Dear Amma

you turned 58 yesterday…..

Thats amazing na…I just cant believe we fought about you leaving your job last year and joining Appa at Goa when you could have continued for an year more before you retired…I was pretty bugged with you..but then you were clear that you wanted Appa (yaa yaa who is the baby of the family eh?)

Yesterday morning at 8.30 you called me on the landline and said ‘why didnt you call to wish me?’ (There, didnt I just ask who is the baby of the family 🙂 )

Background being, I forgot my phone at RD’s cousin’s place on Saturday and RD had taken his phone when he went for his run..which means I didnt have any phone and my excellent memory only had the Baroda landline number by-hearted..which means that there was NO WAY I could call you and wish you :):)

So there, we wished you and you were happy 🙂

Amma, hope you have a wonderful year ahead…I guess, sometimes, I sit back and wonder whom I am like more – you or Appa, and more and more I think I am becoming like you…

You behave as if you are the sternest person around, but actually you are a total coconut…stern from outside, but an emotional person from inside…coming all the way from Goa to Ahm just to meet your niece and her son because she couldnt travel is like the sweetest thing you could have done…and no, dont give excuses like you got to meet me and RMB as well…you just wanted to meet your niece na 🙂

You are one of the most just person I know in my life..whats right is right and whats wrong is wrong….no matter who it is, you have always been fair…you have never ever differentiated between RMB and me..and never have I felt that I am only the daughter and he is THE son…

If I cleaned the table after lunch, he did it after dinner, if I washed the wash basin on Monday, he did it on Tuesday, if I kept the patrams in the shelf on Wednesday, he did it on Thursday…you have trained him as well as you have trained me, because you felt everyone should be able to help out their spouses or fend themselves when they grow up..for that Amma, both of us will be always obliged to you 🙂

I still take pride in telling people that my Amma finished her Arengetram when she was only nine years…I doubt many people in this world can boast about it…

I take pride in telling people how your students even after growing up and getting jobs in MNCs come to meet you, and thank you for teaching them the right basics in class 3…

I take pride in the fact that even in public places like the railway station, you have men/women coming and falling at your feet saying ‘Madam, you changed our lives’

You did that Ma…I am super proud of the fact that you will be always remembered as an excellent teacher…you sure will be 🙂

I think you are one of the most large hearted person I know…I dont know ANYONE else who gave away 25 K each to both her maids after leaving Baroda as a form of PF…no one will do it..I doubt whether I will..whatever PF you got, you gave them a share saying that they were with you for 25 years….its not the money that counts Amma, its the thought…I was so shocked when you told me on the phone that you are giving G ben and C ben 25 K each…you are a very very large hearted soul 🙂

I think the relation between you and Appa is something EVERYONE envies..and oh I do know that why you do all the hard work of pretending to shout at him, he finally does what he wants :):) but the love between the two of you…touch wood!!!

I love the fact that you encouraged Bhabhi to study after marriage, ensured she got a job and became financially independent, ensure she half her salary to her parents..not many people would do that are a total rockstar as R puts it 🙂

I know you are jealous *ahem ahem* of me when I tell you I read so many books, and now have joined the library to compete with my reading..I totally love you for that..that you are ready to take up a challenge even at this age..awesome!!!

You have come to me whenever I have called you, no matter what the circumstances, you left Appa and stayed with RMB and I whenever we asked you..though you do threaten never to leave your husband and come…you are a sweetie Amma 🙂

and just for the records, my Amma makes better rasam and urgai than your Amma okie? *Sticks tongue out*

Did I mention we all love you tons…well we do..despite of all the fights we have, all the arguments on the phone and all that I have scolded you about, I love you okie?

Happy wala birthday and keep rocking and reading!!


Happy Vishu to everyone..

As usual in the R household, we made avial (which is only twice an year affair – onam and vishu), rice, khakhra (we didnt want to fry papads so had the gujju touch!), parappu and pal payasam..after I make all this, we get a call from RD’s cousin who has come down from Tanzania that we should come for lunch.

No no, we dont say no, we just keep EVERYTHING into the fridge, hog on the free lunch..and come back and gave the home cooked food for dinner!! yaa yaa we are cheap that ways 🙂


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83 Responses to Dear Amma

  1. The Bride says:

    I remember the post about the guy at the railways station who fell at your mom’s feet 🙂 We should also adopt this practice of giving our helpers a pension/provident fund. Actually in HK, you’re legally obliged to if you have employed someone for more than X amount of years, when they leave you have to give a long-service bonus.

    I also remember that your parents are very attached to each other which I find so cute in couples that age.

    Happy birthday to your mom!

