The Crying Girl – The Story Teller in Me

And so R has become a total cry baby, tantrums are loud, frequent and I am often seen shouting my head out at her..till one day, RD spoke to me alone, asking me to control my temper in front of her…he just said ‘I have seen what happens to children whose parents shout at them all the time, and I dont want that to happen to R’

After that, I shut up..its funny how history repeats because my Appa said the same thing to my Amma when we were young (Amma confessed this to us when we were older)

Not that RD doesnt shout at R..thankfully one thing we both have in common besides R is our sense of right and wrong…till date it has never happened that RD hasnt agreed to my reason for discplining R and vice versa..bad manners, bad language, bad behaviour, we agree needs to be controlled…

Anyways, R is still in the tantrum throwing stage, and one morning I told her this story (about 2 days ago) while she was in the potty

yes, most of our stories are spinned in the potty!!

So this is how the story goes

Once there was a little girl..

R: uska naam kya tha?

RM: aap bolo

R: hmmm..hmmm…aashika

RM: yeh kaisa naam hai

R: yeh aacha naam hai na?

RM: okie, so her name was Aashika

She was a very very nice girl..always helping, always sharing, always listening to her elders and everything..all her friends loved her..she was very sweet…but she had only one problem

R: Woh kya Amma

RM: she always used to cry for everything…always crying wah wah wah..

R: Giggles: heheehe..meri tarah?

RM: yaa yaa..ekdum aapki tarah..always crying..if her mama said no extra mangoes, she would cry, if her appa said you cant wear a green frock, she would cry…for everything she would cry..


RM: so all her friends became very unhappy with her..her amma used to say why do you cry, her friends used to say why do you cry and everyone used to say why do you cry…

But she still continued crying despite everyone requesting her not to do it..

Soon people started getting bugged at her

R: Phir sab ne kati kar diya?

RM: no no, then one day, when she went home, she saw that her mom had a chotu baby

R:Wow, chotu baby 🙂

RM: errr….anyways, so she was very happy to see her chotu day she ran to school and told her teacher that ‘teacher teacher’ I got a chotu baby at home yayayaya!

Teacher is very happy..she says ‘now Aashika you cant cry any more’

Aashika pouts and asks ‘why’

R: pouts herself and asks kyun Amma?

RM: because, as the teacher says ‘if you cry the baby will cry, if you laugh the baby will laugh’

But Aashika does not believe her teacher.

She goes home and then starts crying when her Amma tells her not to eat the third mango seed

R: but Amma, main toh sirf two mango seeds eat karti hoon na

RM: yes yes, you are good girl..

when Aashika starts crying and demanding the third mango seed, the baby starts crying..Aashika cries louder and the baby also cries louder..then Aashika remembers what her teacher said and she stops crying..and as soon as she stops crying the baby stops crying…

Her amma looks at her and smiles..but Aashika doesnt believe she starts throwing a tantrum again..and cries…and then the baby starts again…Aashika is astonished…aaiin yeh kya hai she thinks…

Then she decides to start laughing just to test if the baby also soon as she laughs, the baby laughs…Aashika is very happy..

She tells ‘Amma, from now on, I will never cry, I will only laugh, then the baby will laugh also na’

Amma is very happy and she says yes beta you are very sweet.

Aashika goes to her teacher the next day and tells her what happened at home..and after that, everyone loves Aashika because she is always laughing and never crying

R is silent for two seconds

R: Amma, usko lagega toh bhi nahi royegi?

RM: she may cry a bit and then stop na..

R is again silent for two seconds

R: Amma, toh abhi se main bhi nahi cry karongi..main good girl hai na?

RM: of course baby, if you dont cry you are a great girl

R: okie..she smiles…and then tells me ‘Acha toh mereko crying stop karne ke liye chotu baby want hai na…toh kabhi aap de rahe hain mereko chotu baby?’



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94 Responses to The Crying Girl – The Story Teller in Me

  1. The Bride says:

    This is such a sweet story. But you totally set yourself up for that question in the end!

