday 😀
    Very bad chipku insurance guy 😡 😡
    The most important was point #1 it annoys me beyond limits for I am your soul sister in being hyper punctual at all times.

    • R's Mom says:

      you liked it? thank you thank you

      arey she is like, I am new here, I dont know anyone..jane de rey…I am not going to break my head on it!

      LOL on pulled back..I think Appa just wanted to finish off asap 🙂

  6. Sujatha says:

    oops.. so that cook dint turn up…. paavam ya u r…
    it wud have been a proud moment for ur dad na while unfurling the flag… 🙂
    R is really really cute.. Infact I read ur blog to know abt Risms 🙂

  7. LOL @ I don’t want to read dark books!

    The methi dal sounds simple and easy… will try it out. 🙂 I love methi theplas and gotas. 😀 BTW I make methi sambar too… it tastes yummy and there is no bitterness. You should try that out sometime…

    Loved the T-shirt. RM, you’re becoming a pro at this!

    How cute of R to think of gifting you HP books! She clearly knows where your interests lie! 🙂

    Your parents are super cute! I have said that before, haven’t I? Your phone conversation with your parents reminded me of a recent talk I had with my parents… should post about it on my blog soon. 🙂 Super fun it was!

  8. 😆 😆 at “no, you love Hermione not R” My Brat keeps asking me if I love Johnny Depp more than his dad and you should see the look on the husband’s face anticipating my answer :mrgreen:

    Oh I hate not being punctual too. Just recently the nurses were telling me how I was always punctual for my appointments unlike some other Indian patients. I turned beetroot red not because of pride but out of embarrassment for how they perceive us 😳

    Hain.. Julia Child used to make Methi dal??? 😯 or am I missing something here? 😐

    Oh ho so you are an artist too eh? RM tere kitne rang?? 😛

    • R's Mom says:

      you like Johnny Depp…errr…I dont *Runs away*

      Seriously..even abroad people do it..hai bhagwan!!!

      Errr…I have embarked on this Julie/Julia project where I plan to make 200 recipes in 365 days….trying to make it healthy..the source can be anyone 🙂

      RM ke koi rang nahi hai…sirf show off hai 😉

  9. Pepper says:

    Indians and being late, it just gets on my nerves! I hate it. Especially when they aren’t even apologetic. And it happens all the damn time. Then they blame the traffic, which pisses me off more. Dude, there is traffic everyday. Why don’t you take that into account when estimating the time you will take to reach? If there is no traffic, you get there a little early. So much better than being late. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get Mint to understand this. He doesn’t care much. And whenever I am with him, I always end up late 😦

    The worst part is, though we reach late, we STILL have to wait for others, cos we reach sooner than them. So he gets to have the last laugh and tell me “I told you so”. 😦

    But when I am alone, I am never late.

    Okay, sorry for the rant. I just had the nth fight with Mint regarding this, this weekend.

    • R's Mom says:

      thank you for the rant da…because RD is exactly like Mint! he is like whats the point in hurrying when even after us being late, we are the first..but somehow I can NEVER buy that logic!!!

      so you and me are a troupe eh?

  10. garima says:

    The T-shirt has been painted beautifully ..very neat,hats off.

    Uncle aunty are very cute 🙂

    Wow the recepie is very nutritious..drooling!!!

    Yes these insurance agents bug people big time but then thats their job 😉

    Oh why is that cook now saying she has timing issues…she was with it na?

    Loads of love and hugs to R..she is a darling daughter,gifting her mum on her bday…

    I love writting on four lines wala copy in cursive hand writting 😉

    And about not being on time…lets not say anything on that 😦

    • R's Mom says:

      you liked?? thank you thank you

      I dont know yaar..RD is so bugged..he is like why did she agree earlier then!

      oh you like writing in that book…will send R to you next time!

  11. sandhya says:

    Wonderful RM! As I told Choxbox just yesterday, you and I are having our own private Harry Potter party on my blog.

    Maybe you can ask R to read all my posts on HP this week, which give a birds’ eye view of all the books. Who knows, he might be inspired!

    Here’s the link where you’ll find all my HP posts- maybe you could link it to my name up in your post, so that fans will go straightaway to the Potter discussions!:)

    • R's Mom says:

      ahahahahah! LOL on the private HP party 🙂

      Okie…I will do that…ask RD to read your posts..that makes sense…hopefully he will pick it up then 🙂

      Thanks for the link…I am putting that up on the post

  12. chaitalichari says:

    hey wat happnd to ur cook finally??
    and i am ashamed of telling u that my knowledge of HP is zero 😦

    • R's Mom says:

      she refused to come 😦

      Read the link I pasted above from Sandhya’s blog..you will learn a lot 🙂

      • chaitalichari says:

        okie may be smtime later somehow never had interest to watch HP movies or read those books cudn’t relate to fantasy..
        Anyways.. i would like to thank u.. i had ordered 2 books frm Tulika for my frnd’s son…
        she really liked them infact hv taken the website address frm me..
        Thanks for sharing 🙂

  13. DI says:

    Oh My God! Oh My God! R is soooooo cute ya! As in, “celebratofy”, and taht she will gift you HP series! I would have picked her up, squashed her till she got bugged (I am mean, but what to do!) Seriously, I am SO glad I have a daughter and I can look forward to these things RM. Seriously senti I am getting! So much, that I cant even comment on the rest of the long post! Sigh!

