Of Hidden Villages


 We went to Hidden Village on Saturday

Its about 2.5 hours from our place..and its well a place I would recommend you to go for a really really nice weekend break 🙂

First the food

– Amazing!!!

WE had

Saturday morning breakfast at a place called SreeDutt or something on the highway

– Sabudana Vadas
– Vada Pavs
– Misal Pav
– chai

Saturday afternoon lunch at the Hidden Village

– Roti
– Rice
– Papad
– Pickles
– Dal
– Capsicum bhaji
– Aloo Mutter
– Chaas
– Kheer

One word – DELICIOUS!!!

Saturday evening

– Steaming hot poha
– Yummy chai

One word – DELICIOUS!!!

Saturday night

– Roti
– Rice
– Papad
– Pickles
– Chole masala
– Bhindi Masala

One word – DELICIOUS!!!

Sunday morning breakfast

– Roti
– Bread
– Jam
– Butter
– Misal
– Egg burji
– Chai

One word – DELICIOUS!!!
We were back on Sunday afternoon after which we had

Sunday afternoon lunch

– Maggi
– Maggi
– Maggi

I am putting it three times because RD mixed three different kinds of maggi (yaa we are a maggi obessessed household buying all types *rolls eyes*)

Sunday night dinner

– Store bought puran poli
– Home made dosas
– Green tomato chutney (recipe to follow as a part of julie/julia project #4)
– Curd
– Sweet corn salad (recipe to follow as part of Julie/julia project #5)
Errr..now that you are totally jealous of me 🙂 let me tell you a bit about the trip as well

We reached on Saturday at about 12ish in the afternoon and RD and R hit the pool…R being afraid of water was not too keen, but she saw a couple of kids enjoying and borrowed their float and was pretty much kicking ass in the water…

Poor me, was sitting on the bank of the errr..pool, wetting my feet, thanks to Aunt Flo still visiting!

anyways, so we spent time there, had lunch..and then walked back to the play area where there was foozeball (Is that the right spelling, that game in Friends which Joey and CHandler had the table??) I played it for the first time with RD and we had fun fighting on who was cheating…well he cheated, I won..gah!

then of course we went to snoozeland…I am re-re-re- reading the Harry Potter series and at book 4 now..so had taken that along…

The place we stayed was a hut (they need more lights there!) but it was really really nice and green..and oh there was a waterfall as well….and oh oh! they alsoo have geese moving around freely, creating a ruckus, and they have hens, goats, chicks, turkeys..all freeing going here and there 🙂

In the evening we took a walk to see the nearby lake..for the first time in my life perhaps I heard the sound of silence and realised what tranquility is all about…I swear…it was so so tranquil in the lake with a sole man fishing, that it seemed as if the description of a scene from a book…

We had a wonderful time walking along the untrodden ways 🙂

Came back, and ate the dinner and watched TV for a while before sleeping…

Next day morning, RD was wide awake, prodding R and me to get up to go to the pool…I decided to go in this time,..and boy oh boy, I am in love with water..for someone who doesnt know how to swim, I swear, I had the most wonderful time..the downside was that the brat was too scared and kept screaming murder, everytime RD or I tried to take her in gah!

but we keep our hopes high and hope she will overcome her fear for water 🙂

anyways, then we went to the water fall and we had fun standing under it…this was definitely teh BEST part of the holiday, food not withstanding 🙂

we packed off and left by 10ish…reached home by 12.30 or so…

all in all, it was a short, awesome break..and as I return to work today, I am looking forward to the leave I have to take on Thursday for Rakshabandhan as R’s daycare is closed..teeheheheheheh 🙂

and oh, the official cameraman of the family was kind enough to share some pictures 🙂

go on enjoy 🙂

Learning to conquer the fear of water??? Though I am not too worried…my superman Appa is there to hold me 🙂

The wild goose chase…*Apologise for the ulta picture, everytime I am trying to make it seedha, my wP is hanging :(*


Mother and daughter looking into eternity!

Did you see that sea of green, the brat asks me


Tranquil lake….


