On Siblings and Lord Krishna’s Birthday Coupled with a Few Risms

RM: I am not feeling well

R: Kya hua?

RM: I think I have fever

R: Toh tubocular use karo na


R: Arey woh tubocular

RM: What is tubocular

R: arey amma, woh jo use karte ho na..mereko jabhi fever hota hai…you putting below my arm

RM: you mean Thermometer?

R: yes yes..woh hi woh hi

RM: !!!


R: Amma, tomorrow I have to become Radha and go..

RM: yes, I read in your calendar

R: Toh night mein dinner kya hai kal

dont ask me what the connection is *rolls eyes*

RM: Dosa

R: arey dosa nahi bananeka…Krishn umachi ka birthday hai na, koi sweet banane ka okie?

RM: !!!!

R, this one is recorded specially for you so that when you are older, you realise how much you can embarrass your mom!

So I go to her parent teacher meet on Saturday, leaving her at the daycare, since I am unwell, etc etc…

There are about 5-6 other parents there…

I tell the teacher that I am R’s mom and she asks me where R is…I tell her that I am unwell so dropped her to the daycare etc etc…

Teacher explains everything about the ‘exams’ and then she asks any questions

While the parents are discussing between them, I tell her ‘Teacher you were supposed to give a food schedule for the tiffins, can you please share that?’

Teacher bursts out laughing…

I thought you would ask it 🙂

RM: yaa, its just useful you see…I dont have to think in the morning what to make

T: But R always finishes her food…infact she looks around and checks what everyone has got

Laughter from the parents

RM: I know I know..but still, it would be so much easier right, if we had a schedule

T: I can understand that…I will check and send it across

RM: thanks

T: by the way, R’s Mom do you have a small baby at home now?


Everyone is now staring..

T: errr..well…you got a baby at home???

RM: no no..absolutely not

T: oh well..R was mentioning something about a baby..either that she already has one at home or that she is expecting one soon

RM: what, what, what?

T: yaa…so…

RM: no no…nothing nothing…I am not expecting and neither do we have a kid at home…its just R

T: oh

and now all the parents are smiling again…

T: well, she definitely wants a sibling I think..she is craving for one..infact, she was asking me the other day if I  had a brother or sister at home..since she wants one

I dont know where to look or what to say

RM: Errr…well teacher, I guess, I cant give in to all her cravings eh?

and the whole class bursts out laughing..

This girl is responsible for all my white hair I tell ya!


and on the Julia/Julie project Recipe #11

here is the first sweet 🙂 Errr..healthy sweet, which was used as prasad for Janmasthami, thanks to the brat’s insistence of having sweets on the birthday

Take some poha, and soak it..make be one bowl….remove the water immediately..

Take a kadai, put the poha, some ghee and some gud to it..and let it cook in low flame for a long time…(I took 2 cups of soaked poha, 1 cup of gud (I think 3/4th cup should suffice, and two spoons of ghee) once its kinda cook (the gud should melt), then add 1/2 cup of grated coconut to it…

Most people usually make it by making gud ka paag (I dont know what its called in English) by melting the gud in water, and then added the poha etc….this method which I used seems easier 🙂

It tastes pretty yum..and I think I can qualify this as healthy snack because all ingredients are good for health …

and of course, we did the usual pal payasam and kela for the nevidiya and the sweet poha of course, also made the Krishna ka feet with the kolam, half using my hands and half using R’s feet (RD had this brilliant idea of using her feet!!! which flopped honestly, but we dont dwell on that 🙂 )


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62 Responses to On Siblings and Lord Krishna’s Birthday Coupled with a Few Risms

  1. Amit says:

    And did you ask her after reaching home about spreading rumours? 🙂

  2. rainmusings says:

    ROFL… arey RM uski ish poori karna ;),

  3. Awwww that’s such a cute idea – of using R’s feet to decorate your pooja room for Janmasthami. 🙂 Very sweet!

    LOL @ tubocular

    ROFL @ chhotu baby. R is craving for one, eh? 🙂 🙂 🙂

    The gud sweet sounds good. Amma used to make it at home, but I have never tried it out. Should do sometime.

    • R's Mom says:

      Errr…actually its not a great idea..her feet are HUGE and pretty non pretty!!! so it turned out all karabura!!

      Oh yaa..try it..though your Amma may be making it the paag way..check with her

  4. My Era says:

    Please share pics of little R as Radha 🙂
    😆 😆 😆 @ tubocular 😆 😆
    As far the incident you had at the teacher parent meeting….trust me I would have stood there shocked with my jaw touching the floor and no answers popping out of my mouth…..so I totally understand what you must have felt…..tight hugs to you RM

    • R's Mom says:

      arey pictures liya nahi 😉

      Arey odont ask yaar….I just didnt know where to look seriously!!! thanks for understanding me…everyone else seems to be supporting R gah!

