What Are These Teeth Used For

Disclaimer: This post is my personal opinion. Please dont jump on me if you dont agree!
Asked Appa one fine morning, when we were discussing veg vs non veg, pointing towards his two canine teeth…

I am a Tamil Brahmin. you know those types who always look ‘down’ upon others and have their noses in the air as if there is a dirty smell somewhere which is affecting their piousness!

Yep. that type. Who think eating non-veg is the second worst crime after murder and oh God forbid if the community knows that you drink and smoke. you are ostracised immediately. and oh! oh! you can not eat garlic as well. And onion only on certain certain days of the week. (I think on Sundays!)

My Appa has been ostracised long time ago 🙂 I think barring humans, Appa eats everything. He used to be a chain smoker till he met my Amma who was losing her father to cancer and made Appa quit. Well Appa hasnt smoked in the past 36 years!. Appa drinks. so he is everything that a TamBram isnt.

But again like RD says show me one Tambram guy who doesnt drink. True. I dont know any Tambram guy who doesnt drink including RMB!!

And Amma, yes that other cousin son-in-law of yours whom you thought was a paavam, drinks as well okie 😉

I am not including girls here because I know a lot of Tambram girls who dont drink, yours truely included. But hey, I  have nothing against drinking as such as long as its done with in limits and isnt going to be injurious to your health.

Anyways I digress.

So we were having this discussion about veg and non-veg and Appa came up with this brilliant (in his words brilliant, the rest of us think he made it up!) theory which says ‘Why do humans have the two canine teeth in the front?’

RMD’s theory

To tear through the flesh since we are supposed to be non-vegetarians. We are supposed to eat meat.

While most of the vegans and vegetarians by now have decided to take out a supari for RMD, I guess to each his own.

GB who is my current reading love after her ‘Mayil Will Not Be Quiet’, wrote a lovely post on why not non-veg? its lovely. Read here for more on her post.

I am personally a vegetarian by choice. Appa was ready to expose us to all types of food while RMB was enthused about eating everything, I just stuck to vegetarian. My Amma is total veg. (I often wonder how Amma Appa live together!)

Anyways, so why do we have this fetish for vegetarian food?

Again, I have read in a lot of places how its better to be a vegetarian. How red meat is not good for health, etc etc. But again I have also read in a lot of places on how sea food is the best source of Omega 3, how eating sea food is going to help in anti-aging etc etc.

I personally feel its a balance.

What irks me about vegetarians is the way they react to other people eating non vegetarian. I know of loads of vegs who go ‘yuck, cheeeee’ when they see someone eating non veg. Isnt that wrong? I mean, you eat what you want, let them eat what they want. Its pretty much insulting the food when you say yuck and chee. What if someone says yuck to that gross green palak kootan you are having..wouldnt that hurt you?

GB talks about how no one seems to put a plate of prawns to God as prasadam but are ready to put payasam instead. Honestly, I really want to know if there is any community that puts non veg food at prasadam? I think the Bengalis put fish in their bhog during Durga pooja? am I right? Apart from that, I am not sure if anyone else does it at all.

At the end of the day, its all about eating what you like. you like veg, go ahead and eat it, you like non-veg go ahead and eat that.

Dont comment on other people’s food. Thats like the most insulting thing to do! Dont pretend that its impure…I mean, who are we to define what food is pure or impure..its like calling a menstruating lady impure…which is actually stupid you know!

RD doesnt eat non-veg at all. whenever he goes out of India, he searches for a Sub-Way offering veg sandwiches or an Indian restaurant…which is weird. He has been abroad so many times in the last 4 to 5 years, that I find it really funny that he refuses to eat non-veg. Again, if people around him are eating raw meat, it doesnt bother him. He just goes on to eat his mutter paneer!

So we dont essentially cook non veg at home. But I am pretty cool about R. Till date R has tasted prawns, lamb, fish, chicken and I think even crab. Whenever we go out for weddings and there is non veg food available, I let our friends feed her non-veg. Infact, when she grows a bit older, my Appa plans to take her to eat non-veg in Goa. :):) He wants to introduce her to the joys of eating fish it seems 🙂

Amma never made non-veg at home, but she herself is pretty cool about other people eating what they want types. We never made non-veg at home in Baroda but if RMB or Appa wanted to get readymade food from outside Amma never made them put it in a separate patram or anything. I think thats cool. Infact when my Patty comes, she has a separate kadai/knife/cutter when we used onions! I wonder how Amma is so cool?

Errr..as usual, my post started with something and ended with something.

In short

1) Read GB’s post to figure out what I actually want to say
2) Eat veg or non veg. Eat anything. Dont comment on others food or food habits
3) There is nothing wrong in giving your child non-veg food to eat as long as its healthy like fish or something. You are just encouraging them to taste and relish new tastes
4) Non Veg food is not impure. There is actually nothing like ‘impure’ food. You eat what you want. You dont judge people by what they eat..thats the stupidest thing to do..and yes, I do know people who actually judge people by what they eat *rolls eyes*
5) Stop this whole attitude of ‘I dont eat non-veg and its yucky’ you dont want, dont eat.