Errr..that plastic has the umbrella…check out the short hair cut for both the brat and the mom 🙂


Green green everywhere


You are in our path, said the cows to the R family




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65 Responses to Of Hidden Villages

  1. Wow! Hidden Village sounds so tranquil and ‘untrodden’. Would love to visit some day! And if there is yummy food available there as well, woh toh sone pe suhaaga hai. 🙂

    Love the short hair. 🙂

    PS: You off on Rakshabandhan? I am so J. 😀 Poor me hasn’t had a leave in ages.

  2. Chaitali says:

    last time when u had writted abt movies.. i thot..ur zonked.. n i was abt to suggest u to tk a break..frm da daily routine… well i think it was much needed..
    Well plc looks cool.. and its tranquility is smthing which can soothe ur soul n mind…
    And lastly u r not a fatso.. so stop cribbing abt ur fat cells :-p

    • R's Mom says:

      hahahah! like I was telling Smita on the phone, the pictures didnt turn, and once they didnt, I was happy because then I didnt show how ‘fat’ I am heheheh 🙂

  3. summerscript says:

    I decided to skip the first half of the post for now , will read it before lunch 😛
    The place looks goooood, the weather, the greenery- awesome!, the third pic is super cute- both amma and ponnu standing in same way 😀 😀

  4. Scribby says:

    what a weekend you had lady 🙂 yes all that food listing made me jealous 😛

    P.S. it’s foosball 🙂

    • Scribby says:

      and now my turn to make you jealous 😀 I’ve a holiday on Thursday for Rakshabandhan 😛 😛 😛

      • Scribby says:

        I was going to ask you about the hair…why did you cut your hair??????why why why??? you look so pretty in long hair… sob sob sob !!!!

        • R's Mom says:

          thanks for the spello 🙂

          you have chutti! awesome yaar 🙂 I will have to ‘TAKE’ chutti!

          Errr…I asked the lady to do something different…at the end of it all, I didnt realise her defintion of different was different from mine hehehe 🙂 Now I will wait for the next 15 years to cut my hair 🙂

  5. ashreyamom says:

    wow.. eco-trip.. nice pics.. by the way u dont look that fat,t he way u describe in ur blog.. :)..
    wow treat for mind and stomach.. :)..

  6. Visha says:

    Such delicious food you mention, how come we cannot get jealous 😡

    its foosball dear…its fun no? 😀

    Thats a lovely place which you have described 🙂

  7. kashlife says:

    I would love to go to such place RM. Very beautiful. Also, nice to see your pics.

  8. garima says:

    Hey nice short outing..loved the place looks so green 🙂
    And thanks to RD ‘The official Photographer of R family’ for the beautiful pics 🙂

  9. Ogle ogle ogle ogle – I ogled at the rural retreat, the food, the take aways you mentioned and your haircut – one ogle-able post ! Glad you had such fun RM ! 🙂 Yeh break toh banta hai !

  10. Amit says:

    Sometimes I feel, there are moments which sum up your life and such times are one of them. We earn money for such moments and then forget to enjoy them. I am glad that you are enjoying. 🙂
    I really have to go on a break myself. Long overdue.
    Beautiful place. Its very green and lush. Reminds me of Munnar.

    • R's Mom says:

      hahaha! thanks..but honestly Amit, it was completely RD’s idea…I wont spend money like this..that big kanjoos I am 🙂

      go on, take the break, Geet would be happy happy

  11. Smita says:

    Gaaah!! My kneck is paining because of the ulta pictures! RM only you can do something like this. Arrgghh!

    1stly you dedicate half the post on “FOOD” and then after that nice writeup when I decided to pardon you, you post ulta pictures!!!

    I had so much to say to you on this but I have already called you up and said it 😀

  12. lifesong says:

    Wow! Sounds like a nice place 🙂 Have bookmarked this post… will certainly visit sometime 🙂
    Thanks for sharing… lovely pics… though I had to bend my neck 90 degrees to see them 😀 😀

  13. greenboochi says:

    Wish I could visit this place… from all your description.. I am in love with the hidden village 🙂

    I was so so happy to see the pics first.. but by the end of it, I have a slight neck pain 😛 gah to WP!

    Your hair cut looks so good RM and so is R’s! 🙂

    when is the recipe for tomato chutney coming up?