  14. DI says:

    Oh, I am back to say “Nice tee” and do you know I am a HUGE HP fan myself? So much that The Dude says his “Pink Floyd” is my “HP” and that’s big, cos he is Pink Floyd crazy.

    • R's Mom says:

      arey lemme know if you want me…will love to make it..

      What generation is Dude?? I thought Pink Floyd was my Appa’s generation *Runs away before Dude and DI chase RM with a broom*

  15. meenamenon says:

    How abt methi ka paratha?? N BTW isnt it woow tht litt R already knows what to gift u!!!!!

  16. techie2mom says:

    Arey so your birthday is coming, when is it?
    You are going great with the T-shirts!!!! You can seriously go commercial in this area!!!
    LOL on Dark books!!!
    I like methi Daal and paalak daal in telugu style, my friends at previous job used to get it and i used to love it….
    I don’t get methi as of now, our store sells only seasonal stuff, so will try this out in winters 🙂

  17. The Bride says:

    Ok not being on time is totally an Indian thing. As someone mentioned about Singapore, even here, only Indian-related things are on time. In fact our Indian friends have to think twice before telling us what time to come to a party because they are like “Oh you guys will come on time, better give you guys a later time”! So I suppose the building people were only upholding Indian culture. How unpatriotic of you to turn up on time!

    The story about your dad was so cute. And I can only wish my kid knows me so well as to know that Harry Potter box set would be the ideal thing.

    Saddest thing – cook not coming! I guess all of us shoudl have just shut up about it.

  18. Ashwathy says:

    I burst out laughing about the flag hoisting and march past…. your appa is too cute re 😀

    I love that t-shirt! 🙂

  19. Nachu says:

    R is super super cute.. and she knows about hermione as well!! I’m sure, soon she is going to start discussing about HP with you 😀
    Ohh, I thought you will get some break because of cook.. shya, it did not work out! You surely seem to have some super hectic life.. Hope you get a cook ASAP.. n wat are theplas n gota?
    on the IST, err, caught guilty, I never went in time for my first hour lectures in college…

    • R's Mom says:

      I am waiting for the day when she starts discussing HP..though thats like definitely 8 years down the line 🙂

      I know the cook not being there is such a 😦

      Arey theplas are like parathas..pretty much a gujju thing…gotas are like bhajiyas..again gujju 🙂

  20. Not just in india here in uk too indians have their own standard time .. I have a hilarious episode to say , a sikh girl was marrying a english guy, but it had to be done properly in gurudwara and all, the baraat was to reach at 9:30am and that too from london, DOT 9:30 the english were there and the girls side were not even in the premises to welcome them.. I know this because I was from the BOYS side, it was embarassing I had to phone the Girls dad to ask where are they 🙂

    the T shirt looks goood 🙂

  21. Smita says:

    Errr totally random this post is 😛

    These Sales people are totally shameless but there are times when I feel sympathetic for them, I mean it is there to job to call and irritate ppl, usi ke paise milte hain 😀

    Punctuality & Indians? Same can not be said in the same breath 😉

    Cook, I guess don’t talk about these things till it happens, nazar lagti hai re 😀

    T-Shirt looks very good,

    Me too no fan of Harry Porter never understood the hysteria behind it! Read only 1 book of the series but so sweet of R to remember it 🙂

    And ur Dad is so sweet re 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      sorry for the late approval…was sick 🙂

      Agree on the sales people…I do feel bad as well

      Cook – dont ask 😦

      you liked the t shirt 🙂 thanks thanks

      WHAT!!! Smita..read the rest..honestly…you will love it..or click on Sandhya’s link attached..it will give you a gist of the stories and you will love them!!!!

  22. deepM says:

    I just love to read Risms!!!

    R is really sweet and cute girl but i really appreciate you remember her dialogue properly and write here in a such a way that reader can laugh out load while reading it.:)

    Hats off to your writing skill RM!! 🙂

    Lovely T-Shirt!!

  23. Mayborn Gemini says:

    One of my friends calls it “Indian Strechable Time” not indian standard time….Doesn’t matter where we live….

  24. Swaram says:

    celebratofy is my new fav word 🙂 How much more sweeter can R get. Hugs, special hugs for her!

    And HS is so bugging! grrrrr at him 😈

  25. StarlitWishes says:

    Aw, R thinks you like Hermione more? For a second, i read your sentence as “Amma likes Hermione, not Ron”, and i was smiling because i like H not Ron as well. And the I read it again, and awwww’d a lot. That’s cute.

    As a fellow HP obsessed fan, I have to say, cool shirt!

  26. Yay! I finally found you on wordpress 🙂 And I too find being late so totally uncool (am trying hard to shrug it off me) ….

    By the way, with that T-shirt, you could conveniently bag the Harry Potter Fan-of-the-Year award. Anyway, loved reading it … keep ’em coming !

  27. Of all the things I miss in my current crazy life, reading your blog tops the list!(i mean, reading abt. R, that is :P)

    loved the posts!

  28. Tanishka says:

    Lol at You love Hermione… 😀 😀

    Coming late and then expecting others to understand it what irritates me too…. I hope people start understanding the importance of other’s time if not their own…

    I think even I would find it difficult to write in the four line notebook… Its long that I wrote in it… 🙂

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