Go ahead, ostracise me from the community now!


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  1. Soooper post this is.
    I am a veggie too but I love my eggs though. I am Tam Brahm as well and havent been exposed to non veg food but i do have cousins enjoying their fish et al and the family is quite cool about it though there is a huge print that reads”eat what u want outside but I ain’t making it for you” which I think is cool 🙂
    I am like “Eat what you want, I am not bothered. but don’t you dare touch my paneer!” 😛

  2. Nithvin says:

    RM! not so soon..I mean I am still not done with the debate at GB’s ..and here you go!!
    No, not all tambram guys drink..My dad, bro, my uncles, cousins don’t drink or smoke..
    I am not disputing what you are saying about ‘non-veg’ not being entertained in ‘veg only’ households.. but the opposite also need to be stressed- People who eat (only) veg also need not be made fun of..and if some of us ( vegetarians) don’t feel comfy in eating with non veg around, please let us also be. There is no point in asking us to feel comfy in a totally uncomfy environment and feel nice about it. And no making fun of vegetarians because we refuse to eat non veg (for what ever reasons)
    So R eats non-veg..My! you are completely adventurous I say !

    • R's Mom says:

      okie point taken…I think I should have written more clearly that no Tambram I know of personally doesnt drink…I am not generalizing..just stating how hypocritic our community can get at times!

      I can understand you wanting to eat only veg food, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that..and if as long as you can politely say that I am uncomfortable if you eat non-veg,, I am sure the non-veg people will understand and order veg food along with you…I get irked when people go ‘cheeee you eat non veg’

      Well there is nothing adventurous of R eating non-veg rey..my Appa and Anna eat non veg all the time 🙂

    • The Bride says:

      @Nish I agree that non-vegetarians should not make fun of vegetarians or force them to eat what they do not want to eat. But I also think good manners requires one not to turn up their nose or go ewww at someone else’s food, and that includes leaving on the sight of their food or refusing to sit next to them.

      Forget about veg/non-veg. People might find your food disgusting for whatever reason. For example, a lot of Chinese people think Indian food (including veg food) smells bad. Would you feel ok if they just wrinkled their nose and walked off when you opened your lunch box? If you were in a foreign country among colleagues, would you move away if people at stuff that put you off (whether non-veg or not)?

      • Nithvin says:

        @The Bride: Forget about being in a foreign country, even here in India, I don’t usually refuse to eat sitting next to any one who wants to eat non-veg.
        I didn’t mean that I would walk away if some one next to me starts to eat non veg..But If I can manage to do so discreetly, I would definitely do so 🙂
        Respect for one another’s food preference should be mutual and if vegetarians do state that they don’t like the smell or sight of non veg( in a polite way, of course) no offense need to be taken.

        • Nithvin says:

          @The Bride: I also meant to say that if someone says that they do not like non veg food(in a polite way, without going ewwww & cheeee), it need not mean that they think their (veg) food is pure and nonveg food is impure. For some one who has always been a vegetarian, it is very difficult to digest the smell and sight of non veg food. And then that reason is stated (again in a polite way) it need no be associated that we are implying we are ‘madi & aacharam’and ohers and their food are ‘impure’. Like you mentioned the chinese dont like the smell of some Indian (veg/non veg) food, I would only take it as their personal preference and not get offended that they think our (Indian food) is impure (provided they do so politely)
          Most of the vegetarians dread their plates or dishes might get mixed up with a non veg item and this is what makes most of us want ‘exclusive’ veg food, why we hesitate or refuse to eat with some one eating non veg food. RM’s post and GB’s post are in a waay related, and that is why I wanted to bring this up here as well. I hopeyou don’t mind RM.

          • R's Mom says:

            no absolutely not..I dont mind..I mean the whole point of the post is to discuss view points right…so go ahead and discuss as much as you want 🙂

            About finding it difficult to bear the smell of non-veg food..let me tell you that most non-veg food I am aware of dont really smell..the smell is more of the masalas and gravies which are added which are veg..

            Again, I do understand your need for not mixing with veg food…so thats agreed 🙂

        • The Bride says:

          Nithvin, I think getting away discretely is fine but I would consider stating that you don’t like the smell and sight of someone’s food (whether non-veg or not) rude. I’m surprised you don’t think so.

          • Nithvin says:

            @ The Bride-‘Forget about veg/non-veg. People might find your food disgusting for whatever reason. For example, a lot of Chinese people think Indian food (including veg food) smells bad.’How did you (or anyone else) get to know about it? Only because they have expressed it at some point of time ,right? Ditto in this case. Again, note that I mentioned about it being expressed in a polite way and not in your face kind.

  3. I have eaten non veg for many years, but have been vegetarian (wannabe vegan) for many more years now. I would love to see a world where no animals suffer for any reason (as much as possible), I feel what we need are humane slaughterhouses. Ofcourse, some foods (both veg and non veg) are not advisable for some health conditions. All the other reasons for not wanting to eat non vegetarian food – I don’t quite understand – but would not judge or comment on other people’s choices.

