Which Body Part Do You Now Want To Be Fair?

The other day I was watching some TV..which in itself is a rarity…RD and R had gone out to buy something, when I got some time..so apart from ‘thinking’ I also do TV watching 🙂

Anyways, as I was surfing channels, I saw this ad about some intimate washing…I didnt understand it..the lady is sad, then she goes and has a bath, then there is some animation with some private parts of the a woman being shown and then she puts some keys in her shorts..in short, I didnt get the ad…I thought may be its a new way of keeping your private parts hygienic or something like that

until I read this and realised what the ad was actually about!

I am shocked! to the core!

How much more idiotic can we get? I mean, white vaginas! no seriously?? I am really shocked!!

What all white do we want…

It started with fair and lovely asking you to use it for white face skin, which got extended to white necks, and then I saw some ad giving you white arms and legs and then some deodorant making your underarms fair and now this!!!

I mean what nonsense is this?

How far will our craze for fairness take us?? Do we even know what goes into these products, how pathetically synthetic and chemically convoluted these concoctions are??

and what upsets me more is the way stars endorse this product. Somebody like a Katrina Kaif or a Virat Kohli or a Shahid Kapoor has so much influence on the youth. At the age of 30, I know how to take endorsements with a pinch of salt, but younger kids and teenagers surely look upon these people to the level of hero worshipping. I am no one to question anyone on what they do, but then I just hope that the actors/cricketers do realise that they have great influential power.

I am totally appalled at the ads…

Look at it this way…in order to make a product, it obviously needs years of research, hours put in for finding the right ingredients and correct formulations, testing it on animate and inanimate, millions of rupees/dollars/pounds being spent on the program etc etc

and to get what??

A Vagina fairness cream!!!

I cant believe it!! I am still not able to understand the logic of spending so much time, effort, money, hard work on this

I mean, if the same thing was utilised in trying to find out some cure for cervical cancer or stopping the pains during periods, its great…but fairness cream!!!

I am upset. Honestly…upset.

The WSJ blog by Rupa Subramanya also links to two other articles.

Read what Deepanjana Pal writes here  – I loved her take on the ad

and then read how people reacted to the ad in general

and see the ad here

till when are we going to be a nation obessessed with fairness???

Read what Suranga-ji had to write about fairness…

When are we going to realise that fair isnt beautiful? what our skin colour has nothing to do with what we are as human beings…

my daughter’s darkness has nothing to do with me not drinking kesar laden milk during my pregnancy or me not using any chickpea flour and malai on her when she was few months old.

R is dark. thats the truth. There is nothing wrong with it. She is also a charming kid.

When I was in class 3 I asked my mother, Amma, why am I not as fair as you are? why am I dark?

My mother was heart broken when she heard her innocent 8 year old ask her such questions. She told me about this incident (I dont even recollect it!) when I had R and someone in the family commented about R being very dark.

She told me not to be upset if R asked me the same question. She told me that teach R that fairness is nothing but a colour. It doesnt affect what you are as a person.

I just hope and pray to God that my child never gets into the complex of the complexion. because what covers you is just the outer skin. What matters is what you have inside you!


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84 Responses to Which Body Part Do You Now Want To Be Fair?

  1. The Bride says:

    The whole thing is so grotesque it’s hilarious. The best (worst?) part was that the woman in the ad was white as snow so you’d think her vagina would be fair already. And loved how they actually showed “the affected area” (affected by what I wonder – just existing in its natural glory I suppose) but conveniently hairless. They should probably sell a depilator specifically for pubic hair with this wonderful product and offer a 2-for-1 deal.

  2. summerscript says:

    Haiyyyooo what kodumai is this!! I have never seen this ad before. Even if I had I am sure I would not have understood. First thought that came in my mind was. my amma would have asked ” what’s this itch guard ad-ah? ”

    As of now the only parts which people have left out are iris and hair. All other parts they want to be white.What kodumai what kodumai!!!

    “I mean, if the same thing was utilised in trying to find out some cure for cervical cancer or stopping the pains during periods, its great…but fairness cream!!! ” – totally agree

    • R's Mom says:

      Errr…forget your Amma, even I thought it was something in those lines!!!

      Its crazy, the ad…check out the link on youtube I found in the WSJ blog by Rupa Subramanya

  3. Roopa says:

    Hi RM

    Have started reading ur blog recently and quite like it!

