How Many Names Are Possible for a Child…….

……..that too who is not even conceived!!!

We are sitting to eat dinner

RD and I are discussing something about Kala Ghoda and R says ‘mereko jane ka hai kala ghoda’

RM: Kala Ghoda?
R: aap bole the na?

then I remember telling her that I would take you to the Kala Ghoda fest when Appa is in Australia but didnt take her for some reason

RM: awww! baby, I will take you next year..pakka

R: okie…all three of us will go

RD: Arey, then why not the chotu baby (I wonder how RD expects a chotu baby by next Feb *rolls eyes*)

R: okie we will take chotu baby and I will hold her

RD: how do you know chotu baby is girl.boy hua toh?

R: nahi, girl hi hogi..I want baby girl

RM: arey beta whatever Bhagwan gives that we will get..(thinking mentally IF we get)

R: no I want girl..I like girl

RM: Errr..okie (trying to change the topic) what will you call the boy if you get a boy

R: err…Yug…or wait, Yaksh..or no no no..sab naam de sakte hain kya..yaa phir..wait wait…

thinks hard for 2 minutes..while RD and I are laughing..and then thinks again with her finger tapping on her head with brows knit in concentration (Ekdum filmy she is!)

okie..amma, we will call chotu boy yug-yaksh-garvit..

There people, is what is going to be R2’s name if he turns out to be a boy 🙂

*Yug, Yaksh, Garvit are R’s favorite boy friends in the daycare 🙂


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69 Responses to How Many Names Are Possible for a Child…….

  1. The Bride says:

    Huhhhh did I miss something here? Are you planning R2? Or pregnant with? Or are you cruelly leading poor R and us to believe that plans are afoot?

  2. ARP says:

    R is sooo cute and so are R2’s names 🙂

  3. Huh?! Hurry Hurryyyyyyyyyyyy!! Not much time left for Feb next year to carry and go to Kala Ghoda Fest!!!!

    HURRRYYYYY!!!!!! 😀

  4. Awwww how filmi she is, and how cute! 🙂

    That’s such a cute name! 😀

    BTW please do let us know when Yug-Yaksh-Garvit comes into existence, OK? 😀

  5. lifesong says:

    Maybe R is trying to tell you something … that she wants not one but three chhotu babies 😉
    *runs away before RM can hit with a broom* 🙂

  6. Shweta says:

    You know what RM.. off late I have been getting dreams about people around me getting preg… and couple of such news got confirmed too.. strange I tell you.. then I was reading this love story and there is a baby in it.. and you know na how they describe the soft and pink bundle of joy.. and now in morning read your blog about R2… and am like.. whats going on… all babies around *yiipppyy* I simply love babies…

    In fact, if my friends are unable to locate me in a crowded place now they don’t look for me here n there.. they simply look downwards.. ya ya there is a story behind it.. 😉 —> I was out with a two of my friends to some mall and we had just finished having lunch.. so we were wondering what desserts we gonna have… we all went and finally decided.. they both stood in the queue to order and I saw this really cute baby in her pram.. so just knelt down near her and started playing.. My friends must have ordered by then (which i didn’t notice for obvious reasons) and started looking around as to where have I got lost… after a few minutes I finally heard them saying Shweta kahan gayi, abhi to yahin thi and all that.. and there I sprang up… hahaha…

    • R's Mom says:

      Oye darling..dont get such dreams are scaring me..

      I loved loved loved that adorable..babies in prams are something really heavenly na 🙂

      Just for the records – the brat ALWAYS REFUSED to sit in the now you know what she is 😉

      • Shweta says:

        hehe…. Even I got scared after a couple of times.. as to whats going on.. 🙂
        and The Brat is Super Active.. and Super Cute… Thats what she is.. 😉 one of my Niece is like that.. she would sing poems with such animated expressions on her face… my cousin just moved to Mumbai from Chennai.. 😀

  7. Such a lovely post R’s mom 🙂

    Your daughtie seems so so lovely 🙂
    The names she gave and the insight you provided (about the boys being her boyfriends) is exactly how I wanted my brother to be named. I found one guy in KG so cute. And I was after my parents ot name his after him. But nope, they gave his a cuter name.