    • R's Mom says:

      I agree on that totally IHM about more humane slaughterhouses..infact I think Appa stopped eating red meat after a while in India for that reason only…He though, loves his fish big time 🙂

      I also agree on the reason why one must stop eating non veg if its not advisable for health reasons..totally sensible!

  4. Ramya says:

    A real true thinking post… And have you wondered when ppl in the team say I will come for team lunch only if it is to a Veggie hotel? it happens in our team… Wondering why people cant even do this? Where has all their patience and adjusting mindset gone?

  5. Hubby and I a vegetarian by choice too,we tried, didnt really enjoy it – so left it … And I really dont mind others around me enjoying their non-veg. Yes, I do get squeemish at the smell of fish though.
    Brother who has been living out of the country for more than 4yrs now also doesnt enjoy the non-veg. But parents always said – eat whatever you get and if you can digest it and stay healthy! – so never any of that ‘brahmin’ logic came into the picture! Even granny for that matter!

    Never tried smoking, so instead we recently tried hukkaa 🙂 And drinks – occassionally when we go out too.

    So I guess, now its more out of choice than force that people prefer their food options – which is the right thing to do according to me – I will not feed Chutku any non-veg-since I dont cook it at home but when he is old enough and wants to try – I wont stop him either…

    • R's Mom says:

      I love what your parents said ‘Eat whatever you get, and if you can digest it and stay healthy’ awesome awesome!

      I give R non-veg..but never cook at home…guess I dont mind her getting new flavors to taste…

    • Scribby says:

      I agree with LLT here…I’ve the same policy..both Husby and me are vegetarian and I obvoiusly don’t cook non-veg at home either…so Chirpy will not get non-veg till she is under our chatra-chaya but the day when she grown up and can make her own choices we’ll not ‘tell’ her to not eat non-veg or eat only veg! Like we say to each his own,so to her choice she can choose her foods too,at a certain age that is 🙂

      • R's Mom says:

        I loved the term Chatra Chaya ..well you are right in your way..if you want to bring her up without givng her non-veg its your way of upbringing..like I told earlier – parents know whats the best for their kids especially when they are so young…

  6. rainmusings says:

    Ah RM, your dad is soo like mine. we are also tam bram, but appa used to have non-veg occasionally. i remember him taking me to a hotel and ordering chicken, since i wanted to taste it :).

  7. rainmusings says:

    Ah RM, your father resembles mine. I remember him taking me to a hotel an ordering non-veg(chicken) since I wanted to taste it.Being tam bram didn’t stop us from trying it out ;).

  8. Seema says:

    Did I ever tell you that I am in love with your parents? 😀

    RMD didn’t make it up re. I think even I have heard it many a times about the purpose of canines.

    So R has tasted everything? Wow! You guys are so cool 🙂

    And I totally agree with you ‘Don’t judge people by the kind of food they eat’

  9. I think it is human nature to try to justify your choices, even when you did not even make those choices for yourself. I mean, for the most part, people born into a veg. family grow up to be veg and people born into a non-veg family grow up relishing non-veg –they didn’t really make a choice either way. Kind of like you didn’t choose your religion at birth, just picked it from the family you were born into.
    The world would certainly become a better place if only people were to start respecting others’ choices as much as their own.

    • R's Mom says:

      My Appa was born in a pure veg family rey…but its just that he was in hostel since he was 16..so his tastes got influenced by that…

      I love the last line you wrote

  10. meeta panicker says:

    During the Ganesh Festival, there is a day dedicated to Gauri. On the day of her puja, which is generally the 7 day or so. Mutton is offered as prasadam. There is a saying, that Gauri has come home and is in her maika. give her all good things to eat including non veg 😀

  11. meeta panicker says:

    during Ganesh Chaturthi is the day when Goddess Jyestha Gauri mata (sister of lord Ganesha) is invited at homes & is worshipped on the day known as Jyestha Gauri Poojan in marathi (starts at around 8:00 pm in the evening). On this day koli women decorate the gauri in traditional, royal koli style, they sing traditional devotional koli songs, dance of joy for the goddess. The uniqueness of the event being that unlike some other communities kolis believe their Gauri mata to be a Non-veg sea food eater, hence, they prepare various sea food delicasies including Borvan/Kanji (Tail fish curry), Crab masala, etc. Also, the daughters (Mahervasin in koli dialect) are invited to their brothers place (Maher in Marathi) & various koli style sea food delicasies are prepared for them in every household accompanied by some sweet items.

    • R's Mom says:

      oh is it? I was totally unaware of this one…I had two aunties in Baroda who kept Gauri..but they never made non veg..is it only for a particular sect of Maharashtrians??

  12. Ashwathy says:

    Go ahead, ostracise me from the community now!
    I don’t see why! 🙂 For writing/saying something so sensible eh?