  5. Chaitali says:

    Well missed u yday.. hope ur better today.. take care…
    Hey wat can i say abt R, RM u seriously need to think abt the siblings thing… u also had a brother to pester rite.. so she also need sm one like ur brother or may be a sister.. whatever it is..
    just don’t deprive her of sibling love, masti n all..
    Hey don’t mind me writing all this.. u must be having ur priorities..
    Anways even i made gul poha for nevidya.. it was nice having it after long time..
    Btw waht is kolam? and all abt krishna feet n all??
    Happy Janmasthami!!

    • R's Mom says:

      I didnt have anything to write about yesterday..though the health is definitely better now 🙂

      Arey the Tambrams make this feet of Krishna from the door of the house to the nevidya place…we did that 🙂 Errr…Kolam means Rangoli

  6. deepM says:

    I just love to read your blog before i start my work in office RM!

    I never commented here earlier but trust me i have read all your posts from archives also and i loved them all. 🙂

    R is really sweet. sometimes i feel that she is female version of “shin chan” 🙂

    Btw get well soon RM.

  7. chipmunk2890 says:

    ha ha ha ha ha 🙂 man be ready she s bombing u 😀 😀

  8. Ashwathy says:

    Ha ha ha…… *guffawing out loud and nearly falls off the chair in the process * 😆
    You, woman, simply CANNOT take a hint. R has been asking you left right and centre for a sibling. Obviously she will have her revenge!! 😛 You won’t take the hint, she makes sure you get the message through other people close to her! 😀 Smart girl I say!

    Reminds of the time when I was a kid. I was an only child and at one point really craved to have a sibling (still wish I had a elder brother). So once at a party, all of my dad’s friends and families were present. My friend’s younger sister wanted ice cream and I started feeding her from my own bowl. Her parents laughed and told my parents, see this is we say you should have given her someone to take care of ! My parents were all red faced and grinning like idiots. I just smile at the memory 🙂

    LOL @ Tubocular. Atleast give her some credit. It was an instant response. 😛

    My mother used to make poha that way. We call it ‘avil’. Soak it in jaggery, add coconut and mashed bananas 🙂 yum! Used to be my evening snack when I come home from school.

    • R's Mom says:

      Dont ask yaar Ashwathy…I was in total shock!!

      Err…are you giving some secret lessons to the brat??

      Yaa even we call it Avil..havent added the bananas ever..should try that

  9. chattywren says:

    loved your R’s isms!! Tubocular, ROFL. About the baby bit too, R probably knows that if she asks long and loud enough for something, maybe she eventually gets it??

  10. Mathangi Vijay says:

    Gosh RM, the little baby incident at school should’ve been really embarrassing rite!! Oops, looks like R desperately wants a sibling.. May be you should give in, at least to spare you from the embarrassments 😉
    Wish my son was like R in eating. I have to force him to try anything new and he is happy as long as he is fed just the curd rice 😦
    This Sweet Poha recipe is nice, yesterday we made so many goodies for Krishna Jayanti, Thattai, Vella Seedai, Gulab Jamun, Sweet and Salt Appams, Payasam. Had real fun making and eating them 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      but curd rice is good..ask my Amma, she will tell you that 🙂 dont worry too much rey 🙂

      WHAT!!! you made ALL THAT!!*Falls at feet and asks for blessings* I said the same to my Amma, who ended making murukku, cheedai, sweet and salt, payasam, avil…you guys are super women I swear!

  11. sandhya says:

    Oh, had a good laugh over that one!

    BTW, RM, now is the right time for a second baby. After all, R is now 4, right? Perfect timing and all that…

    *runs before RM comes with a belan in hand*

  12. I remember one incident where I cried and yelled in front of my parents and our family friends (lots of them) in a house party BECAUSE I need a chotu sister abhi abhi abhi,,,, :p i was like 4 that time 😀
    and u knw what RM!! I have a elder brother 😀 3 years older than I am ..
    still i created that drama because at the same day one of my friend got a chotu sis :p so I needed one too.
    and all this when only my maa was there in that party ,,my papa wasn’t in town that time 😀
    so mum had to bear all that embarrassment alone 😉

    so you can’t really say why kids want a sibling, some do because they see their other friends playing with their bro/sis …..
    and then there are some like me who already have an awesome elder bro but still wanted a chotu sis cos someone else just got blessed with one 😀

    Loads of love to R 🙂
    and to you too 😀

    and happy janamashtami 🙂

  13. yes Mommy practise what you preach.. karo karo tubocular use karo.. dekho dekho…

    yes to kya sweet banaya …

    HINT HINT HINTTTTT ab to teacher, or class mates ke parents bhi expecting expecting .. ahmmm ahmmmm 🙂 as such parents try to fulfill the wishes of their kids 🙂

