Why Me??? – 7

Incident #1

I got a call from RD on Sunday night saying all was fine and even R talked to me saying ‘Amma, I touched ek elephant and even K ne touch kiya che’ Ah! all was well…until on Monday, I didnt get any message, no call, no missed call nothing…I was okay till about 10 in the night after which I slept rather fitfully (which never ever has happened earlier, not even during my board exams or final year exams!) I got up in the morning (Tuesday Morning) and FIL and GMIL asked me if there was any news, I said no..

I tried calling, the phone kept ringing but the guy wont pick up…MIL didnt have her phone..I got nervous..came to work called about 3 times and messaged him…Finally at about 12ish I messaged him saying please call I am getting nervous…

then at about 12.30, I called up RD’s uncle was accompanying them upto a certain point and he gave me big time jhad for being paranoid and said that RD may have  been caught up between temples or something in those lines..I got bugged and said I dont care, my baby is there and I just want to know if all is fine…he said all IS fine…I said, thats all I want to know..and said thank you and kept the phone down..

Just as I keep the phone down, I get a message from the older love of my life ‘All good. Swami Saranam’

Why me God why me? Couldnt RD have sent that message a little earlier before I almost came to telephonic blows with RD’s uncle (who by the way is one of my favorites, I fight with him all the time ;))

Incident #2

So I decide to use the Tuesday night to collect some books with my friend has kept apart for R to read..her daughter is past that age and she asked me to come and collect it..so I take my Activa and drive a long long way (What RD is not around to scold na ;))  and then as I was nearing her place, the activa started giving jhatkas…arey please let me go  back home safe and all that I pray only to realise that petrol is less (Why cant RD fill it I wonder ;))

Anyways, I get the books and decide that I shall fill petrol while going back home…and start saying all the prayers on earth ‘bhagwan, please please take me only till the petrol pump, after that its okie’ as I say my prayers at every signal the activa is acting as though it has a bad case of whooping cough!!

finally just at the major signal before the petrol pump its coughs violently and sleeps off…arey get up get up I am telling it while kicking it and pushing it and by this time I hear hundreds and thousands of horns descending on my ear drums as though I am in some kind of a live rock show.

Why me???

Incident #3

So Scribby was kind enough to come ALL the way from her town to Bombay and take out time between work to especially meet me just for about 10 minutes at work…she also got me the lovely sev and it was yummmmm

I get a call from downstairs, that Scribby is waiting downstairs

I rush down and we hug, almost scream, stop ourselves, try and behave *ahem ahem* professional and all that…

We chat and chat and chat…I tell her I have 10 minutes and the poor girl gives me the sev and asks do you want a bag to carry it

RM: no no its okie

Scribby: What if people ask you?

RM: Gah! no one will

Scribby: okie

and then we talk and talk and talk..and I say bye to her (I didnt even offer her water, Gah! I am sure a pathetic friend) and carry the packet in my hand..pretending to be discreet till I hear one of the ladies who comes in my bus asking me loudly ‘Hey whats in your hand? itna bada packet sev?’ and the whole damn floor looks at me!!

Why me???

PS – No Scribby, I didnt share it with anyone…I am shameless that ways!

 Incident #4

So remember the guy I wrote about during my morning meets …nice chap always talking to ..that day, I went running to catch the bus near my house and he was there…he smiled and asked ‘your daughter is not there? vacations?’ and his smile is so cute, I was like ‘yaa yaa, she is NOT there’

so we climb the bus together, smiling at each other and then of course I sit on the ladies seat (before you start getting ideas) and we both get down at our stop…I am almost about to flirt with him planning to tell him see you tomorrow and all that when

Cute Guy: Okay bye DIDI!!

RM: !!!!!

Why Me??

PS: Well, on the other hand, like my friend tells me ‘at least he didnt call you Aunty!’

And for those of you who asked…R did it..she climbed most of the malai by herself *gasp* for the lazy brat that she is, I sure was surprised…the last few metres apparently she got carried by one of the guys in the group who was sweet enough to notice that she was tiring like crazy..and offered to carry her *God comes in all forms and I guess for R, he was God 🙂 *

There, another milestone in her life…she will be in Bombay tomorrow and I will be lying if I say, I am not looking forward to it 🙂


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91 Responses to Why Me??? – 7

  1. hitchy says:

    you and Scribbly met again ?!