    Read both posts. I am not surprised why that original post has been an inspiration to you!

    P.S.: Makes a mental note to myself to demand only veg food while going to meet R’smom! :mrgreen:

    • R's Mom says:

      arey no..when you come to meet me, I will cook the veg food and then we can order in non-veg from outside…which is what we usually do if any of our friends come and want to eat non veg 🙂

  13. summerscript says:

    Totally totally agree to 2) Eat veg or non veg. Eat anything. Dont comment on others food or food habits.
    Why waste time in commenting or judging? Use that time wisely.Finish two hot and spicy samosas and feel high!!!

  14. Smitha says:

    Love love love what you wrote, and agree with every word of it.

    Will come back to comment properly later, too much to say:)

  15. That’s a beautiful, thought-provoking post, RM. Loved it. 🙂
    I totally agree with you when you say eat whatever you want, but do not judge others on the basis of what they like eating. I strongly believe in that. I am a vegetarian by choice, but don’t mind if others around me eat non-veg, as long as they don’t put it in my plate and force me to eat.

    I am a vegetarian because I do not like the concept of eating a living thing – something that is breathing, walking and running around. I have heard many arguements against this, but that’s the way I am. My husband is a pure vegetarian as well. I always thought my child will be a vegetarian, but your post made me realise that that would be like forcing your choices on your child. Instead, I should allow him/her to choose what he/she likes and want to eat. When he/she grows old enough to do that. I should respect his/her choices.

    Really admire your mom. She is the epitome of respecting someone else’s choices, even when she doesn’t believe in them herself.

    PS: The hubby used to drink (within limits) occasionally, but I am a strict teetotaller. I hate taking alcohol myself. When we first met and decided to marry, his occasional drinking used to bother me (even when he used to drink only once or twice a year! Then, he gave up drinking just because I didn’t like it. And then I started feeling guilty that I made him give up something that he likes just because I do not approve of it. He is a grown-up, more mature than me, and very well knows his limits. He never drinks and drives. Stopping him was like stopping your child from marrying the partner of his/her choice, I felt. I talked to him about this – told him I will never drink, I hate it, but you do if you want to. I will respect your choice. Our bond grew stronger after that. 🙂 I am happy I decided to make my peace with it.

    • R's Mom says:

      Hey one thing let me tell you, if you think you want to bring up your child to be a vegetarian its absolutely your choice 🙂 like my Amma says, the parents know the best for their children 🙂

      I am glad you spoke to your hubby…now you know I was in Gujarat all my life na…I didnt realise that people just drink casually..the first time I met up with RD in Mumbai, he had a beer and I told my dad, what you hooked me up with a drunkard..hehehehehe 🙂 Appa burst out laughing….so well…I think as long as you are a responsible drinker…it shouldnt matter…I dont drink at all..so there..we have survived each other for 6 years despite that 🙂

      • Yup, I agree – my choice. what I meant was that I should not force my habits onto him/her. I should give him/her a chance to explore and do what they love.

        LOL @ hooked me up with a drunkard. I guess being from Gujarat shaped my thoughts in this regard too – as it is a dry state.

  16. The Bride says:

    About the canines, while they might have been given to us for eating meat it doesn’t mean that we have to use them for that purpose. For example, we have an appendix, tonsils etc. which we don’t use but the theory is that they are there because they are helpful in digesting grass (well, the appendix is I heard). So having the equipment for it is not an argument to eat anything.

    I would prefer to be vegetarian (but haven’t mustered up the self-discipline yet) for the same reason as IHM – the cruelty to animals in the meat industry and because I love animals, not because there is something intrinsically cruel about eating meat. I also think there is a certain convenience in assuming that plants don’t have emotions because we can’t see them being expressed. One day we might discover that plants have been crying and weeping all this while. But honestly, I love animals more than plants and that’s why I want to quit eating them.

  17. lifesong says:

    I have been raised a vegetarian and chose to remain so even after I started staying on my own.
    I never felt the need to try non vegetarian food even when I was abroad though vegetarian food was very difficult to find. Same applies for drinking. All this is by choice. Same applies to my hubby and brother and even my bhabhi and many more people that I know. All of us have lived on our own at some point of time and do not drink and are vegetarian by choice. Nobody forced or imposed on us. We are raising our daughter as a vegetarian too. When we send her to a B’day party we tell the hosts not to give her cake if it has egg. We have explained our choices to her and she is comfortable with it. But what she does after she is grown up is her choice. We will not impose anything on her.
    That said I have nothing against non vegetarians or people who drink socially (not alcoholics). It is their choice. For years I had lunch on the same table with a bengali friend who had non veg everyday in her dabba. I had no issues. During official banquets or social gatherings I am around with people who drink provided they don’t cross the line in drinking. What I don’t like is when people question your choice to be a vegetarian or not drinking. I am an adult. I would have tried if I wanted to. It is my choice what I eat or drink.
    I respect your choices, You respect mine.
    Sorry! This turned out to be a very long comment 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      I totally respect your choice of being veg and wanting to bring up Cheebu as veg..its YOUR choice..as long as you dont impose it on other people its totally fine

      I do agree when you say that people force you to drink in social gatherings..its happened to me as well…oh you dont drink, why wouldnt you do that..your husband is okie with it, you should drink etc etc etc..boss! my choice..right?