  2. Smita T says:

    See she is right… she needs a chotu chotu sis / bro (u know my pref… but to be gender equal and all that)…. I wish we were working together… I could have chewed ur brains till to agreed to R’s demand 😉

  3. NBose says:

    Gah….This is called ‘Kulhari pe pair rakhna’ 😛

    Now tell her when u can provide a chhotu baby to her 😀
    I like that name Aashika…from where does R come up with these names..earlier also u mentioned about her teacher’s names na!!!

    Btw am I missing something…any hint or clue about chotu baby in your previous posts.. 😮

    • R's Mom says:

      Total kulhari pe pair!! I am an idiot eh?

      Errr…I dont know where she comes up with names honestly!

      Err..nope, I am not pregnant..definitely not today *take the hint!*

  4. ekdum you landed yourself in soup RM. a great story 🙂 and R is just being logical. the chain of events suggests that. You want her ot follow only the moral and not the steps? yeh toh chetaing hui na RM 😛 😛

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  6. Wanderer says:

    I knew there would be that obvious question in the end. I’m surprised you didn’t see it coming 😛 hee hee. Such a sweet story.
    Hopped on here from Scribby’s place

  7. Mathangi Vijay says:

    Hee hee I knew this was coming.. You dug your own grave there.. With the rising questions from R, dont you think its time to give in 😉

  8. Sujatha says:

    I have two kids . My son who is 4 yrs old stopped throwing tantrums only after the birth of his lil sis.. so its time for a cute sis/bro for R 🙂

  9. techie2mom says:

    LOL at “Acha toh mereko crying stop karne ke liye chotu baby want hai na”…. Zini too has started throwing tantrums big time, i will need this story, thanks 🙂
    I just hope Zini doesn’t ask for the chotu baby though….

  10. varsha says:

    i hope you understand the tamil words i am going to write down in english
    anga suthi inga sulti kadisila baby question la vandhu mathikitinga R mom.

  11. varsha says:

    The cloud and sun story is a hit at home. Will try this out after modifying the baby part 😉 .Even I want S to stop this bawling crying thing for everything.

  12. My Era says:

    Well you definitely knew this question was coming in the end…didn’t you? 😉 😆
    But I liked the way you tried to explain R to not cry through a story….nice story 🙂

  13. Abinaya says:

    Hahaha! Such a cute story! 🙂 So your agreeing to R’s demand? 😀

  14. Sumana says:

    LOL supporting R here, when is the news??? You tempt her to the core and say no at the end, Not fair RM….

  15. Pepper says:

    “Wow, chotu baby”. Lol. How utterly adorable.
    And I guessed the last line. Have to agree with The Bride. You brought this onto your own self. Now go and work towards fulfilling her demands!

  16. Journomuse says:

    Hahaha, now why did I know little R would flummox you with that..this is I think the first time I was so sure of the end that I was anxious for the story to end…Uska jawab kya diya?? How do you reply in exclamations?? :p

    • R's Mom says:

      hahahaha! so you guessed eh…

      uska jawab was ‘Finish your potty and let me clean your bum’

      R: Amma, kabhi de rahe ho

      RM: appa se ask karna evening mein

      RD is yet to be questioned 😉

  17. greengables14 says:

    bolo bolo..kab dhe rahe ho chotu baby?

  18. ashreyamom says:

    lol.. so now for R to smile and noot cry, we need a chotu baby ok.. 😛

  19. Sangitha says:

    Completely with R on this one – how did you not see that question coming?! These kids deal with logic like adults should and don’t! ‘Uju-ally’! 😀

    I was told that Krishna’s story is a good way to explain adoption to my kids. So we did. And then I was asked,”Who is Kamsa in my story, Amma?” We beat a hasty retreat!

    • R's Mom says:

      hahahahah! I agree..but I must admit, I just didnt think that question would come!

      Aiyo he asked you! I am telling you Sangi, this guy is a very very smart cookie 🙂

  20. Jas says:

    ha ha 😀 so chottu baby in demand to stop crying and I was planning to share the same story with my son.. now I have to omit the chottu baby out or else ….