  2. hitchy says:

    does this also mean this is why me post 7th time ?!

  3. Chaitali says:

    I liked the Incident #4 – LOL
    It does happen with me.. i don’t like to be called aunty it ok to be called “Didi”..
    Enjoy your 2moro with ur beloved daughter 🙂

  4. Cute post once again! 🙂

    Awww you have such nice friends 😉

    Yay to R for having done the malai climb successfully. ‘God comes in many forms’ – so so so true!

  5. The Bride says:

    Haha, I laughed out loud at the Bye Didi! Yay for R and the gallant guy who carried her.

    And please, I would have been worried too.

  6. Nithvin says:

    So glad for you and R..V was right after all! I was a bit skeptical when he told me that kids can do it so effortlessly..but it seems so true! You must be so relieved now RM 🙂

  7. summerscript says:

    First of all Yayyy to R darling!!!! Rockstar she is!! I am very happy! waiting to hear stories!! 🙂
    #1 – I would have acted the same!! Till I see that ‘I am ok’ msg, all tension wonly!
    #2- One of the reasons why I am not buying a bike. No not the petrol thing, but the scary horn sound!
    #3 – She is sweet.. I want Sev!!
    #4 – hhahahahahaha.. Ya Agree with your friend!!! “Aunty” would have broken the heart into 1000 pieces 😉

    • R's Mom says:

      Arey SS, I have been called Aunty so many times that it doesnt matter..and honestly I do look like an aunty..so its fine..just that this guy is really cute 🙂

  8. #4–haha, my first thought on this was exactly what your friend said,–at least he didn’t call you Aunty hehehe
    Happy homecoming to R 🙂 Such a small kid and climbing all the way up by herself, God bless her 🙂

  9. aah..”why mes” happen to me too 🙂
    incident 1- I’d have been terribly paranoid too..
    lol @ the ‘bye didi’ ..hehehe..but my sympathies…;-)
    and YAY to R for having climbed the malai..bravo girl!

  10. Swaram says:

    Did my comment get thru 🙄

  11. Swaram says:

    Sigh! Lemme better put it down again!

    Yay yay yay She did it 😀 Can imagine how much u must be waiting for her return …. am waiting too, to read it all in her own words! What, u r gonna share her views tomorrow na?:) Hugs and chill! he called u a didi 😉 And just fyi, I hd called Su bhaiyya too before we got married ahem 😛 😛

    P.S: I luvvvv Ratlami Sev. wishing and hoping and praying for Scribby’s visit here 😉

  12. journomuseed says:

    When I used to drive my own car in Kochi (sigh! Now I’m just another rickshaw-train-bus riding Mumbaikar), I’d keep pushing the time I need to fill petrol. And get stranded quite often with little petrol in the car…and I know just what you mean, I have a number of times got home by (what I believe) is my sheer will to get home and the moment you pull the car into the garage…aaaaaah, that feeling of conquering the Mount Everest…I know that’s not your case..but you must try living on the edge more…( It’s unfair I’m isolating one incident when all the Why Me cribs are so endearing) 😀

    • R's Mom says:

      seriously!!! you could do that to a car!! *Falls at feet* I had a tough time with the activa..ek toh activa upar se books from my friend, uske upar my elephantish weight…my poor feet 😦

  13. DI says:

    Heheh, too funny! Esp 4, Flirt it seems :P!
    I have had this ‘why couldn’t this have happened a minute earlier’ situation crazy number of times too, bah!

