The Story Teller in Me is Back – The Teeth That Told

a story…

Disclaimer in place as usual – Non parents and regular brushers can skip this post I came up with the story of the teeth for the brat to brush her teeth!

RM: Abhi R if you dont brush your teeth fast, your teeth will cry
R: Kyun
RM: They will get dirty na…
R: Kyun
RM: Errr…because you have eaten all stuff na
R: Kyun

as if I give her bad stuff to eat…no its not me..its only…well..I am a Saint mama 🙂

Anyways, so here goes the story

One day there was a little girl  (LG – I said little girl everytime but its too much to write so shortening it to LG) who never used to brush her teeth..the teeth would always cry to her amma saying ‘LG’s Amma, LG’s amma’ please ask LG to clean us because the germs are attacking us…

LG’s Amma used to keep telling the LG to clean her teeth but she would never listen..slowly her teeth started becoming yellow and then brown

R: Kyun amma
RM: Becuase the germs started attacking them and then they started getting dirty and then slowly slowly all the teeth started rotting (Errr…this needs to be said with a scary voice like how they have in the bhoot movies)
R: Phir?

RM: then the LG wanted to eat one apple one soon as she bit into the juicy red apple, her teeth pained..ouch said the LG…what happened to my teeth? why am I not able to bite into the apple

So the teeth cried ‘clean us clean us’

Aeee! said LG…who is this shouting

Teeth say ‘ hum, hum, your teeth’

LG goes running to her amma and says amma amma my teeth are brown and I cant bite into an apple and my teeth are crying..

Amma asks her to open her mouth and then says ‘see I told you na, that your teeth are getting spoilt’ now the germs have started eating it and slowly slowly you cant eat anything (to be said in a sinister tone)

LG starts crying and says no no amma I want good teeth…

Amma says ‘okie so now brush your teeth properly for some days and see if they are getting any better’

In the meantime, the LG saw a small dirty brown coloured speck walking like a king near her mouth…

LG said hey hey who are you, why are you coming inside my mouth

The dirt said, I am a germ and you cant do anything to hurt me, I am going to get into your teeth and dig big big holes in them..hahahahahhaha! (Please add the hahahah effect okie?)

LG gets scared and quickly takes a LOT of toothpaste on her brush and starts cleaning up and down and round and round..

Phew say the teeth, finally she is cleaning us

She starts cleaning her bottom teeth, when her upper teeth say ‘arey clean us also clean us also’

LG says ‘but woh toh bore hota hai’ (Pretty much what the brat says!!!)

so the lower teeth say’ Arey LG if you dont clean our friends the upper teeth, then all the germs from there will attack us again’ please clean the upper teeth as well, they are such nice friends of ours…

So the LG starts cleaning the upper teeth

and then starting from Sunday till next Saturday, ie sunday, monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday (teach the kiddo days of the week), the LG cleans her teeth twice a day..once in the morning and once in the night…

R: But Sunday is holiday na amma? *Can you believe how much of the laziness gene this girl had inherited!*

RM: Toh kya have to clean your teeth EVERYDAY

R: Like on Sunday, monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday

RM: yes yes..good see now you know the days of week 😉

Slowly her teeth start getting yellow…and then one more week she brushes her teeth everyday two times and then her teeth start shining white

LG is very happy and she is able to bite into anything..

Her Amma is also very happy and LG says ‘amma, main everyday teeth clean karungi..once in the morning and once in the night’


The things you do as a mother!


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60 Responses to The Story Teller in Me is Back – The Teeth That Told

  1. RS says:

    Whew! So much patience! Im still using the finger brush every day and after reading this story I think its so much more easier to get bitten a couple of times but atleast I dont have to put up so much struggle for tooth brushing! 😀

  2. anisnest says:

    I wish my kid remained three always so I can pass on these stories to her and get things done RM 😦 anyways I am loving these stories.. keep them coming please…

  3. orczy says:

    Cute!!!U can write a book on stories for Kids!

  4. sigh!! i will need to make another baby to scare him/her with this awesome story 😛

    god I laughed so much reading how the dirt was walking like a king 😆 you have awesome imagination Rm!!

    err I brush my teeth two times a day too…see what sparkling teeth I have :mrgreen:

    • R's Mom says:

      of course you need to make another baby….start trying eh?

