Blog Etiquette and Maya Aunty’s Yummy Pizza

No no, there is no connection between the two…I was just sitting and wondering what to write, when such thoughts came to my mind and then I remembered that Gayatri had asked for aunty’s sauce putting that in as well


So, like you know you have etiquette in real there one in the blog world too?


– If someone visits your blog regularly, would you go to that person’s blog just for the sake of it? or would you be obliged to do it out of know ‘woh aa raha hai, toh mujhe bhi jana hoga’
– Or that if someone writes a private post, would you go ahead and ask for the password if you are close enough..or would you respect the person’s privacy? or would you think what the other person would close to me, yet doesnt even ask for the password?

– Or if you disagree with someone you usually do agree with, would you write an email and tell them how you feel, or would you just tell them on the blog..of course hopefully politely?

– Or if you disagree to a commenter in a blog, can you continue your argument in the comment section?

– Or is it rude to just read someone’s blog all the while and never comment?

– of what if you comment on someone’s blog and the person replies to ALL the other comments except yours? Is that wrong?
Ah! well, I am really vella with no coherent this is what came to my mind to type out 🙂


Gayatri this one is for you 🙂

Maya Aunty’s Pizza

Please note this is not any different, most people make the pizza sauce this way, but its just that her tasted divine…I think more to do with the hand that made it 🙂
1. Take about 5 tomatoes and put them in water and either boil them, or keep them inside the microwave, in such a way that the skin comes out. Make it into pulp by grinding in a mixer or like RD and I use a hand mixer 🙂

2. Chop 2/3 onions very very finely

3. Make a mixture of garlic (I use a bit extra, may be 5 pods or so will do) and green chilly (2 depending on the hotness)

4. Take a kadai, add some oil to it…I usually use minimum oil. Add the garlic/green chilly mixture, then the onions and saute well (I love to use the word saute, makes me think I am French or something hehheeh!) once they brown, add the tomato pulp.

5. Add some oregano, chilly flakes,pepper,variyali (Saunf), salt and sugar

6. Let it boil for a while in sim gas

7. Add some tomato sauce for the red colour…I usually add very little

8. Thats it use, it for either pasta or pizza

To assemble the pizza, this is what aunty used to do

1. Chop the veggies into round or thin capsicum would be thin slices, potatoes wold be thin rounds, brinjals into thin rounds, onions into thin slices, carrots into thin slices, etc etc

2. Take some oil in a wide mouth tava, and then toss the vegetables inside it….one by one..she would do capsicum separately, potatoes separately..basically all should be semi cooked…

3. Take them out and add salt, oregano and pepper to them, and mix well

4. Take the pizza base, add some grated cheese to it, then add the pizza sauce, add the veggies,my Appa used to make us add coriander as well *rolls eyes* add the cheese to cover it..

5. She would either make it in an OTG..or on the stove…

Since I dont have an OTG, I usually make it on the stove….take the wide mouth wala tava, put some oil/butter/ghee underneath…before assembling the pizza base, add some ghee to the bottom of the base as well…then put the assembled pizza base on the tava and keep the gas on slow..cover it with a lid (I usually use a big plate)

After a while, the cheese will melt..then you take a big long dosa remover (What is that called?? ETA – Seema wrote in saying its called Spatula and so did AA_Mom, thanks Gals :)) remove the pizza, ask the spouse, child to check out if the bottom is brown (dont attempt it yourself, the last time I tried it, the entire pizza fell down and the precious cheese also got wasted gah!) and once its brown, put it on the plate, cut it and eat it…

The first one takes time, but the others get done faster, so be careful from the second one onwards 🙂

Hope you guys like it 🙂


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76 Responses to Blog Etiquette and Maya Aunty’s Yummy Pizza

  1. Nithvin says:

    I so wish there was a manual for ‘ Blog etiquette’ .If it is there, please pass on the link to me 🙂
    In the absence of any such thing, I think it is a personal choice and just varies from person to person.
    What does vella mean ..//Ah! well, I am really vella with no coherent this is what came to my mind to type out //