    • R's Mom says:

      oh its beautiful rey…you will love it…

      Errr…if we meet, pakka will give you a massage for free

      thanks thanks blushing and all

      Tomorrow pakka

  14. meeta says:

    you should try paragliding with the brat, she’d love it, try temple pilots tandem flights at kamshet.
    You can also try hideout.co.in for ur next weekend outing. beautiful place to stay and for a different kind of stay for the brat – try big red tent. its beautiful during the rains and winters. and u will get maggi there…

    love the post.

    • R's Mom says:

      paragliding..Meeta you must be joking..idhar flight mein chadne ko I get paliptations, you are talking about paragliding..hai bhagwan, I will faint!!

      Oh we did go to bigredtent…loved loved loved the place 🙂

      I am going to try out hidout next time..thanks for the reco rey 🙂

      • meeta says:

        Arre u dont do paragliding, am sure the brat would like it.
        u can always try different things, have u tried doing simple science experiments with her.

  15. sandhya says:

    Looks lovely! The place, and the visitors!:)

    I’m going to send this link to my parents and brother in Mumbai, who will be thrilled to have a holiday place to consider for their next vacation. Or maybe I can tell them about it and threaten them with dire consequences if they so much as consider going there without me! So that we can have the vacation when I next visit.:)

    • sandhya says:

      And so lovely to be re-re-re-reading Harry Potter books!

    • R's Mom says:

      hahahah! oh you should..infact tell uncle aunty and bro about the bigredtent.in as well..its an amazing place…if they love outdoor camps they will love this place..also the link meeta has given in the comments, hideout seems to be a great place to go..apart from this RD was also mentioning a place called Saguna (http://www.sagunabaug.com/stayFacility.htm), we havent been there, but heard its great…

      Errr…sorry, I did go overboard eh? come to Bombay, we can plan an outing together hehehe 🙂

  16. techie2mom says:

    So Fabulous weekends of R family are back!!! you guys enjoyed a lot 🙂
    Hey that “Short” hair do looks really great… but why do you think it is short?!? i never had hair longer than this, for me this is really long hair!!!

  17. Sujatha says:

    awww.. Im becoming jealous of u

  18. Jas says:

    Very interesting name. 🙂 One can see this much of greenery in rains only here in Maharashtra. Now that I am all jealous i want the recipe of that chutney .

  19. chipmunk2890 says:

    u r not at alllllllllllllll fattttttttttttttttt. another time 🙂 🙂 R looks so good:) can see a tail less monkey pulling ur tees too often 🙂

  20. RM you aren’t fat at all and your hair looks great!! And boy, what a weekend you had–Hidden Village sounds like a fun getaway!!
    LOL@ Aunt Flo 😀

  21. Swaram says:

    Arre u made me crave for misal pav and sabudana vadas now RM 😦

    Sounds like such a nice place. Pls to take me there when I come visiting ok 😛 😉
    I like ur hairdo 😉

  22. Ashwathy says:

    Listen, you useless woman…. u save those pics onto your desktop… make them seedha with the windows picture viewer programme and THEN upload them to WP. Why don’t want to make ppl cran their necks to catch this? 😛

    Your trip reminds me of our trip to Lavasa…. sigh. Far from the madding crowd. 🙂 So I know what u mean!

    Really happy to know R overcame/is overcoming her fear of water. 🙂

  23. Sreetama says:

    Wow! It looks like so much fun & a serene weekend! Your hair looks so nice! Which hair products do you use to maintain such thick mane? You & R were colour coordinated eh? 😉 🙂

  24. Sangitha says:

    Aunt Flo, hee, hee, hee! Heard that after many years. Hee, hee, hee! You know that Aunt Flo’s scared of the water, right? She prefers to not wet her feet. Hee, hee, hee! The not wetting feet part is truth. The giggling is me for little reason, this took me back to convent school some…er…several years ago! 😀

  25. NBose says:

    Nice break…hmmm…:-)

    so much greenery…it was so serene 🙂 I already sent this link to one of my cousin in Mumbai.

    If you call yourself fat then I might be going to burst out soon!!! 😀

  26. ARP says:

    Great description RM. Loved the post and the hair cut 😀 You look cute!

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