The Annual Day 2012 – Part 2

Dont get bugged okie if this is too long..its still SnS’s and Seema’s fault 🙂

anyways so yesterday it was all about the make up and stuff..and today about the actual program 🙂

I go and stand in the line where parents are waiting for the gates to open, reading my David Baldacci while people around me are chit chatting calling their children from the top etc etc…me? I am in zen mode..R is not even bothered, then why should I ? Hmpf!

As per the Indian standard time, the program slated to start at 8.30 starts only at 8.45…I am furious…I mean, WHY in God’s name, WHY CANT people start the program on time…there are parents leaving their children to the teachers even at 8.30…how can they do that…they give excuses like ‘late soya na, toh late utha’ seriously? I mean when you know your child needs to reach early, WHY CANT YOU just let them sleep early???

Anyways, so we all are sitting at our places, I thankfully, had one of R’s daycare friend’s parents who also studies in her school, different division as company…so we chatted about everything under the sun including the school 😉 
The principal gave a speech and then showed us some pictures of various activities in school including pictures of the annual day competition…Gosh! parents are so so so bloody talented, there was this boy whose mom had dressed him like Shiv Ligam…I am sure she didnt send the boy to school by the school bus, but the way it was done…OMG! I was spellbound….R’s friend’s mom laughed at me and asked me, so want to leave your job...I almost said yes…I mean, THIS is what is the advantage of being a SAHM…you never do anything half hearted right???

ETA : I apologise if the struck sentence made anyone feel that I was berating or insulting working mothers by telling them that they dont do full hearted work for the kids….it was a sentence more to myself than anyone else.. sorry!

then started the stuff which we were awaiting…

First about 30 playgroup kids came on stage, stood in a semi circle and danced on nursery rhymes….

I went crazy, clapping, screaming, until the guy in front of me turned around and looked at me as if I was a specimen from the zoo and just as he was going to say something, R’s friend’s mom gave out a whistle….you know the whistle where you use your thumb and index finger put it in your mouth and gives out a loud noise…like that…I screamed again and her husband said yayayayay go again both of you and we went again…and the man in front was so shocked that he just gulped and looked ahead hehehe 🙂

What whistles man…she was a riot!!!

anyways…people asked for a ‘once more’ I wasnt in dont get me wrong, the kids were cute enough, but two things

1. We were running late
2. the kids were tired and bored…

I thought they will stop at one rhyme but they made the kids do the WHOLE thing again…I felt so bad…and I was right..the kids WERE bored…most of them who did a superb job the first time, didnt even shake their bums the next time 😦

anyways that over, the first nursery class came…the best part of the whole program was that the kids danced on really old songs except the last group which did on Dhinkichika (I am not a big fan of the song!, I hate Salman Khan..go on hit  me, Smita :):))

oh so where was I? yaa the first song…

It was this song ‘angrezi mein bolu I love you’ they had made the entire set of kids (about 40) divide into pairs and dressed as goans, gujjus, bongs and punjus…

and oh God the way they danced…awesome awesome awesome..

then was another set of 40 kids dancing on a medley on Lord Krishna’s song…the last one had two kids dressed as Radha and Krishna standing in the centre and all the others standing behind them…WHAT A SCENE!!! We were screaming and shouting…all the while 🙂

The third dance was on ‘acha ji mein hari chalo maan jao na’ the kid who was in the front…the boy, the way he was shaking his head as if he was not maaning….oh God…guys I was shocked that at 3 kids can come up with such expressions..and what dance steps…superb superb!

then there was another set of kids who danced on ‘udde jab jab zulfein teri’, ‘oh meri zoharazabin’ and ‘saar pe topi laal baandh ke resham ka rumaal’ what lovely expressions boss…I toh fell in love only

and then R’s class came and the brat was standing right in the front…when the lights were dark, she was chit chatting with her partner *Rolls eyes*

Then the lights turned on and they started with ‘O Hasina Zulfon wali jane jahan’ and boy oh boy what dancing by the kids…I was seriously…lovely lovely…..screams, shouts, the whole hall was on their feet..well almost on their feet 🙂 and then there was a gap for a second and they started with ‘Aaj Kal Tere Mere Pyaar ke Charche’  what a super change the kids did…I was like ‘sahi’…it was total timepass…some kids forgot, some looked around, some jumped, some danced…all in all, total entertainment 🙂 I think this was a tribute to Shammi Kapoor..from up there, he would have loved to see the kids dance with joy to his songs…

