Overwhelmed All Over Again

So the other day Seema of the famous Man-Tam twins fame, sent me a message saying that she had sent me a courier to RD’s office address (What, he is my official courier collector, one of the vows we took while getting married…I promise to collect all couriers for my wife.. 😉 )

Anyways, so she asked me if RD had got the courier

RM: Pata nahi check karti hoon

RM calls up RD ‘koi courier aya?’

RD: kya courier

RM: Seema ne send kiya

RD: kya send kiya

RM: courier

RD: Kya courier

so you get the drift..this is how most of our conversations are now a days..we are so disconnected with each other passionate about our work that we converse in circles

Finally, the guy understood I was asking if he got a courier which Seema sent…and he told me he will check and get back to me in 10 minutes…now 10 minutes of RD time is 2.5 hours of normal human time

He calls up AFTER 2.5 hours and tells me kuch aya nahi…

So, I tell Seema, kuch aya nahi

Seema wonders if her brownies would be okie

As soon as I see the word brownie in her message I immediately call back RD

RM: RD, Seema ne brownies bheja hai..please please check karna

RD: Wow, brownies..oh well, but RM, agar courier ayega toh they will mail me..its not yet come

I am frustrated, bugged and irritated at RD for not getting the courier…(not that its his fault but still, who else is there to get frustrated, bugged and irritated 😉 )

RD leaves office for the day on Friday and yet no sign of the courier..

I message with a heavy heart to Seema saying no sign of the courier

She messages back saying ‘ Hope the brownies dont become blackies’ hehehehe 🙂

Yesterday morning, just as I was looking at my computer screen vacantly, RD calls up

RD can call up only and only if there is an emergency..or…or..or

When the guy has no work and wants to know if his wife has no work too…you know, most times he calls up saying ‘So what are you doing?’

RM: I am working

RD: What are you working on

RM: office work

RD: accha..listen…whose picking up R today?

yep, this is how most times we start our conversations, not like hi darling and I am missing you types eh?

Anyways I digress.

So RD calls up: RM, courier aa gaya

RM: yayayay kya hai usmein..brownies theek hai kya?

RD: theek toh lag rahe hai…wait wait, aur bhi kuch ahi issmein

RM: kya kya

RD: Ruk main photo leke send karta hoon

RM: okie okie..

And just to make my wait unbearable, the man who took vows of in sickness and in health,in richness and in poverty and those lines, calls me at about 1.30 in the afternoon…

RD: you called me?

RM: yes (sarcastically) about 3 hours before

RD: arey I was in a meet

RM: I dont remember why I called you, whats the point of returning a call after 3 hours

RD: oh so do I get those brownies for you home??

Now tell me, who on earth would want to torture his sweet loving, brownie dreaming wife like this?

Anyways, he was kind enough to pick me up on the way and as soon as I entered the car, I grabbed the packet and opened the brownies…Seema, being the nice one had told me to heat in the microwave before eating..abhi who has the patience to wait..so RD and I decided ek chotu bite….and then we will wait for R to come and eat together..the ek chotu bite became bigger and bigger and when R came…

RM: Arey Seema masi sent you a present

R: Kya?

I show her the brownie and sorry Seema but between the three of us, half of it was already over the car..while I was giving bite sized pieces to RD as he was driving he is like ‘Arey, thoda bada dena itna kya kanjoosi kar rahi hai’

and finally he came to the verdict that THIS brownie is better than the CCD one…there Seema, you have another fan in the making 🙂

and oh….this is all what she sent us 🙂

This one is for me..hehehe 🙂 Inside of the card

The super cute card which Man-Tam made..errrrr…R was inspired and we made something based on the concept of finger painting..woh baad mein I will show 🙂

The lovely dress 🙂

The super delicious brownie…note the khali space…the R family managed to eat that much in the car


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62 Responses to Overwhelmed All Over Again

  1. Wow! So so so so very cute! I can imagine how thrilled you would have been to receive this parcel. 😀

    The brownies look super yummy! 🙂

  2. And oh, forgot to mention that I totally love the conversations with RD that you post about. This is exactly how the OH and me talk too, during work hours. Sometimes, I doubt if the guy even listens to what I am saying! 😉

    So cute that is too! 🙂

  3. Swaram says:

    How sweet of her 🙂 And I am drooling over the brownies now 🙂

    Now when can I earn some brownie points and get to know what that R actually stands for 😛

    Love the dress 🙂

  4. archierocks says:

    RM, is that a pavadai chattai? Lovely it is! Hoping to Seema’s blog now 🙂

  5. Nithvin says:

    Lucky you RM! That was so sweet of Seema..
    Poor RD though, do you have to pull his leg so much? does he read your posts regularly..
    psst..but just love the way you pull his legs though 😀

    • R's Mom says:

      oh yes…RD does read my posts regularly..infact he even commented on the last one 🙂

      He is a good friend..so I guess I can definitely pull his leg eh?