    • R's Mom says:

      I should give up DI…with the auntyish looks that I have, I dont think the flirting will work..its funny you know..when I was in college, I never used to flirt, I was a total nerd..and now after turning 30, I thought let me try it until…it became didi 🙂

  14. aame says:

    Oh God the first incident really was scary !!! Loved the bus one and Congrats to R !!!! Yeah God does come in all forms 🙂 Heading over to check your other 6 why me (s) 🙂

  15. lifesong says:

    Congrats on R doing the climb almost on her own. You must be so proud 🙂
    “she will be in Bombay tomorrow and I will be lying if I say, I am not looking forward to it ” 🙂 Have a great weekend with R and RD … and do tell us all the stories of the trip as told by R on monday 🙂

  16. ashreyamom says:

    LOL.. i am wondering why didnt he call u aunty?? :P..
    at my place, anybody married is declared as aunty. i get irritated when a college girl, just 3 years younger to me calls me aunty.. “(.
    so Scriiby is the friend who came to meet u other day..
    bike thing: i think RD purposefully didn’t put petrol , so that u don’t take the bike out in his absence. 🙂

  17. Visha says:

    Hehe..incident #2 is Murphy’s law for me too – What should not/ must not/ could not happen has to happen anyhow 😀

    Didi?? 😆

    Aww..you have got the sweetest friends RM…nazar na lage, here – one kala teeka for both of you 😛

    Sweet, R completed a milestone already 😀

  18. How many times are you going to meet Scribby?! 😦 I couldnt meet her even once- Rather wanted to meet Chirpy – so am J.

    Why me #2 – come on now – you brought that on yourself – why didnt you fill petrol sooner?

    Why me #4 – Auntyji Auntyji! You should’ve flirted first na?! Then he wouldnt have called you Didi – why did you wait for so long?

  19. AA_Mom says:

    Awesome job on R’s part. Great going girl! Do pamper her when she is back on behalf of all the blog aunties 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      hey long time no see…hope things are fine

      thanks 🙂

      Errr…she is enough pampered by the father and grandmother…she called me up to tell me that she ate TWO icecreams and one packet of chips before getting into the train today..hai bhagwan!

  20. Mathangi Vijay says:

    Hey RM!! Sucha cute collection of incidents!! Yay to R on completing the climb in such a small age. My cousin also did it!! I know how eagerly you would be waiting for her arrival.
    And yes I do behave in such a way like you mentioned, till I get an I am ok Message. And from the comments I can see that most ladies do it! So its not that just I am Paranoid!!!
    And Lol in Incident 4. Ya at least it was not Aunty so thankful 🙂

  21. LOL 🙂 Loved #4 the most 😀

  22. NBose says:

    😀 😀

    even I get so tensed & stupid thoughts keep piling on me till the time I do not get through to my dear ones… I already got jhad many times when I called my sis’ boss when she was late!!!

    u didn’t mention what happened after signal rock show…so u dragged the activa to the pump :-0

    Ha ha…. ‘Didi’… u could have tried with “Didi mat kaho na!!!”

    Wow..R did it…. Great na!!!…waiting for a post on her visit..:-)

    • R's Mom says:

      good you could relate to the paranoid me 🙂

      yaa dragged it to the petrol pump, everyone was screaming at me and giving me such looks…and upar se the helmet was making me even more hot..uff!

      errr…he just said that and walked away 🙂

  23. ARP says:

    WOW ….. R’s going to be back 🙂 Missed her multilingual conversations.
    Loved the “Why me??s” RM.


  24. HA HA HA HA.. acha didi to sab theek hai na .. 🙂 that made me laugh out so much..

    and I told you R will do it , mothers they just dont have confidence in their child MUUUU HA HA HA HA Ha

  25. He he on the cute guy calling you Didi!

    On the first incident, I think you acted so sanely. I would’ve turned the world upside down with my paranoia and assumed things! Glad RD messaged you back!

    Now that R is returning tomorrow, your weekend homework is to accumulate all Risms and give them to us on Monday! Okay?! 🙂 🙂

  26. Smita says:

    Because you are Gods’ chosen one Didi!!! 😀
    You shud have checked the fuel level before going for a looong trip re 😛
    And kudos to R for completing the fest successfuly and pass on hugs to herfrom my end 🙂
    And tell me how much cud u talk in 10 mins??? seriously! 😛

    • R's Mom says:

      Gah to you :):)

      We talked so much in 10 minutes that you have no idea..both Scribby and me are so talkative that we covered about 10 topics in 10 minutes 🙂

    • Scribby says:

      Smita 10 mins for us talkers are like lot of time to touch almost all the topics we had to speak since we met last that was in Feb this year,right RM? 🙂

      I’m telling you RM is such a sweet heart….I had to meet her any how be it for 10 mins!