    The fairness bug is downright stupid! My 5 year old son commented the other day as to how he was dark and I was fair! I think he is a shade darker than me and I am quite dusky myself. The funny part is I did have a bad time during my childhood on account of my color in specific and looks in general. Did use loads of fairness creams during my teenage year. Fortunately sense prevailed in my early twenties.

    The fairness fixation is embedded deep in the Indian psyche. The media including movies and now these ridiculous advertisements just feeds on it and encourages it! I find it quite degrading as such! To be really objective, colour does not matter! Nor do your looks! I am sure the girls who supposedly land the job because they use fairness creams (thats what the ads say happens – you use fairness creams and pronto u will become a singer/ air hostess/ journo… whatever) will be out on their asses if they do not perform (in terms of the job – no other connotations here).

    Well, son has been told that looks and color are the last things he should be bothered about …….



    • R's Mom says:

      Hey Roopa welcome here 🙂

      Oh God your 5 year old son 😦 I feel so bad for him..big hugs to him!

      I can understand your need of using fairness creams in the youth..the whole peer pressure of being ‘fair’ is so much that I dont blame you at all..you just got wise after an age na 🙂

      Big hugs to you for realising that skin is after all skin 🙂

  4. The whole concept – Idiotic and fairness for a vagina – SICK! What about the side effects? Why cant people eat better and get better health – i completely agree with you about the amount of waste caused by such absurd research and creams for complexion whiel they can invest it in finding better cures and better living conditions…

    In one word – Disgusting

  5. lifesong says:

    I have not seen this ad … but seriously I am SHOCKED SHOCKED to read about such a product. I mean how much more disgusting can this fairness business get. These people are making money with the so many people obsessed with fairness in India. If you read the matrimonial columns, everyone wants a fair bride. And its only getting worse… earlier they had fairness creams for women and now a separate fairness cream for men.
    I loved your last line ” What matters is what you have inside you!”

    • R's Mom says:

      yep the fairness cream for men is pretty popular..I saw one with a cricketer the other day..dont remember which cream..but I think the cricketer was Virat Kohli

  6. Nithvin says:

    I just couldn’t stop laughing when I first read this RM.. I mean, a product to whiten vagina!! Hilarious 🙂 I really want to know who creates these kind of advertisements..who are they to tell what colour each of a woman’s body part should be.. as you said, not everyone will be taking these ads. with a pinch of salt. I am also not on the fairer side and have been compared to my younger sibling who is lighter than me..Yes, it does get on to you when you are young. It’s even more sad to see ‘dark’ kids being dabbed with tins of talcum powder on their face to make them look fair. This fixation on colour is very deep rooted RM. Our kids are much smarter then we were at their age and hopefully they also start taking things in their stride earlier…
    On the lighter side ( see, ‘light’ again ..told you it is deep rooted 🙂 ) how will it look if a woman has ‘white’ face and a ‘white’ vagina and a dark body..are there products available to whiten the entire body..LOL..just curious..

    • R's Mom says:

      Its funny at the first instance Nithvin..but I really got angry when I re read the WSJ blog..I mean how much more fairness do you want 😦

      I can so understand the comparison with the sibling..it happened to me as well..elder brother is pretty fair and I am pretty dark..there were comparisons to the extent that people used to say wish the boy was dark and girl was fair, then getting a groom for her would not be an issue 😦

      Of course there are body whitening products rey…for your arms, legs and what not!

      • I’ve heard this ‘wish the boy was dark and girl was fair’ remark as early as when my kids were 3 months’ old from a neighbour in US! 😦 😦 Comparing the colour of 3 month old babies! Sigh. I am dreading how many more observations and comments they have to face as they grow up!

  7. Sreetama says:

    I can so relate to you! I mean this is the limit! To what extent can people stoop down to make money by milking the sentiments of a dusky girl! I am dark and had lot of inferiority complex within me in childhood. Some of my friends actually used to put their arms beside mine and commented, “Look how fair I am & beside you my complexion looks even better!” But never in my life did I use the fairness products as I knew that they are useless, secondly, what difference would it make in my personality anyway? Don’t know why such kind of products & ads are allowed to be sold/broadcasted!