And then the finale Dinkachika…..the kids again were in pairs and danced to the song with total enthu 🙂

And the program ended…

Few observations which RM had as usual

1) Start time..I wonder when I will see a school which starts its program on time!
2) The parents going ahead and taking their children’s pictures..despite the school authorities PLEADING them not to..some kids started crying after seeing their parents 😦
3) The elaborate costumes of certain dances…I think they could have selected something more kid friendly
4) The way the kids were left..they should have been left class wise…instead everyone was left together and there was total chaos 😦
5) Old songs are superb dancing pieces…if I ever get a chance to dance, I would prefer doing it on the older songs than the newer ones..
6) No, chikini chameli is no where close to ‘o hasina zulfon wali’ absolutely not!

all in all a total success…I loved every moment of it..and I must admit that R danced pretty nicely….she remembered most of the steps, managed to make her partner turn her around 5 times and jumped like a jack properly :):)

I dropped R to the daycare along with her friend and his mom and then we went to work 🙂

so that ends the annual day tale…no SnS and Seema, you wont give me a stern look na 🙂

and oh here are the pics….from the annual day and the republic day 🙂


Check out the hair style and the ribbons in her hand all RM's work *Preens*


Check out the perfect color combi I got yayayaya!



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86 Responses to The Annual Day 2012 – Part 2

  1. AT says:

    while reading this, I was smiling and imagining cute dance performances 🙂
    I loved R’s hair style 🙂

  2. Seema says:

    Chalo, for a change, I give you a ‘mmmmmuah’. Happy? 😀

    I beg to differ on your thoughts about ‘SAHM never does anything half hearted’. It’s all about interests and passion RM. It has nothing to do with whether you are SAHM or a working mom. Look at you, reading is your passion. Although you are working, travelling long hours daily, managing a household on your own, have you given up on your passion? Just a few days back, you posted pic of kitchen model done by your friend RP. She is working too, and look at how she gave her best shot to design something so exquisite even on a working day. During one of Mantam’s fancy dress, I dressed one as ‘Adivasi’ and other as ‘Cheer leader’. I stayed up late night and designed their costume myself. (You know I’m stingy 😀 and I didn’t want to buy or rent the costly dresses and it gave me immense satisfaction to have done it myself. Check the link Lot of lecture jhadofying there 🙄

    Events starting late and parents herding to take pics irks me big time. Same thing happened at Mantam’s and Abbas called all the parents back who were blocking our view. And I was the only adult hooting and clapping and jumping in my seat. It is so much fun to watch kids perform na?

    You had said in one of your posts that Rism is coming along with Annual Day post. Where is that?

    Hugs to R. You did a great job R ki Amma. *Pats your back*

    • R's Mom says:

      okie Seema, I owe all working mothers an apology..I didnt mean to write it the way it got written!! that remark was for me personally…I know tons of mothers who are working but come up with super great ideas…will edit the post…sorry and apologies if you felt bad about it…seriously!

    • Ashwathy says:

      OK Seema hold on. Why don’t u look at it this way?

      A SAHM mother gets more time to be with the kid, and focus dedicatedly on the child, as opposed to a working mother who will definitely hard-pressed for time and will be multi-tasking amongst more things….work, travel back n forth, deadlines and all that.
      This is not to say working mothers won’t excel at what they do. Or that SAHMs have it easy and they don’t have any work just coz they are SAHMs! But there is a difference at the pressure and how much u get stretched, which may affect the quality of time u get to spend with your little one, especially for these things.

      Does that make more sense?

      I keep wishing myself that I wish I wasn’t working, and that I could chill at home, learn to cook new dishes and maybe pursue a hobby or two. 🙂 But then when I do sit at home, I find that time flies even faster 😛 That’s a different thing altogether!

  3. Nithvin says:

    It is so much fun to watch the kids right..R’s hairstyle is so cute.*3 whistles to RM*
    no pictures of the dance?

  4. VJ says:

    What was wrong with that hair style?
    Why did you say one side was not aligned with the other yesterday?
    loved the beads in her hair !!
    seriously did 3 year old kids dance to all these songs?
    wow… I am well and truly ashamed ! let me go sulk about my two left feet.

