Go On Get Jealous!

because R, RD and I attended http://www.thewritersbug.com/ at Chembur in Mumbai…its way way  away from our place almost like going to a new town..but I am so so glad we made it…R is not yet four but we managed to make her attend all the workshops for the age group 4 to 7..and boy did she have fun or what?

So it happened that I was searching for something to do over the weekend with R since its her vacation and all that..and stumbled upon this article in Timeout Mumbai….I sent it to RD with an email titled ‘This is where I want to take R’ He replied back saying ‘okay’ yaa yaa he is a man of many words!

Anyways, the only problem was that it was too far from our place..but somehow RD got convinced and we decided to go ahead with our plan

So off we went searching for St. Anthony’s school!

Errr..before anything else, let me tell you that I attended not one, not two but THREE sessions of the superb, lovely Deepa Kiran (http://www.deepakiran.in/) She is t.h.e m.o.s.t amazing story teller I have ever ever known….her facial expressions, her hand gestures, her voice modulation, her connection with the audience, her diction in different languages (She spoke Bengali, Tamil) her persona…she is superb…

RD and I attended a session on Saturday (she taught parents the art of story telling) and trust me, between RD and I we didnt know how to describe the feeling..the same day she did a session with kids of R’s age and we attended that session and then yesterday when I went with R, I attended another session of hers with parents…I know I am crazy about her..

So here is how the sessions were

Saturday first session was with Paperie and Vidhya Satish..R cried a bit entering this session with out me..but RD escorted her till the class room and then she went in..and after that this is what she came out with….

This is our creation says R !!!

2) The second session was Singing Tales Around The World by Usha Venkatraman…again parents were not allowed..but R came out singing…she was happy and seem to have tons of fun!

We had a long break after this and had planned to go out for lunch..but RD and I were so enthused about Deepa Kiran’s workshop, that RD just picked up R and got her to Deepa’s workshop and then we stayed back to eat there only…

3) Deepa Kiran had her musical story telling workshop which she was kind enough to let parents attend as well…the way she said the story…awesome…She said a story of a little girl and little boy and when she asked the kids what was the little girl’s name..R screamed ‘R’ and there, R got a story in her name….it was superb…and then after the story she asked the kids to draw any of the animals in the story..which included a mouse, elephant, snake, monkey…all kids drew one of those while R,…well…R said she is going to draw an OCTOPUS!!! why? well dont ask me..she gave it to Deepa saying its an octopus…and Deepa was gracious enough to accept it 🙂

I dont have a picture of that since Deepa just kept it with her 🙂

4) The next session was ‘Fun Food of India’ with Preeti Vyas..and R again was a bit cranky and tired but she wanted to go anywhere they talked about food! so in she went and came out with this delicious looking jalebi :):)

Check out my Jalebi Amma, said the brat as she came running out of the workshop 🙂

5) the last session of the day was ‘Toto the Auto’ with Ruta Vyas….R was again a bit cranky but I so wanted her to attend it..and gave her the incentive of going and meeting her friend after that..so in she went and came out beaming with this!!! they apparently did a song dance session which RD could peep in and see 🙂

'Amma Amma, dekho dekho, Toto Auto mere paas hai!

On the whole the day one was SUPER DUPER..

From there we went to RD’s friend’s house for dinner where we ate

1) Pattice Ragada

2) Kadi Chawal

3) Fryums

4) Khus juice

5) Chai

6) Chips

Yummmmmmmmmm food and even better company..we came back home really late 🙂

The workshops were there on Sunday and RD had to go with his Sabarimalai group for shopping..so he was not there to take us..but having seen R enjoy so much plus since Natasha Sharma of the Icky Yucky Mucky fame (http://ickyyuckymucky.wordpress.com/) was coming down…I thought I should take her

So got up early and then got R ready and we went from home to station by bus, then by train to Bandra and then by rick to Chembur..yaa yaa…all modes of transport 🙂

At 10, R had a session with Natasha Sharma for ‘Kaka and Munni’  and then they made a collage..well THIS is R’s definition of Collage *Rolls eyes*

This my darlings, is R's definition of a COLLAGE!! Bhagwan bachao!

