Of Tuesdays

You know some days you will remember for a long time

I think this Tuesday was one of those days
Remember I wrote about this guy in my morning meets who just waves and smiles at R..and doesnt acknowledge my presence..
R and I are standing at the bus stop and I see this guy coming with a really hot girl with him..

Wow I think in my mind, she is so hot..and to my surprise, she comes and touches R on the cheeks and says ‘hi baby’ and looks up to me and says ‘oh I have heard so much about her from my husband, how she always smiles and waves to him and his mornings are made, she is so adorable’

I look at her and I look at him, they are not even bothered look at me, all their attention is on R.

I smile and say thank you when she looks up to me..and then I think, I should be letting SnS know about the guy being married..(See how much I think about blogs!)

anyways, so both of them get off in a stop before ours, and R says loudly ‘arey Amma, woh bhaiya toh aaj woh didi ke saath down ho gaye, kyun?’

They both look back and the whole bus starts laughing!!

anyways, we go further ahead and are set in our routines…

Then I am waiting for the evening because RD and I have a special date..at Bvr market…

Errr…with an Aussie friend of his who wants to shop on the street..

I tell you, this girl is a total sport…she walked through the market with no issues, no amount of bumping into people or rickshaws bothered her and she bought what she wanted..only thing that scared her was that she was afraid that the people hanging out of the BEST bus would hurt her hehehe 🙂

Well thats not the point, the reason I will remember this day is


imagine people!!! An Actually MERC..with plush interiors and (hold your breath) a sun roof that OPENS!!
yes yes yes *Jumps up with joy*

The merc was given to her because of some problem she faced while coming from the airport to the hotel on the day of her arrival and as a compensation and mark of apology, the car company has given her a merc!!!

I mean a real merc!!!

Some conversations with the Driver

RD: Errr…I will sit in the front

D: okie…just push the seat back

RD is hunting for the push back rod

D: Sir, push back that button in the door

RD: button?

D: arey sir, that button on the door

RD: arey there are so many buttons

D shows him which button and the seat moves back automatically

I am gaping like a fish!

and then I tell the driver ‘bhai saab please park the car a bit away from the daycare or else they will think if we get off in Mercs they will charge us twice the fees :)’

Then we get R inside the car

D: Sir open the sunroof for her to see na

RM: No no its okie

D: arey madam, let her enjoy..its okie

So the sun roof gets open and the expression on R’s face is priceless..she gets down in a while, the roof gets closed..and R being R says ‘Uncle zara vapis open karo na, maza aa raha hai!! (Uncle please open again, its fun)

then again

RM: bhaisaab, you dont travel much to this side of town na

D: hesitantly, no madam

RM: Well you dont need to right?

D: no no madam, this side of town is also nice

RD: Well, nice or not, this is all we can afford 🙂

then again

RD: so you take all foreigners only in this car na

D: yes sir and some celebrities

RD: yaa?

D: yes Tendulkar, and Sanju baba and Shahrukh khan

RM is still gaping at the fact that she is travelling in the same car as those guys

and R suddenly quips ‘Arey yeh Shahrukh khan kaun hai?’

Trust this girl to make me realise that everyone is after all human even if a celebrity 🙂
And so we take RD’s friend out for dinner..no wait lemme correct, she takes us out for dinner and actually drops us ALL THE WAY HOME!!!! We thank her profusely and thank the driver even more profusely….. 🙂

I dont think I am ever getting into a Merc in this janam, it happened on Tuesday for the first and last time in my life so this is pretty blogworthy eh?


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88 Responses to Of Tuesdays

  1. Smita T says:

    I am so jealous…. Merc…. but you deserve the ride babes…. after being such a good girl…

  2. hitchy says:

    Your joy is infectious 🙂

  3. WOW! To ride in a Merc, and that too the same one in which SRK has travelled!
    A Tuesday to remember indeed!

    I would love to ride in a car with a sun-roof that opens, someday!

  4. 🙂 loved this post

  5. LOL at ‘arey Amma, woh bhaiya toh aaj woh didi ke saath down ho gaye, kyun?’ 😀

    Wow RM, a ride in a Merc must be something! I am pretty sure I’m not going to get to see the inside of one anytime soon!I remember the first time I set eyes on a real Merc. At the wheel was a very young girl, barely eighteen or nineteen. She reversed perfectly and effortlessly in that jam-packed parking area and zoomed away while I gaped in awe, as much at the majestic car as the young girl’s driving skills! Sigh!

  6. vethal says:

    down ho gaye…..
    my mind is going naughty…
    that was indeed hilarious

    was smiling thro out this post

  7. Shweta says:

    Wow.. merko bhi merco bhi merco bhi… 😀

  8. 😀 Your excitement is so palpable.Sounds like you thoroughly enjoyed the drive 🙂 So im sure you went to some 5* /7* hotel for dinner also na? And the food was awesome?

  9. Deeps says:

    Oh my my your excitement is so very evident in those words!

  10. Mathangi Vijay says:

    Absolutely Fab RM.. I feel so happy and jealous of you!! Merc.. My God.. That too the same one in which SRT travelled.. I’d have been almost unconscious after hearing it..

  11. Ashwathy says:

    With a sun roof!! * whistles * Naice!!