  5. Watching little kids dance is one of the biggest joys on earth– I could so imagine you shouting and screaming and the man in front of you giving you wierd looks 🙂
    And yay to R’s friend’s mom whistling that way–not many people know how to do that!!
    And you did a pretty decent job dressing her up for the function,her hair looks really nice *pats RM on the back*
    And hey, being a SAHM may well have some advantages but I can tell you that being expected to dress up your kid better than everyone else is NOT one of them !!!

  6. You guys were actually whistling and yelling in a school function?! **rolling eyes**

    R is super cute in those pics!

    And yes.. No more stern looks at RM!

  7. R is looking super cute… 🙂

  8. Ashwathy says:

    how can they do that…they give excuses like ‘late soya na, toh late utha’ seriously? I mean when you know your child needs to reach early, WHY CANT YOU just let them sleep early???
    And then they blame the kids for being spoilt! I mean seriously! 🙄

    and the man in front was so shocked that he just gulped and looked ahead hehehe
    OMG!!! I have a hooligan for a sister!! 😀 😀 LOL

    Oy hello…don’t say anything about the dhinka chika song…my brother, cousins and nephews danced to this song on my mehendi nite 🙂 So it will always remain special to me. But ..welll…having said that, it is not really a song appropriate for kids….with pelvic thrusts n all…why choose that for kids, for goodness sake?! 😯

    Umm…why did school authorities say no pictures? 😐 Obviously parents would want to take pics! 😛

    How can u even THINK of comparing o haseena zulfon wali with chikni chameli??? OMG!! 😯 Comparing a classic with an item number likely to be forgotten in a month’s time….is sacrilege!!! 😡

    managed to make her partner turn her around 5 times and jumped like a jack properly
    Hahaha she is preparing young eh? 😉 For the future!! 😆

    I love her smooth silky hair 🙂 Don’t u dare complain about it!! 😉

    • R's Mom says:

      Oh I am a total hooligan..when we went to watch Lagaan, I was screaming so much at every ball that the lady sitting next me shouted at me to shut up :):)

      no pictures because the parents were coming and crowding near the stage, the kids would look at them and start crying….thats why..they are going to give CD and pictures later on!

      yep..guess dhinkachika is not for kids to dance….wow your cousins danced on that is it..super nice 🙂

  9. garima says:

    In first pic R looks like a rock star and the other pic a true patriot 🙂
    Nice work RM….

  10. RS says:

    Hey! Can we have more description of how R danced in particular? And pics too? I LOVED that duppatta and the 2 juttus (always my favourite) and the jing-chack silver top 🙂 Muuuaah to R

  11. Gayu says:

    R’s hairstyle is so cute….I simple loved it:) and the colour of the dress also:) White kurti looks so smart na…even i got one for Samu. Old hindi songs…anytime yaar, I don’t like to see kids performing on “Munni, Sheila” or for that matter any of these item numbers.

    I could imagine the little ones shaking their heads…and bums:D
    I get irritated when the rules are not followed. Some parents don’ t understand that they are disturbing others by standing in front and clicking pictures. Also there are some who will not even bother keep their mobile phones on silent mode.

    Have a nice weekend babes:)
    Muahh to cute little R

  12. Shweta says:

    Just two pictures.. 😦

  13. lifesong says:

    Such a nice description 🙂 I felt as if I was sitting in the auditorium 🙂
    Loved R’s hairstyle. You managed to put beads on her hair. I still don’t know how to do that 😦
    And LOVED R’s republic day dress 🙂

  14. Sreetama says:

    Yay finally! It was super fun to read the post & I could imagine how they danced! 😀 Kudos to you & the whistling lady! So nice of you to empathize with the kids on the Once more part! Even I feel it is too much! Saying Once More is something & actually making them perform another time is too much! R was looking super pretty & the hairstyle was nice too!

  15. iratzzz says:

    hai mera bacha, arey meri pyaari R…. alelelele… Kithi pyaari lagreli hai tu…..

    hahaha. O hai, R’s mom 😛

  16. Oooh I love this rowdie side of RM 😀
    I’ll teach you to whistle and the next time you can create a riot too! 😀

    Err email me those pics no? Please? 😀

    Love R’s hairdo!

