Risms and other Tales

Seema, because I love you 🙂 this one is for you

On Sunday late afternoon, R got up and she and I were staring out of the window, watching the pouring rain..anyone who knows R, will realise that for her to sit without moving for even 2 seconds is like an eternity…anyways, so she was just sitting there for 6.593 seconds, and I got worried, just then she looked at me intensely and asked ‘Amma, birds rain mein bhigofy nahi aawala’ (Amma, the birds dont get wet in the rains?) her usage of Tamizh was so hilarious that I burst out laughing 🙂

PS – Amma – tamizh

birds rain – English

mein – Hindi

Bhigofy – Hindi English

Nahi – Hindi

Aawala – Tamizh


R is trying to speak Tamizh now a days..and you should see the pride on RD’s face everytime she even says Tanni in Tamizh..look look she spoke Tamizh or something in those lines he exclaims…I mean seriously, boss, her Tamizh is awful..seriously awful!!!


one evening, R says ‘Amma, dark ho gaya, abhi eating karenge’ and then she wanted to know if it was night in Ahm where N & N stay. I told her all over India it will be dark…

She thought for a while..kaise Amma..

so the enthused me decided to take a globe and explain it to her…

So I pretend my hand is the sun, tell her how the earth rotates around its axis and how its night here and morning in North America etc etc…I am sure she understood nothing but I guess she just decided to indulge her enthused mom…

After 5 minutes, I went to take the clothes out of the machine when she says ‘toh abhi K chitti is morning and we are night, then tomorrow when we are morning, K chitti is night, right Amma?’

K chitti lives in North America eh?

Okie, so some lessons are definitely creeping in 🙂


In other news, the brat has been taking badam to school everyday…it all started sometime in March when one of R’s bus mate and class mate’s mother would give two badam to her daughter who would share one with R. So R said even she wanted to give to her friend. So I started giving her two badams. Then she said, she wanted to give two to her friend. So it went up to four.

Then some days ago, she said she wanted to give to two other bus friends + class mates. So I have her 6 of them…then she said she also wanted to give to her going home bus friends + Daycare friends..so now in total I give her TEN badams a day.

And trust me they are pretty expensive. But I am like ‘well if kids are eating it, then its for the good only’

Yesterday the brat tells me ‘Acha amma, G aur Y na badam eat karke  bore ho gaya che, toh aap kal se Kaju send karna okie?’

RM: !!!!!


I dont think this ‘giving a choice’ to a four year old is a brilliant idea….

so the brat is telling me she is hungry, she is hungry, when I know she is not, because she has just eaten cutlet at daycare and come…I tell her to wait till the maid leaves and then I will give her food…again she starts the chant, mereko hungry hai, mereko hungry hai…

RM: No R, I will give you food once K didi goes

R: Okie, either you give me pasta or you let me wear this night dress…you decide what you want to do…

and this is EXACTLY how I tell her when I am bugged and give her two choices to decide from…

Whats it called in Hindi…meri billi mujhe miao!!!!


RD got a complain from R’s daycare that the bus conductor of her school bus mentioned that she G and Y are getting very naughty in the bus…RD and she were talking about it in the car while coming back home..

RD: Why are you doing masti R?

R: I am not doing, Y and G are doing

RD: and what were you doing..

R: Arey , Appa woh log mera dimag kha rahe the…(mera dimag kha rahe the is like an expression I have heard only adults use, from a four year old mouth!!!)

RD was so shocked that he didnt even continue the conversation, told me about it in the night…

I am wondering where she learnt it from…not that its a bad word, but somehow it doesnt seem to suit a four year old! call me ancient eh?


I am trying to make R practice her rhymes in the bus stop…I try to sing along when the imp looks up at me, puts her hands in front of her as if asking me to stop and says ‘Aap mat bolo, main bolungi, aur aap mujhe follow karo theek hai?’



Today morning, I was in the kitchen and RD had to have a bath, R got up…I rushed to her, and told her to sleep

RM: Toong baby(Sleep baby)

R: Groggy in her sleep: nipantuni


R: nipantuni

RM: What are you saying?

R: nipantuni

and then I realised what she meant to say was ‘Nee Pan Toongi’ (nee – Tamizh you, pan – Gujarati also, Toongi – sleep Tamizh!)

and I cuddled her and pretended to sleep 🙂

Some of R’s classic Tamizh attempts

1. Amma mane chapdofy karna hai

2. Amma, ni kya panify kar rahi ho?

3. Amma, naan foldofy panaren?

4. Amma, ni aaj office pogofy nahi kar rahe hai?

5. Naan kudhse eatofy panaren…

and something in those lines..bhagwan, may be we shouldnt have started Tamizh for her at all!


