The Annual Day – 2012 – Part 1

Disclaimer: Long post ahead!

I know I know..this one is super late…I wasnt even going to put it..but SnS’s stern looks (In the guaranteed to 6 post) scared me along with Seema’s non stop reminders and hands on hips with stern looks and so here it is

If you find the post too boring or long, go and hit SnS’s or Seema’s blog with scoldings okie? Its all their fault..THEY wanted the details 🙂

So I got up at the usual 4.30 morning time and then made my dabba and had my bath and realised that it was only went back to sleep till 6…

Then woke up R and she got up in one call!!! Did her potty, milk, bath session and put up the dress for her…then realised that her slip was showing so removed the slip and slid the dress again..then realised that I may need to put on shorts for her since the frock was a frilly one, so put up the shorts..then realised..welll you get the drift na..the realisation striking one after the other! *rolls eyes*

Then I tell her DONT move your  head otherwise I will bash you up…she looks at me with puppy eyes and says ‘okie amma, me head not moving’

and proceeds to shake her head in the no motion like a puppy wriggling out water from its body!!!

I shout at her, dont dont dont..and she looks up again and I am like WHAT are you doing..!!!

anyways, so I take a stand of her horribly silky hair and then twist it and then put a clip which refuses to stay..but I am a persistent person and try again…

R: Amma, mereko bore ho raha hai

RM: arey abhi only two minutes have passed and you are bored, you better sit still

R: okie

then I go on the other side and try the twisting but its not working so I just keep the clip like that only…and realise again (see how many realisations strike me in ONE morning!) that the side without the twist is looking much better…

So I got back to the first side


RM: But R woh theek nahi let me do this side again

R: amma, mereko saachmein bore ho raha hai…

RM: okie okie wait, I will give you some cornflakes to eat

R: No

RM: Then?

R: banana…

RM: okie, but you are not going to make your dress dirty

R: okie 🙂

and so the banana is given and I try the first side again..its not really in line with the second side, but beggars are no choosers okie?

Then came the difficult part of putting beads…WHY GOD WHY do they make such complicated stuff for girls..okie and here I admit with a lot of shame, that perhaps for the FIRST Time in life, I wished I had a boy..yes yes yes…I am horrible..I admit it…(Actually my wishing was so so stupid because you should have seen the way the guys in R’s school came dressed, with spikes and zari over their head, I think I am lucky I got a girl 🙂 )..but we are talking about THAT moment…

and then R shakes her head like a Tanjavur bomai…

RM: R dont shake your head

R: Amma, I cant eat the banana then barabarse..

I mean, who needs to shake their head while eating banana…apparently R will be the only one in that list..ufff!

So these beads, there are six (I should have bought another packet, but me being the brilliant one forgot!) so I manage to make her wear one…

R: Yeh kya hai..heheheheheheeee she is laughing at herself..

But RM being RM is a persistant mother, wait wait let me put another one

then the third one breaks..into 4 pieces…yes yes I have that talent…

So I put the fourth on the other side….and the fifth one breaks as I am sweating ..because if the sixth one breaks, I am doomed, I dont even have spare 😦

R sees me tensed and says ‘amma, mereko de do, I will open’

I see my shaking hands and her confident face and give it to her…she promptly drops it under the cupboard..

RRRRRRRRRRR – yaa thats me screaming…

I fall on my fours, search in the semi darkness with my soda bottle glasses, praying to all the Gods of the world when R says ‘amma, idhar hai, mere dress mein!’

I just remember to breath again…

and then I open it myself, and fix it on the head…then realise that its not even…

R gives me warning ‘Amma, dont touch my head, mereko saachemin bau bore thai che (Amma, dont touch my head, I am really bored)

So I just give up…

and just for the records ‘I neither used the golden glitter nor the silver glitter, bloody 200 Rs down the drain!‘ and the offer to courier still stands okie?