    • R's Mom says:

      Vella means someone who has nothing to do…dont ask me what language, I think its Gujarati 🙂

      • Nithvin says:

        he he ok..It is so similar to ‘Vetti’ in Tamil 🙂

      • @R’s Mom

        ‘Vella’ is Marathi, me thinks. 😀 In Gujarati, it is ‘navri’. 😛

        • R's Mom says:

          yaa yaa..its navri in Gujju..pata nahi..may be vella is hindi wonly 😦

          • Gayatri says:

            Vella is probably punjabi-hindi coz its used in Delhi a lot (from my experience). Thank you for sharing the recipe promptly.
            Regarding blog etiquette, I don’t have a blog of mine but I did ask a few bloggers for password when they put up private posts. Most of them shared the password kindly, if they did not I would have just left it at that as its their prerogative since they don’t know me in person. I sometimes send an email instead of commenting and quite a lot times I don’t even comment even if I visit the blog regularly. To justify myself, I would like to say that I find others have commented the same and in better words so I prefer leaving it that way than adding my banal words :). Enjoy the vella/vetti time! 🙂

            • R's Mom says:

              oh okie..then Vella may be Hindi…hai bhagwan, one word I use, and I dont even know the language 😦

              you dont need to justify rey..I guess, I realised it depends on an individual after all 🙂

          • NBose says:

            I think ‘Vella’ is Punjabi word, not sure though 🙂

  2. Swaram says:

    He he I get some of those qs in my mind at times too, esp. the first 😉

    U cud have put up a pic of the pizza also na 🙄 Sounds yum!:D

  3. Jas says:

    I never heard about making it on stove. Will a pan work? Because then it will be easier to lift the plate which will be so hot on a tawa otherwise. isn’t it?

    And regarding blog etiquette. I would say each to his own because no one follows the rule book when it comes to blogs. In real life one is little more conscious of these things. Though one thing I would say that I will definitely find it rude if someone replies to all other comments but mine. Why, because I will feel it is intentional.

    • R's Mom says:

      Arey stove matlab, our gas wala stove rey…woh pan should be large enough to keep the pizza base without folding, yes will work pakka 🙂

      I agree when you say there is actually no rule book when it comes ot blogs 🙂

  4. Sujatha says:

    Thanks for the recipe RM !!

  5. Okay.. On blog etiquette, even I have the same questions as you. So, will watch this space for answers! 🙂 🙂

    On the recipe(s), now that you are making exotic stuff like these, the next step is to learn to take photographs. And tadaa.. RM will become a wonderful food blogger! 🙂 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      hahahahah 🙂

      Errr…this exotic stuff was made long time ago 🙂 I am not learning to take photos rey…I dont have it in me to be a food blogger 🙂

  6. Amit says:

    I think initially it is good manners to go back and comment but I believe that you have to like a blog to go there again and again to read it. You can comment a few times and then leave if you do not like the content. After all you want to read the stuff which you like.
    – Or if you disagree to a commenter in a blog, can you continue your argument in the comment section? Yes, you should. I recently had this nasty experience and I had to block the guy as he came to abuses. Disagreements are good. They give you a new perspective.
    – Or is it rude to just read someone’s blog all the while and never comment?
    A lot of people do that. I think it is ok.
    – of what if you comment on someone’s blog and the person replies to ALL the other comments except yours? Is that wrong?
    Yup. Very wrong.
    And you are supposed to give a photo of the pizza too. 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      I agree on the first point, I think it does happen..but then again, what if the other person feels, yeh kya, one time aayi aur phir gayab??

      Disagreements are good – agree agree 🙂

      so its not really rude eh?

      Errr..the photographer of the family is acting pricey now a days..and waise bhi, I didnt make it rey…just jotted down the recipe for Gayatri

  7. AA_Mom says:

    The big long dosa remover is called a spatula.

