The Weekend That Was – Ekdum Thanda and Too Much Hard Work Involved

For all of you who are expecting a rocking weekend..and always tell me that I have awesome weekends…here is one which was ekdum thanda…

Saturday I was at work…yes yes..can you believe it….too much work at work 😦

In the evening we went to R’s daycare friend’s birthday party…yaa yaa now that cycle has started for me *shudder*

We got the invite on Friday night..when we went to pick up R..which means zero time to pick up a gift…the girl turned 7 years..which means that I had to get something good…plus the party was at a BIG hall..which means it cant be too cheap..infact, wait, I am just going to write a separate post on let this stop here only πŸ™‚

I heard a wonderful love story from one of R’s other friend’s mom..she and her hubby will complete 12 years of marriage….same locality, common set of friends, love declared, parental opposition because girl is a CA and boy was 12th pass, but since the families knew each other, friends intervened and they got married and now are completing 12 years of togetherness…ek dum cute love story na :):)

We came back late after eating

1. two types of cake, chocolate and strawberry

2. pani puri

3. pav bhaji

4. noodles and manchurian

5. mix dosa

6. jalebi..

yes yes like that…

Oh I forgot to mention, we got an instant invitation on Friday to RD’s friend’s marriage and went to the reception in the train all decked up hehehe πŸ™‚ reached late, met up with the friend’s sister and her adorable daughter even later and ate all the shaadi ka khana…but I was so exhausted with the monthly period cramps that I couldnt even enjoy the food 😦

Sunday was even crazier

Got up to make dosas, omlets (Dosa atta was not enough!) and fruits breakfast…made sambhar, raw tomato chutney, beans curry and rice for lunch…feast in the R household..and oh oh! RD was kind enough to cut ALL THE VEGGIES when R and I had gone to the Β birthday party..yayayay!

then made dhana jeera powder, molagapodi, and cleaned the fridge inside out…seriously, I wonder how something that is closed can gather so much kachra..though if you ask RD he will say, ‘you are mad RM, its so clean’ this guy looks at the world fridge with rose tinted glasses I guess

RD in the meantime had managed to clean the shoe shelf which was horribly dirty 😦 and then call in a carpenter because the amount of toys he got back for R we need a new shelf..nope..I am not exaggerating!!!

Then we both got carried away and asked the guy to build this and build that..and when he gave us a quote, I fainted….well almost!!! I mean, furniture worth 3 months salary…is it worth it!!!

We gave R the Sunday Β hair bath 😦 and then ate lunch and slept…

The maid came exactly at the time when we had caught sleep…RD and R refused to cooperate and open the door so I had to do it 😦 Gah!

Had chai, and then the mountain of clothes from last week’s wedding beckoned us seductively which meant actually going ahead and folding them finally 😦

Did that and then went out to eat poochkas πŸ™‚

RD had made his patented super duper Rajma…and rice πŸ™‚

Had dinner and went to snoozeland..

Today I am on a half day and RD is taking the second half off….since R’s daycare is closed for Shivratri πŸ™‚

I hope I reach office on time

So there folks, this was my sad sa weekend..for all of you who get jealous at my happening weekends, here is a dampener πŸ™‚


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54 Responses to The Weekend That Was – Ekdum Thanda and Too Much Hard Work Involved

  1. You call this sad? Then, EVERY weekend of mine is sad wonly! 😦

    And the food that you mentioned was served at the birthday party? Really?! 😯

    • R's Mom says:

      WEll compared to the weekends I have had in 2012, this one is definitely sad πŸ™‚

      I know…wait till I write a post on that…yet to get time for that

  2. Ramya says:

    Crazy to say it was a dampener… missed ur weekend fight πŸ˜‰ And never never plan new shelves for the kiddo’s toys… u never know what all they really take up for toys πŸ™‚

  3. My era says:

    Your thanda weekend involved far more activity than my hectic weekend πŸ˜‰

  4. Ashwathy says:

    Looks like a lot of work, cleanup and furniture fixing for you this weekend.

    Gave R a headbath, that’s why your face looks 😦 eh? I m sure that will warrant a post in itself!

    Now waiting for that birthday party post!

  5. Seema says:

    What thanda? You attended two parties, ate RD’s Rajma, cooked a feast yourself and you call it thanda???

    I wonder if all men wear rose tinted glasses. Abbas also sees everything clean and thinks I suffer from OCD!!!

    Why do you make all those powders every week? πŸ™„

    What did RD get? You said you would do a picture post on that. (Gawd! Why do I remember so much? I dunno)

    Mantam’s school n day care also closed. I am off during the second half!

    • R's Mom says:

      Arey compared to the other weekends of 2012, this one was thanda rey πŸ™‚

      I dont make the powders every week Gah!

      RD is one crazy guy…I cant even write what all he fingers will ache πŸ™‚

      Same pinch on the holiday..RD has taken the second half off πŸ™‚

  6. garima says:

    You worked on saturday 😦
    Wishing everyone in R’s household a happy shivratri πŸ™‚

  7. lifesong says:

    Two parties, lots of good food and spending time with family … and you call it thanda weekend πŸ™‚

  8. zephyr says:

    that was a thanda weekend? Seriously RM, you are off your rocker πŸ˜€ A wedding reception, birthday party, going out for poochkas, getting furniture made, what more do you want from a weekend, girl?