    I love your posts. have been catching up on them ! 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      Awwww! how adorable..chalo you think I can think of a better name is it…chalo let me start thinking hehehe 🙂

      Thanks for the compliment *blush*

  8. Mathangi Vijay says:

    Is it just pulling legs, or assessing your situation based on the responses here 😉
    Bolo Bolo.. Kuch to Baat Hai.. Recently seeing a lot of posts having a hint of R2 in them 🙂

  9. garima says:

    Wow the names are so sweet,R’s chotu baby is gonna have such lovely names 🙂

  10. archierocks says:

    Tell R to make all three of them her boyfriends 😛 Then, she can choose which one to be her date for Kala Ghoda fest. Also, tell her – boyfriends with names in Y are super rare.

    • R's Mom says:

      hahahah! thats a super idea…I just wish she was 23 instead of 3 (what I cant let her go alone even when she is 13 okie, I am a tiger mom 🙂 )

      oh yaa..definitely agree on the Y thing

  11. Scribby says:

    what’s cooking here? Is there a bun in the oven? tell tell

  12. Ramya says:

    Sure not conceived 😉 R is paapa… dont make her wait anymore 😉 Who knows one fine day she might get some baby n say this is the chotu baby amma 🙂

  13. Seema says:

    Just look at the sequence of your own sentences:

    1. There people, is what is going to be R2′s name if he turns out to be a boy
    2. no no..I am neither pregs..nor at any stage of planning
    3. I dont think its going to happen in Feb at least not next year
    4. you think I can think of a better name is it…chalo let me start thinking

    I dunno what to deduce from all these statements, so no comments!

  14. Vidya says:

    I’m considering this post a heavy hint of what is to come 🙂 I like all the names.. So what will be the name if its a girl? bolo, bolo.. no ask R again…

  15. Smitha says:

    See, R has done all the hard work for you 🙂 All you need is to make a baby now 🙂

  16. Deeps says:

    Hahaha, R is a real cutie!!

  17. you trying to tell us something here Now even R is on it 🙂

  18. ashreyamom says:

    R2.. wow.. then we will hav many more tales to read.. any plans for R2?? you will need few more hands to do the extra work.. i am just imagining you in mumbai train with back pack for R2 and carrying R2 in front in sling and R trying to pull ur hands.
    names for R2 if its a girl??
    hope R has not told her friends in school about R2.. 🙂

  19. Laila says:

    I was wondering how did she land on those three names… but you explained it at the end 🙂
    Please tell her to decide the girl names too…

  20. NBose says:

    Leg pulling is definitely baaaaad !! 😮

    Are we getting some kind of hint 😉 …okkk frm ur comments i know itz nt true….but still !!!!! 😀
    But the three combo names seems like names of triplets like that of Farah Khan … 😀

  21. Tanishka says:

    Garvit is actually a nice name, R has a good choice… 🙂 See she has already done her part, now you need to do your’s… 😉

  22. Hehehe.. My friend’s son wanted a sibling too because all his friends had one. So one day in class he announced that he will have a brother soon. My friend was congratulated by the teacher in the evening and she was like for what? Lol! So RM you never know what R is telling outside 🙂

  23. Before reading this post completely I thought you took a blog break to make R2 🙂 See my weird mind works faster than this post …I am playing similar game home, Chucky is very clear that she wants no brother/sister, R thinks I bribed her 🙂 Daddy is her best friend, but looking at both of them I feel I have 2 kids a boy and girl, only thing is boy is slightly older than me., only in age ok, otherwise he behaves pretty much like my 2yr old..

  24. anisnest says:

    ha ha haaaa… now RM you have given enough hints to us and we are already expecting the news any time so better get into action re.. Errrr.. atleast don’t disappoint the little girl..
    muah to R..

  25. RS says:

    since you have started planning advanced trips with the baby..please accept my advanced congratulations…

  26. Smita says:


    Chor ki daadi main tinka!!!

  27. Swaram says:

    Egod! I thought I shud start digging into ur archive to find out when u revealed the news 😛 😛

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