  8. Ashwathy says:

    Or that if someone writes a private post, would you go ahead and ask for the password if you are close enough..or wlould you respect the person’s privacy? or would you think what the other person would close to me, yet doesnt even ask for the password?
    I would simply ask the person for the password, assuming I am fairly close to the person and not just a random blog friend.

    As for visiting a person’s blog simply because he/she is commenting on mine regularly, I might check out that person’s blog. If it is interesting, then I’ll blogroll, if not I’ll leave it. Simple.

    If I disagree with a comment someone left on a blog, I would reply there itself – very polite but firmly, giving reasons why. The only exception is only your blog where I shout at you left right and centre without any politeness or reason!! :mrgreen:

    Why would you be rude by not commenting on someone’s blog? A lot of times I find that most people have already commented and said whatever it was that I was coming to say. Or sometimes I wouldn’t be sure what to say, and I’d rather read other people’s reactions. Then I keep quiet. (And this happens often when I land up at IHM’s blog!) If you misinterpret the author’s intention and personally attack the blog in your words regarding what he/she wrote in the post, THEN I feel you are being rude. Makes sense na…?

    I am vella to actually provide explanations to all your useless questions! 😛

    You wasted an entire pizza with your antics! 😐 Shame on you! Gah!

    But on the other hand, this will be one of the dishes you treat me to when we meet! 😀

    • R's Mom says:

      oh you would…but somehow, I wouldnt…I mean, I would rather think that if the person thinks its worth sharing, they would share it with close blog friends, or just keep it private..but I guess, its just an individual perspective 🙂

      I agree what you say about IHM’s blog…often people have already said what I want to say, so I just read and keep quite… yes totally makes sense 🙂

      Err…I dont mind you scolding me, you are a sweetie actually 🙂

      Yep, you come home, pakka will make this for you

  9. LOL @ ask the spouse or child to check if it is done. Super cute you are! 😀

    The pizza sauce recipe sounds very interesting. I will try it out. 🙂 BTW I never knew variyali could also be used in pizza sauce!!! :O

    Blog etiquette – I have loads to say. Should do a post sometime.

  10. My responses to your queries on blog etiquette 🙂
    –If someone visits my blog regularly I would feel obliged to visit too , though I understand it is not possible for those whose blogs are really popular to keep track of all visitors/commenters.

    –Umm, I’ve never ever asked anyone for the password to a post marked private. If a blogger does a private post, I think it can be assumed that passwords will be supplied to those who are meant to read the post, without their having to ask for it. So if you ever do a private post, I hope you’ll send me the password too 😉

    –If I disagree with someone I usually agree with, I would prefer to disagree politely on the blog itself–after all that is what the comment section of the blog is for. But I wouldn’t labour the point too much and certainly wouldn’t get into an argument.

    — I never respond to comments posted by fellow commenters on a blog–IHM’s blog is the only exception 🙂

    -If i read someone’s blog regularly, I obviously like it and it doesn’t make sense to not make your liking known. If you are short of time, at least hit the like button!! That said, I don’t think it is rude for a regular visitor to not comment, just that it is desirable to comment at least occasionally.

    • Oops, hit the publish button too soon. Here’s the last one.
      Yeah, I would certainly mind it very much if I comment on some blog and the blogger responds to every comment except mine!!

      • R's Mom says:

        – Noted first point

        – I am like you…I wouldnt ask for a password…errr…obviously I will send you the password for a private post…IF I EVER WRITE ANY!!!

        – I think I have noticed that…only on IHM’s blog you go back and respond eh?