  27. Ashwathy says:

    Why you?! Because you deserve it ! 😛

    Because you are dumb enough not to realize that mobiles cannot be used in temples and the rush must be so bad there that he could not message earlier!

    Because you are too lazy to fill in the petrol yourself that your two-wheeler conks out on you!

    Because the good looking chap IS young enough to call you his didi!

    Because you are shameless about not sharing your stuff (although I do agree this one was meant for you alone, so it’s ok). But getting embarrassed is your hobby so I am not surprised!

    Next time you ask “why me” I’ll spank you! 😛

    • R's Mom says:

      I know, we had a major fight on Saturday regarding that hehehe 🙂

      Err…he uses it more than me, so he should fill the petrol 🙂

      Arey nahi, I am wonly 30 🙂

      I wont share it with anyone gah! 🙂

      hehehehe 🙂

  28. greengables14 says:

    oh..I would have been worried too…and yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to R for completing the climb successfully.. and u knw wat they say the god does come down in different forms to help his devotees complete the climb..:)

  29. Kanchan says:

    Of course you will be worried for R! Awesome that she climbed herself…make some bhindi for her when she gets back 😀

    Didi is really a compliment, u know. And how did you save the sev packet from the entire office 😛
    People at office are forever on the lookout for entertainment and interesting food is the top of the list.

    • R's Mom says:

      Yes, I followed your advice and made her favorite bhindi yesterday night..she managed to polish of 3 ghee laden phulkas and 2 tons of bhindi 🙂

  30. MerryGirl says:

    We are also looking forward 🙂

  31. anisnest says:

    I liked the post for the last para.. 🙂 Didi is far better than Aunty na? so chill.. have a good weekend 🙂

  32. summerscript says:

    Hope everyone reached home safe!! And hope you are having an awesome time with R 🙂

  33. Veens says:

    Great post!! On almost all the points I was like – OMG! This happened to her too/!! I am not alone lol!

  34. Deeps says:

    Firstly tight hugs to R for making it to Sabari mala! Commendable!

    And hugs to you too..I could completely understand your anxiety when you couldnt get through RD!

    Hahaha, DIDI!! The cute guy, of all the guys, had to end up calling you that! When is rakhi BTW..dont forget to tie one on his wrist, RM 😛 !

    And you and scribby met again!!

    R must be back by now! Hope she is fine. Looking forward to reading about her visit! 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      yaa..today morning also he saw me and said ‘bye didi’ I guess a ‘rakhi’ is due to be tied in his hand!

      R reached safe..will post tomorrow..did a mango post today/yesterday night 🙂

  35. Sangitha says:

    Why you? Because we all get a good laugh early in the morning, that’s why! 😀

    Knew R would make it. She’s a rock star, alright! Please give her a huge hug from me.

  36. Smitha says:

    Hugs, RM! This post was just great 🙂 R is such a rockstar! Hugs to the little darling! You and D must be so proud of her 🙂

    He called you didi? You should take revenge and call him uncle! How dare he 🙂

    I totally get your anxiety on not getting through to RD – I do the same! And it freaks me out if husband does not call back after a while. So now, he knows. He has added that texting thing, when he refuses calls, ‘I am in a meeting, will call you back’. And he has learnt to call back – after i did that emotional blackmail thing, ‘what if I am dying?????’ 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      I should try and call him uncle next time, but his smile is so cute yaar!

      Oh RD uses the meet thing ALL THE TIME!!! God knows how many meetings he attends in a day..

      Errr…I dont think that dying thing will work on RD..you cant do that without me he will say 🙂

  37. The petrol thing sucks! I had a close encounter once in peak hour traffic but luckily didn’t run out and was able to fill up.
    Lol at ‘Didi’…but yeah, it could have been worse…he could have called you aunty! 😀

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