While R was in that session, I attended a session with ‘Swati Popat’ who is the president of the Podar Education Trust, on how to choose books for your children..super duper session that was….the simple way she suggested selecting books, and how to encourage your kids to read..super!!!

and then we had a break for about 1.5 hours..and so R did this….Sand Art, and Some box making and painting…check out her painting!!

Shruti/ Seema/Ani...please dont faint..but THIS is how RM's daughter is colouring with a paint brush *Almost faints*

This is done with the help of a 'bhaiya' who was so so patient with her..she loved doing this! check out a purple faced lion and a black faced mouse!!!


This is supposed to be a photo frame..the brat just added some sparklers on one side, got bored and said Amma mereko bore thaye che!!!

And in the same time, Swati Popat held a workshop for kids where they encouraged them to make puppets but R seemed more interested in the sand art..the guy who was conducting the sand art,…he was excellent with R…very very patient and let her choose her colours 🙂

Then was the Icky Yucky Mucky session with Natasha Sharma again…..and in the same time, Deepa Kiran was giving a session to parents..similar to the previous day but she said she was telling a new story (we asked..yaa yaa we are cheap that ways) and so I went and attended that…loved loved loved it!!!

And she was so so sweet, that after she finished telling the story she said ‘I know some parents have already attended this session, so you can leave now if you want since we have already done the discussion yesterday and you have to pick up your kids!’ yaa yaa she is so so cute :):)

And then R finished with her session of Icky yucky making this monster!!!

Natasha Sharma is again very very unassuming for someone who is a famous author…I went to thank her and she just said oh it was a pleasure and actually remembered that R had attended the Kaka and Munni session as well!


This is R's defintion of a MONSTER!! Amma, dont do masti, otherwise I will ask 'Maago Monster' to take you away she scrowled at me in the night!

One more wonderful book we got there was the rhymes of India book by Karadi Tales..superb book…I would recommend it to everyone…

The Karadi Tales Rhymes..its amazingly lovely

And these are the Tulika books RD and I picked up for R 🙂


On the whole the entire workshop was super duperly well organized…yes there were some start up issues on the first day but they promptly took feedback and corrected it the next day..the next day was a LOT more smoother!

I should cribbing that I spent two hours in traffic coming back to Bandra, etc etc..it was hot, humid and polluted and R actually slept off in the rick…but ..it was totally worth it…ekdum worth the effort!!

I loved loved loved the weekend…go on and get jealous folks 🙂


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50 Responses to Go On Get Jealous!

  1. RS says:

    your post did what it was supposed to …made me jealous. and to think that the place is a stone’s throw from my mom’s…..super jealous…

  2. Okay, I’m super jealous !! Sounds like a truly wonderful workshop–hope they also come to Chandigarh with something like this 🙂
    And RM you didn’t tell us what you had for lunch–me likes to know 😉

    • R's Mom says:

      Errr..we had not-very-interesting lunch on Saturday..just some Subway sandwiches..yester R and I shared a margerita pizza at the venue itself..and in the night for dinner, I made sambhar, rice and snake gourd curry..baas happy?

  3. Wow! Sounds like a full fun packed weekend for R and for RM too… And Im feeling guilty that I have never ever planned an outing keeping Chutku or his activities in mind! 😦

    I actually loved her monster and the purple faced lion.And hey! I still liked her painting – such bold colors to choose….

    Now you invent more stories and tell us – after reading all those books 😀 Im more eager to know the stories now 😀

  4. Nithvin says:

    Really admire you RM, for taking so much trouble to take R to such an interesting workshop.. and you went for Swati popat’s session? I went for the Parents’ orientation meeting for the last two years as S went to Podar Jumbo Kids and really admire the lady’s views on ‘kiducation’ (as they term it at Podar’s)

  5. Ramya says:

    Really really J …. 😦 By the way dont criticise R’s work… Remember you didnt even know meanings of some activities that R did those 2 days… Anyway have a good week also ahead 🙂

  6. Sangitha says:

    Completely jealous. I want to go too!!!! WAAHHHHH!

  7. lifesong says:

    Sounds like so much fun 🙂 But oh I missed it. I didn’t know about this 😦 … I would have loved to take Cheebu here. Never mind next time.