    Hahah I love the way R put in her perpective… who is this SRK? LOL 😆

  12. lifesong says:

    R is a star 🙂 Look at all the attention she gets 🙂
    Wow! You sat in a Merc with sunroof. The driver sounds so nice…
    Lol on ‘Uncle zara vapis open karo na, maza aa raha hai!! 🙂

  13. summerscript says:

    wow wow woowowwwwwwwwww 🙂

  14. garima says:

    What did I read it correct a ‘MERC’ you mean ‘mercedes benz ‘ really?
    Aah you lucky girl..thank god you dint make us more J by telling which hotel you dined 🙂
    Why are you saying first and last , bhagwan kare aapko aur jyada chance mile Merc mein ghoome ke 🙂
    I so loved when R says “kaun sharukh khan” exactly he too is a normal human being like us 🙂

  15. …..down ho gaye!! god that takes the cake…I can’t stop laughing 😆 she is such an entertainer I tell you.

    😆 all this joy for sitting in a Merc?? 😯 I say people should learn from you to enjoy the little pleasures of life. Btw if you promise to visit me…I promise to rent a Merc and drive you around till you are here…err that way I too can drive a Merc na? 😉

    • R's Mom says:

      I know she is like a walking talking circus rolled into one!

      Saachmein..now I have to visit the videsh

      Errr…Errr…I wouldnt know either..RD told me hehehe 🙂

  16. Btw I am one of those people who will not even realize that I am sitting in a merc or a limo unless someone tells me. I am that bad with recognizing all these different modes of transport 😥

  17. RS says:

    Wow..the first incident of the guy and the hot girl is super cute…
    the second..well that made me jealous…car with a sun-roof…i want that…

  18. Seema says:

    LOL on ‘Uncle zara vapis open karo na, maza aa raha hai!!’ She is so adorable re 🙂

    And yayay to RM! Wow, you rode in a Merc. Wowowow

  19. ashreyamom says:

    wow is the word.. i wish i was duplicate RM.. then u would have been at home, and DRM i would enjoyed the tuesday.. :)..

  20. Smita says:

    Oh wow!!!!! And my wish for you is that may this ride in Merc not be the last one and may you be bestowed withmany more such Merc rides and that your own 🙂

  21. Antara says:

    That’s such a sweet post. And “down ho gaye”line takes the cake.

  22. Scribby says:

    badde log baddi baddi gaddi…errr batein 😉

  23. I want that merc ride toooo 🙂

    hey when you come ot uk next bering R and RD too along 🙂

  24. Zephyr says:

    I am so happy you had a great time dear. But why do you say it is your first and last ride? Who knows about tomorrow? who knows you might not get to own one some day? Nothing is not possible. But if you do, you will give me the first ride in it, promise? 🙂

  25. anisnest says:

    don’t say as for the last time RM.. who knows you might own one some day and drop me off in that to the bus stop or train station when I come to your home na? And then I will write about my first MERC experience 🙂 deal?.. No No who cares the MERC when I have met RM.. I will write only about you my sweet lady.. MERC comes after you 🙂 🙂

    R is total cutie pie 🙂 give her a big hug and muah from this aunty…

  26. Smitha says:

    What fun! I can see where R gets all her enthusiasm from 🙂

    Btw, if you ever want to get over Merc madness, just come here -every desi cab driver has a Merc 😦 When we were in London, we used to travel to a ‘desi’ neighbourhood to do our grocery shopping, and every second car would be Merc 🙂

  27. This post made me smile so much, you are a beautiful person RM, I wish I was like you. You are so expressive 🙂

    I feel the joy you experienced, I was little depressed and dull, but your post made me smile and I am looking toward a bright day. Love you babe:)

  28. dipali says:

    You are too cute, R’s mom! I sat in a Merc decades ago, a college friend’s Dad had one. May have sat in one later, but I don’t really remember. But I just loved your excitement!

  29. vidya says:

    o cool…awesome..merc..

  30. RM 🙂

    My first comment here. I so loved reading a few of your posts !
    R is soooooooooo cute ! And whee ! You must have had such a heady feeling sitting inside the Merc !
    I can’t stop reading your daughtie’s one-liner again and again 🙂

    Am surely visitng here more more often ! 🙂

  31. Tanishka says:

    Bahiya did ke saath down ho gaye… 😆
    You sound just super happy…. And why last time, you never know…. 🙂

  32. Did you scribble with hairpin on the seat – Hey SRK, I was here with R – R’s Mom 🙂 Also, tell R bhaiya and didi’s cant be married 😛

  33. Ramya says:

    Merc…. Hmmm… forget yourself… R is so great to have enjoyed a merc when shes sooooo young 🙂 Congrats to R 🙂 And that didi appreciating and talking about R… thats so sweet na 🙂 and luckily because of R, she didnt get to see the jealous RM 😉

  34. Of course, it has to be a wonderful Tuesday. You thought about me, no?! 😉

    And you went on a Merc?! Awesome! 😛 😛

    • R's Mom says:

      and she arrives from the town of Tirukurral!! (Errr..I know total show off I am :))

      Oh yes, the high point was remembering you…the Merc just happened yaar 🙂

  35. Reema says:

    you know in Netherlands, Mercs are used as taxis 🙂 Hubby had gone onsite and was amazed to discover this!

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