On Monday Blues

I worked on Saturday..rather attended a first aid training from 9 to 5 on Saturday..so totally entitled to be in a blue blue on Monday!!

I am not dwelling on the fact that its gloomy and non sunny weather in Bombay..though it didnt rain..otherwise I would have titled this as Monday Purples or something…yaa yaa…I know, I told I wont be cribbing..but kya karein..somethings never change in life eh?

– And then on Saturday, Crossword was having some kid hour..something I thought was connected to a book reading..so RD got R there while I rushed from office, only to realise it was some craft making..gah!

We didnt buy anything from Crossword which is a first time for us..but they dont stock any Tulika or Pratham, so well..ah!

– On sunday morning, there was a book reading at Treasure Books, Khar…

I have never been there earlier…It was a book reading by Katie Bagli on her books ‘Birds of Different Feathers’ and ‘Mammals Mighty and Meek’…I got to know about it from somewhere and RD and I forgot to ask them the age group…and it was 6+

I think R was definitely small for the group, but we had a good time at the book reading..

– Then we also saw the Ghanteshwar Hanuman temple right next to the place…Like shown the photo, its got like a MILLION bells or something…ek dum..unique..am so looking for a history for this place..lemme see if I can get anything online 🙂


On the first aid training…old male doctor was teaching…I sure learnt a lot of things..but but…I found the attitude of the doctor very very sad…

Some subtle points..about how ‘boys’ are more reliable than ‘girls’

how, today’s doctors are only money doctors and not moral doctors

how, they got admissions via marks, now doctors get admissions via money

how, to tie the bandage around the neck, and then try it on the evil mother in law..

or..how the fat people will use more of his bandage so he prefers thin people as volunteers grrrrr….

and in those lines…I used all my energy to SHUT UP as much as I could…I just couldnt stand some of his words, but after last time’s fiasco about opening my mouth, I tried very very hard..


He started teaching us CR..basically massaging the heart incase there is no pulse..one lady did it before me, and she had already attended the training 2 months ago..

good good he went, and asked me to try it since I was the youngest in the group (or so he thought!!!)

anyways, as I was going and he said ‘dont use all your strength, my mannequin cant take it ‘

Everyone laughed, I didnt open my mouth (Trying to be zen you see!)

and then I started the CR, when he said ‘dont bend your hands’ very rudely..”hee porigi na (this girl na)

thats it, something snapped inside me and I said ‘you are supposed to tell me that doctor, otherwise, I may not need the training at all right?’

There was a stunned silence or should I say pregnant pause or whatever, I didnt care, I didnt look up and kept taking out my frustrations on his poor mannequin…

anyways, someone cleared their throat and he started talking again..

ufff! when will I learnt to shut up  I dont know!


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51 Responses to On Monday Blues

  1. The Bride says:

    I think the moral of the story is don’t shut up… otherwise you will burst when you least expect it. Maybe you can write to HR about the doctor’s sexist comments. Might be an education for HR too.

    • R's Mom says:

      hahahah! The HR people were also a part of the training 😦 I dont know Bride, he was not really loud in his comments, but these little little things..may be I was over reacting…but I get damn irritated when people get personal about someone body structure or even colour of the skin 😦

      He actually made a very fair man get up and a very dark man get up and told us, see these two people, different colours, one may be considered handsome, but the dark man has a fair heart 😦 I was so bugged

      • The Bride says:

        OMG you were not over-reacting! Everything you mentioned is totally offensive and if HR did not get it, it’s time someone pointed it out to them so in future they are more careful and at the very least, don’t ask the same guy for a training.

        • R's Mom says:

          I dont know how to do it honestly Bride…this company is pretty bureauratic with most employees around for 25-30 years..they have a way of doing things, which I have tried challenging only to be bitten a lot of times 🙂

          • The Bride says:

            Yeah I get it. If you feel that sticking your neck out would adversely affect your career, you have to just suck it up. I guess in these cases, the best thing is to do is make some kind of pointed jokey remark on the spot… but hard to think up something appropriate right then and there.

            Curious is your company a multinational? Because if it has an international HQ then technically these things should not be tolerated.

  2. Pepper says:

    No, don’t shut up in such situations. I am glad you spoke. And I am sure there were plenty of other people in the room who thanked you for speaking up, cos perhaps they couldn’t.

  3. Nithvin says:

    No RM..I don’t think you need to learn to shut up..That doctor needs to.. I would have done the same thing in that situation..I really respect elderly people, but sometimes, like in the above circumstance, it becomes so difficult to just ‘shut up’. Am so glad you did that..

  4. You don’t have to learn to shut up RM. I am so glad you gave back as good as you got. The doctor had it coming for being so insensitive and rude. Such a pathetic attitude, really!

    • R's Mom says:

      Like I told Bride, he even went to the extent of comparing people by skin colour..what he meant to say was that EVERYONE needs first aid, but why compare skin colours at all…I mean there are loads of other ways of explaining right?

  5. Amit says:

    haha! It’s perfectly fine to have said that. 🙂 We all must open our mouths at times otherwise some people start believing that they are perfect.
    Book reading..hmm..never attended any. It must be great fo kids.