  18. Scribby says:

    I know this whole thing and I truly believe in all the last points that summarize your post!

    A food is a food is a food..what’s good for you,you have it and let other’s have what they feel is good for them.period! Eat and let eat 🙂

  19. techie2mom says:

    Hey, i agree to most of your points…
    But, i also want to add that when someone can’t stand smell of some food (veg or non-veg) then it might be a good idea to skip that food, so that everybody can enjoy their food.
    I am a vegetarian, recently re-started eating eggs. As a child, i was fed eggs/omelettes but didn’t like the smell of egg/omelette. So was not eating it.(my brother & papa likes it very much so it’s made at home) Zini loves eggs/omelette, so i have been making it for her & hubby. And in the process i got habituated to the smell & then i restarted eating it.
    I agree that no food is impure. and i don’t mind Zini eating non-veg (BTW, who am i to mind or not mind – the girl has her own very strong mind).
    But when i was pregnant, i couldn’t bear smell of many food items – raw onions, garlic,cooking daal, non-veg food (Before that I loved eating onions & garlic & relished the smell of cooking daal). And at these times, i told my non-veg/onion/garlic eating colleagues that i would like to eat my food at a little distance when they are having their food & they didn’t mind it. And so sweet they are that they themselves used to sit at a little distance while having non-veg food (probably afraid that i may puke on the table ;)).
    And as Nithvin said, even i had similar experiences when people told me that i was not being adventurous enough. i was forced many times by friends to start non-veg. and i had this reply, that i don’t mind you eating non-veg, i am not forcing you to become vegetarian, then why are you forcing me to start eating non-veg. i gave them an example, that in many parts of the world people eat insects & snakes, being a non-vegetarian would you like to eat this food? the answer was No & this made them realize from where i was coming.
    again a very long long post, sorry :)…..

    • R's Mom says:

      True, if you cant stand the smell, just move away, dont create a fuss..for example one of my cousins is married to a Shetty…when they celebrated their child’s first birthday, they had both Tambram food and non veg food to cater to both the sides of the families…you should have seen the scene created by the Tambram community regarding the smell etc etc…I mean, I didnt open my mouth at that time, but I wish I would have been strong enough to say, if you dont want, go out!

      arey when you are pregnant, I dont think it counts really..becuase you never know what triggers off the nausea! Salutes to your friends for being so understanding!

      and oh! I do agree to Nithvin and you when you say that you cant be forced or even made fun of, just because you choose to be veg 🙂

      • techie2mom says:

        Oh my friends are really sweet, they pampered me a lot during my pregnancy 🙂
        they brought the foods that i liked, ensured that i had a healthy dose of protein everyday, ran off to buy chocolates at little hint of my dizziness, supported me when i was feeling a little afraid (especially near my due date) by sharing their birth & baby stories & information, asked me to take afternoon power naps (actually my boss suggested this!!!), in general made me feel good….

  20. about your query on if non-veg is presented to gods as bhoj – yes, it happens. In our Villages of Tirunelveli, they sacrifice goat/chicken to the god to gods like Kaliamman, Easwariamman, Sudalaimadaswamy and so on (Basically all protecting gods). This sacrificed animals are then distributed as Prasad to all the families in the Village. [I got extra details on what happens to sacrificed animal from Mom. But I got grossed myself and puked a bit, so I ll save the details. IF you are still brave, email! :D]

    My parents are still confused if I am vegetarian or non vegetarian, but oh well I myself am confused. Given a choice of Chicken Biriyani and Bisibelabath, I ll go straight to the latter.

    and What?? The beer chugging R’s dad doesn’t eat non-veg?? i ll deal with him on Twitter. :\

    • R's Mom says:

      oh thats news Ratzz…I wasnt aware of this..thanks for the information

      LOL on veg or non veg 🙂

      and oh yes..the beer chugging RD is a veg!!! go ahead and take his case…I am looking forward to that

  21. DI says:

    Ada Paavi! I am aghast! The Tam Brahm in me refuses to accept you as part of the ‘pious’ community. By uttering such words, you’ve done the unacceptable. Yes, this is even worse than actually indulging in these sinful acts of eating meat and consuming alcohol. I am ashamed of you RM, what to do you mean? Shiva, shiva! What and all this girl said.
    Yaaawn. That was fun. Anyway, I am a non vegetarian for 5 years now, and my love for fish and seafood is what’s kept me this way. The Dude (who is also a brahmin ) can eat anything and everything non vegetarian. And our idea is to introduce everything to Zo, and let her choose 🙂 I TOTALLY hate it when people turn up their noses at anyone’s food, yep, hated that even when I was a ‘pure-vegetarian’.
    Oh, and I drink too, just FYI 😛

    • R's Mom says:

      Hahahahaha …this is like ulta chor kotwal ko daate :):)

      you and my Appa will hit off really well..with all the love for fish..Appa loves his fish a lot 🙂

      Glad you want to let Zo taste everything..thats a super idea 🙂

      Glad to know you drink…like I said, I do know of Tambram girls who drink, but then I know of a lot of them who dont as well 🙂

  22. Hmm I recently had that experience at a wedding, I was sitting at a table food was served, they gave Mince as a starter.. a lady on the table asked as I was putting it in my plate.. I said meat and the noises she made .. I was horrified .. I was wondering what she is going ot do once i get the drinks and all ..

