I dont know Where to Start

But this is a weekend I will remember for a long long time 🙂

Wednesday night – Amma came

Thrusday morning – Got news that my cousin S got a baby boy….was so loud in the reaction that half the floor in office came and said congrats to me…heheheh 🙂

Friday morning – Good Friday

we had to go to my Chittappa’s place for some function in which R was the kanya girl..*Rolls eyes*

Take aways from Friday morning

– Appa’s family is super cool…loved loved loved meeting all of them

– R is never going to be a kanya girl ANYWHERE ever…she troubled me so much right from refusing to wear the pavadai blouse (mereko aacha nahi lagta mereko jeans pant venam) to refusing to even wait for the stuff to be served on the banana leaf (mereko hungry hai)!!!!

– Amma is really cool..she was one of the oldest ladies to sit in the pooja and very honestly admitted not knowing how to wear a 9 yard saree and then said ‘my daughter in law will put it for me’ she is super cute 🙂

– Food was super super nice

On the banana leaf we had kootu, beans curry, brinjal imli curry, pumpkin pacadi, rice, kerela sambhar, rasam, banana chips, vadai, appam, raw mango pickle, curd, payasam


Friday Afternoon

Went off to Ghatkopar after the pooja to meet up with Amma’s perima 🙂

and people go ahead and get jealous…I met the lovely TimePass  and her adorable daughter Punch.

We met only for 15 minutes 😦 I had no time and she had come down to Mumbai and came a long way in the hot hot sun just to meet me…aint I lucky

She looks beautiful…big eyes, lovely hair…and oh what an adorable daughter…

R and Punch hit off like crazy and both of them were talking, blabbering, shouting the whole cafe was looking at us as if we were crazy

We hardly talked because we were busy laughing..we took pictures, we exchanged our gifts (lovely colouring book she got for R) I quickly bought some clips and chocolate for Punch ..since it was an impromptu decision to meet up 🙂

We had some sad orange juice (who cares the company was awesome)

Punch spoke in Tamizh and R spoke to her in Gujarati *rolls eyes*

Punch : R, you have to finish the entire orange juice okie, only then you will become strong!

Punch wanted to go to su-su and R followed her *rolls eyes again*

It was fun, I promised TimePass I will meet her soon again in Pune..definitely 🙂

Friday Night

Amma went berserk and decided to clean up the house…We cleaned the showcase, the cupboards, etc etc etc….We threw away like a 100 of R’s clothes because the no longer fit her..and then of course RD went ahead and got super enthu and ordered a washing machine for us..so that got delivered…I dont have a say in that anyways, washing and drying the clothes is his job anyways..so his choice, his machine, his work 😉

Saturday morning

We cleaned the kitchen..Amma and I….and then the bathrooms and then the house again…I think Amma came with a specific intention of house cleaning 😉

Then we were having Appa’s folks for dinner so this was the menu

1. Fried rice
2. Aloo dum
3. Plain dal
4. Raw mango pickle
5. Plain rice
6. Curd
7. Boondi Raita
8. Chips, etc etc

and so we thought we will start making food at about 4 ish and then aaram se went off to sleep in the afternoon

Peripa called up Appa saying something which God knows what Appa heard and he is like ‘they are leaving now and should be here soon’

We had done nothing except boiling the aloo

All of us jumped out of the bed (R included!) and started the whole thing of chopping, cutting, mixing, grinding, frying, etc etc..and by 4.30 we finished the entire cooking..when my chitti calls up and asks ‘RM, so we were supposed to come to your house today, is the program confirmed’ I almost faint…I am like WHAT WHAT WHAT

Chitti: WHAT?

RM: CHitti, WHAT are you saying?

C: What what

in all that whating, I finally got the information that they were leaving their place at 6 and coming to our place would take at least about an hour and a half…


RMD: What happened

RM: What did peripa tell you

RMD: That they were leaving

RM: When and from where?

RMD: Errr…welll…errrr….

We all were ready to pounce on Appa till he volunteered to cut some water melons for dessert 😉

Anyways, the waiting was for ever and they came at 8.45 in the night because they got stuck in traffic
but boy oh boy, do I love my family..we had the BEST time ever..

talking, chatting, fighting, eating, drinking, shouting, arguing, about everything under the sun..from politics to population to progress, from economics to eco-friendly options, from cost of living to curvy women, we covered everything…

We sat chatting till almost 2 in the night!!!

Awesome awesome awesome 🙂 Such impromptu get togethers are so much fun 🙂

The best part is we have such a lovely relation that we dont worry about hurting each other’s feelings..the youth fight with as much gusto as the older people in the family..and these are my dad’s first cousins…their children are our second cousins but we are so super close 🙂

Sunday morning

R and I are sleeping….‘madasamastha jagadam madhu kaira bhare’ I try and open one eye and see my dad leaning towards R saying suprabhatam in her ear..