After that came in the make up…now I put that expensive powder on her face and then start to apply blush..she says ‘amma mereko kichikichi ho raha hai’ (Amma, I am ticklish) so I just leave it..then I tell her you eat something then I will put lipstick…she says no no amma, mereko abhi lipstick..

we are running short of time, so I agree…

So I apply the lipstick and then turn around to search for the liner…

R: Amma, yeh lipstick sweet nahi hai na…

I almost fall there…R you cant eat the lipstick..I shout

R: oh!

I just shake my head…

The liner is a super flop because my hands are shaking and her eyes are trembling…I just remove it and decide that her eyes are beautiful without the liner!!! I mean who the hell is going to figure out liner is there or not!

so we are ready, and I forget my sweater, who cares…we get a rick, and she manages to tamper her hair is such a way that its non repairable…and then blames it on the wind!!!

anyways we reach by 7.30 am while the actual time for collection of children is 7.45…dont look at me okie…I had to keep that time spare, getting a rick in the morning at my area is like searching for a needle in a haystack!

anyways so the teacher are there, and she goes to her teacher without a backward glance….I wait down for about 20 minutes while she is busy greeting her friends and folks around…

I watch the innocent way kids are comparing their clothes and hair style and laughing at each other, while the mothers are comparing whose make up is better and why the hair style is not done properly…

I stand alone because I dont know anyone around….then one boy is crying ‘mereko make up nahi karna, maine girl nahi hoon’ while his mom is pleading him to at least put on lipstick because the class teacher has told her to…

I go to him and tell him ‘acha does your mom wear lipstick…

Boy: yes

RM: then you also wear, it will be same same na then

boy: but I am boy she is girl

RM: Oh-oh, idea fail

The mother is laughing at my conversation and finally tells him acha dont wear…and he is like ‘okay thoda daalo’ hehehe 🙂

Anyways, I realise that R is not even interested in me, so I tell her teacher that I am going up to where the parents have to enter.

I wave her good bye and tell her I will be seeing her from the audience…she is like okie and go away gossiping with her friend *rolls eyes*

The actual program details continued tomorrow along with the picture 🙂


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88 Responses to The Annual Day – 2012 – Part 1

  1. hema says:

    Waiting to see R in her makeup.

  2. Tharani says:

    Oh seema and SnS , thanks for making RM write this.
    Ha ha ha this is so hilarious RM. Now waiting for pics and part two.

  3. piyali says:

    Reminds me of similar events with my 6 yr old on her annual day.Tell you I feel blessed to have a daughter. My older one is a boy .My daughter gives me a feeling of wholeness and completeness. I can so well relate with her unlike with my son who is too busy with himself.

  4. Seema says:

    First things first – there are lottts of spelling mistakes. But because you finally wrote this post and that I love you so much, I will ignore.

    ROFLing at the whole getting R ready scene. Love her Khichdi sentences – ‘I cant eat the banana then barabarse’ – She is growing to be a typical Mumbaiyya. I would not be surprised if she soon tells you – ‘Kat lo, hawa aane do’ when you torment her like this 😀

    About the glitter, what glitter is that anyway? Me wonders! If it is the tube waala glitter, you use it to decorate cards na? Anyway, you and R male cards once in a while na?

    And you didn’t fail to use the adjective before the powder na? ‘expensive powder’ – it seems!

    Waiting for Part 2 eagerly and the pics.

    • R's Mom says:

      Errr…sorry for the spellos…I even did a spell check *wonders*

      if she says things like ‘kat lo’ i will katofy her only 😉

      Errrr…that glitter you get in a dabba to put on the body I thought I will use it on the hair…anyways now may be cards!!

      Of course its bloody expensive!!! some 250 rs or something *Shakes head*

  5. Heh.. That was hilarious. Waiting for tomorrow now.

    In the end, you said ‘the picture’? Means only one pic, is it?!