    • R's Mom says:

      Big hugs Sreetama..even I have gone through this how fair I am and how dark you are 😦

      Big big hugs to you

      • Sreetama says:

        Big big hugs to you too! 🙂

      • Shweta says:

        For me its the other way round.. How Fair I am and How dusky/dark they are.. matching arms and face and all.. I used to be like.. what yaar.. what r u doing.. felt like.. they the tailor and I am giving measurements.. to add to it.. they would say.. ya my arms got tanned coz of being in sun for longer and playing and doing activities and all (as if.. i did not do that in my childhood.. ) and my legs and tummy is fairer and stuff like that…
        I wish I could shake some sense into them..

        • R's Mom says:

          you are the first one I know who is fair and felt bad about the comparisons…but I can understand how embrassing that could get…big hugs to you 🙂

          • Shweta says:

            ya… embarrassing and its like.. why undermining yourself as well as me.. 😮

            and Hugs.. feel so good.. Jaadu ki jhappi for you too.. 😀

  8. Shweta says:

    Hi RM.. When I saw the adv I didn’t notice it much coz I had heard of hygeinic washes for Vagina prescribed by gyneacologists to avoid/cure infections in private parts also used when someone suffers from Urine infections.. but a wash for fair skin is so hideous.. No one can judge a person on how he/she looks .. fair or dark… also when being fair is not in anyone’s hand.. It al depends on how much melanin is produced in someone’s body which is dependant on UV radiotions one is exposed and its effect on DNA..

    95% of Fairness creams just offer anti sun-tan lotions and not some magic formula to stop/decrease the production of melanin..

    • R's Mom says:

      Exactly it all depends on your DNA and how much melamine you have..wish people were as sane as you!

      • Shweta says:

        I wonder why people do this to themselves… not just skin… but hair type.. if they have curly hair.. they want straigh .. if they are thin they want to put on.. and vice versa… and then businesses cash on such wishes people have and make billions and trillions…

        I am not perfect… I will never be… I accept myself as I am… All I would do is take a li’l care of myself.. eat healthy.. sleep on time.. a bit of exercise (not that i do all this .. am just talking abt the attitude ) I read somewhere a few days ago.. Your looks don’t define you.. your ATTITUDE towards it does.. !!

  9. garima says:

    DISGUSTING is that ad.Not only because it stresses on being fair complexion is good but also because so much time,effort and money is wasted which could have been used in some productive way.I have not seen that ad and neither I wish to,hope this ad gets banned and may God give some sense to these people to make some meaningful ads which convey good messages across the globe.

    • R's Mom says:

      Ads are meant for products to sell…I just wish the products were better than THIS!

      • garima says:

        I guess while reading your post I did not fully understand the message you were trying to convey..i thought you were annoyed about the advertisment and pople’s obsession of being fair..later I realized (after reading your comment) that your agony was towards the product itslef,I never thought on that line(it was actually too much for me to think).I agree a hopeless product it is.

        • R's Mom says:

          Actually Garima my problem is with the ad as well…its bascially if you dont have a fair vagina your spouse/boyfriend/whatever is not going to look at you!!! I guess my knowledge about the product is a bit half baked if you read Scribby’s comment where she has linked what the product actually does…I guess I just read what was written in the blogs as well as in the youtube link and thought the product was actually about fairness!

  10. Ramya says:

    Heck… That ad was something really disturbing… Imagine sitting in a hall with ur hubby, MIL and FIL… such an ad comes and without knowing everybody sees it and feels embarassed on realisation… Imagine what would happen when your kid question about what that ad is… I felt so stupid and bad that day when I saw the ad 😦 … Think advertisements also need to be censored as A etc… Pathetic situation

    • R's Mom says:

      oh there are worse things to see on TV with family..my only issue is with the product as such..WHY WHY WHY did anyone find the need to come up with such a product I fail to understand

  11. Seema says:

    I too saw this ad and found it so ridiculous. Firstly, the kind of product that it is and then the way the advertisement is executed! Plain disgusting!!!

    Loved loved loved these lines RM:
    ‘because what covers you is just the outer skin. What matters is what you have inside you’
    ‘I mean, if the same thing was utilised in trying to find out some cure for cervical cancer or stopping the pains during periods, its great’

  12. Smitha says:

    RM, I read those articles, saw the ad and was appalled and livid. How on earth do people come up with such ideas. Fairness cream for the vagina indeed!

    So far, daughter has no concept of fairness or darkness, but I do know that some children her age are already conscious. When a child is born, if the first thing people want to know is if she is fair or not, what more can we expect?