RM: Appa go away

RMD: Its 6.30

RM: Appa, its 6.30 on a sunday morning we slept late, go away

RMD: okie

after 2 minutes…

RMD: ITs 6.45

RM: Appa let us sleep na

RMD: I am getting bored


and so he comes and wakes us up..I mean seriously!! whats with this man!

Then of course all sleep is gone and we HAVE to get up

We laze around…I make molagapodi and dhana jeera powder..

Amma Appa leave at about 2.30 in the afternoon and we all go back to sleep 🙂

Woke up to meet up with a friend who had come down from the USA..she was actually my neighbour in our earlier house when I got married and was pregs with R..she and RD and her brother worked in the same company and we have had so much fun time together..

I thought of meeting her Monday evening, since she was leaving for the US on Tuesday, but she was busy..so went off with R to meet her and her adorable daughter

We meet up and she says ‘you are growing horizontal’ and she loves me so much that she gave me batata vada, cream cake, chocolates and chai to eat..did I mention she loves me??

Her daughter is an adorable 8 month old who was so excited see R…R loved her as well and we had fun time catching up, talking to each other, as if we never had gone out of touch..it was amazing…she was such a big emotional support to me when I was pregs, that I can never thank her enough….we had so much fun chatting, seeing the kids interact, talking about life in US, etc etc..

loved loved loved meeting her

said bye and all that and then went down to the ground floor only to remember that I didnt give the gift that I got for her daughter…I know..classic RM-ism *rolls eyes*

so I went back and rang the bell and gave her it to her…hehehehe 🙂

Called up RD, met up at McDs…had dinner there and went back home :):)

I had a super duper weekend…seriously one of those to remember…meeting TP, meeting my family, having my parents around, meeting a friend after a long time, becoming a perima..life is good right now 🙂


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60 Responses to I dont know Where to Start

  1. Mathangi Vijay says:

    Wow.. Watta Weekend!! Really great! Thats what it is to be in India and that what I miss the most about not being in India..
    However, the decisions are taken so no point in repenting now. Of course being abroad has its own plus and minus.
    But, u SnS are really making me jealous with you posts on meeting people, Amma made food etc..
    Hmm I wanna go on a long holiday to India 😦

  2. That was a super duper weekend indeed!
    /We all were ready to pounce on Appa till he volunteered to cut some water melons for dessert / Hahaha Your dad is really cute 😀

  3. Sounds super Rm 🙂 Such a fabulous weekend yours was ! 🙂
    And now your week will be great 🙂

    Romba cute amma and appa 🙂
    So happy to have read this ! Nijumma 🙂

  4. summerscript says:

    Your appa is super cute! 🙂
    Awesome weekend!! 😀

  5. Nithvin says:

    ‘washing and drying the clothes is his job anyways..so his choice, his machine, his work’-super like this one RM 😉
    What a week-end,RM ! I had fun just by reading it..can understand how much exciting it must have been for you..May you have many more such week-ends RM 🙂

  6. Ah! NOW I know why you were missing on Friday. No doubt with so much fun and Appa Amma coming, where is the time to think of blogging also? 🙂

  7. Pepper says:

    Like always, I don’t know which part to comment on. Super fun this is!
    You guys cooked so much in half an hour? Aap log great ho!

    Ps- Can I please have some of your molaga podi? 😀

  8. Everyday is a weekend these days, now that I have retired.
    What’s missing is the company of younger friends and relatives to join me in celebrating this “freedom” and the elaborate menu’s you so cruelly and heartlessly list out!
    This ipad of mine(with 3g) is a lifesaver.
    Keeps me occupied, and enables me to be constantly in touch these days with a host of unseen net friends all over the world,
    I seem to have even more than 24 hours a day at my disposal and I am constatly looking for ways to spend it constructively.
    Reading all these blogs and participating is one really satisfying experience for me.
    Keep penning away.

  9. Seema says:

    Baap re RM! I just wonder if God secretly gives you extra hours during the weekend! How do you do manage to pack so many things in a matter of 48 hours? (This one was a long weekend, I know. But even otherwise, your weekends are so eventful na?)

    ROTFL on ‘madasamastha jagadam madhu kaira bhare’ is this Chinese suprabatham?

    RMD is the cutest re…

  10. Wow! You had a jam-packed weekend…and this in 3 days! I had a 4 day long weekend and 2 were spent working on reports and one cleaning!

  11. Smita says:

    That was some weekend!!! And lol @ ur father!!! Guess R has got her getting up early genes from him 😉

    Even we had a hectic weekend, will write about it provided I get time!! Phew! toom uch work at work & home!