  6. summerscript says:

    When you write about R how could we say its boring???Its always always interesting! 🙂
    When mothers say ‘Do not shake your head’ , we shake it even faster.Thats how it works RM!!!
    Its high time, they should start making edible lipsticks OK!
    R is such a sweetie pie!!! waiting for the pics 🙂 fast fast RM

  7. Wow wow wow… what an awesome post RM… you had me laughing so much in between (sorry for laughing at your struggles to do R’s hair and make up ok.. your way of putting it made me laugh a lot and get some stares from ppl around).. R is such a darling… getting bored while you tie her hair, shaking her head while eating the banana, confidently asking for the bead and dropping it under the cupboard and the ultimate ones being – “amma mereko kichikichi ho raha hai” and trying to taste the lipstick 🙂 😀 I enjoyed throroughly… 🙂

    *eagerly waiting for the next part with photos*

  8. vethal says:

    I stand alone because I dont know anyone around

    oh god neenga yenna madiri ye irukkeil 🙂

  9. NBose says:

    What no snaps???…anyways let me go back and read…. 🙂

    • NBose says:

      ROFL……U r tooo funny RM….breaking the beads….ehhh…:-O

      Gosh….such a difficult task fr the parents to dress up a 3-4 yr old not to frget the spcl hairdo & makeup…..

      R is not the only one who eats her lipstick…i am from the same club…and I do it even today 😀 ….

  10. /Amma, yeh lipstick sweet nahi hai na/
    Hehehe RM did you know that lipsticks taste sweet? I guess this is why they say that parenting is a big learning experience– you learn things you never knew 😉
    And LOL at R wanting to shake her head while eating a banana 😀

  11. uma says:

    oh! what fun it was to read this post..
    else, I can’t eat banana barabarse …lolol..
    lol@ the clip incident too..:-)

  12. My era says:

    I could sense the panic you must have felt after the bead incident, but cracked up at the little boy’s logic of not putting a lipstick and then agreeing to it in the end 😀
    Waiting for the next part and pictures 😀

  13. RS says:

    😀 Im loving it and it reminds me of all the school days mom used to dress me up for 😀 Lovely!
    And Hey! You always have an offer of swapping R with Chutku 😀 I would LOVE to dress her up and have fun 😀 But Im sure you had fun too! 😀
    And Babe! You forgot that I’ve been asking for the school day details but really very subtly – thats all 😦

  14. varsha says:

    Ha ha ha RM. For a person who doesnt use makeup this is surely a hard task to do. Atleast R kept her beads and clips . S cant keep a slide / clip on her head for 5 min.

  15. garima says:

    hehehe that conversation between you and that little boy was too cute 🙂
    LOL on how R says ,’amma sach mein bore ho raha hai’..
    Aapne kyun silver/golden streak nahi kiya R ke hairs mein???

  16. Ashwathy says:

    and proceeds to shake her head in the no motion like a puppy wriggling out water from its body!!!
    Hehehe 😀 I love this description!!! 😆

    Only you can describe hair as “horribly” silky 🙄 Most people would kill to have hair like that! 😛

    Here I admit with a lot of shame, that perhaps for the FIRST Time in life, I wished I had a boy
    My God…relax…. we understand why you said that. RELAX! We know you don’t fall into that bracket of terrible mommies who wish for sons only! 🙂

    Shake their head while eating a banana!!! 😆 Listen you seriously deserve this. You were hyper active during your pregnancy instead of sitting quietly in one place na. Now you are reaping what you sowed 😛

    The liner is a super flop because my hands are shaking and her eyes are trembling…I just remove it and decide that her eyes are beautiful without the liner!!! I mean who the hell is going to figure out liner is there or not!
    You are brilliant mother material….you know that?! 😀 🙄 😛 *hopes R’smom notices the sarcasm*
    BTW you should’ve called me. I m pretty good with the liner. You can hold R in place and I’ll do the liner, ok?

    anyways we reach by 7.30 am while the actual time for collection of children is 7.45…dont look at me okie…
    Why are you providing so many explanations for that?? 😯 Since when is reaching early a crime?! Just u wait…when we are meeting up, I’ll definitely get late 😛 And then let me see what u have to say!