  6. Wow the gifts are so wonderful..i know seema’s brownies is the bestest 😉
    Loved the conversation between you and RD 🙂

  7. Oooh the brownies sure look yumm. And such a cute card! I am inspired too–will try to get my little one to make something along these lines 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      Errr..word of caution

      1. Spread big newspaper
      2. Get a big cloth to wipe hands
      3. Pray that your baby and you are as talented as Mantam and Seema 🙂

      I did none of the above and the results have been devastating!

  8. Tharani says:

    Yummy. I so want brownie NOW. That dress is very pretty. Post some pics of R in that dress know.

  9. Deeps says:

    Aww that is just so sweet! The painting, the dress, the hand-written note, so very adorable! Yay to blog-world yay to friendships! 🙂

  10. raji says:

    Seema is a sweetheart!! Those brownies look awesome.

  11. One awesome post this one !
    it feels so wonderful to get couriers esp. brownies ! And connect with blog friends no? I really look forward to having that kind of relationship 🙂 not just receiving brownies but also the spirit 🙂

  12. RS says:

    The dress is super cute…. I loved it… And the cards and brownies.. They look awesome.

  13. Smita says:

    wow so nice of Seema to do this!! Blogger frenz are the bestest!
    Pssst! Why don’t you give your office address?

  14. ashreyamom says:

    so sweet of her.. super card and super dress.. brownies.. my mouth is already watering.. u cant tempt us like this RM.. now i have to hunt for a CCD and fulfill my stomach.. 😛

  15. Hmmmm ok, Now the brownies look yummmmyyyyy and now I will first go fight with Seema –
    @ Seema – You can send to RM all the way to Mumbai – you couldnt parcel some to me? And you know where I am gggggrrrrrrrrrr.Punishment for not attending that baking class 😦

    And that dress is also so cute 🙂 We need a picture of R in that dress – you can mail us please?

  16. lifesong says:

    Thats so sweet of Seema 🙂
    Lovely card by ManTam, nice dress and yummy brownies! Wow! 🙂

  17. summerscript says:

    The dress is super cute.. send pics of R in that dress ok? And brownies…slurrpppppp 😛

  18. Scribby says:

    hahaha you know something RM…our blog posts are running in tandem these days…today also I’ve a similar post to do…

    and those brownies? yummmmmmmm! Lovely dress that,hai na? 🙂

    the best thing: the card..how cute is that!! muwah to MT duo and their lovely crafty mother 🙂

    now wait for my post 😉

  19. aame says:

    Awww that’s so nice of her and must have been such a wonderful surprise for you ! I could clearly see the anticipation all through the post 🙂 Love the cards and the conversations !!! And better than CCD.. wow i can well imagine how heavenly that brownie must be !!!

  20. Now I am so jealous.. UK main rehne ka sabse bada s nuksan.. courier main khraab ho jayega is the EXCUSE I get 😦 hmmmpppppfff

    Not happy

    I want tooo….

    The card is super cute.. and the dress tooo…

  21. NBose says:

    Wow those brownies look yuummmyy…..Seema is super-talented… 😀

    post the pics of card made by R ..:-)

  22. My Era says:

    Yummy brownies 😀 😀
    I liked the idea of that hand-painting tree…eagerly waiting for pics of R’s artwork 😀

  23. wow..jealous of you..the brownies look delicious..and the gifts are lovely.

  24. Jas says:

    Wow! you got a super package there.. I am sure the brownies tasted as nice as they are looking in the pic… lovely blog btw… 🙂

  25. Ashwathy says:

    Oh wow!!!!! That’s fabulous!!
    And absolutely adorable of Seema!! 🙂

    Did u actually write “woh baad mein I will show”? 🙄 Kabhi nahi sudharoge! 😛

  26. anisnest says:

    lovely dress, lovely cards and ohh lovely brownies.. Seema, are you listening? I loooooveeeee your brownie’s toooo… 😉

  27. Seema says:

    LOL on RD being the official courier collector. See, he was sweet enough not to eat the brownies himself and keep it preserved for you and R 😀

    Arey, that day after hanging up the call, Tammu asked me ‘Mamma, ye bachhi ka name kya hai?’ I told her and then she asks, ‘Ye bachhi ka mummy kahaan hai?’ I said ‘wahi masi jisse tumne baat kiya’. And tubelight flashes in her head and she says ‘Baby ka baba kya office mein hai?’

    Waiting for R’s finger painting ka pics. Mmmah to her. Wanna meet her re 😀

  28. kayemofnmy says:

    You both sound busy with jobs and a kid. Awesome that you find the time to blog as well. Have this sudden urge to eat a home-made cookie – drooled over yours!

  29. Sreetama says:

    Aww! So sweet of Seema & Man Tam! 🙂 The brownies are total drool worthy! The dress & card are lovely! Seema is one superwoman! Kudos to her for managing everything so efficiently! Please upload a pic of R wearing the dress na!

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