On the Julia/Julie Project

I think I am going to take it seriously. Yesterday Smita called me up. And she was kind enough to realise that I am horrible in recognizing voices on the phone. Well, her kindness ended there. After that she blasted me for the food on the blogpost and then the 90 degree twist to the pictures..hey dont blame me, blame the picture taker okie 😉

and then apart from that, we did kiss and make up and I was talking to her about the weight loss program…she is great *Salutes, hats off, falling on feet etc etc* She manages to curtail herself from going overboard, every time and I wonder how 😦

anyways, that said, I thought let me do one thing, I cant control myself from eating food, so at least, let me try to make the julia/julie project, a healthy wala project..meaning I try to cook only healthy meals in that…then at least, there will be an incentive to cook healthy eh?

Bride, I am yet to go up to the level of taking pictures…I dont have the guts to start doing that, but I think I will start doing that once I finish 20 recipes, then I know I am taking it seriously..
So recipe #4

Green tomato chutney

Traditional it uses, coconut, but I am the known non-traditional person of the family and I am too lazy to buy coconut, scrap it, and then use it..so I make it without the coconut 😉

Take some full dhaniya seeds, some urad dal, some channa dal, pinch of hing…put in a kadai after adding oil…then once the dals brown a bit, you add the red chillies to it, big ones I use the Kashmiri variety because it gives the colour without the hotness, then cut the green tomatoes into small cubes and add that as well…let it cook for a while
 and oh let it cool for a while as well

After it cools, take it into the mixie jar, add some imli to it, (just a bit for the tangy taste) and then add some gud to it (we are trying to make it healthy you see) and then some salt to taste and ghumao the mixie and the chutney is ready 🙂 dig in 🙂

Errr…in case you are not really lazy and are enthused like my Amma or MIL, you can add the coconut…add it while you are roasting the tomatoes…my Amma usually adds the cut pieces while MIL adds grated coconut…I dont find any difference in the taste, so whatever you have handy!

and oh one more thing, keep the chutney in the fridge if storing for more than a day 🙂

And Recipe #5

Corn salad..since the dosas were not enough for the three of us, I decided to toss a salad (I so love that expression, toss a salad, wah!)

so the corn was boiled (I buy the corn where the corn are removed from the cob, yes I admit I am lazy) in the microwave..for that you take the microwave wala glass ware, add the corn and enough water to it, and microwave for about 10-15 minutes…

then you drain the excess water (Hehehehe! that sounds so chefish professional na, drain excess water hehehe) and then add chopped cucumber, tomatoes, onions, coriander, dash of lime (copied from Pepper’s dash of pepper) pepper, chat masala..mix well and eat away 🙂

you can add butter to this, it tastes yummier, but like I said, we are trying to be healthy here eh?

and oh, R helped me mix everything, added the pepper from the pepper mill and squeeze the lime from the lime squeezer..just waiting for her to handle the chopping, then this is going to be her job..what?? she needs training to be a chef na!

And recipe #6
Misal..I know its a very common and easy dish, but the lazy me, just makes it even easier..so soak the matki/moong (yes yes, real misal is made from matki, which was taught to me by a true
Puneri – Smita T of the CA fame) anyways so soak that..next day, use the hand mixer to make a paste of onion, tomato, garlic, ginger, green chilly..then you take some oil, add some mustard, hing, turmeric, this mixture, some whole pepper, clove, cinamon (or use garam masala) dhaniya jeera powder, some kokam or aamchoor powder, some red chilly powder if you want it spicy (I dont use this) let the mixture cook a bit, add some gud to it, add the matki and salt and water and pressure cook for about 4 whistles…then open and eat…oh well, what RD and I do is, take this, add some chopped onions to it, add a dollop of curd and a dash of imli water..and eat it like a chaat :):) we both love it, the brat like curd and imli water..one pulli patty she is 🙂

to make it like the pune misal of Canara Cafe in Baroda, add some soaked poha and some sev to the mixture…we do that on days we dont want to be healthy 🙂 (poha is healthy, the sev is not 🙂 )

So there, 3 recipes in one post…did I mention I am NOT a food blogger 🙂




On a completely different note – Its Harry Potter’s Birthday today..wish him will you 🙂


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65 Responses to On the Julia/Julie Project

  1. Loved your recipes, I am a lazy cook too… am going to try the green tomato chutney maybe without any gur.

  2. sandhya says:

    You have my mouth watering, R’s Mom! Looking forward to more of these.

