Bus Tales

Sometimes I wonder if it makes sense to record your day to day life on a blog..you know like a public forum..and then I am like well, I can always make it private when I want it eh?

Anyways, on Friday..last Friday..R and I got really late..the BEST bus came late and then we got late to walk from our BEST bus stop to her school bus stop..and while we both were trying to hurry up..it poured..poured so suddenly that I was shocked for a second…I didnt react

R: Amma, main toh wet thau chu ( I am getting wet) she says, putting her tiny little palm on top of her big fat head, as if trying to protect herself from the rains..

we were caught in such a place that there was absolutely no shade..and me being the brilliant mother, had put my umbrella INSIDE the bag, INSIDE a plastic bag…I was so caught unawares (I always wanted to use this phrase, like how great writers use it!) that it took me 5 seconds to balance her bag, take my bag, take out the umbrella, keeping the cell phone in one hand..and then try and open the umbrella…all in all in 10 seconds, we were wet..

of course the Bollywood mother in me ensured that R had the umbrella and her bag was inside it as well, but I was completely drenched…totally completely (before you get illusions, let me tell you I was wearing a THICK t shirt and THICKER jeans, and out of 8 hours in office, spent like 2 hours in front of the hand dryer, trying to dry myself off!)…anyways, R was not so wet, but the hyper me, got super scared and after I put R on the bus…I gave a call to the man who knows all answers..

RD: bol RM, aaj bhi bus nahi aaya kya (tell me RM, even today the bus has not come)

RM: Gah!

I tell you, this guy is never going to let me forget that eh?


On Tuesday, we decided to leave early because we didnt want to miss her bus…as soon as we got off at the BEST bus stop, we heard a huge ‘pom pom pom pom’ the horn of another BEST bus..I wondered, why the guy was honking when we both were at a side….again the honking came and I turned around..the driver got the bus just next to us, and we realised it was our regular driver we had been missing for some days..he recognized us, stopped the bus for a second (there was a signal anyways) said hello,waved to R and smiled, and proceeded in his way….thats so cute eh?

Again on Tuesday, even though we left early, we saw a bus standing just as we approached the bus stop..so I pick up R and start running towards the bus..the driver stops (for about 2 seconds) and then I climb up..as soon as R climbs up, she sees a lady sitting in our usual first seat….I tell R to come back..R looks at the lady, the lady smiles and gets up and goes right at the back vacating the seat for us..I try to protest..she says ‘arey thats her reserved seat na..since she didnt come earlier, I sat there, otherwise no one sits there na’ Gosh! that was so so sweet 🙂


On the Julie/Julia project, here is a soup that I tried.

RD is down with a bad cold and me being the nice wife, treated him with soup.

On Tuesday, I made a pseudo French onion garlic soup. The recipe I got from some old photocopied low fat food recipe book which I had got some 5 years ago from a friend. She gave me the book and I got RD to photocopy it for me hehehe 🙂 I  have no clue who the author is…I think its Sanjeev Kapoor but I am not sure.

Now, I didnt follow the recipe to the T, because I didnt have exotic stuff like vegetable stock etc..so here is what I did..oh before that…both R and RD drank it with enthu..so guess it wasnt too bad

Took two onions, cut it into thin slices, one carrot and cut it into thin slices and then two garlic pods and cut them too..added 1 spoon oil in kadai, put all this and let it get cooked, added water (no veg stock), then some oregano (what, I am trying to be exotic here!), some chilly flakes (Irla jane ka asar, we bought it from there, and I had to use it *rolls eyes*), some salt, some pepper. and then the brainwave, I grounded some oats in the mixer, and added the oats powder to thicken the soup instead of cornflour and trust me, its just the same. ScribbleHappy go ahead and buy that packet of oats rey 🙂

and then grated some cheese (very little) on the top and *ahem ahem* served it heheeh 🙂

So that was the pseudo French onion garlic soup..

About this project – its just abhi ka josh, I dont know how much I will do it, because I am NOT A COOK AT ALL…its not a hobby, and it doesnt interest me too much, but I think I am in need for a purpose in life…so why not this 🙂


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47 Responses to Bus Tales

  1. The Bride says:

    OMG I want French onion soup. My project shall be making a list of recipes so someone else can cook them.

    About your project, you should create a separate tag for it and also POST PHOTOS!

    • R's Mom says:

      hahaha! I love your project..if you give easy healthy recipes, I will make them..and call it the Bride/RM project eh?

      Aiyo dont ask me to post photos and all Bride, I think its too much hard work, I am definitely not going to make this a food blog..because I am not a cook AT ALL…and anyways, I think I DESCRIBE food better than putting up photos 😉

      If I go up to 20 recipes, I will create a separate page for sure

  2. Shweta says:

    Wow.. I loved the recipe.. Though I am not very fond of cooking myself.. but off late you are inspiring me to don my Chef’s Cap.. hehe 😉

    How nice of the ‘pom pom pom pom’ BEST Bus Driver.. 😀

  3. Awwww at your regular bus driver stopping by to say hello to you! And at the lady who vacated the first seat for R. That is so so so cute! 🙂

    The soup sounds interesting. Lemme try it out. 🙂

  4. Mathangi Vijay says:

    Hey RM, nice recipe for French Onion Soup is super and so easy! I’ll definitely try it..
    So Bombay also is famous for this sudden rain flashes is it? Here in Singapore, it is very famous. There will be such a sudden rain that by the time you dig your bag and take an umbrella out you will be fully wet and by the time you really open the umbrella and take the protection, the rain might even get over.. Yesterday while coming home, there was rain till a bridge, beyond the bridge there was not even a drop of rain, even the floor was not wet.. Its such a funny place..
    Also, its a real pain to sit in AC with wet clothes na.. Hope you or R did not catch cold..