  17. summerscript says:

    I love the idea of dancing to old songs.. These songs are always special and watching kids dancing to those is super awesome 🙂
    Loved both the pics and RM the hair style and ribbon work is REALLY good.
    I imagined the scene where you and R’s friend’s amma are whistling and shouting and her husband supporting- Too good 😀 😀 😀

  18. NBose says:

    ohhh her shimmer dress & beads hair do is superb….wow R kept them intact till the whole function???

    RM u also rock yaar..whistles & alll…wow it must be fun!!!

    One more thing…Mishti is superb angry as u do not like Dhinka-chika & Chikni Chameli ( the national song & national anthem in case if Mishti rules the country)…..

    I just love Shammi Kapoor songs with Rafi’s voice!!!

  19. Smita says:

    Such great fun re!!!

    I love RFM, ceeti & all wow!!!

    And OK u don’t like that song! No big deal I mean each to its own! *takes a deep breath to control her temper* 😀

    And R looks awesome!! SUper duper cute!!!

  20. Laila says:

    I wish I could see the performances… nevertheless, your descriptions made me visualize it…
    I totally agree with “No, chikini chameli is no where close to ‘o hasina zulfon wali’ absolutely not!”… Am a BIGGG fan of old time songs….
    And, YOU HATE SALMAN KHAN???????
    I just absolutely loove him… not his acting per se, just him… 🙂

  21. Smitha says:

    Aww! That is so so so cute! R looks ultra cute! And what fun! I love school functions! I can’t help leave teary-eyed at the enthusiasm with which the children perform, and the teachers organize! She looks such a darling! And please don’t berate your make up skills! Her hair is looking so so cute!

    As for your wishing to be an SAHM – I used to wish that too – when I was working 🙂 But at the end of the day, be it an SAHM or a working mom, the motivation is what really, really matters..Yes, you do have more time at your disposal – that is a definite 🙂

    Some parents never listen, do they 😦 I know a woman who openly says,’I don’t care about rules, when it comes to my child’. I can’t help wondering what sort of example they are setting by behaving like that..

    And on a different note(entirely tangential), I can’t help wonder, why we have little children dancing to movie music? After all, even if the older songs are nice and tasteful, they are still romantic numbers, and entirely inappropriate for children to be dancing on, no? The reason I am a little concerned is, because when I was in school, the annual functions never had movie music -it was plays, or folk music. And all of it used to be age appropriate. Even here, all the plays that the children take part in are very age appropriate – but somehow, I seem to always read about Indian schools, it always seems to be about children dancing to Bollywood music. Not that there is an issue – if it were age-appropriate, you know..

    Oops – I have gone on and on:( But this is one of the things that kind of bothers me..

    • R's Mom says:

      Well…about dancing to movie songs…yes its a pretty recent trend..and I have a lot to say about it..why not folk songs…I agree to everything you said…..honestly I have not come across a school performance where in they are dancing on folk songs like we used to do at school..all of them are on film songs..why? because they are more popular or becuase the kids like it…I dont know…In India there is not dearth of beautiful dancable folk songs..I wonder why we dont tap that…I am going to ask R’s school about it next time

  22. Tanishka says:

    The songs were really good… Must have been super fun… 🙂
    R’s hair style looks very cute… 🙂

  23. anisnest says:

    vah reh vahhh,,, I know my sweet baby R will dance well if only her amma did not choreograph the steps ***running away***
    sounds like total fun…

  24. Pepper says:

    Such a wonderful selection of songs they had. I made myself a new playlist on YouTube after reading your post.

    R looks like such a cutie pie! And whose genes have given her that beautiful hair? I have terrible hair but I keep wondering, is it possible for my daughter to have silky, smooth hair, despite me having terrible hair? Or maybe I should not even dare to dream..sigh!

    • R's Mom says:

      LOL on the first line..

      In R’s case its the dad’s genes…RD’s hair is to DIE FOR…smooth, silky and glossy black…I have white hair while the guy’s hair remain jet black..Gah on that! and then didnt I mention, that I used to go to the temple every day when I was pregs (It was near the bus stop) and pray that God my child should get RD’s hair…I know I know..most people wish for beautiful children, smart children..etc etc…I just wished for RD’s hair 🙂 may be that worked as well *winks*

  25. Times have changed indeed.

    Dancing to Bollywood numbers would never have been allowed in the Nineteen fifties by the school managements and also teachers when I did my primary schooling. In college, in the mid sixties they woud be tolerated but not actually encouraged. This was not considered “cultured” enough for a school event. Gyrating to “Sheela ki jawani” or “Munni badnaam hui” would have been a scandal figuring on newsaper front pages just like the porn clip viewing incident in the Karnataka Assembly.

