Home Decor – Kitchen and All that Jazz!!

Check out these pictures (Sangi, this one will make you happy)


….can you believe I know the lady who made it…no no its not me, if I were so talented, I would be like the biggest snob on earth!

… this lady who made it is one of the most unassuming people I have met….she is TALENTED totally, and yet if you speak to her you wont believe she has so much potential…shy, quite, ever smiling and she is a great friend

This was done by her for her daughter’s (who is about 10) school work..she made it in about 6 hours starting at about 7.30 in the evening on a WEEK DAY, after  reaching home from work midst taking phone calls, cooking, feeding her daughter and managing the maid!!!

She and her hubby and daughter created this wondrous piece….the basic  stuff is made from cardboard, look at the bloody detailing she has done…I am just shaking my head in admiration…

Check out the utensils, the stove, the cooker on the stove, the ladles hanging…

Check out the tap and the kitchen sink, the colour contrasting shelves

And that two layers on the shelf, the four settees, the dining table with a carpet and check out the carpet near the kitchen counter..the Ganesh bhagwan and the flower pot on the kitchen counter, the wall hanging on both sides

The windows and the sight from outside the window near the stove…I mean which normal human being can think of something like this…

I am totally at awe!! I wonder if even in the next saath janam I can be ever so talented…and I am putting this up on the blog after taking her permission, mainly because

  1. I want to show off what a talented person I know
  2. I want at least ONE good picture on the blog 😉 I get jealous of blogs which show such wonderful home décor J
  3. Anyone who has kids and such projects, can take inspiration…its difficult to replicate this, but at least it’s a start
  4. I think its one of the most amazing pieces of home décor I have seen in long long time

Thanks RP for agreeing to let me use this on the blog

And after all this THIS is what she has to say

‘I would call it ‘Quality time’ spent for your kid. That involves interaction with Kid and making them aware of their potential…and an indirect message “To be passionate and achieve perfection in whatever you do”. I sincerely feel passion is always above the efficiency… At the end of the day you feel satisfied for whatever you did for your child!!’

Errr..and just for the records, the child is getting to be as talented as the mother :):)


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66 Responses to Home Decor – Kitchen and All that Jazz!!

  1. anisnest says:

    wowwww…. wait let me collect my jaw from the floor… simply amazing yaar…
    It could have been better if we can enlarge the picture RM… please do the needful so we can see the details clearly..

  2. Great work by your friend RM.. I loved her words too 🙂 my wishes to her!

  3. varsha says:

    Amazing .. talent

  4. Falak says:

    Wow hats off to RP’s talent, patience and creativity. Thanks for covering this in ur blog, its sure an inspiration.

  5. lifesong says:

    Wow! Great Work! 3 cheers to your friend and her family!
    And I agree totally with what she says about quality time spent with your kid. I made a dolls bed for Cheebu out of an old shoe box, complete with mattress and pillow. It gives me immense satisfaction seeing her as she puts her dolls to sleep on it at night.
    There are lots of expensive toys available in the market. But there is nothing like making something for your child and involving them in the process. It not only brings out their creativity but they also learn to appreciate it.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. Sreetama says:

    Totally in awe!!! This can easily go for exhibitions! It’s too neat! Kudos to your friend!

  7. At first, I thought it was a real house. This is simply amazing! 🙂 Loved it.

  8. Shruti says:

    amazing details.. 🙂 and what patience!

  9. Wow!
    Till I started reading, I thought you had put up a scanned picture from the brochure of a home products or home decor company, advertising some of their model kitchens.
    I was preparing to read about you proudly announcing that you have remodelled your kitchen and was flaunting it on your blog.

    Please tell RP that I am impressed with her talent.
    I worked for an engineering consultancy firm and was a designer of steel structures in Industrial buildings for most of my professional career and during those times when computers were not commonly used, we used to pay handsomely to those with modeling skills and who could prepare scaled models of Industrial buildings and machines and equipment for dsplay purposes or to explain the design to non technical customers who could not read technical engineering drawings.

    If RP can handle plastic/acrylic and other products too, and is willing to invest some money on aditional tools and set up a workshop in her own home, she can go places and earn a princely sum too. Companies need people like RP during industrial exhibitions and Expos. Land developers also could use her talents for preparing models of their housing projects.

    My best wishes to her and thanks to you for showcasing her amazing talent.

    • R's Mom says:

      I know..its looks so amazingly professional na!

      and GV-jee, the day I start making all such impossibly lovely things in life, I would be the biggest snob on earth okie :):)

      I will pass on what you have suggested, I think she is pretty cool working acrylics and plastics…thanks for the idea 🙂

  10. Smita says:

    Amazing piece of work I must say. Too detailed & just fabulous.