    I eat everything .. we had a favourite dialoge amongst friends .. KI bhook lagi ho to main GHODA kha jaun 🙂

    Regarding offerings to god well I am sure they have all those animal sacrifises done, so that is something like that is it not.

    You know its is funny We have so many GODS and GODDESSES .. if we read stories or whatever on we are sure to find places where we read they hunted or killed that animal etc etc .. OK dont kill me now for saying this please, but you know what I mean…

    WE are basically animals and our ancestors ALL ate meat.. whatever caste or religion one is in THAT is the truth..

  23. ashreyamom says:

    i am so tempted to show this post to one my Colleague in office, who keeps saying chee-yuck or rama rama krishna krishna. :P.. certainly well written.. i like ur dad’d point of view.. 🙂

  24. My Era says:

    I love non-vegetarian food but my love for food in general helps me keep the balance. As far manners about food and eating in a group I totally, completely and absolutely agree with you that one must mind the business and food in their plate and not get nosey about others food choices.
    Whatever your beliefs or food choices follow them the way you like but let others (members of the family included) make their own lifestyle choices.

    I think food follows the funda of opinions, to each his own!

  25. I agree with what The Bride has said about canines and yes there is good theory about how are digestive systems is not built in a way to suit non-veg. That thousands eat and still survive is quite another issue but the fact remains that we are not constructed for meat eating purpose.
    That aside, I am totally comfortable with a non-veg dish on the table am eating on although am a veg. It is not good to comment on or make snide remarks or faces about somebody else’s food. Basic manners, I would say.
    So, finally am commenting on WP blogs, from my FB account. Yet I don’t like this new WP policy!

  26. sorry, typo..the “are” before digestive is supposed to read as “our” ..zeesh!

  27. Also, just wanted to add this. I don’t think drinking, smoking, and eating non-veg should be discussed in the same line. I know all three are prohibited for brahmins and that’s why you discussed them together, but drinking and smoking can have adverse effects on your health. Eating non-veg, for the large part, is healthy. If you overdo it, it isn’t. Same way eating ghee-drenched vegetarian foods is bad for health. My dad doesn’t drink or smoke and as children, we were made to believe people who drink are all the types who roll around on the platforms 😀 Obviously, I don’t believe that now (I drink once in a while myself). There are plenty of non-smoking, non-drinking, non-veg eating men and women in the world 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      Actually you are right…I was just saying it together to prove that Appa is pretty much a non Tambram that ways..but I agree..it cant be discussed in the same lines…

      oh yes..there are loads of such people in the world, its just that I personally dont know any Tambram guys who dont drink!

  28. Sangitha says:

    Did you know that most of South India is NOT vegetarian? It is the brahminical types who have gone and put off some impression that we are. The most famous cuisines from the south – Chettinad, etc. are predominantly non-veg and yet we have issues like the beef festival at Osmania University and BJP/VHP types making a fuss about ‘cultural sensibilities’!

    There are village deities that are offered non-veg in Andhra and some parts of Tamil Nadu. Am sure there are several places in the north-east and other places in India that offer their gods meat. We saw in Vietnam that their gods (yeah, including the Buddha!) were offered cigarettes, alcohol and meat. And nice imported biscuits. Go figure!

    I recently learned that buddhist monks aren’t vegetarian. For some reason, I just assumed they would be vegetarian.

    As for alcohol, we’ve had this debate before, no? I drink and I am still in control of myself, still not into getting drunk and making an ass of myself/being yucky. To me, the biggest hypocrites are those who do major satyanarayan pujas, give silver to everyone and go around bitching about others behind their backs (the brave ones bitch in front of others – can at least answer this appropriately!), comment about how many pouns that person’s necklace is, do puja to the thali and make a big deal about never removing it when sometimes the husband as a person is lost in the picture.

    Could go on. Shall stop before this becomes a bigger post!!

    • R's Mom says:

      NO…I had absolutely no clue…I did know about the chettinad cuisine (appa is a big fan) but I had no clue that most of South India is Non-Veg!!!!

      Buddhist monks are non veg!! *Shocked*

  29. I am not a fussy eater at all, never was. Even when i was a vegetarian, i would eat all the fruits and vegetables and would never make a face. If it was something new, I would try it at least once before deciding if it is good or not.