  6. Wow, the temple looks wonderful! So unique! I would love to visit it someday!

    And I think the doctor deserved it. Good for you! 🙂

  7. uma says:

    oh you did a gr8 thing by opening your mouth..I probably would’ve also done the same..
    what a crap attitude for a doctor! :-0 😦
    hope the blues go away soon in the day..Happy week to you!! 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      He was talking about how educated people dont know anything about first aid and stuff..but I was like I wish educated people knew how not to differentiate 😦

      Thanks da..same to you

  8. Sujatha says:

    ‘you are supposed to tell me that doctor, otherwise, I may not need the training at all right?’ — Good one RM.. at times we need to talk like this so that the other person stops talking non-sense.
    But how can a doctor talk like this ?? very rude on his part na ??

    • R's Mom says:

      I guess it was definitely rude..but I dont know rey…Like I told Bride, may be I was over reacting as well 😦 but I just couldnt take it after a while

  9. ashreyamom says:

    u did right thing RM.. u have to open up ur mouth for such ppl.. and its just a class with the old doctor, so u can afford to give him back more..

    • R's Mom says:

      well, I didnt look at it that ways honestly..he was definitely teaching us important stuff, but some things he was saying was affecting me

  10. Shweta says:

    Its sad to have such people around… and treating us… Am glad that so far the doctors I have met have been very good natured.. they would smile and ask how am I feeling even though they know I must not be feeling ok thats why I am visiting them..
    Infact I was hospitalized on my bday once and the doctor attending to me said.. People who are admitted on their birthday are released really soon.. so don’t worry you are going home.. 😀 how sweet of him.. though he discharged me 2 days later.. :-/

    And You did a good job saying what you said to him.. I know we try to say the least to avoid awkward moments but its ALWAYS better to say.. may be he won’t misbehave in the next session else he will never stop.. !

    • R's Mom says:

      oh I have only met wonderful doctorss….even this guy must be a great doctor…I wouldnt question that…but its just that, when he was making these subtle references, I was getting bugged..

      you got admitted on your birthday 😦 gah how awful is that…big hugs!

  11. Ramya says:

    Sometimes you really shouldn’t shut up. Who knows! Somebody in the crowd had already been having your thoughts and felt good inside that atleast one person took it out 😉 All the best for a good week start 😉

  12. Ashwathy says:

    Actually it sounded like he needed a nice dose of his own medicine. I m glad you snapped back at him…he deserved it. That’s why you are my sis na! 😀
    There! Did that make u feel better? 😉

  13. garima says:

    I am so happy RM you gave the right answer and made the doctor shut up…sometimes its important to speak up else people think we are dumb and they will do more of leg pulling which irritates a lot..

  14. Smita says:

    The Doc surely had a very bad sense of humor and thought that could break ice by his lame jokes. Good that u put him in his place. I guess someone had to bell the cat and glad u did it. So stop cursing yourself for doing what was right.

    Cheer up 🙂

  15. meenamenon says:

    Ho u bet! For som reason lately its this ‘OLD’ men who hv been getting onto me! What with their v chauvnist ideas… brrr

    • R's Mom says:

      aiyo what happened da :):)

      • meenamenon says:

        arre there is this uncle next door who is well into his late 60s?(if not ealy 70s). Now he is this ‘soopa kool’ uncle who will join u for a drink n rustle up some yum food too!So goes without saying tht he was a fav. Soon i realized tht he is definetely more fond of men than ladoes…. Each to his own rt, so i let it pass

        But one day he relaizes that me a bigger fan of his wife(a swwet lady she is!) than him and woila! you should see his colors change. What I still cant digest is that he believes he is much kooler n so should have more fans than his wifey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Jazz says:

    No need to learn to shut up RM, good that you told so.. Suits him .. Hmph !!

  17. Chaitali says:

    hey da doc seems to be racist.. so i don’t think u did anything wrong..

  18. so now you are a first aider too.. So how many chest presses and how many breaths .. How long do you do it for 🙂 he he he he

    I am jsut showing off as I jsut passed my first aid 4 day course two weeks back ..

    THAT is wrong what he said , Not to use all ur strength, you know how tiring it gets RM, GOd never put you in a situation like this , But when one is waiting for the ambulance to come , it seems like years and You get tired doing the CPR..

    You have to push hard to make sure that Heart gets pumped ..

  19. Tanishka says:

    Good that you bajaoed that doc… The guy deserved it big time….

  20. rams says:

    Dont learn to Shut up RM.. I am glad that u spoke!

  21. Scribby says:

    As long as you are not abusing anyone with your frustration I think you are doing it right ! me thinks…waise bhi frustration andar rakhne se gastric trouble ho jata hai 😛 😛 😛 *I know bad joke*

    Also if you don’t take out your frustration on the right person then you tend to take it out on someone who doesn’t deserve it…so all I’m saying is you need not shut up,okay?

    so did you find any info on the temple? share it na

    wow book reading session? I’m so waiting to take Chirpy to such sessions…

  22. techie2mom says:

    You did a good thing by giving a piece of mind to the doctor 🙂 and thank god this time you didn’t feel apologetic about it 🙂
    and nice header 🙂
    my comp broke down, so was not able to comment…

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