  11. uma says:

    what detailing, as you said RM!
    people who are good work with their hands and brains in creative tandem always find a fan in me..:-)

  12. Ashwathy says:

    Does she take ‘shishyas’ 😀 I’m ready!!!

  13. Loved the details! At first I too thought it was a real kitchen. What patience your friend has! Would love to show this to my daughter but my worry is that she would expect me to come up with something similar if and when required–and God knows I am nowhere close to being so talented!

  14. summerscript says:

    Wooowwww..Its amazing!!! Look at the small small things like pan, sink, scenery through the window… so much patience to carefully create such a beautiful piece ..
    And she finished this in 6 hours- Awesome!!!

  15. I noticed the wall colours and the paintings.
    Thoroughly thoroughly impressed! She talks about passion, all I see is patience! Superb!

  16. Bikram says:

    I look at the picture and then i look at my house and i feel like dieing in shame .. AISE BHI HOTE HAIN ROOMS .. WOWO

    lovely pictures and well done to the mum-daughter team 🙂 and offcoure to you tooo for putting them up and writing this article 🙂

  17. NBose says:

    Wow RM…..ur friend is a super talented lady….really the minute details r so perfect…

  18. Smitha says:

    Wow! I am speechless! Talk of talent! The level of detailing is amazing! Poohi has doll’s house, but that is nothing as gorgeous or detailed as this one! And to think that a mother painstakingly made it for her daughter! What more can a daughter ask for 🙂

    Such amazing talent! So so so impressive! Thanks for sharing RM!

  19. piyali says:

    Thats beauuuiful.Want to go back in time and forget everything around and just play and play with that.Little girls have wonderful imagnation. My 6 yr old Aditi actually speaks softly to herself ehen she plays with her kitchen set .She becomes the mother, father the bacchaa and what not.

  20. My era says:

    Awesome work…please congratulate your friend for such amazing art work from my side 😀 😀
    Too good!!

  21. AT says:

    i loved it and I’m amazed by the details 🙂 she is definitely talented…

  22. Laila says:

    Very very nice… what detailing!!!!
    I am SUPER impressed… your friend is really talented…

  23. Pepper says:

    This is brilliant! Why can’t I zoom in? I wanted to see all the little details clearly. The current size doesn’t allow that. I wanted to see the sink and the pans and the cooker in better resolution so I could take it in. Why did you put it up this way!? People need to appreciate this stuff more. Do justice to her talent and upgrade these pics to a higher resolution in which we can zoom in.

    • R's Mom says:

      Errr..abhi dont ask me such technical questions Pepper…I have no clue…earlier I had smaller images and Ani asked me to make it big..so I did…:( I will ask her for a zoomable image and mail you okie 🙂

  24. CA says:

    WOW … she is really talented.
    The walls are cardboard … what about the counter, windows ? Are they just painted or she has moulded stuff to suit her taste ?

    More tips would definitely help …

  25. Comfy says:

    I could kill for a kitchen like that and this is just a model? 😮 And she did it in 6 hrs while taking care of the house AFTER work?

    I have no words. Total respect for your friend!

  26. brrr…what can I say except that am thankful that my boy doesn’t go to the same school as RP’s kid coz she will put all us lazy mom’s to shame with her awesome creations 😥

    God such amazing detailing…I can’t believe it!!

    Btw am greedy to know what all is inside that little fridge :mrgreen:

    Ps: RM what will you do when R’s school starts asking for projects eh? 😐

  27. Ohh btw one doubtu 🙄 what are the two little girls doing alone in the kitchen?? Mama Papa doing notty notty things in the designer bedroom kya? 👿 :mrgreen:

    • R's Mom says:

      IF R’s school asks for such projects, I will stick my tongue out to them 🙂

      Well, she had only two dolls of those sizes 🙂 I think thats why 🙂

      Well let the mama papa enjoy na with Valentine’s day round the corner 🙂

  28. Sangitha says:

    WOW! Showing daughter when she gets home. We tried to do bathrooms for her doll house with cardboard and kind of lost it after making the ‘room’….was stitching curtains and wondering who I had become. This gives perspective to take on more. The scenery out of the window….wow, these people exist too. To inspire. Please tell her we take our hats off (er…even when we don’t commonly wear them!).

    • R's Mom says:

      I know I know..and I remembered you had written that you like seeing home decor pics and all..thats why I thought you will appreciate this all the more 🙂

      Your daughter has a doll house..how awesome is that 🙂

  29. Seema says:

    Where is my comment? I commented yesterday and thought you didn’t have the time to approve 😦

    Just fall at RP’s feet once more time on my behalf okay?

  30. Archana says:

    Why dint I comment here ? ( scratches head) I read through this post, even showed it off to my friend around!

    I want to zoom in and see the details ! Cant do now 🙂 It is very beautiful, tell her that – please!

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