        – at least hit the like button…I think I like that idea…

        • Err..let me clarify. I meant to say that if a fellow commenter on some blog puts forward views which are contrary to my own, I don’t usually take up the issue with him/her–I leave it to the host-blogger to do that.
          IHM’s blog is different–it is more like a debate forum and it feels okay to argue over there if you are up to it 🙂

        • uma says:

          RM, I had read this post when you had published it but I was short of time and couldn’t comment then. This blog etiquette is something I’ve been pondering upon too..similar questions as you have posted. Now, Scribblehappy here has said almost I had to say, so I’ll say, ditto! 🙂 (feeling bored to type out all the answers, re ;-))

  11. meenamenon says:

    Well u hv put me defintely in a dilemma with ur blog etiquette quetsions!
    BTW tried ur tip of adding powdered oats into soup n heyyyy it turned out yummmmm!

  12. ashreyamom says:

    hey RM, pizza reicpe is good, but u didnt mention about the quantities of salt , sugar and oregano re.. DOSA remover is called TURNER.. got enlightened from prestige showroom. now its time for pizza.. can we use dosa tawa only for pizza?? now i have to hunt for buying oregano.. wish somebody can tell me where to get it in vizag. so ur official photographer is not available these days??

  13. Oh if bloggers really believed that they should go back and comment on blogs of regular commenters, I should be like bombarded with comments no? 😥 I mean after all, I am one of those people who will write 3 para comments even if the post was just one sentence 🙄 But i guess as long as people don’t block me from commenting on their place I am one happy spammer :mrgreen:

    Potatoes in Pizza 😯 now that is a first time for me. How does it taste? should I try it Chef RM? 😛

  14. greenboochi says:

    RM.. these are the thoughts in my mind sometimes too.. as others have mentioned already there is no rule book, yet its up to each individual. This is how I would take it.

    – If a person visits my blog regularly, I wouldn’t go to their blog just for the sake of it. I actually would go in there, read through the posts, get to know the person and then comment there. I sometimes feel rude to not do this. Its like neglecting the person who has just visited my place. Even if I dont like the topics being discussed or have nothing to say, I will try to comment when I feel like. At least something is better than nothing. I wouldn’t want to end up losing a blogger friend.
    -If I write a private post and think its appropriate to share it with my blogger friends, I would send them an email with the passwd immediately. If the person feels close enough and requests a passwd, I wouldn’t mind giving. I will definitely not feel bad for a person if he/she doesnt request for the passwd – my post was meant to be private anyway.
    – If there is a disagreement, I would accept it and reply in my comments section. I see no issues with it unless there is no verbal abuse.
    – I dont think its rude not to comment but just lurk around a blog.. but it really feels good for the author of that blog, if he/she gets an additional comment. My take is – If you lurk around a blog regularly.. it means, you love that blog. So.. better to comment and make your presence being felt.
    – I would definitely find it very rude not to get a reply for only my comment. I may never visit that blog again or even if I do, I wouldnt feel like commenting.

    RM RM.. these are just my two cents.. sorry for writing a long comment!

    BTW. I am going to try this version of pizza sauce soon! Thanks for the share 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      nah! you shouldnt be sorry..why shoudl you be…I asked for feedback right..infact thank you for taking out time nad writing in detail..its pretty fascinating how the blog world works eh?

  15. I am sure you can see I read blogs and comment too because I feel that a person has written something and I spent time reading so I should tell my views on that article, it use to matter to me earlier when some blogs I visit regularly but they don’t, now it doesnot I just think I have not written well enough.

    I never comment for the sake of it..

    There is another phase too if you notice it also depends on the gender of the blogger beleive me , I have done some research, some bloggers and I can name some will only go or comment on a ladies blog and vice versa…

    All kinds of people out there I doubt if we can find perfect ettiquettes as we can find the same features in bloggers as in human selfish, cheats, humane, hypocrite, good, bad, ugly.. for end of the day the blogger is human tool

    Yummy recipe.. yummy yummmy..

    • And yes I will ask for password once, if I get a reply I will ask next time else I won’t again, the message is loud and clear, although why write a private on public platform :). If we want only a few to read email them….