    RM: then you also wear, it will be same same na then
    boy: but I am boy she is girl
    RM: Oh-oh, idea fail

    Only you can think of such extremely intelligent logic especially when that boy is crying that he doesn’t want to be a girl by wearing lipstick 🙄

    I wave her good bye and tell her I will be seeing her from the audience…she is like okie and go away gossiping with her friend *rolls eyes*
    Hahaha…so much for being the mother hen around her 😀 She will be fine, just leave her alone will you?! 😛

    Waiting for the pics and the description now 🙂

  17. Shweta says:

    Does it by any chance mean – You still have not transferred the picture from the camera.. 😉

    For Eye Liner – You can use a pencil one instead of liquid its easier to apply 😀

    *Falls at you feet* for you being able to sleep at 5.30 in the morning and wake up again at 6.. am super lazy and I simply love my morning sleep, had I been in ur place I would have slept until noon..

  18. Quotable quote:

    “Amma yeh lipstick sweet nahi hai”

    Awaiting next part with pics.

  19. ARP says:

    Very interesting post RM 🙂 I loved the whole make-up description and could relate to it well. I still can’t put eye-liner on myself …. hats off to you for having managed the lipstick,hair with beads on R. And R for her patience with you applying the makeup 🙂

  20. Smitha says:

    LOL!! The two of you are so cute!! I can’t stop laughing:) But then let me tell you, I am the same with Poohi’s hair. Getting a pair of plaits done drives both of us nuts. And you will never find Poohi with beads in her hair because neither of us have the patience. And thankfully, the performances here are simpler, children are not expected to wear much makeup. The only time she had to wear some was for her Bharathanatyam performance, where the teacher did the makeup- thank god for that 🙂

    Waiting to hear about the rest of the day:) and see the pics.

    • R's Mom says:

      arey dont ask about the daily chotis…we have that fight toh everyday…

      Bharatnatyam make up is horrid..honestly..thats the ONLY part of the dance form I dislike 😦

  21. Vidya says:

    Phew! I miss all this naatak. Of tying a ribbons for the plaits, fastening ‘clips’.. sigh!! Waiting to read about the actual event 🙂

  22. Deeps says:

    Hahaha, loved the way you equated R’s head-shake with Tanjavur bomai 😆
    Waiting to know how the annual day went? Am sure R must have had a wonderful time and you, like any mother would have sat there watching her and brimming with pride, right?? 🙂 🙂

  23. Smita says:

    phew!!! Really a long post and amazing that you remember all the finer details 😀

    And u know I don’t apply lipstick because I manage to eat it 😀

    Waiting for Part 2 & the pics!

  24. Ramya says:

    waiting waiting waiting for more…. U should’ve made a longer post to accomodate everything in one… 😦 Look what u’ve done now.. made me wait frantically for kutti’s photos 😦

  25. Nithvin says:

    Totally emphathise with you, RM. I am yet to experience the ‘fun’ of applying make up to my DD, but getting her dressed on normal days alone is an adventure! R sounds so cute with her multi linguistic talk..waiting for tomorrow’s post. BTW, you have REAL patience to meticulously put down every little detail in your post ! Admire you for that ..

  26. Laila says:

    Love your conversations with R… Specially, her talks about being bored…
    Will look forward to pictures…

  27. I almost fall there…R you cant eat the lipstick..I shout
    R: oh!

    hahahhahhahahahhahahhahahhaha! 😀

  28. Tanishka says:

    Waiting for the pic and part II…. 🙂

  29. anisnest says:

    why you do this RM? why can’t you put the picture today? ***throwing a tantrum now and demanding for R’s picture right away*** If you do like this next time I will call you at midnight and make you update the post or email me the picture right then… so better remember that next time okie?
    kichikichi – oh my darling R.. how I picturised you saying that.. cuty cute..

    can’t wait for the post tomorrow.. another 8 hours.. okie I will manage 😦

  30. Pics and Part 2 coming up? Let me cancel all my appointments!

  31. AT says:

    I am laughing over that little boy’s comment 😀
    I’m waiting for 2nd part..

  32. Pingback: The Annual Day 2012 – Part 2 | R's Mom

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