Snippets From the Weekend

– MIL and her mom arrived on Saturday morning..we went to the airport to pick them up…saw so many people at the airport, I think I should do a separate post on that :)..and oh! life is cool for RM for the next 3 months…MIL around and super pampering happening for sure…when FIL comes in next week, life is completely tension of deciding what veggies to buy or if the curd has been set or milk has be stocked or if I have enough akha dhaniya at home..or that we have to chop veggies for the week or anything…between the two of them, they ensure our life is the easiest ever..and oh, there will be super fights for the remote though..with RD fighting to watch football and MIL/FIL wanting to watch Asianet..and RM? Well RM will be in zen mode reading a book of her choice.. 🙂

– The brat is happy to see her Calcuttu thathi…she gave me a rest on Sunday going and pakaoing her thathi while I slept in peace for an hour..yayay! to that

– R and her Appa went at 9 in the morning on Sunday and came back at 1..and no, he didnt not take her to the playzone of the mall..both of them actually spent some time together without spending a bomb of money 🙂 they had gone to do packing for their Sabarimalai trip to a friend’s house…did I mention that R is planning to tag along with RD and MIL this time for their Sabarimalai trip mid May…I hope things work out 🙂

– For an absolute change, RD cooked fantastic daliya khicidi for all of us on Saturday night…I must admit I was surprised that MIL ‘let’ him do it..otherwise, when she is here, the guy doesnt even clean the table after dinner gah! oh I am sure my praising his daliya khicidi sky-high did have an effect and he decided to show off his cooking skills to his Amma 🙂

– For another absolute change, it was RD and I who made the Sunday dinner as well..go on blog, gasp away! because RD help me cut the bhindi and then we made dal and then made bhindi subji and then he even cut the kundru for the next day while MIL took R downstairs for a cycle ride…Did I mention I think , I love this guy 🙂

– And to ensure that the mushiness continued, both of us decided to go for a run..

RD: come on RM you are my inspiration ..lets go for a run na

These filmy dialogues dont work for me..but then…I thought, whats bad about going for a run…it will help me loose weight at least
and so we told R that she could be downstairs with MIL while we go and come..I ran for like 100 metres and got tired and gasping while the guy continued as if he is a professional marathoner..Gah! anyways, so he said lets just go till that junction and come back..and so I walked and he just jogged away..when I reached the junction and looked around…have you see a movie where the heroine is searching for her hero to come and surprise her…well may be I resemble an elephant, so just imagine an elephant searching for her mate…the guy was just not to be seen…I called up..he didnt pick…I waited for 5 minutes and just gave up…and I walked back..

Walked and walked and walked and wondering..Gah! so much for being an inspiration, I should not have swayed by his romantic words Gah!

and as I approached my building, I hear a voice ‘RM, RM’

I looke behind to see the guy, running with a bunch of kela and waterbottle in his hand..

and for those romantic souls who are now thinking that RM would have looked at RD and smiled coyly and asked ‘kahan the tum’

Well  be disappointed..because all I asked him was ‘Where the hell did you disappear?’

We will not dwell on the fact that RD gave me an explanation that he was standing there ‘only’ looking for me..Gah!

– Last but not the least, boss, we have holiday for May day tomorrow and for the the poor souls who dont have chutti ..well what do I say? *sticks tongue out*

Have a good week 🙂


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55 Responses to Snippets From the Weekend

  1. ekdum jhakas weekend only, I say ! 🙂
    And now, it is time for you to get into zen more often.
    And oh, I hear that inspiration line from my better half too.
    We do end up jogging together though 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      I am envy of the fact that you guys end up jogging together..there was this time when I could outpace RD in like 2 minutes..but ever since the marathon for bhoot has savarofied in his head, he is training really hard and well Gah!

  2. Wow! Life sure becomes easier when mothers and mothers-in-law are around! Enjoy the peace while it lasts, RM. 🙂

    ROFL @ ‘Where the hell were you?’ Poor guy! He helped you by making the dinner after all!

    You ‘think’ you love the guy?! Huh.

    What is ‘kundru’?

  3. Ah! So now we know the ‘inspiration’ for RD’s Blore run 🙂 And so, have you planned to join him? Come come commeeeeeee….