    I started eating chicken because of self induced pressure looking at peers enjoying it. Now, I can eat almost anything. I still find it a little disgusting when people say they ate an ox’s tongue or testicles(I am not even joking) but I hide my disgust and ask them if they enjoy it. And ask them what it tastes like.

    Did you know that in New Zealand, they have started selling a new drink in the pubs? Horse semen. Yup.

    • R's Mom says:

      you are every mother’s dream child :):)

      WHAT!! saachmein..but I love the fact that you just ask them how it tastes..people I know would go ‘cheeee, mere ghar pe kabhi mat aana, tera haath mere paas mat lana and all that!

  30. anisnest says:

    this post also reminds me of the post written by Smitha a while ago – http://wordsndreamz.wordpress.com/2012/03/27/culture-comfort-zone/

    As I commented in her post I have learned this myself (not to comment on other’s food) and in the phase of teaching this to Adi.. when she comments rather reacts to our food. If she can’t stand the smell of some food right away she will make this “throwing up” sound no matter where we are.. 😦

    About offering non-veg to God this exists in our community.. Once in a year all the pangalis (you know those brothers by relation who share same family name) will gather together in the family deity temple and offer goat. After puja, they will cut the goat in premises, cook it in large vessels and share the food with all the families.. Ladies are not allowed to attend this function. they can only taste the food bought back home… I remember this happening during my school days but I am not aware if its still going on..

    • R's Mom says:

      yep…I think Smitha’s post also had trigger in my thoughts!

      dont worry too much about Adi..she is still small..the only way is to keep correcting her every time..I am sure she will learn soon!

      I had not clue about that ritual..thanks for telling me this 🙂

  31. Tanishka says:

    I soo agree to everything that you said… In our family my bro and all my cousins are no-vegetarians while I’ am a vegetarian and that has never sopped me to eat with them… Its ridiculous when you judge someone based on their eating habits… You don’t like it you don’t have it but that’s that… The moment is goes beyond that and gets into this is good and that is bad, it gets irritating…

  32. sigh!! this issue has been such an irritating thing for me. Indians here who starts giving you a one hour lecture when you are crazy hungry and sitting in a restaurant with a plateful of steaming food in front of you. 🙄 By that statement I mean both the veg and non veg eating crowd. They always want to bring down the other person’s choice of eating.

    Oh and the Brahmin husband eats everything where as I am a bit choosy about things I eat. To that everyone remarks “oh he started eating non veg after marrying you”? 😡 That is the time I feel like dumping the entire plate of food on them. They never believe if I say no it was his own choice. sigh!! 😥

    Haa and now for the weirdest piece of advice I have got recently. Indians telling me that in this condition I should stay away from non Indian food if I want intelligent kids like we Indians produce 😆 God every time someone says that I break into fits of laughter and say “I would give anything in the world to know the diet of mom’s of Enid Blyton, JOHNNY DEPP, Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah, Marie Curie, Einstein and the likes…” 😉 er that usually makes them frown and curse me and go away 😛

    • R's Mom says:

      yaa..lot of people asked me if RD started eating eggs AFTER he married me!!!

      Gosh! I dont even know how to react to your last para…what nonsense is that!!!!

  33. I was a non vegetarian since I was a kid, cuz my Dad’s family used to have. But mom is vegetarian and doesnt eat eggs. Not even cakes because she’s allergic. I left meat 11 years back, when I was in 9th grade. I left something that I LOVED because I loved animals even MORE. I cannot bear the thought of seeing anything living getting hurt.
    The sad part is though, I get made fun of by other non vegetarians for that. I have to listen to crass things like, atleast we are giving a chance for the chicken to run for its life, not like just uprooting plants. Or you also kill plants, n so on……they do not realize what gross things they are actually saying and how mean is that.
    And I would like it if people just have their meat quietly and without flaunting it like they are doing something awesome by eating a carcass. Here in San Diego, 2 years back on my birthday, my friends came over to wish me. 3 out of us 5 roomies were non veg, and so we had a pact that they can get from out but not cook. Yet on my B’day they decided to make chicken in the house. I got so mad, cuz they could have made it on any other day, but making it on a PETA activist’s bday is such a slap in the face. One of them is a tam brahm who wouldnt even have garlic when she’s just landed in US. Yet now, has non-veg, even beef. She started because she wanted to ‘fit in’ with her Telugu meat eating friends, amongst other peculiar things about her. She still hides it from her parents.
    One of my american friends here turned vegetarian. She hates the concept of commercialization death. It is extremely wrong to raise a live thing just to kill it for taste. Not necessity, but taste.
    She has this argument that I agree with. Would you be able to kill your food to eat it? If yes, its perfectly fine to be a meat eater. Its terrible and something is wrong with a person who says no, its gross, I wouldn be able to kill, but readily eats chicken curry. I can compare that person to a hyena.