    As for Harry Potter’s birthday, I already wished him and JK Rowling (it’s her birthday, too) on FB. Yeah, yeah, we’re Potter-mad in these parts, kid and me! Look out for a post by the end of the day.:)

  3. Mathangi Vijay says:

    Hey nice recipes. The green tomato chutney sounds very Tangy and nice!! I wanna try it.. First I have to try and buy green tomato for that 😦 But I’ll do it for sure this weekend 🙂
    And yes!!! Happy Birthday Harry potter. Hope you are having a peaceful life without Voldemort!

    • R's Mom says:

      Yep, its pretty nice..but do you get green tomatoes in Singapore??

      hahahah! thanks for the wishes

      • Mathangi Vijay says:

        We dont generally get it. But sometimes in Little India you can get it. Just that I have to go there.. I’m a bit lazy. Usually I finish my cooking with whatever is available in the nearby market.. But the tangy taste of green tomato is tempting me to make the trip 😉

  4. Arch says:

    RM, you are indeed an home-cook turned julie/julia influenced RM blogger. Now, I have never had misal pav in my life and was looking at some videos yesterday. It seemed so complicated. I think I will just make misal and have it with some plain pav.

    Yaay! Harry Potter’s birthday!

    • R's Mom says:

      heheheeh 🙂 thats what the project is all about na..

      Gasp!! you have NEVER had misal pav..babes, come to Bombay once please…

      misal you can also make with dry green mutter okie…incase you dont get moong or matki…and yaa, its always eaten with plain pav….the traditional recipe is a bit more complicated, this one is the easy kaam chalou version 🙂

  5. meenamenon says:

    Arre tell me whats this imli water?????

    • R's Mom says:

      Errr…imli water is what is known as pulli tanni in Tamizh..you soak some tamarind – lets say a fistful of tamarind add to that a fist full of gud..then boil it properly..then remove the tamarind ka remains then add some salt, chilly powder and jeera powder and its done…my Amma makes it with dates to thicken it..you can add the dates while boiling..but my version is not bad okie 😉

      • meenamenon says:

        Haa never eva had this! Must try it!

        N heyyy I had commented on ur post yest but it seems to hv dissap! For all the hue n cry u make of the weigh issues u looking fab in pics despite the 90 degree angle of it(err i know it shows only the back… but yea tht gves a idea na)

        • R's Mom says:

          didnt get your comment rey..pata nahi kyun

          acha you can use this imli water even for bhel puri, sev puri, etc etc…its pretty nice and tangy 🙂

  6. summerscript says:

    Awesome recipes+ sprinkle of RM’s wit ==> makes it interesting for both mind and stomach!! 😀

  7. Chaitali says:

    hey keep going.. hope 2 c the pics soon.. well that’s another level for u to cross.
    hey do u knw hw 2 prepare corainder chutney its like mehendi green color i guess they don’t add coconut to it.. it had nice tangy taste, had it once in b’lore..

  8. ashreyamom says:

    wow.. 3 recipes.. good job RM.. yes need photographs and we will turn ur blog to food blog soon.. and happy b’day HP.. 🙂

  9. Amit says:

    I am going to try that corn salad. Sounds easy to make. 🙂

  10. garima says:

    Ok so this weekend its going to be matki for breakfast…thanks for the recepie.You see I am trying to have healthy diet for hubby to keep his tummy in and am also following the same diet to support him 🙂
    I loved what you wrote in those small brackets () 🙂

  11. Wah! You are indeed turning into a master chef. 🙂

    Loved the recipes. Made my mouth water. I am going to try them out. 🙂 Thank you!

  12. Smita says:

    *Aashirwad* what? u fell on my feet na?? 😀

    Well as I said, the day you will feel that u r rrrrrrrrrrrrrrreally fat (which I feel u r not) you will get the will power to control & will do anything to lose weight 😀

    I liked the corn salad recipe but sadly they are not allowed in my diet so will try the chutney.