  9. Hema says:

    Hi, every monday i am literally waiting for your weekend update. i feel that you people are a part of my family .
    My love story is also like the couple you mentioned. i am a graduate and he didnt passed his high school, but successfully running his own business, one year younger than me, inter religion marriage, no matching in horoscope, but we have waited for 6 years to convince both set of parents and finally with everybody’s full support and wishes we are going to get married in March 12 2012. After you mentioned that couples i also feel very happy that one day we too will celebrate our anniversaries very happily together.

    Sorry for the long comment. it just triggered my thoughts.

  10. Deeps says:

    That was quite an eventful weekend! How was it thanda?? You got to eat so many yummy dishes at the b’day party, attend a wedding, gorge on the wedding-khana even, got your workload reduced by such a darling of a husband who cut all the veggies for you :). I am really tempted to make sambar nd molagapodi after reading this post!

    And BTW, I am telling you in advance, when we meet I’d like to have RD’s ‘patented super-duper rajma’ please πŸ˜€

  11. NBose says:

    “the girl turned 7 years..which means that I had to get something good…plus the party was at a BIG hall..which means it cant be too cheap”…..I understand this …..these b’day parties & gifts are such a *****…… many things u have to keep in mind while buying them….
    You know me & mishti was invited for a b’day party in our housing society of a 1 year old kid ( i don’t even know them properly just met twice in park while strolling Mishti)….In the party whole housing society kids of all ages & moms were there … much chaos….and the bechara b’day girl cried & howled coz of all the crowd & noise & then slept off foe the whole time 😦
    I do not understand why parents arrange these kind of parties just to boast afterwards that they arranged such a grand party with so many invitees and all….

  12. Smitha says:

    You have much too exciting weekends, if you call this a dampener:)

    All that food!!! I so want poochkas! Your weekends always make me crave something or the other.

  13. RS says:

    What? With so much eat and 2 functions to attend and still manage all house work and THEN go out to eat poochkas and then have a dinner of Rajma and rice – Whew! Just writing all this in one breath makes me tired and what are you talking about it being thanda and all?

    How much more activity do you want?!!

  14. ARP says:

    RM does your thanda weekend have to do anything with the temperature πŸ˜› Was the mercury down in Mumbai this weekend???

  15. Nithvin says:

    I don’t know how you manage to be so active on week-ends also! For the birthday parties, I get annoyed at these ‘last minute’ invitations..My DD got invited at 9.30 am for a party that was scheduled at 11.30 am! Can you beat that! This kid’s house was only two buildings away from ours, but still there was no time to buy any gift. Now that DD has attended some of her friends’ birthday parties, she wants to have a party at home for her birthday this year. Am not really for these parties, but don’t want to disappoint her . Not sure what to do. Have you hosted any birthday party for R yet…

    • R's Mom says:

      WHAT….only two hours notice…baap rey 😦 I wouldnt have the guts to attend

      Nope, I havent had any birthday parties for R (I know I know horrible mom I am 😦 ) but every year something or the other has happened πŸ™‚

      • Nithvin says:

        I didn’t attend the party RM..sent my mom and DD :D. My mom is the one who drops and picks up my DD from school.So she is familiar with that kid’s grandparents as they too drop/pickup the kid from school and I just about know the kid’s parents..the other thing is that till today, most of the birthday parties that my DD has attended of her classmates’ is with her granny(my mom) and not me! why? because they all happen to fall on week-days and before 8 pm which is when I return home from work..funny to think of it πŸ™‚

  16. Hmm, if that’s sad then you should hear this — that’s most of my weekends. Work quite a few Saturdays, do laundry, grocery shopping…occasionally rent DVDs and even rarer, actually go out on Saturday night!

  17. Shruti says:

    that was a thanda weekend??? πŸ™‚ Love to read ur posts on a monday morning.. It puts me in full josh for the week ahead.

  18. I like how you always number the dishes you eat. So…. organized?


  19. Laila says:

    In no way is this weekend not rocking… you attended a wedding, a birthday party, had awesome food and all that… what else do you want? πŸ™‚
    BTW, this has been long overdue… but, i just need to ask you this… Why does it seem that your weekend days are really long? You manage to do so much… Or, I should just rephrase the question… How do you manage to do so much in the weekends? My weekends just fly by, and I always end up not doing something planned… of course, the root lies in the fact that I wake up at 9 on Sat and Sun and of course, everything gets pushed ahead… But, still!!!

    • R's Mom says:

      hahahah! in my case I get up at 6..whether its sunday or saturday thanks to the 3 year old alarm clock asking for milk πŸ™‚

      I guess everyone does a lot over the weekends..its just that I describe it to the fullest πŸ™‚

  20. Smita says:

    First let me ask Oxford to change the definition of Thanda in their dictionary and then I will come & comment here πŸ˜›

  21. anisnest says:

    what is thanda RM?
    kachra is dirt is it?
    I will say you have had a masti weekend with two parties and yummy foods..
    ok now tell me lady how often do you make molaga podi? I remember reading it just recently and you made it again this weekend?

  22. vethal says:

    wow wow u make ur own molagaapodi dhania powder… where do u get time from. and who takes care of the child while u work on saturdays?

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