  21. Visha says:

    If RM is smart, R is smarter 😆
    But as everyone is saying you set it up for yourself 😉

  22. Smitha says:

    R is totally right, you have to get her a chotu baby now:)

  23. Ashwathy says:

    For starters, you could give her a doll. And then ask her to imagine its chotu baby. That will save you temporarily. But then the doll won’t cry or laugh along with R. So you are back to square one 😛

    • R's Mom says:

      She has had two dolls till date

      1. Zephyr gave her along with a doctor’s kit…I am yet to find the remains in the house
      2. Bikram sent as a birthday gift….infact it even had change of clothes and all that…the doll now has missing hair, one broken leg and last seen was totally nangu pungu lying headless!

      Shudders to think what she can do with dolls shouldnt apply to babies!

  24. DI says:

    You know what! I knew that was coming! I knew R would outsmart you by the end and ask for chotu baby 😀 hehe. You did bring it on yourself! How I love witty kids. R is such sure short entertainment RM, I would love to meet her and have a random conversation someday!

  25. sandhya says:

    Hmmm…you asked for it, RM!

    Lovely story, BTW. Why don’t you compile them and approach a publisher? I have been reading quite a few of them from your link at the top.

  26. Ramya says:

    Perfect question asked… I had been planning to ask you the same till I read what she said 🙂 Muah to her and when is the chotu baby coming? 😉 By the way u really didnt see it coming or waiting for R to start the subject with RD? 😉

  27. I am still wondering how you chose such a story to tell R. You ‘really’ didn’t know that the question would be asked? Sathiyama nenjula kaiya vechu sollunga?!

  28. Excellent now that is something to answer.. story main anti climax ho gaya end main.. ahmmmm ahmmmm..
    She should have said in the end GOTCHA!!!!!!

  29. Deeps says:

    Know what, I saw that last question from R coming the minute chotu baby was brought into the story 😀 😆

  30. Deeps says:

    Know what, I saw that last question coming the minute chotu baby was brought into the story :D! You asked for it girl, you totally asked for it! 😆

  31. Amit says:

    I thought that an actual chotu baby is on the way and that’s why the whole story. 🙂

  32. hitchy says:

    very natural question ! seriously I was waiting to finish reading the post and ask you are you delivering again !!!!!! 😛 😛 😛 so I am kinda absolutely with the girl ! 😀

  33. Sreetama says:

    This is too much now! Humara sabr ka imtehaan mat lo! Plana chhotu baby ASAP!

  34. BongMom says:

    Ha, ha, ha…clever girl she is 😀 .Hilarious. I make up stories like this trying to impart the lesson I want and it always backfires !!

  35. Tanishka says:

    Don’t tell me you didn’t expect that question…. Now answer, when chottu baby??? 😀 😀

  36. StarlitWishes says:

    Looks like R definitely knows where her priorities lie! LOL. Also nice to her you and RD are on the same page about the important part of parenting. I see so many couples who aren’t, and it makes me pity the children.

  37. Arch says:

    I almost gasped when I read ‘Wow, Chotu Baby”. That is exactly how I would have reacted when Amma spoke to me about my bro. Ofcourse, I dont remember it. But that childlike wonder is so adorable. My God!

    Okie, now why would you say chotu baby out of the blue 🙂 I tell you, she will be one lovely sister. Help her be one na, please (mock pleads on behalf of the adorable R)

  38. chandni says:

    My fav posts of yours are where you mention what R said. And as for the last one, you walked in to that one honey 🙂

  39. Nithvin says:

    Too late here, but as most of them have said, you seem to be the only one who didn’t guess what was coming about chotu baby :)..R is super smart!
    Aashika happens to be one of S’s names 🙂

  40. Very cute story!! 🙂

    You ‘really’ didn’t see the question coming? I mean ‘really’? Well, we all could. 🙂

    And, yes, I would really love to know your reply to the brat. 😀

  41. Scribby says:

    Like everyone else I too knew what was coming from R 🙂 hehehe…so when’s the chotu baby coming???? 😛

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