Risms in 2012 – 4

So we are back from our Ahm trip and R and I as usual are standing at the bus stop waiting for her bus to come

RM: R, hi

R: hi

RM: R, I love you

R: okie Amma, I love you two

RM: R, you are my best friend

R: oh…Amma, you are my best friend, but you scold me too much



One night I am talking to MIL and she tells me its RD’s star bday and we should try and go to the temple..since its a weekday, RD is not that enthu but we decide to take a call later…

Midst all this, the brat is listening to us discussing…

R: Amma, tomorrow is Appa ka star birthday

RM: yes baby

R: Good, so tomorrow we eat star cake okie?



R and I board the bus and then there is a lady who goes and sits in R’s usual first seat..

Usually R doesnt react but since she has a bad cold and didnt sleep too well in the night, the brat is cranky..

R has a major meltdown and through the bus she is crying, mereko udhar sit karvanu che (I want to sit there)

I try and explain to her..the lady looks back and tells me whether she should move..I say dont because R needs to understand that she cant have everything in life..

Everyone in the bus tries cajoling etc etc..finally we get down..

she is still crying!

RM: Oye why are you crying..bus is gone na

R: no no, you didnt let me sit in the aaje ka seat

RM: but baby how does it matter..is your name written on that seat, no na?

R: yes yes, you look neeche in the seat, my name is writing….likha hai amma and she spells out her name right…booohooohooo!!
I am shocked for a minute because she can spell her name without a mistake! (not that its too long or anything…but I am still in shock!)


RM: R I love you so much

R: I love you twenty

RM: I love you thirty one

R: I love you 42

RM: I love you 53

R: I love you 64

At this stage the brat’s proud father who thinks that his daughter has inherited his genius genes of mathematics says ‘Look look she is adding 11 to each number’

RM: Errr…is it? *Perplexed on how the guy can look into such things*

I mean, its just child logic na…you say 31, she says 42, etc etc

WE go on till I reach 100…

RM: I love you 100

R doesnt know beyond 100..actually she doesnt know beyond 20 at least thats how much they have taught her in school..someone in her daycare must have taught her some more numbers..anyways so the brat stops, thinks very very hard…

R: Amma, I love you hundredity one

there people thats the latest word by R ‘Hundredity one!!!!’


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66 Responses to Risms in 2012 – 4

  1. lifesong says:

    Hahaha… enjoyed this one completely:)
    Hundredity one!!! haha…
    She is a sweetheart 🙂

  2. Mathangi Vijay says:

    R is a real Star RM! She is so sweet! Hundredity one is just awesome!!
    So you guys had Star Cake for the Star Birthday 😉

  3. Awww! “hundredity one” – I like 🙂 How else does she make u understand that she loves you more?

    She can spell her name already?! Wow! These kids are growing up too soon I tell ya…

  4. archierocks says:

    Areeeyy!! Hundredity one is 121, which is also a multiple of 11. Do more of these posts 🙂

  5. Ramya says:

    Thats soooooo sweet… Made my day start with all smiles 🙂 Ofcourse you never know when kids learn lot of things 🙂 And she is perfect in reserving her seats… No cheating RM

  6. Shweta says:

    * I also want Star Cake.. yum yum..

    * I love the way you teach her about life in little everyday things

    * I understand its a child logic.. but not many kids are not able to apply even that… she co-relates so many things…. Smart kid.. Touchwood.. !

    * and she definitely is a DRAMA QUEEN.. !! with a robe and crown and all that !!

  7. Swarnalatha says:

    Hundredity one is super cute. My younger son used to say twenty eight, twenty nine and twenty ten!! I’m learning gujarati through R. I started saying Che at the end every sentence to everybody’s amusement.


  8. ashreyamom says:

    of course R is genius.. she has some kind of logic working in her mind for saying numbers na.. :). she is soooooooo cute..

  9. Ashwathy says:

    Hundredity one! :mrgreen: LOL!!

    Haha so now you have realized that the seat DOES have her name written on it. NOW what do u say?? huh?

    LOL she already is beginning to distinguishing that to be my friend u shud not scold me etc. What demands re 😀

  10. Seema says:

    Yesterday evening itself, I was thinking that I must send a reminder to you and RS to post Rism and Chutku tales today. Looks like, there was telepathy!

    And RD notices only his daughter’s Math skills? How about RM’s? She is also adding 11 to every number R says… Hmph! That’s not fair :mrgreen:

  11. garima says:

    That was one cute post 🙂 🙂 🙂

  12. Everyone in the bus tries cajoling her……….my god…bole toh R has turned poora bus waasi’s into one Sooraj Bharjatya family eh?? 😆 I can almost imagine all of you singing Hum saath saath hain inside the BEST bus 😛 :mrgreen:

  13. IT shud be in the dictionary soon … HUNDREDITY…
    sooooper Rism’s they indeed are Hundredity times bettern then my ism’s that i cheat on ..

    wooooo hooooooooooo way to go Girllllllllllllllllllllll

    chakk te fatttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 🙂

  14. Swaram says:

    Aww classic! I luv R 🙂

  15. Smitha says:

    R is absolutely the cutest! Hundredity! That is something 🙂

    And there is no doubt that she is a maths whiz in the making!

    You know, very soon, some one in your bus will read your blog and say, ‘I know these two ‘ 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      hahahah maths whiz in the making…I think not!! if she has even 1% of my genes, her maths is in for a toss…

      Err.. wonder if anyone from the bus reads my blog 🙂

  16. techie2mom says:

    Wow…Hundredity one!!!! R is sure a smart Cake err..cookie 🙂
    Loved your posts…Keep them coming.

  17. anisnest says:

    star cake for start bday.. she is so logical na?
    lol at Hundredity one.. have a good weekend RM..

  18. My Era says:

    R is a very cute & very smart sweetheart 😀
    tight hugs and muah to her 🙂

  19. Tanishka says:

    Happy b’day RD n so now the bloggers also get star cake RM, okie… 😀 😀
    Hunderedity one 😆
    She can already write her name correctly… Isn’t it great… 🙂

  20. Ah Risms make my day…I love starting my days with a smile! 🙂 You should eventually consider a book of Risms! 😀

  21. Your bus tales are so cute, RM. Love reading them. 🙂
    LOL @ hundredity one. Awesome!
    PLease do go and have star cake. Give one extra slice to R from my end. 😉

  22. Pepper says:

    Tomorrow is Appa’s star birthday so we should eat a star cake? Now that’s a girl after my own heart. *High five R*

  23. Smita says:

    I loved teh way you handled her in Bus! It is us who have to teach our kids that they can not get anything & everything in life.

    Psst did you give her the cake?? bbtt???? And as usual *hugs* to the cutest girl in the town R 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      no we have poochkas instead..she is a girl after you Smita…she is ready to trade cake with poochkas..we have to come and meet that guy under your building heheheh

  24. Deeps says:

    Hundredity one! That was the ultimate! Hope R keeps churning out such pearls always! 😀 God bless the darling 🙂

  25. Deepsu says:

    Hundredity one….Its cho Chweety that R counts dat way….Keep counting n writing on ur kid s actions…;))

  26. Ah, the cutie the cutie the cutie the cuuuuuuuutie !
    Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuah to her ! 🙂

  27. ARP says:

    Hugs to you RM for letting us relish the Rism and ofcourse a lots of love to the lil one 🙂 Risms always make my days!!

  28. summerscript says:

    Hehehe…. Hundredity one is so so cute 🙂

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