    • I am sorry about the super long comment. I got carried away while writing it. Its just that I do not preach my thoughts to anyone but I hate it when people keep ranting in my ears about me being a vegetarian. 😦
      So wrote down my view once and for the last time… 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      I cant believe people can be so cruel..what non sense..letting the chicken run..thats absurd!

      On your birthday..oops thats sad rey..but then again, I think you do believe in ‘to each his/her own’ right?

      You must remember that most people who eat non-veg dont kill their food to eat it..they eat it because they enjoy it…I dont think comparing such people to hyenas is the right arguement…All I want to say is ‘let it be..if someone eats non-veg let them eat as long as they dont shove it down the throat’ dont judge people as bad/impure because they eat non-veg..thats all!

      and of course you can rant away..thats the whole point of having a blog and welcoming comments na…all views are welcome as long as they dont insult anyone 🙂

      • I have never judged people as bad/impure just cuz they eat non-veg…and I dont mind as long as they dont give me gyaan about it….But I know what my tam-brahm roomie was upto and why she started to have non-veg… 😛 I find her lying to her parents wrong…..And about the hunt and eat thing, its an imaginary situation… Sadly, I know such people who do say that its terrible to kill, but eat non-veg and also say, plz don talk bout t

        • I have never judged people as bad/impure just cuz they eat non-veg…and I dont mind as long as they dont give me gyaan about it….But I know what my tam-brahm roomie was upto and why she started to have non-veg… I find her reasons and lying to her parents wrong…..And about the hunt and eat thing, its an imaginary situation… Sadly, I know such people who do say that its terrible to kill, but eat non-veg and also say, i prefer to not think when m eating…..I usually maintain stoic silence at that….. 😉

        • R's Mom says:

          oh I know you dont…please dont take it otherwise…I didnt mean to be insulting or anything..sorry if you felt bad!

          I can understand you feeling bad about your roomie lying to her parents…I would feel the same..I mean my MIL doesnt like anyone eating even eggs or to take it further garlic and onions..but I have been always honest with her saying ‘I eat eggs’ because I dont want to lie to her…I can understand what you are saying in that context

  34. I believe in trying everything once! I eat most foods…even more so since coming to Aus. I’m TamBram too but ate chicken and mutton from a young age as when I lived in Oman we had muslim neighbours who made the best chicken biryani ever! Mum and dad are vegetarians but were okay with us eating whatever we wanted. Since coming here to Aus, I eat red meat (including beef on occasions), fish, chicken, lamb, veal. I do have my vegetarian days as well. I currently have low iron due to lack of red meat! I prefer chicken and lamb as beef is a bit too tough for me. But have now succumbed to eating more red meat due to the ron deficiency.

    I get very angry with people who turn up their noses at what others eat. I had a friend in college who would refuse to eat at a restaurant that served meat! Which made life quite difficult. Funnily enough, quite a few college friends back in India are veg…so most of my meat eating was done with school friends there.

    I had a Bengali friend who said that the cycle of life means we are meant to eat animals. And if you think about it, early man was a hunter…they hunted for their food. That’s how they survived. I have no problem if peopel choose to be vegetarian or vegan (though I don’t understand the latter!!) but I have an issue if they try to convince me to change. I had a flatmate a couple of yrs ago who was vegan and would occasionally drop hints about how it is good to be a vegan. Gah!

  35. TheBurntMap says:

    To be honest, its all up in our heads! If you want to eat else … you knw!!
    I have a friend who came frm one of the most pious community and turned into a pure non veggie over the days! at the same time ther’s another one in the group who used to have meat but quit on personal instincts, though the family continues to be non veggies!
    So its all up here (*points to the head*) !! 😛
    and about the offering to Gods, in the coastal karnataka there’s a celebration during which pig a nd chicken are offered to the Goddess!! Its an interesting ritual!

  36. Shweta says:

    You know what, when I was in school, may be in 4th or 5th std. I made such a remark (eeeuu ccheee type) to one of the kid who got some non veg dish to school in tiffin.. and one other girl said.. its someone’s food.. you should not do that.. he is not forcing u to have it.. I kept quiet and agreed .. later on i thought why i did it at the first place.. I am a vegetarian .. and had not tasted any non veg food by then.. so what made me do that when i didn’t know if it was good or bad.. and I realized that I imitated how my Grandma used to do.. when we used to cook egg for papa…
    And I changed that about me after that.. 🙂

    I think in Muslims.. during id.. they cut goats… as per some ceremony ..

    • R's Mom says:

      Wow! thats a lot of maturity at class 4 or 5…I am glad you realised it..often what our elders do, we tend to imitate especially when we are as young as class 4 or 5!

  37. archierocks says:

    It is sad, but really they never taught us table manners. No one ever teaches their kids not to smirk at the other person’s tiffin box. I have not done it, but have seen a friend lecturing us on it. She was a hardcore meat eater, and even took offence when I said Non-Veg. Said that word makes it seem as though Veg is the standard, and non-veg is not so standard!

    I am also curious to know if any community serves meat as prasad, except the amman aada vetra events!

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