  8. Ashwathy says:

    Looks like you had a fabulous time 🙂

    Ha ha ha no weekend post of yours is complete with mention of food items you ate…and that too in numerical order 😛 🙄

  9. Wow! Sounds like a super-duper weekend all right! Glad you guys had fun! 🙂

    I wish there were such workshops in Bangalore. Would love to take my kids to them someday….

    LOL @ bore thaye chhe and ‘okaayyyy’. Could totally relate to the latter. Same story here. I tell the OH one whole story and all he has to say is ‘OK’. Grrrrrrr

    Drooling at the ‘Pattice Ragda’. I want one NOW!!!! 😦

  10. Now this is again so very priceless.. I liked the purple lion awwww .. the goto frame is lovely tooooo

    Great weekend.. wooooo hooooo

  11. ashreyamom says:

    hey, yes i am jealous.. you have such a smart daughter.. you must be feeling proud na.. frame few of her works and keep it as memory.. i am sure later ur daughter might scold u.. but at that age, it is so treasurable.

    • R's Mom says:

      Errr…I dont know about the smartness..she sure is a brat!

      I am not the framing types rey.thats why took pictures and am keeping them on line 🙂

  12. That amazing weekend RM…glad R had so much and she enjoyed so much 🙂

  13. techie2mom says:

    Wow, the workshop sounds so interesting. this goes into my to-do list with Zini (of course when she grows up :))…The Jalebi looks tempting, served on a banana leaf….you had ragda pattice???? mane joye che…

  14. Smitha says:

    I am so so jealous! That must have been so much fun! I wish I could do something like this too, with Poohi. R must have had so much fun!

    • R's Mom says:

      oh R had loads of fun..and Smitha you are shifting to Bangalore na…there toh there will be 100s of such events…its pretty happening for kids…much more than Mumbai I feel

  15. summerscript says:

    Awesome weekend!!!! 😀 Super happy that you guys had so much fun!!! 😀
    Hey…I loved black faced mouse and the monster 😀 😀
    Haiyyo RM!! what’s this? you don’t understand ah?? That painting has some profound meaning I say!!!! Yayy to R!! 😀

  16. Such a beautiful weekend RM 🙂 So happy for you !
    Reminded me of story telling workshops here by Sheila. She does them amazingly well too! Since I don’t have kids yet and she lets anyone sit in, I go attend them and it is so so fun ! There are a lot of these happening in public libraries RM and the whole experience is so inexplicable ! 🙂

    R is such a cutie pie. The way she colours everything inside the boundaries. hehehehe 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      I am not sure who is Sheila..is she like a story teller??

      I know its awesome in public libraries there na!

      Errr…that sand painting my darling, was done with the ‘bhaiya’s’ help 🙂

  17. Anshul says:

    super jealous …..but very happy to see that you and R had so much fun….I’ll try to find out some similar activities for my son’s vacations here in Delhi…..could you please share some pointers about how to choose a book for kids…..my son is of same age as R…..:)

  18. anisnest says:

    lovely lovely weekend that was.. I recently watched Deepa’s story telling session from utbt’s site and showed it to Adi too.. She is super na.. All those crafts by R.. awesome re.. what do you expect a 3yr old to do? Just holding the paint brush itself is super cool for them.. the jalebi is that the sweet dish? the picture looks more like murukku to me 🙂

  19. Where did you say you live? I think I should convince the husband to shift to Mumbai next door to you, so that you can take all my kids for such awesome stuff!! 🙂 Baap re ….you have too much energy RM. I would have gone cranky like R if I had to run around like this 😥 Btw when you take my kids along with you…..err…I can spend some quality time with the Mr. no? :mrgreen: 👿

    Hey come on R’s brush strokes are great. She is just starting out no? I love that purple Lion!!

  20. Seema says:

    Hats off to your enthu RM. I don’t think I could have travelled so much to take Mantam for a workshop, although would’ve loved to be part of it.

    Loved reading this post. Mmmmuah to R, atleast R has coloured with the paint brush. My daughters scrub when given a brush as if it is scotch brite, leaving the paper torn and the brush bald 😛

  21. Vidya says:

    Hoi, thats a lot of work by R! And very patient of you to have taken her around! Am positively jealous 🙂 glad that R enjoyed it and RM enjoyed it too!

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