    • R's Mom says:

      Thanks…oh yaa..Amma Appa are really really cute should hear Amma scold Appa and then he apologise to her..its really sweet 🙂

      I think I agree to that law in HK..makes sense na

  2. Zephyr says:

    wish you amma a very happy belated birthday and a wonderful year ahead. She indeed is a rockstar and couldn’t have asked for a better gift from her daughter on the big day. She has passed on her sensible nature and sensitivity to her daughter, bless her soul. 🙂

  3. Seema says:

    Awww…. That was so so touching RM. My respect for RMM has increased manifold. Please wish Amma from our side too and a biiig Jaadu ki jhappi and a tight kiss to her. From whatever I know about her from you, she truly is a rockstar 😀

    • R's Mom says:

      hahah if I go and give her a hug she will be like ‘aiyo dont touch me’ she hates hugs from anyone..saachmein 🙂 but will pass on the love from your end for sure 🙂

  4. summerscript says:

    Amazed by every SINGLE line in this post. As R says She IS a ROCKSTAR!!!!!!
    Happy Happy Birthday Aunty!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 Love love and loads of love!!

  5. Nithvin says:

    I am sure your letter is one of the best birthday gifts your amma is going to treasure.. Belated Birthday wishes to Aunty..yes, even I was amazed when you mentioned about her arangetram at the age of 9 just the other day(kicking myself for not mentioning it to you in my reply 😦 )
    She actually gave away 50k to the maids..I don’t think I will ever be able to do that..Please pass on my hugs & regards to Aunty..

  6. Wow! What a lady your mother is… Loved reading about her here, RM! Wish her a very happy belated birthday from my end. 🙂

    LOL @ we are cheap that way. I would have so done that too. 😀 When both lunch and dinner can be taken care of with a little ‘here and there’, why not, eh? 😀

  7. Chaitali says:

    LOL…. “No no, we dont say no, we just keep EVERYTHING into the fridge, hog on the free lunch..”…

  8. Chaitali says:

    Nice to read about your mom from a proud daughter.. Belated B’day Wishes from my side…

  9. A happy wala birthday to your mom, RM!! Many happy returns!
    I totally applaud her for giving her maids a share of her PF. I don’t know anyone who’s done that. Hats off!

  10. lifesong says:

    Such a sweet letter 🙂 Loved reading about her… and PF to the maids!! Wow! I have never heard anyone do that before. Your amma really rocks 🙂 Belated birthday wishes to her 🙂

  11. Shweta says:

    Happy Birthday to RMM 🙂

  12. Shweta says:

    Happy Birthday to RMM 🙂 God Bless her with Happiness, Good Health and Love 😀

  13. garima says:

    A very Happy Birthday to Amma 🙂
    I went all aww at her genorisity of giving 25k each to maids..a great lady,this time I wanna fall at her feet.
    I wish this year brings lot of happiness and good health to her and may she get many more such birthdays to celebrate 🙂
    An ofcourse a very happy Vishu to R family in Mumbai,Ahemdabad and Goa 🙂

  14. Wishing your Amma a very Happy Wala Birthday 🙂 too… And awesome – I wouldnt *ever* think of giving so much money to anyone! Im too greedy and selfish I think! And she seems to be a ‘teacher’ all her life – not just as a profession-she seems to be teaching people around her how to give and how to be an amazing person!

    • R's Mom says:

      I know even I wouldnt think of giving so much money rey..but C ben and G ben have been with us since I was a kid..G ben was our earlier maid in the township and then C ben was when we shifted to our place…both have treated bro and me like their own guess its more of a family tie..yet..I think ma is really generous 🙂

  15. Smitha says:

    Happy birthday to your Amma.

    She is such a remarkable woman! Wow! So generous and so caring. No wonder you are the way you are, RM. She must have been such a wonderful role model.

    Belated Vishu wishes to you too. Atleast you made a Vishu Sadya. We had so much if leftovers that I git lazy. I just made payasam and some murruku for Poohi:)

  16. Ramya says:

    Happy Happy Happy birthday RM’s mom 🙂 and just for records RM, my SIL delivered a baby girl yesterday… means may be your mom got a competition 😉

  17. Ashwathy says:

    Touching post. She’s fabulous…. making sure there is no differentiation between you and your brother….and also how she encouraged your bhabi to study. 🙂
    We need more mothers…and mothers-in-law like her 🙂

  18. Happy Birthday to the rockstar. God I feel so ashamed to admit that the first thing I would think to do with 50 K is buy myself some shoes and what not 😳

    Salute to your awesome mom re….I am so ashamed of myself to say anything else 😥

  19. artnavy says:

    such a lovely post!! Your Amma’s daughter sounds like the most ideal kind.