    So you love the guy because he cooked dinner with you? 😀 I love tha reason 🙂

    And I can sense the Deja Vu’ feeling of getting time to read and sleep in the beginning paragraph – enjoy the next 3 months…

  4. *Tubelight blinking* RD took R to a friend’s house to to do the packing for the Sabarimala trip????
    And how wonderful that R will be going on the trip too 🙂
    I do hope your MIL liked RD’s daliya khichdi enough to let him cook more frequently 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      and she managed to create enough havoc dont get ideas about her goodness 🙂

      I hope R goes..abhi she is still kacha packa for the trip 🙂

      oh yaa yaa, Amma loved it 🙂

  5. Swaram says:

    Wow! U r gonna have an awesome time na .. all the delicious fare that u r gonna gorge on *Slurp*

  6. DI says:

    😀 I never ever go running/walking with the Dude, because I know for the life of me, there is no way I will have a clue as to where he is after the first 3-4 mins! Enjoy the time off RM!
    Oh, and I have tomorrow off too, yay! * Happy dance *

  7. wow..having in-laws means help for you..that’s so are lucky! 🙂

  8. Deeps says:

    Ahaa a marathon weekend!! At least you get swayed by your husband’s sweet nothings and pep yourself out for a jog! My husband has run out of options to drag me to the gym or plain walk around the compound :(. Yay to you RM and RD..double thumbs up!

    Aww your in-laws are in town…lucky you! Heres to a roller-coaster of a 3-months fun amidst some kushti-for-remote-days 😀

  9. ashreyamom says:

    nice, so you dont have to work at home now.. happy happy.. so R is also going to put mallai.. the we will have R- sammy tales.
    arey dont take such risk of running without practice re.. once i did and sprained my leg.. i did to impress one of my college crush. how nice that ur MIL doesnt fuss when RD cooks.
    hey happy holiday.. 😦 i dont have a holiday tomorrow.. 😦

  10. Smita says:

    Important thing first, even we have a chutti tomorrow!!! Yay!!!!

    And wow ur MIL is here for 3 months!!!! Shanti I say!!! Enjoy the time off, sleep more and read more!!!!

    And lol @ Inspiration run!!! Men can not see beyond what is just in front of them so spare the poor guy 😉

  11. Hey, we were thinking of coming down to Mumbai for Ganesh Chaturthi. Been a long-long-long time dream for both of us. Just wanted to ask you – would it be like crazy mad to come down at that time, considering the rains and the traffic jams and all that? Do let me know your views so that we can book flight tickets and hotel accordingly. 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      Errr…If you have read my earlier posts, I HATE the mumbai I am infact a wrong person to ask the question..yes it will be super crowded..but the atomosphere is totally festive..and its a pleasure to see people go and stand in queues to get darshan and stuff….Wait will mail you

  12. Ah ha cooking food together spending time together going for a run together. Areeee Yeh chakkar Kya haiiiioiio…..
    Bol hi do ab to AAP ….

    Fabulous weekend .. R is going to enjoy so much.

  13. techie2mom says:

    Wow, so you are in for some pampering 🙂 Enjoy!!!
    “when she is here, the guy doesnt even clean the table after dinner” LOL…i do the same when my mom is around 🙂
    You guys are so cute, with all the romantic runs, walks & cooking!!!

    • R's Mom says:

      Nope I guess I do continue doing some stuff when Amma is around..but the guy gets super pampered..but I guess all mothers are there to pamper wonly na 🙂

  14. Seema says:

    Chalo, enjoy your Zen mode RM!

    We too have off tomorrow too! Plz ask RD to share his Dalia Khichdi recipe na?

  15. My Era says:

    Important thing first….I too have a holiday tomorrow…err…wait I had it today too and have it on Wednesday as well 😆 😆 *sticks tongue out*
    That’s wonderful to have inlaws around for a while, enjoy the pampering, relaxing and awesome family times 😀 😀
    Have a great time 😀

  16. Sreetama says:

    Hey that’s super awesome! Have a great time in these 3 months! And I could actually imagine your & RD’s mushy love tale! U inspiring him, he singing for you (jaaneja dhundta fir raha hu tumhe raat din main yahan se wahan) n then iike an anticlimax u say, “Where the hell were you!?” I imagined bunch of flowers instead of bananas to add the mush!

    Will R be able to manage without you? Enjoy the holiday, I don’t have it! 😦

  17. Ashwathy says:

    Only thing I could gather from this post…. you are definitely out of shape. You need LOADS of practice! 😛

  18. Tanishka says:

    Enjoy a three month vacation… 😀
    And btw we also have chutti tomorrow,… 🙂

  19. NBose says:

    Enjoy ur break RM…..:-)

    Wow….R is indeed a big girl now who can travel w/o her mom!!!

    Ha ha..RD ditched his ‘inspiration’ for a bunch of kela!!! 🙂

  20. Aww, Mushy weekend post RM, I see lot of cooking(together) happening these days. winking my eyes and running away 🙂

  21. Enjoy your time with the in-laws RM! And your day off today… 🙂

  22. Tharani says:

    Why on earth, does your office give you off on a may day. I want to talk to your boss and ask him not to give you any offs so that we won’t be missing your blog posts 🙂

  23. anisnest says:

    hmm enjoy your break RM.. here’s to read more and more and more books and a gala time for R with her calcutta thathi.. .

  24. Scribby says:

    so somebody’s being pampered and given rest and now will have time to read books too,yay yay yay to that 🙂 truly you deserve it lady 🙂


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