    As far as Misal is concerned, errr never been a fan of it 🙂

    Loved the way you have posted three quick recipes but yes Pictures hona to banta hai boss buttttttttttt only if they are straight!!! 😛

  13. techie2mom says:

    Yes, i can see you have taken the project very seriously 🙂
    Way to Go, RM 🙂
    For corn salad, i add tender carrots (in winter) too, Zini and hubby loves it 🙂

  14. greenboochi says:

    I am going to try the green tomato chutney soon.. but wondering where will I find green tomatoes in bangalore.. not seen them at all… will red ones do? I assume it would change the taste of the recipe… 😦 I will try and get unripe tomatoes somehow 🙂

    Misal is something I am hearing for the first time… but its sounding so tasty.. I am definitely going to try that too.. but I need to get some ingredients like amchur and all.. will keep you posted on how it turned out to be 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      red tomato – I dont know if its possible..what you can do it, try a similar one but instead of green tomato you add onions AND red tomato..that tastes great as well!

      Amchur nahi hai toh you can soak a bit of imli and use instead…

  15. So cool that you have somethign to be excited for RM 🙂 I am trying the corn salad. Haven’t ever had misal pav though I married a Mumbai guy 😛 I will try this!

  16. garima says:

    one doubt which moong re green wala or that yellow one ?

    • R's Mom says:

      its the green moong rey…not the moong dal which you use for dal..its the moong sprouts..or just soaked green moong..the actual thing is matki, I dont know what its called in any other language, in Bombay, its called matki, the brown coloured seed, which sprouts to reveal a while interior..but you can use moong as well

      • garima says:

        oh accha got it …i think the brown one is called mot in hindi (pronunciation is like goat replace g with m :-)) thanks again for the explanation 🙂

  17. The Bride says:

    I don’t know why I told you to add photos. I am ok with just text. Now who to catch to make this stuff for me?

  18. Scribby says:

    I love green tomato chutney 🙂

  19. Ashwathy says:

    Gotta try the green tomato chutney. Or better yet, u just make it for me. :mrgreen:
    Wish I could sit at home and experiment with recipes instead of having to go to work 😦

  20. LLT says:

    Hey you know what? You Not being a foodie blogger is a blessing for me – the foodie bloggers put so much detail and measurements that it scares me to try them. These recipes are easy to try and make and some errors in measurements are allowed which makes it easy and quick – should try out new stuff to cook now with everyone trying it!!!

    By the way-Im sure R is enjoying with all the new cooking that happening – eh? 🙂 Muuah and love to her…

    • R's Mom says:

      welcome back 🙂

      foodie bloggers are so much fun to read na…I love reading food blogs and drooling over them..sometimes I feel they should be banned for the amount of weight they make me gain for just looking at the pictures hehehe 🙂

  21. Jazz says:

    cool simple recipes.. i’ll try misal.. btw RM, what is this Julie/Julia project ?! :S

  22. NBose says:

    Loving your recipes…but on an honest note have tried only one out of them…:-)

    I have not eaten Misal but heard a lot about it… feeling an urge to try it as I am on low carb diet coz of weight probs 😦 so no rice or roti for me…
    errr just a question…you don’t add salt to Misal only Gud?? and we don’t need to cook it after adding soaked poha???

    • R's Mom says:

      oh you should eat misal..its yum….

      aiyo, salt I missed out kya..no no, you need to add salt rey..its bascially a spicy dish

      and no what you do it

      first take the soaked poha in a bowl, add the cooked (completed) misal on it, add raw onions, add dahi, add imli water, add sev and eat it…the poha is the base or rather the carb source

  23. StarlitWishes says:

    Is it weird that we had all three of those recipes at my house last week, just before I saw your post??? 😛 the tomato chutney with homegrown tomatoes is heaven! 😀 I love corn salad, it’s so easy to make, and tastes delicious. It’s my after school snack, whenever my mom is too tired to make something after work. I’ve been making it since I was 13. Glad to hear your going on a healthy food diet! I usually start and stop about 3 meals into it, so good luck with it!

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