    I wish we had some media regulation that stopped airing ads for such products. It worries me that no matter how much I try to bring up my daughter away without such ridiculous prejudices, she might subconsciously start equaling beauty, accomplishment etc with fairness. Argh!!!!!!!!

  13. All this hullabaloo for fairness is just ain’t fair 😦

  14. TheBurntMap says:

    Now this is the most fair and lovely looking slap on those ad makers!!
    and I adore for this thought of urs, RM! Lage raho 😉
    ‘I mean, if the same thing was utilised in trying to find out some cure for cervical cancer or stopping the pains during periods, its great’

  15. I’d never seen this ad before–it really is disgusting. Is there no end to this non-sense? 😦

  16. Scribby says:

    I know what you mean and when I first saw this commercial I was outraged too! But then look at the product it’s not for fairing the skin of your private part…but the way it has been shown and portrayed is really disgusting..the commercial could have been made with a different perspective

    the product is not for the reason that it has been shown like….read what this description says about the product : This unique product has transformed private care for women. It takes care of feminine wetness, itching, burning sensations and white discharge. This simple solution is effective from the very first use and is already trusted by lakhs of women all across the country at http://www.healthtag.com/clean-and-dry-intimate-cream-15-gms

    I think this has to be portrayed well and not the way the commercial portrays it to be a fairness cream for private parts or to woo a man !

    Have you seen this commercial of the same product ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWRg8XvmzHA&feature=related

    How the things are presented is very important is it not?

    • R's Mom says:

      Okie..let me confess, I didnt know the product was meant to do all this..my agony was based on the blogs I read as well as the description of the product in the youtube link!!

      Now my question is WHY THE HELL are they potraying it to be a vagina fairness cream *So so confused*

      I cant open youtube here..will check the ad later

      • Scribby says:

        yes that’s the whole point I felt disgusted with the ad ! When you’ll check the other link [the other ad of the same product] you won’t feel the same for the product though!

        that’s why I said, how the things are portrayed is very important and especially in the ad world it’s important for the makers to take care of the kind of message they are sending in with the commercials,hai na? !

      • Ashwathy says:

        scribby… there is also a similar product by the famous skincare company… it’s medically approved. It’s Seba Med wash for Female private parts….that is pH balanced, particularly for pregnant women and those having menupause or maybe infections, other issues etc. where pH balance is a problem.

        Hell, they NEVER advertise it as a fairness product…. and it is not meant to be one in the first place!! What in the world were the makers of this ad thinking?! 😯

  17. Swaram says:

    Ridiculous! Saw the Ad only now – how could someone even think of such a thing?
    Am glad TV is a rarity at ours’ too …what waste of time!Hmmpf!

  18. Totally SICK! 😦 It feels so disgusting to even think of this product now… how these companies are making money by using the Indian psychology…. But as you said.. how much more fairness? and in which parts? totally mindless to even come up with something like this!

  19. Seriously — fairer vaginas??!!! Is that even possible?! And does anyone really even compare whose vagina is lighter?! 😛 It’s so bloody bizarre it’s hilarious. I wonder if people will actually fall for that. And fairness creams…well, have blogged about them myself. And still have to listen to comments about my dark skin when I visit India. Whereas in Aus, they love the colour of my skin. Go figure.

  20. Ashwathy says:

    Holy moly!! 😯 I didn’t even know something like this existed!!

    What next, fairness of the uterus so that we can produce fair babies??!! 😛 I mean JESUS CHRIST!!! Where do they come up such bakwas?! Makes my blood boil! 😡

  21. Smita T says:

    The ad people use the tag line which will tempt people… and Indians are fair skin crazy…. its a fact…. Indians in most of the cases do not look beyond the skin color… there are so many dark skinned girls who face all the snide comments… but people do not go beyond the color… and look at their qualities…. look a R she has amazing eyes… I just love the way they twinkle… I think I had not noticed her color because her eyes are so enchanting (I had to think 5 mins for this word ;))….

    This ad is ridiculous… somebody should report it to beareu of ads… if there is one…

  22. Mathangi Vijay says:

    The entire thought is apalling.. I never even imagined that people could stoop down to this levels!!
    Myself and My Husband are fair, but my son is not very fair, he is wheatish though not dark.. You should imagine, the empathy I get from my relatives that how sad it is to see that despite his parents being fair, he is only wheatish!! How Pathetic!
    Look at the Matrimonial ads, people always want a fair girl.. Why this obsession for fairness?
    I really wonder what has gone into the heads of the people.. Yet to see the ad as I am in Office.. But Just the concept has angered me a lot!