  12. Ashwathy says:

    Listen… you don’t have to literally write * rolls eyes* *rolls eyes* *rolls eyes*…. there is a simple emoticon for it which conveys the emotion much better.. 🙄 See? 😀
    Use that! 😛

    Your dad woke you up at 6.30am on a Sunday? 😯 I’d scream bloody murder if that happened to me!!
    Actually my dad is most likely to be sleeping till 11am himself so it’s fine :mrgreen: I’ve inherited his genes and his love for sleep…. although not to his extremes though! 😛
    My mother wakes up much earlier but knows enough not to disturb my sugha nidra till atleast 8am on weekends….so thank goodness 🙂

    Looks like you had a yummy weekend!

    Nothing like meeting family and friends to cheer you up na 🙂

  13. Deeps says:

    Your mom and dad both are super cute! That sure must have been such a crazy and fun weekend so full of action! I feel so good after reading the post, RM!

    Congratulations on becoming a periyamma 🙂

    Enjoy and make the most of your time with your parents 🙂

  14. Awwww that sure sounds like a super fun weekend! Am glad you had loads of fun! 🙂

    Your appa, amma, R. RD and you – all sound so cute! Would love to meet you in person some day. 😀

  15. techie2mom says:

    Hey RM, greaaaaaaaaaaaat weekend….
    ‘my daughter in law will put it for me’….. your mom is pretty cool! and ur Appa sound so much like my dad. He too used to wake up early. and if my brother & i still managed to be in bed after his call, he would play Bhajans loudly, so you just can’t sleep after that starts.
    Hey, me going to Ahmedabad this week, would love to meet you, if you are planning to go there over the weekend.

    • R's Mom says:

      oh yaa…Amma is pretty cool about ‘not’ knowing things…she learns from younger people and is totally open about it 🙂

      All Appas are the same eh?

      How cute, nahi rey…I just finished Ahm nu trip…now may be after a couple of months 🙂

      • techie2mom says:

        I know, it’s difficult to take a break…I too keep thinking about going to Ahm, & once i am there the days just fly….before i realize it’s time to be back & again the long wait for another visit…though this time i am going back after just 1.5 months 😀 (Thanks to my brothers who got/are getting married)

  16. Reema says:

    You did have a wonderful weekend! did you actually throw away R’s old clothes?? why not donate them?

    • R's Mom says:

      no I didnt throw them away..gave it to Amma who carried it all the way to Goa to give to her maid’s child who is just a bit younger than R…well some of them were in such shape that my mom refused to use them even as a rag cloth 😦 the good ones were sent away 🙂

  17. anisnest says:

    simply wowww… my only wish this moment is to live a weekend with you just following you where ever you go like that dog that follows its owner in hutch mobile ad.. Is that ad still there?
    I am sure that weekend would be my bestest ever.. seriously.. kithna josh yaar.. (right-a? I wanted to say what fun yaar) 🙂

  18. My Era says:

    Wow! an action-food-friends-family packed weekend 😀 😀 😀
    You guys cook at rocket speed in half an hour so much of cooking was done 😯 😯 I need to take guidance from you….RM please bless me with some speed.
    Loved the post 😀

  19. Swaram says:

    Wowiee… what a fab weekend. Loads of fun, food and friends. You met Punch and her Mom – u shud have not let her go till she agreed to start updating her blog again 😛 😛

  20. Tanishka says:

    Please RM, please tell me how did you manage to cook so much in just half an hour??
    Your appa is really very cute 🙂

  21. Why you always make molgu podi? Having parents around is bliss, I miss them so much..R Kanya girl awesome ..Yay for the cleaning part..I wish I could join you too..I love that :)Food is drool wrothy and you made all that in such a short time ..impressive :)Yeah weekend with loved one is always special isn’t it?

  22. NBose says:

    where to start really….This Kanya pooja are real fun for these kids…Mishti almost sat on other ‘kanya’s’ plate on her first kanya pooja this year 🙂
    You manage to do so many things at a time cleaning, cooking, meet ppl…..I think your 1hour = my 3 or 4 hours!!
    BTW…now I know why R is so cute …..RMD genes 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      LOL on Mishti’s sitting on other kanya’s plate hehehe 🙂

      Arey aisa kuch nahi…I had help na..Amma, Appa, RD and even R 🙂

      I hope R turns out like RMD…I wouldnt want anything more in life then 🙂

  23. Kala teeka post RM! One of your best posts IMO 🙂

  24. TheBurntMap says:

    washing and drying the clothes is his job anyways..so his choice, his machine, his work!!
    ROFL!! Poor, RD!! No wonder the Washing Machine also came in impromptu! 😛

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