Random Talks Around the R House

So R has a rhymes book in school.

at the end of which they have given these common stories of cap seller and monkey, thirsty crow, etc etc. One of them is the two cats and monkey’s story where the monkey eats entire piece of cake.

The other day in the rick I was trying to figure out what her homework was, picking her up from the daycare (I know, this is how we Mumbaikars save time you see, check in rickshaw, do homework as soon as  you reach home while Amma is cooking in the kitchen 😉 )

R looked at her rhyme book and told me ‘Amma, mereko one story bola teacher ne’

RM: oh okie..you tell me?

R: Once there were two cats. one name was Lipsy, one name was Jipsy..both wanting one cake. So they halving it. but Lipsy say you are bigger, Jipsy say you are merese big hai. So then Jimmy monkey is coming there. Jimmy take one biting from Lipsy and one from Jipsy and one from Lipsy and one from Jipsy like that like that takofying and khaofying. then no cake is baki so Lipsy Jipsy sad hai. Moral of the story is…is…is…is…is…kabhi fighting nahi karne ka and jo mile woh pehle kha lene ka..

Priorities I tell ya!


R is continuing to help me in the phulka making process.

R: Amma, mein roti rounding rounding karti hoon, aap usko gas pe cooking cooking karo!



RM: Gosh I am so tired today

R: Kyun, aaj bhi sir ne gussa kiya kya?

RM: What?

R: arey jabhi mein three years ki thi, tabhi one day aapke sir ne aapko gussa kiya, phir aap ghar pe aake roye aur phir bole na ke tired ho gaye..iske liye poocha!! (Arey when I was three years old, one day your sir (boss) scolded you, you came home and cried and then said you were tired na, thats why  I asked?)



Amma and I are talking on the phone

Amma: sounding very excited: RM RM you know what, I figured out how to use youtube

RM: Worried: What are you seeing on youtube Amma?

Amma: arey, now I dont even need your father’s help, I can go on youtube, search for old Tamizh movie songs and I hear it…I am slowly getting addicted to it

RM: Worried that mother spends too much time on the computer (role reversal anyone?) : Amma, how long do you spend on the computer

Amma: About half an hour everyday (very proudly)

RM: oh okie great

Amma: now I dont even have to bother RD to get me the old songs, I can do it myself..and this technology is so amazing na..

RM: Happy that her Amma is not really really addicted: Yes amma, its amazing

Amma: Actually RMB said there is something called online radio as well..I was wondering if I should just google Tamizh online radio then I can hear the songs all day long

RM: !!! *So much for being happy on her non addiction!*


I am furiously working on something and the phone rings

Its RD’s call

RM: Hello?

RD: hello..and then there is a silence for two seconds

no no, dont let your imagination run wild, its not like they have in movies about love through the waves of the mobile via silence


RM: Yes..waiting in anticipation

and then the guy tells me ‘Oye RM its you, I called you by mistake yaar, I was going to call the guys at the canteen to ask for something to eat…chal chal phone rakh’


I refuse to write what I told him on the phone after that $%^*$@

See, THIS is where the brat gets her priorities from

Note:Refer first section of the post




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57 Responses to Random Talks Around the R House

  1. arey jabhi mein three years ki thi, tabhi one day aapke sir ne aapko gussa kiya, phir aap ghar pe aake roye aur phir bole na ke tired ho gaye..iske liye poocha!! – Ooooooooh R baby ! I so looooooove you 🙂

    Oh and that call by RD by mistake – happens to me too. I do it as well sometimes 😛 Amazing how husbands associate food with wife. Or maybe they think of us all day long and so that’s the first number they dial ?
    Okie. sigh. My cabin just got painted and I am on a high with all the paint smell. so much for wishful thinking.

  2. Sumana says:

    LOL loved the last one. So sweet of R to ask if you were scolded.

  3. sandhya says:

    Am laughing so hard that I had to stop reading to wipe off tears! Wonderful!

  4. My Era says:

    😆 @ jo mile wo pehle kha lene ka 😆 😆 I loved the names Lipsy Jipsy 😀
    Yay! to your Amma learning to use You Tube and looking for online radio too 😉
    Tight hugs to sweet R for being so caring and ever loving 🙂

  5. Jas says:

    So the story telling bug has passed on.. and what a cute story.. 🙂 good one R

  6. greenboochi says:

    I love it when I read your post the first thing in the morning and have a big big smile… 🙂 what a start to the day!! As usual.. super post RM 🙂

  7. summerscript says:

    Rm!! Your entire family is super duper cute!! 😀 😀 😀
    And I loved this line “arey jabhi mein three years ki thi” hehe

  8. Chaitali says:

    LOL, R is so adorable 🙂

  9. ashreyamom says:

    //R: Amma, mein roti rounding rounding karti hoon, aap usko gas pe cooking cooking karo!// super cute..
    ya, i also do that, i call my hubby and later realize that i wanted to call someone else and called him by mistake.. i think by default, same you type same number again and again..
    good that amma has learnt youtube watching.. hope ur internet is free download connection.. 🙂