  14. lifesong says:

    R definitely needs a Chhotu baby now 🙂 The only way to avoid such situations is to give her one now 🙂
    We too make a flower rangoli for Goddess Lakshmi’s feet during Diwali using my daughters footprints 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      yaa right!!!

      awesome yaar! but with the kind of feet R has, I would rather NOT do it!!! She has inherited my big fat, stubby, broad, unbalanced, flat feet *Shudder*

  15. Smita says:

    I Choked when I read that Parents teacher meet incident. Hilarious it was!!! And a star of a daughter you have, seriously!!!

  16. Jas says:

    ha ha 😀 Tubocular is such a cute word. And btw, when are you giving in to the cravings of R 🙂 our little rumor mill

  17. ahem! Dont you think its high time you decide something?!! For how long are you going to keep that poor little girl (and us) hanging in mid-air – either give in to her demands or tell her that its not possible!!

    And your cooking spree is making me really question myself – am I really so pathetically useless that I hardly enter the kitchen??

    • R's Mom says:

      Errr…I pretend not to read the first para 🙂

      Hey guess what, I am actually asking a lady to come and cook in my house from today…I am crossing my fingers she says yes

  18. Tanishka says:

    RM you better fulfill her wish before people from your building also start asking about R’s sibling 😆

  19. Swaram says:

    tee hee hee heee She sure knows how to get what she wants 😛 😛

  20. Jazz says:

    LOL.. The school incident must have been so embarassing.. I wonder what else R might have uttered had she been there with you.. 😀

  21. StarlitWishes says:

    Hahaha, R cracks me up. She epitomizes “kids say the darnedest things. R is one observant and persistent kid, eh? Oh btw, her craving for a baby reminds me, the other day my mom was watching something on TV and someone mentioned to a pregnant lady, something about a chotu baby. Guess who I immediately thought of??? 😛

  22. Scribby says:

    R and her Risms….loved it all over again 🙂 my kutty!!!!

    *nods* high time RM high time…ahem! *you know what I’m talking about,don’t you?* 😀

  23. Trish says:

    OMG!! that is so cute…you should really get her a chotu baby!! Aadya went around telling everybody that mumma had a baby in her tummy.. n the baby came…lol!! you never know…R’s wish might come true:P

  24. Pepper says:

    Ab bus! It has been months and months since you’re writing about how much R wants a sibling. I kept thinking you are going to announce your pregnancy anytime now. Lekin so much time has passed, and I still haven’t heard the news from you. Instead you only keep writing about R’s request for a baby sis/bro. Don’t you understand how much R wants a sibling? I am sure you do. X(

    Don’t tell me you can’t give in to all her requests okay? This is one request you can very well give in to. It is a very reasonable demand. Now I don’t want to read any more stories of R embarrassing you like that, or requesting/pleasing for a chotu baby at home. All I want is to read about is the news in which you say you are getting her one. Okay? Okay.

    *Glares at RM and walks away*

    • R's Mom says:

      Arey Pepper I was trying to call you yesterday 🙂

      I loved your comment hehehee 🙂 made me laugh aloud 🙂

      Having another BABY is a reasonable request..hai ma! you must be kidding…ask your mom :):)

      big hugs big hugs and big hugs *Runs behind Pepper to give her a big hug*

  25. Smitha says:

    LOL! R certainly has all her ideas sorted 🙂 She knows that you need to make a sweet for Krishna’s birthday, and that you need to give her a sibling 🙂

    And where are your feet? You managed to make all this! I had planned to make one payasam, and did not even manage that 😦

  26. pixie says:

    heehee!! 😆
    R and her isms!! my hugs to the darling! 🙂

  27. techie2mom says:

    LOL at “tubocular”…Zini call it “beep beep wala” because our thermometer does beep beep when it takes temperature!!!
    So how many white hairs do you have, RM 😉 ?!?
    This Good ka paag sounds good, does it taste like “Mamra ni chikki”?? i love mamara chikki, and if this tastes like it, i am going to make it….

    • R's Mom says:

      beep beep wala..hehehehe 🙂

      Errr…I have loads of white hair rey..ekdum se….I have started putting mehendi regularly *rolls eyes*

      Are no, mamra ni chikki toh kadak hoye ne, aat toh ekdum poochi che..but this is pretty yummy..

  28. ashreyamom says:

    ha ha ha.. Rm its time for RB or RS now.. :)..
    hey nice idea, we can use the same for fill Kollukatta also for ganesh chaturti..:)
    breakfast schedule?? RM u can make one by urself na.. 🙂

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