  5. ashreyamom says:

    oh.. again it rained.. ?? why just RD, even i have nt forgotten the incident. :).. yes at times the bus drivers and ppl in the bus are good. photocopy of cook book, 5 years old.. super re.. so the project of cooking started 5 years back?? recipe sounds simple and good.. :).. all the best for the next recipe.. 🙂

  6. What’s wrong with recording your day-to-day life on your blog, RM, you don’t use any real names and in any case it isn’t as if you write any ‘censor-able’ stuff!! So go on and keep telling us about your daily life. You entertain us, you inspire us and you make us wonder at how much goodness there is in the world, if only we take the time to notice!

    And yeah, of late, you’ve also been making us drool with your recipes :-).Now I am definitely going to give oats a try!!!

    • R's Mom says:

      hehehe I wish I could write censorable stuff..that would be so cool! I always want to make one of my posts private..well just to show off… 🙂

      Glad you like the daily postings 🙂 well, no one has told me yet that they are bored, so lets see 🙂

      you go buy oats girl..okie?

  7. Sreetama says:

    Wow! I like the soup! I’ll try it at home. Thanks for the recipe! I have heard that oats is good for health but never had it. Hope RD’s health it better now? The BEST bus driver & your co-passengers are so sweet! 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      oh try it Sree..its pretty yummm

      RD is still at home..though honestly I dont know why, because he is on the comp anyways its like he is working from home *Rolls eyes*

  8. Nithvin says:

    //he recognized us, stopped the bus for a second (there was a signal anyways) said hello,waved to R and smiled, and proceeded in his way…// Even I would have been bowled over by this RM..Super cute!!
    //Amma, main toh wet thau chu ( I am getting wet) she says, putting her tiny little palm on top of her big fat head, as if trying to protect herself from the rains..// Big fat head?? How can you RM..That too when the poor darling didn’t even throw a tantrum when she got caught in the rain ..Be a good girl and change it to ‘cute, little head’ ,ok?
    LOL at drying yourself with he hand dryer..sigh..we are first mothers, no?

  9. uma says:

    these tales always leave a smile on my face 🙂
    cooking is definitely not my hobby and it never really interested me so much :-0

  10. Amit says:

    I also can never find my umbrella on time. It’s always buried somewhere in my bag.
    And why are we adding an Indian tadka in a French soup? 🙂

  11. meenamenon says:

    He he! but i thinkits not fair to blame RD for tht bus incident.. this post ka header reminded me of the same 🙂

  12. Smita says:

    🙂 you have surely made some lovely frenz on bus. The drivers this side are so mean that even if they see a lady coming up they don’t stop. Horrendous & mean they are

    And good luck to your cooking project, stop putting yourself down and u will succeed in it 🙂

  13. Scribby says:

    Aiyyo on the first experience 😦 Just one suggestion..I’m sure you’d be doing this usually..since I’ve experienced the Mumbai rains I’ll give you some gyaan 😉 Always keep one extra pair of dress and UGs in the office drawer/washroom cabinet if you have…whether it rains or no…the rainy season you must have this packet in office..it helps a lot!

    The BEST drivers are really sweet..well almost all of them…they are well behaved !

    I’m surely going to try this soup …I’ve oats at home and the rest of the things are any way avaialble at home..thanks for easy recipe sans veg stock 🙂
    How sweet of that lady to empty the seat for R….I’ve given her virtual hugs already 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      yes yes and yes to that…just did that 🙂 thanks thanks 🙂

      yes they are pretty nice people 🙂

      oh you should try the soup let me know 🙂

  14. 5 seconds NA i dont beleive it , I am sure it took more than that .. Try it again and TIME it 🙂

    and hey do keep that JOSH on, dont want it down by the time i come he he he I want to eat all those yummmy thingsssssss and yeah the soup tooo 🙂

  15. My Era says:

    I found the ‘pom pom pom’ driver and the lady who smilingly vacated the seat for R very sweet 😀
    As far tips and tricks you are using to create yummy treats, that is exactly the way to go with cooking RM. You don’t need to worry about going for exotic dishes, for food is food 😀 😀

  16. You sure are surrounded by really good souls, RM! 🙂 🙂 And, please do keep recording it here, okay! Will make us smile for sure!

  17. sandhya says:

    Ok, you are making me homesick for Mumbai. The sudden drenching rains, the BEST buses, and the ‘reserving’ of seats that familiar strangers understand…

    • R's Mom says:

      seriously?? you miss the sudden drenching rains..aiyo Sandhya, and here I am the perpetual rain disliker :):) Make a quick trip here na…

  18. Tanishka says:

    That bus driver n the lady are really cute… 🙂

    When should I come for lunch to taste the food?? 😀

  19. anisnest says:

    I will try this soup soon RM.. how are you all? I love your bus stories always 🙂 take care

  20. Jazz says:

    Another lovely clash of Rain and RM.. 😀

    The recipe sounds interesting, I’ve never made soup at home. Mom used to make lots of tomato soup back home when tomatoes got real cheap. Let me try this.

    I’m on a cooking spree nowadays, my blog might turn into a food blog soon.

    And you know a little secret, I’m planning to go all shahi for dinner tonight. It is Shahi kofta curry, Shahi dum biryani and shahi tukda for dessert. Will post how it went.

    • R's Mom says:

      oh I made tomato soup yesterday..will put up the recipe soon 🙂

      WHAT! how do you get soo much enthu rey..to make so much for dinner…*Falls at feet and asks for blessings*

  21. techie2mom says:

    Hey All the best for the project 🙂
    “‘arey thats her reserved seat na..since she didnt come earlier, I sat there, otherwise no one sits there na” That was really really sweet 🙂

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