      Good girl, that you brush your teeth two times a day..lemme tell R that Saks Akka brushes, so you also brush 🙂

  5. Ashwathy says:

    “Juicy red apple” – I like the way you descriptive!! 😀

    Teeth say ‘ hum, hum, your teeth’
    Ahem!! Need I comment on this?? 😛 😡

    *Can you believe how much of the laziness gene this girl had inherited!*
    Yes I CAN believe it… 😛 she is your daughter only na 🙄

    amma, main everyday teeth clean karungi..
    If ug actually said that sentence to her like that, u deserve to be shaken till ur teeth rattle 😛 Hopeless you are!! 😡 🙄

    BTW u need to apply for script writer for toothpaste ads!! 😀 😀 U have a very bright future, I tell you!! 😆 :mrgreen:

  6. awesome story as always 🙂 hope this story made R brush her teeth without much fuss for a few days atleast:)

  7. Shweta says:

    I don’t Like you disclaimers… *Sad Face* 😦
    I am not a parent neither married.. I still Love your stories… does your disclaimer mean I shall not read them.. *Sniff Sniff* Aap aise kaise kar sakte ho..?? 😦

  8. summerscript says:

    Seriously write a book RM, it will be helpful for many 🙂 How many lessons in one short story!! Awesome 🙂

  9. Wow RM only you can come up with a story about teeth. Do file all these story-posts into a single category so that we can access them easily as and when required!

    Only the other day my younger daughter(about the same age as R) wanted to hear a story about chhilka( as in skin or peel) and I was stumped 😦 Looks like she is as good as R in demanding stories on strange topics but her mom is far from being as good as RM at story-telling!

    • R's Mom says:

      I will do that for sure rey…kab se I am thinking, I just dont get the time..weekend task eh 🙂

      I will think about one and see if I can share it with you 🙂

  10. lifesong says:

    I am going to tell this story to my daughter… with all the special effects too 🙂
    I have a tough time getting her to brush her teeth everyday.

  11. garima says:

    Last week I met my dentist as my tooth was aching,he sugegsted me to brush twice daily and I threw a tantrum for that.Your story has come in at the right time 🙂
    I so agree with R night mein brush karna bore hota hai 🙂
    (yes at times I behave much more kiddish then 3 year old )

  12. Nithvin says:

    he he..good have patience to write it RM..
    up & down and round round is the phrase I use too for my added advantage of becoming a mother is that it makes you spin stories at the drop of a hat..isn’t it?

  13. uma says:

    hey RM, another wonderful story!
    We also read R books that says it’s good to brush your teeth, etc. Esp. the Elmo series which has Elmo doing all the good stuff. It has been working so far..
    It’s gr8 that you can rely on yourself to come up with such wonderful stuff to educate R into good practices.

  14. My children are real bad at brushing their teeth. They throw a tantrum every morning and it is a task getting it done. If you don’t mind, can I borrow this story for a while? Even better, can I borrow the story-teller?! 😉 😉

  15. Tharani says:

    So finally did R brush her teeth or not.
    Superb story RM.

  16. So this is what they call Child Psychology?
    Let me try this story with the Grandkids when they arrive.


    • R's Mom says:

      hahahha! no its called a mother’s desperate efforts to make her kid brush her teeth when she has only 15 minutes and 32 seconds to leave home to catch the bus 🙂

  17. Smita says:

    Madam you are becoming a master story teller. I tell you publish a book called
    “Some weird & illogically logical endearing tales from a Mom to a Kid”

    It will be sureshot hit!!!

  18. Sam says:

    Love the saint mom in you:)..
    reminds me of Sharukhs ad on Pepsodent.. but dont like that!

  19. My era says:

    So the dirt walked around like a king 😆 😆
    Superb story RM…enjoyed it 😀

  20. shail says:

    This story should go in a book for children RM! 😀

  21. Tanishka says:

    You are an awesome story teller RM 🙂

  22. Bhagyashree says:

    Good story to makes kids brush. Thanks

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