      Another thing that hurts me most is people making relations on blogosphere and not mean it, just for the sake of it… Especially those who come once or twice oh it blog is best, ur blog is lovely, I love ur blog blah blah and as usual that love is only till they press the publish button….

    • R's Mom says:

      LOL on the research…I am not sure if that happens, but I guess I take your word..honestly Bikram, you are one of the few male bloggers I follow, I think apart from Amit and Dhiren…so not very sure on that…I always follow more female bloggers, so cant really write about that 🙂

      Come to Bombay, we can party on the pizza 🙂

      • It was more the other way round .. Male’s following females 🙂 you will find a lot of them on a ladies blog .. I dont want to name them for some are supposed to be “THE BLOGGERS”.. but they will only comment on women blogs not otherwise 🙂

  16. chattywren says:

    Dear RM, like a lot of other readers who’ve commented, I too have been/am confused by this. Seems like there is nothing spelt out wrt blogging etiquette and most people go by common sense and fairness and that works, most of the times:-) Yes, I visit and comment on lot of blogs – sometimes they don’t visit/comment on mine, couple of times comments painstakingly typed have not been published, etc. I still would continue to read their posts of interest but it makes you form an opinion. A part of it is addressed here in my post But yes, basic courtesy to reply to a comment or acknowledge an award, should be a given I think. Sorry to hog your space.

  17. I follow no etiquette in blogging, and surprisingly, these thoughts have never once crossed my mind. I have my own principles – I don’t comment unless I really have something to say, I don’t mark my attendance(and I get irked when people ask why I haven’t marked my attendance), I only visit blogs for the first time if I have read that person’s comment somewhere and I liked what I read, I revisit if they are in my reader or if I remember to, I don’t argue with people’s opinions or put them down – just state mine if I have one, I don’t tolerate people crossing their lines with me, when I see a protected post, I ask the person if things are ok at their end(they will give the password if they want), I seldom apologise for disagreeing with respect – but wait – this is what I follow in life in general. Never thought twice about it. 🙂
    If any of the above is rude(though not intended), there is no point being pretend-sweet just to please people right?

    • R's Mom says:

      as usual…loved loved loved your comment…you CR, can be my guru anytime you want and ask me for any gurudakshina..if I had such an attitude in my real life, I swear I would have been such a big success 🙂 you rock!!!

      I dont think any of your points are rude at all..infact, the whole point of blogging as per me, is to make it like a dairy, something I can read when I am 60 and have nothing to do (well I dont know that, but at 30, 60 seems too far away 🙂 ) Getting comments is a bonus and most welcome I admit, but I definitely have times when I have nothing to say, to add, or even think to the original post and I just keep quiet 🙂

      I agree on the protected posts as well…I usually send a message asking if everything is fine…if the person sends the password, great, if not, its private right?

  18. Scribby says:

    Umm well Blog etiquette? Well the first thing that came to my mind when I read your questions related to this was-Nope! Blogging is the space where in we are free to write,express our views,comment, agree and disagree. You and me are know to each other quiet well now on a personal level so it doesn’t mean that we would agree on each and everything…so if there are disagreements so there are! what’s wrong in that?

    Likewise, I visit your blog doens’t put oyu under obligation that you visit mine-though you might feel that because of your personal nature…like you know xyz blogger visits me daily and comments so should I types…but again that’s not a rule!

    We might as well want to disagree strongly but like you mentioned poilteness is a very important word in our life and we must keep it in our minds always-virtual / real..

    in sepcial and rare cases where it might get dirty then there are no boundaries at all,well that applies to the real life as well….but the key is we don’t let things get dirty and stay clean..which doesn’t mean that we don’t disagree or don’t express our disapproval but where to draw the line that is individual take and how much a person can handle again is person to person…

    so all i’m saying is even if there are rule and etiquette guide a persona can only follow that much that he/she is capable of…did you get me? 😀

  19. anisnest says:

    blog etiquette.. now it would have been better if you had answered those questions as well.. 🙂 same questions cross my mind often and I act depending on situation..
    the pizza sauce recipe sounds yummy.. pizza on stove top? sounds interesting.. I will try it some day..