  10. lifesong says:

    Wow RM! Looks like you have passed your storytelling genes to R 🙂 Loved the way she told the story 🙂
    And rounding rounding & cooking cooking karo brought a smile to my face 🙂
    Your amma sounds as excited as R on learning to use youtube 🙂 too cute 🙂

  11. Ramya says:

    the choti story teller is readay 🙂 Dont forget to put her stories also up 🙂 And moms’ getting addicted to internet.. so frightful RM.. I already suspect mine is 🙂 Call her anytime and ask her what shes doing she says listening to some songs over internet 😦

  12. ROFL for the “Jo mile wo pehle khane ka” – priorities indeed!! I have never laughed so hard for any other kiddie story!! R is so cute!

  13. Jo says:

    Oh.. These moms.. they are just amazing na?
    You know I am too worried about my mom.. Just before I and my sis left home, we taught her a bit of Facebook, making calls on skype and all.. So that she can see the photos we upload and all that. N now you know, I see her making comments, “Like”ing and all.. And one day, my cousin, say RS, rang me up and started laughing. Seems my mom pinged him on FB, “Hello J, where are you now?” J is my mom’s cousin who is in no way related to RS!!!!!!!!! Gosh!
    I threaten her telling I am gona put strict restrictions on the usage of internet!!

    • R's Mom says:

      you are worried..heheheh 🙂 thats so cute..

      FBing and all eh? arey Amma hasnt gotten an account in FB as of now, actually I doubt she will, she is not a great fan of networking as such 🙂

  14. Ashwathy says:

    LOL @ her moral of the monkey and cats story. Amazing reasoning!! :mrgreen:

    • R's Mom says:

      I know..priorities are totally clear eh?

    • Ashwathy says:

      Er.. comment got posted before I could finish 😛

      LOL… she is already ordering you about in the kitchen eh? Fabulous 😀

      Hahah she has a sharp memory … you have to be careful what you say around her! 🙂

      Worry about your mother’s addiction?? And that too to Tamizh songs. Please!! 😛 Give her a break and let her enjoy! 🙄

      Hahah I have done the same too… dialling hubby’s number by mistake when I was going to dial someone else. Then I sweetly tell him, see that’s becoz you are always on my mind hence calling you by mistake also! 😀
      * Reminder to check if I say the same thing 2 years down the line 😛 *

      • R's Mom says:

        You are right about the memory part…I really need to be careful!

        At least you call him and tell him that he is in your mind..the spouse of mine just asked me to cut the call gah!

  15. uma says:

    Oh God! the last one really cracked me up….hahahaha
    I lovvved the monkey story..with the moral :-)))

  16. techie2mom says:

    And i so like the moral of the story, i am going to follow it 😉
    Roti ko rounding!!!!!! I am amazed…
    Like RD i call people by mistake…But you know what this call shows!? it shows that you were on his mind, and he is so accustomed to calling you that whenever he picks up his phone, automatically he dials you, i found this sweet 🙂

  17. Mathangi Vijay says:

    Ooh.. Super post RM.. Super moral of the story R.. After all that is the most vital thing in our life na..
    Hmm so your mom is addicted to youtube and online radio is it.. Cool.. My hubby just bought an iPod Touch to my MIL and she is preening with it.. Heard the time she can be seen with it 24 hrs a day always trying to make out how to upload songs (On top of the so many hubby has already uploaded), figuring out how to use Viber, Facetime etc. The child like enthusiasm with which they learn new technologies is worth watching.

  18. Tanishka says:

    I had never heard such an entertaining version of that cats and monkey story… I just kept laughing and people around me kept starring…

    R sweetheart, your and my priorities match… 😀 Now one more lesson for life is never share chocolates, ice creams, and cakes…. No sharing no fight… 😀 😀

  19. ramyachander says:

    WOW RM R is simply the sweetesttttttttttt baby
    ” Amma, mein roti rounding rounding karti hoon, aap usko gas pe cooking cooking karo!” am almost 30 and I don’t think my mom ever heard that!!
    my luv to R baby!!

  20. Swaram says:

    Ha ha ha! Classic post 😉
    And I luv R’s monkey-cats story 😛 Ofcos food comes first 😉

  21. Hehehe, loved her story-telling! Plus, seems like R has a great memory. 🙂

  22. He he he she knows it all. Boss ne gussa kiya UFf ho …

  23. LOL. One super cute post this is!

    R does have a super sharp memory, no?

    • R's Mom says:

      for all the unwanted things I must add..ask her to remember how the letter d is shaped and she will be like ‘mereko kya pata’ *rolls eyes*

  24. Scribby says:

    lol @ rounding rounding 🙂 and ja bhi main 3 years ki thi…hehehe as if 🙂
    @ sir ne ghussa kiya kya-my god she remembers so much,children I say,sigh !!!!

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