RD was still sick on Wednesday, so I decided to make one more soup. This time, apna normal tomato soup but with some oats on it…Before any of you question me on the oats obsession, the problem is that RD went and bought like FIVE HUNDRED grams of oats and its getting expired soon…so I am using it left right and centre instead of throwing it because oats are so expensive!!! the kanjoos me, would rather overdose the family than throw it away 🙂

Anyways, so in this, you just take some onion, and tomato and put it in microwave, then you blend it, and then add some pepper, salt, some sugar, some oregano and chilly flakes (Err, the Irla effect 🙂 ) and let it boil.

ETA: Yes TGND, I forgot to tell you where to add the powdered oats, when the soup starts boiling, add a bit of the powdered oats for the desired thickness!! THis is what happens when a novice like me write a recipe..gah! forgets the most important ingredient!!!

Eat it hot hot.

So that completes three recipes out of 200 🙂

Lets see  how far I go 🙂


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70 Responses to Risms and other Tales

  1. summerscript says:

    hahahaha…”toh aap kal se Kaju send karna okie” was too good! 😀
    Does she talk in the same way(mixing languages) to her bus/class/daycare friends?? 🙂 Just curious!! 🙂

  2. Chaitali says:

    RM, u hv become innovative with ur recipes.. log them n u can publish a cook book, but ask RD to give a professional touch to it 😉
    LOL – Aap mat bolo, main bolungi, aur aap mujhe follow karo theek hai?’
    so damn cute 🙂

  3. Amit says:

    //Aap mat bolo, main bolungi
    This reminds me of PA’s ‘Aape Aap’ monologue. Before he went back to Florida, he wanted to do everything aape aap. Food? aape Aap. Nai nai? Aape Aap. Ipone? Aape Aap. And recently he applied some lipstick Aape aap on his face and broke the stick.
    Kids are getting funnier.
    The Tamizh attempts are classics. You should record them. 🙂

  4. chipmunk2890 says:

    ha ha ha R tamil is awesome , encourage her , for which u ll get new expi 😀 😀 i love that nipanthong 😛 😛 😛 funny 😀 if u want some more reciepe on oats tell me ll mail u 😀 let the receipe flows more than 200 🙂 u ppl are sweet the way you are 🙂

  5. Nipantuni takes the cake!!! Your daughter is so smart,Rm!!!
    i like your tomato-soup recipe–it is simpler than how I make it and I am forever on the lookout for simplifying tips 🙂

  6. Where is the oats in the tomato-oats soup, madam? 🙂

    And R is such a sweetheart! A total cutie-pie with her mishmash of languages. 🙂 You got to bring her over to my place sometime, okie?

  7. ashreyamom says:

    R’s tamil is so cute.. when i try talking in tamil to bunty she gives a “what did you say?” expression.. seeing R, i am all enthu to start tamil for bunty.. 🙂

  8. sandhya says:


    Can very well identify with getting worried if the kid sits still for more than 3 secs. Happens in our house only when A is deep into a book. Yes, even at 11 yrs of age!

    And let the recipes keep coming.

    • R's Mom says:


      hai Sandhya…you just broke my heart..11 years..I thought I need to stop bothering once she is five…you broke my bubble eh?

  9. Visha says:

    R is pioneering the start of a new language! This should being India culturally close IMO 😆
    Reading them is so funny 🙂
    You should have stocked up dry fruits from Irla too eh 😉

  10. Nithvin says:

    Loved her usage of ‘aawala’ with birds..very cute! You too give her two choices! I have also had it back fire from my brat
    R is very innovative in using Tamil RM..just curious, how does she talk with RD’s parents..They also know Gujarati?
    Once upon a time, S used to pester me to sing the rhymes for her..now, like R, she asks me to follow her or just listen to her ..these kids I tell you..
    Even I get shocked when S uses some words/sentences which are not appropriate for a four year old..don’t know where they pick up these things from.

    • R's Mom says:

      No no..she does understand Tamizh right? so they speak to her in Tamizh and she speaks to them in Hindi 🙂 gujarati is only with me 🙂

  11. Ashwathy says:

    I mean seriously, boss, her Tamizh is awful..seriously awful!!!
    I suppose yours is perfect? 🙄 Who do u think is responsible for her “awful” Tamizh? 😛

    Whats it called in Hindi…meri billi mujhe miao!!!!
    Or just simply, you read what you sow! 😀

    Tomato soap with oats!! 😯 Now I’ve heard everything!!