    • R's Mom says:

      Hugs to your son 😦

      I just hope he doesnt get into a complex when he gets older…but again the typical indian mentality is that ‘its ok he is a boy!’

  23. ashreyamom says:

    i dont know if i have appreciate or curse the science.. somebody thinking soo much to create a product and someone else making a advt on it.. and a model enacting it.. now i just need to go home and see the the advt in you tube..
    i was just wondering what will i tell my kids if i had to see the advt with her? will this make her think she is not so good looking as she is dark? why dont ppl make darkness cream? why no body has thought about it? from where this all skin and colour discretion start?
    oh my god, just an advt is making us think sooo much.. i remember someone in fact filing a case against fair n lovely for showing an advt where the girl gets married after she uses the cream. so do darker ppl dont get married was the case..

  24. techie2mom says:

    “She told me not to be upset if R asked me the same question. She told me that teach R that fairness is nothing but a colour. It doesnt affect what you are as a person.” Salutes to your mom….

    “I just hope and pray to God that my child never gets into the complex of the complexion. because what covers you is just the outer skin. What matters is what you have inside you!” I join you in the prayer…

    And Thank God, we don’t have cable connection….

  25. anisnest says:

    complex of the complexion.. I have had enough of this.. 😦 amma is very fair and I am the opposite.. my cousin sis is fair so the very common comment I used to get on my face all my school/college years was “your cousin sis should have been your mother’s daughter and not you..”, people getting shocked like “really? seriously? is this your daughter? are you kidding me?” kind of questions.. I should also admit that amma handled them well which makes me who I am today..

  26. I went and checked the add after I read your post, it is totally disgusting,I am very angry that many indians still look fairness as the critieria for many things including marriage, they always go with external beauty over the internal beauty of a person..I wish atleast it gets changed with our generation..

  27. I just hope and pray to God that my child never gets into the complex of the complexion. because what covers you is just the outer skin. What matters is what you have inside you! – Amen to that. Wish more people would realise that!

    The product per se is not bad – as Scribby says, it can help women in a lot of ways. I feel the ad is sick, though. The manufacturers could have projected the wash as something better than a ‘fairer-vagina-wash’. That’s ridiculous, seriously.

  28. archierocks says:

    RM 🙂 Dont kill me, but I actually wanted to know the price and the looks of this product. Simply, to see if it is really affordable for the common girl. Going by how horrid our rape statistics are, a woman would be raped if she has anything similar to a vagina. I have seen and personally used a private skin care product but never would have bought it if it said fairness as the USP. Been at home, so not so regular around. Will comment now 🙂 Happy Vishu 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      hahahha! go on and check on the net 🙂

      Hope you had a lovely time at home..and pestered your parents and managed to go to Marina beach 🙂

      Happy Vishu to you too

  29. NBose says:

    We Indians are crazy abt ‘fair’ skin….top of that when celebrities endorse them with their ‘whitewashed’ images ( Kajol or Shilpa Shetty…) common man tend to enter the trap….

    We gave matrimonial ad in newspaper for my sis…believe me 3 out of 5 ppl who called asked about the girl’s complexion first as we have not published (actually we never gave importance to it) it in the ad ….Few had the audacity to say that ‘u know my son is very fair so we want fair girl only ….why to take chance on their next generation’s complexion!!”

    U see Crazy ppl all around…they even commented abt my few days old daughter “Good she is fair….you won’t face any difficulty while searching a match for her”!!!

  30. RajK says:

    Hi! Join the club, dear. Here’s what I wrote about the ad http://dopaise.blogspot.in/2012/04/fairness-down-there.html. I came here thru’ your comment on Shail’s Nest. I rather like your blog and am adding you to my blogroll.
    BTW, I’m pretty impressed that you get 75 comments and you reply to *each one* of them! Wow!!
    Best regards,

  31. good post – i seriously thought it was a hygiene related ad– shocked like u say !

  32. Reema says:

    The only black thing allowed on Indian women is the hair!! ridiculous ad!

  33. RajK says:

    Hey RM, a friend forwarded this to me after my blogpost about this “wash”. Wanted to share it with you. It’s hilarious! http://himalmag.com/component/content/article/1-web-exclusive/5047-why-fuss-fuss-about-mack-up-creams.html

  34. Pingback: What matters is what you have inside you… « techie2mom

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