  20. Sujatha says:

    Hi RM,

    ” Or is it rude to just read someone’s blog all the while and never comment?”
    No No….I am your long time reader but never delurked… sorry 🙂
    guaranteed to bring smiles series is my favorite..I love your depiction of simple day to day happening be it the bus,office, road, mall ..your recipes are also delight to read 🙂
    will be more regular in posting comments …

    • R's Mom says:

      no no…I never meant anyone is dont have to be sorry…and you dont HAVE to comment was just some thoughts in my mind…I have realised to each his/her own…I apologise if you got some other meaning out of the post..that was definitely not the intention

  21. Deepa says:

    Ok, I am a frequent reader but have never commented, so here it :). My mom used to make exactly like this and we used to love it. I wonder why we have stopped asking her to do it! Now, it is only Dominos or Pizza Hut. There is something about home made pizza, it tastes divine!

    • R's Mom says:

      Aiyo Deepa, I apologise if you took it otherwise, it was just some random thought in my mind..sorry!

      Thanks for writing in though…yep homemade pizza is yummmmmmm 🙂 go on make it eh?

  22. sandhya says:

    Hmmm…food for thought, certainly.

    Everybody here has pretty much said everything. I’d just like to add that often I find some blog on the blogroll of someone I regularly follow, and sometimes something clicks as to the interests of that blogger. I do comment once in a while at such places, but am careful to keep my comment neutral. It doesn’t do to come on strong at such places, which I think is wrong.

    That said, I’ve chanced upon some blogs where I’ve made an instant connection, and I have at least one such friend who I have never met, but when and if we do, we’re going to feel like long lost siblings. We’ve become that close, having taken our friendship offline. And this is a lady who isn’t part of any of the groups I belong to. At such times the power of the blogosphere amazes me.

    Also agree about commenting on other’s comments at IHM’s blog. I often do that at the mad momma’s blog as well.

    • R's Mom says:

      ah! you are lucky Sandhya…I must admit, I have made great blog friends as well..and I am not part of any ‘circle’ as such 🙂

      yep, mad momma’s blog is a super point for discussion as well..I agree 🙂

  23. Sumana says:

    Hey RM,
    I so feel like cut pasting GreenBoochi’s comments. I think what she said is exactly what i feel too. I feel hurt when a person whose blog posts i keep commenting on, never even visits my blog. That is like ignoring. But if you see the other side, the person who gets 80-100 comments, how much can he or she keep commenting.
    I have asked for password once or twice from friends. But i still do not understand the concept of writing a blog on the internet and securing it with a password. I would not publish at all. Sorry that is only my thought. Don’t get mad…
    About not commenting on someone’s blog post, sometimes you read and really don’t like the topic or you don’t feel strong enough to write on it, then do not really comment. It will really be a waste of time for the blogger and commenter.

    Will need to try the pizza out sometime. Thanks for the recipe. So you are rejuvenating your childhood haan..

    • R's Mom says:

      About not commenting on someone’s blog post, sometimes you read and really don’t like the topic or you don’t feel strong enough to write on it, then do not really comment. It will really be a waste of time for the blogger and commenter.

      I totally agree on this one…

      go on try it and let me know whether it was a hit 🙂

  24. Sreetama says:

    I have the same questions too! I read a lot of blogs n comment on some and don’t comment on some others thinking how will they react. Will they accept me or ignore… I personally welcome people to read my blog and comment on the posts too!

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  26. techie2mom says:

    Wow, i learnt a lot from the comments about blog etiquette 🙂
    The Pizza recipe is sounding good, i am planning to make pizza in this week,will use this recipe, and let you know the result 🙂

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