    We used to have classical and folk dances, short skits, fancy dress competitions, mimicry, magic shows, shadow art, light classical or folk songs or instrumental music, poetry recitations, or elocution. The programmes would begin with speeches from the principal or headmaster/headmistress extolling the patrons, boasting about the school’s achievements, and another long and boring speech from a pompous “chief guest” who never seemed to know what “few” meant when he was invited to say “a few words”. The programmes would terminate with a vote of thanks where everyone right down to the curtain boys, prompters, caterers and cleaners woud be thanked for making the programme a “grand success.” No one was allowed to believe that the programme was anything other than a grand success. The programme was frequently clubbed with the award ceremonies for students who stood out in academics or sports or oher extra curricular activities.

    I don’t remember any parent being under any kind of tension when their wards were participating.
    The kids rehearsed in school under the guidance of their teachers and for weeks before the event the kids stayed back after class hours for rehearsals. All costumes and other paraphernalia would be arranged by the school. A senior teacher would coordinate all the preparations.

    Many parents would not even attend the function. A few still pictures (black and white) were all that reminded us of the event. Videos were unknown.

    As I said right at the start, times have changed indeed.

    R looks cute with those twin ponytails. Reminded me of my own daughter who sported that hairstyle when she was R’s age.

    I noticed the “National colours” (saffron, white and green) in her dress.
    I suppose that was not a coincidence.

    Enjoyed reading your detailed account.
    Keep writing.

    • R's Mom says:

      We used to have classical and folk dances, short skits, fancy dress competitions, mimicry, magic shows, shadow art, light classical or folk songs or instrumental music, poetry recitations, or elocution – WOW! isnt that lovely..infact, even for our annual days, we used to dance only on folk songs….hardly any movie songs..even if there was a movie song, it would be a bhakti geet or a classical number..

      I don’t remember any parent being under any kind of tension when their wards were participating.
      – Thats what Amma also told me…that I used to participate in every annual day, but she was never under stress..the teachers managed the whole show 🙂

      Many parents would not even attend the function. A few still pictures (black and white) were all that reminded us of the event. Videos were unknown. – I think this changed when we were in school, though honestly I dont remember videos or even any parents coming with their cameras..we used to have just ONE common photo of the group dancing thats all 🙂

      I noticed the “National colours” (saffron, white and green) in her dress.
      I suppose that was not a coincidence. – WHAT! I spent like 600 Rs trying to get that combination *Smacks self on the head*

  26. Vidya says:

    I, for a moment, imagined you whistle and scream! Boy, what a sight it must have been.. I hope someone photographed you in the act 😉 ooh, the songs! how smart of the teachers to pick such lovely songs! now, chalo, be nice and email me her proper pics, that SHOWs her hair! And talking abt hair, the first question i asked the doc when my babies were delivered was not if it was vibha or a boy, but if the baby had any hair.. Was disappointed both the times for both the reasons, no hair, and not a girl 🙂

  27. Chatterbox says:

    Hello RM,
    Stopping by after what seems like ages, though I have been reading all your posts in my reader, but couldn’t manage commenting 😥
    Loved R’s super cute hair style and the shimmering dress 😀
    I eagerly wait for your very cute stories on vegetables et al, love them all 🙂
    Hugs to you RM and to little R 😀

  28. Deeps says:

    R and her classmates danced to a!! Give the li’l rockstar tight hugs from me,ok? She is looking so so cute in her outfit :). I loved the choice of songs for each’re so right, RM, chikni chameli is nowhere close to oh haseena zulfon wali :).

    That must have been such a treat to watch all those adorable kids perform, esp your darling :). I always end up getting all choked up when Namnam performs 😥

    BTW, I would like to meet this friend of yours and learn how to whistle with the thumb and index finger, or better still, you learn from her and teach me, ok ;). I can whistle just from my mouth but not the typical tapori way! I so want to learn it before Namnam’s next function you know 😀

  29. Ramya says:

    The way u mentioned abt beads sterday i almost decided u screwed up r’s looks but the photos say it all. For once rm great credits to u 🙂

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