  20. momofrs says:

    Awww……what a heart-warmingly cute post to warm the cockles of the heart 🙂
    Your words alone would make your mom have a great day today 🙂
    Happy Birthday Aunty :).

  21. Vidya says:

    Wishing amma a very happy birthday! What a sweet post! Very thoughtful of her to offer money to the domestic help..

  22. Happy Birthday to your mum!

  23. Smita says:

    This is such an heart felt post RM. Belated B’day wishes to your Mom (does she read this blog?)!
    And she gave the maids 25 k each? wow! That is sinply amazing and so very thoughtful re, not everybody has that big an heart!!
    Belated wishes for Vishu 🙂

  24. My heartiest Happy birthday wishes to your mom, please do extend my regards to her..

    what a big heart she has .. Wish i had one like that …

  25. chattywren says:

    Lovely post RM, and Happy birthday to your Mom! Great to have such role models so closeby!

  26. Pepper says:

    Happy happy birthday to your mum.. she is a sweetheart and I am sure you know that 🙂

  27. Deeps says:

    What a heart-warming post, RM! Wonderful to have read about such a lovely lady as your mom! Thank you for introducing her to us :). Heres wishing her a very very happy b’day 🙂

  28. My Era says:

    A very Happy Birthday to RMM
    Please convey my love and regards to her…she is an inspiration for all of us….thank you for sharing about her 🙂

  29. anisnest says:

    Amma is a total rock star.. I wish to meet her one day and touch her feet.. I doubt if I can find another person who let’s her DIL share salary with her parents, who gives PF to her maid so I want to get blessings from the one good hearted soul I know though you RM. you are GIFTED lady.. You should have done some punyams in purva jenma to get amma in your life. I know I know you will claim that amma should have done punyams to get you as daughter but truth is always truth 🙂 My love and respect for her has manifolded with this post…

    Happy happy birthday aunty. Have a wonderful year ahead..

  30. Sangitha says:

    Happy birthday to your mom! Such a sweet post about a liberal mom – you know I love the gender insensitive parenting and her supporting her DIL. May her tribe increase!

  31. Happy birthday, RMM!! I hope I grow up enough one day to actually write a letter like this for my parents. Right now, I’m still busy telling them they are wrong 😀

    • R's Mom says:

      hahah! When R was 5 months old..I was exactly like you mention..finding faults all the time 🙂 so there there..wait for some more years and you will get into the zen mode like me 🙂

  32. Tanishka says:

    Happy Birthday to your Amma… 🙂
    She is a wonderful person… And she really is a very large hearted person… I had never known of anyone like her before… 🙂

  33. NBose says:

    Happy B’day to RMM…..R is right, Aunty is a rockstar indeed…..btw liked the way u wrote this post 🙂

  34. vidya says:

    lovely post….happy bday aunty…need ur blessings….aunty…raks convey to her

  35. Laila says:

    Belated birthday wishes to your amma and belated Vishu wishes to everyone….

  36. Swaram says:

    What cheap? U r smart 🙂
    Wishing aunty a very happy birthday. The PF thing is so very sweet 🙂
    And wow – Arangetram at 9! Superb. Do share some of her dance pics whenever and wherever u can 😛 I would luv to see them 🙂

  37. nithvin says:

    Busy at work,RM? Why no post today..

  38. Deboshree says:

    Hello, R’s Mom. After reading about you and your blog here, there, everywhere, I finally dropped here from DI’s blog. 🙂
    What a lovely birthday post! A very happy birthday to Aunty. May her shadows never grow less. 🙂
    Congrats for the lovely WW cup. 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      Oh welcome here…look at the way you are saying it ‘here, there and everywhere’ heheeheh 🙂 sweet of you to drop in 🙂

      I loved that line you wrote ‘may her shadows never grow less’ how adorable 🙂

  39. Pavan says:

    Hi R’s Mom !!!
    It was a really nice post about your mom … Been reading your blogs since a while (R’s mom seems to be a quite a popular blog as I found it in many places) and could not stop leaving a comment today … Pass on my wishes to your mom though belated !!

  40. Reema says:

    what a lady!! maids who stuck through 25 years??? they did deserve an award! I too being a teacher can relate to the touching feet part. it is so touching when ex-students do that.

  41. journomuseed says:

    Now I see where you caught my drift so easily when I wrote the Shoe Story…:) Loved the post, and somewhere I feel we have a lot in common Rs Mom…except perhaps Im no mom yet..:)

    • R's Mom says:

      hahaha! you dont be in a hurry to be a mom darling..its too much hard work 😉

      Yep, I totally got your shoe story…I loved loved loved it..errr…I already told you that didnt I 🙂

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