    As for R’s language, let me meet you now… will scold you directly in person!! 😡

  12. Nameeta says:

    “toh aap kal se Kaju send karna okie” was ultimate.. You know you can even mix Oats in the Chapati dough daily. Gets over even sooner 🙂

  13. Nachu says:

    Haahaa… You never know when she will ask you to provide kaju/badam and much more for her entire class 😀
    Even I thought nipantuni was “you stop”…She is just awesome 🙂

  14. Sujatha says:

    R is super cute !!

  15. mere ko venam thakkali soup 😥

    Ps: can I ask R to be the Language Guru to my babies? 😛

  16. meenamenon says:

    Brrr I jus wrote a Loooooong comment I guess uts lost :(. I told u tht u could dish out oat dosa n even left recipe for it… sob sob sob!

  17. Bikramjit Singh Mann says:

    Glad she understood the sun day and night.. it took me years to figure that one out… She is intelligent.. well much more than me.. god bless little one…

    What is tamizh…

  18. greengables14 says:

    very cute..R’s tamizh is konjum tamizh 🙂 sweet to hear

  19. R’s Tamil is better than mine! 😛 Even if she does add ‘fy’ to all words… I love the way she speaks! Very multi-regional! 😀

  20. Sreetama says:

    Hehehe! Made a really nice read! She will speak flawless Tamizh, Gujarati, Marathi, Hindi, English & Bengali (make your Cal visits more often) by the time she gets 5-6! Give her credit as she is trying to catch up with so many languages! Kudos & big hugs to her! 🙂

  21. Arch says:

    kudh se eatofy is classic. Never take her to chennai until she is like 15. She will pick up local chennai tamil and say stuff too. Does she like rains? Glancing at it and all…

    • R's Mom says:

      When my Appa took me to Madras, when I was a kid, and I spoke Tamizh, people asked him why he was not teaching his daughter Tamizh!!!!

      Oh she likes the rains 🙂

  22. And, Risms are back! 🙂 🙂 You are going to give the little girl a big hug from SnS auntie, okay! 🙂 🙂

  23. My Era says:

    Is the K didi in her two choices (when very hungry) episode the same in the explaining day and night episode??
    Lots of love to the super cute R…she is a darling….better start giving her ten cashews and be ready with pistachios for future 😉

  24. greenboochi says:

    had a good laugh RM 🙂

  25. Mathangi Vijay says:

    Hey R’s mixed language is funny. how come she adds ‘ofy’ to all the words?? Like Eatofy, Foldofy, sounds cute and funny. Trademark R words 🙂 Nipatuni was the heights!! It took a while to understand!
    So one more soup is it.. It should be yumm to have soups in the rainy weather.. Being a friday eve I am definitely going to try one..

  26. anisnest says:

    I truly appreciate RD’s efforts to teach tamil to R.. she will learn it soon.. no worries amma..
    Adi is now speaking far better tamil after grandparents visit.. talk about necessity.. she learned that she needs to talk in tamil to interact with ammachi 🙂
    so amma sending kaju now? lolll…

  27. Swaram says:

    Nothing to beat Risms to bring a broad smile on u 🙂 Muahs to the cutie pie and get well soon wishes for RD 🙂

  28. StarlitWishes says:

    Hehehe, R’s mixifying of all the languages is hilarious. You know since your last Risms post, I’ve been using “zhoping” myself. Always seems to get a weird look from my brother. You should hear me speak Hindi, it’s probably just like R’s Tamizh. 😀 and R’s badam incident reminds me of Amy’s lime incident from Little Women (I think it’s that one, been eons since I read it!), though of course R’s sharing nature has a much more innocent vibe. It’s cute to see this in her, especially when a lot of the kids I see nowadays are so anti-sharing, it’s sad.

  29. Smita says:

    Problem in finishing oats?
    try this http://www.sharmispassions.com/2010/12/instant-oats-dosa-oats-breakfast-recipe.html

    Now coming to the other parts of the post.

    I LOL at her demand for Kaju’s 😉

    And seriously kids sometimes creep you by using words that they shouldn’t be using and even make you wonder did we mutter these in front of her? With Arnav repeating what we say I can understand.

    But yes, R is a sunshine child re. Take care of her 🙂

  30. kashlife says:

    RM, your recipes are going to be one more attraction to visit your blog. All the best for that 200 recipe goal. keep posting.

  31. Zephyr says:

    Now I want to see R, right away. But I know I have to wait for some more months to do that. It is so wonderful to listen to and record such patter of kids. I just put down some memories of my time with my little one 🙂

  32. techie2mom says:

    Wow, R is learning Tamizh pretty fast, even if it is bhelpuri language for now, i am sure she is going to be multilingual in few years 🙂
    “Aap mat bolo, main bolungi, aur aap mujhe follow karo theek hai?” hilarious 😀

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