Dear Ms. J.K.Rowling

Last week one morning, when I was having my three minutes break drinking chai, I got thinking.. which is very rare…(no not the thinking the three minute break drinking chai)

but before that, Ms. Rowling let me tell you, I am a big Harry Potter Fan…I mean really really big..I have read ALL the books, one of the reasons I married my husband was that he was kind enough to courier across the book 6 to me during our courtship days and gave me HP7 first day and all that…I admit I havent watched the movies, I dont want to, because your words are fuel rich enough for my imagination…having cleared all this, let me get to this doubt I was thinking about how my life with change in the next three minutes when R gets up and then you know running behind her for getting her dressed etc etc…

When I started reading HP I hated the Dursleys…you know hated each of them with a vengence on how they could be so cruel to Harry….the poor kid had lost his parents, had no one, and yet being own masi and masa, they didnt love him at all…

But by the time I reached to the seventh book, I had graduated from a college student to a mother, a mother to a 1 year old..and thats when I think my view changed….

I agree, they were horrid, with a capital H….but then when Harry was brought to them as a one year old, didnt they have trouble bringing him up…I mean stuff like potty training and making him eat or switching from liquid food to solid food or when he had tummy ache or fever, take him to the doctor. and teaching him the alphabets and stuff like that…you know how every child needs to be taught…or changing his clothes or teaching him how to tie his shoe lace…

Well does every child need to be taught this or do they learn by themselves..for example the children of the beggars in the street, does someone teach them how to clean their bums or how to eat without spilling food…

I dont know…I seriously dont…

So my question to you Ms. Rowling is, was Harry taught all this by the Dursleys or were they indifferent and he learnt himself…..was he potty trained by them, or did they use diapers on him till he learnt himself…if they used diapers, they paid money for it is it or since he was a wizard, he didnt need to be trained..or did Dumbledore arrange for someone to teach him secretly?

I want to know…

Always your big fan

R’s Mom


Sorry for the late post..just returned from R’s annual day…pictures taken but no transfer cord from phone so shall be put up after RD returns….R danced well, enjoyed, jumped like a jack and enjoyed like a kid…

My hands are paining clapping and throat is sore aching…more on the annual day in another post 🙂


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54 Responses to Dear Ms. J.K.Rowling

  1. summerscript says:

    Wow RM!!! what all you think in 3 mins!! 🙂
    I also wonder sometimes how our grandma, great grand ma managed their kids without diapers!!
    yayyyy to R..waiting for pics now!

  2. Vidya says:

    Wah! What doubts! They pbly did what they needed to do till he was on his own, and that is why Harry was never mean to them.. The one or two instances were still not in his control..
    – An equally beeeeg fan of HP 😉

    • R's Mom says:

      yaa yaa…that may be the case…

      • Seema says:

        I guess I go with Vidya’s answer. Although these thoughts never struckme! Baap re. You have one helluva mind, you think so much!

        Yeah, regarding the pics, I knew anyway that we have to wait till RD comes back. But I was worried that you might not click pics at all saying that it was RD’s job. *Sigh, relieved*

        • R's Mom says:

          hehehe 🙂 I have really crazy thoughts na…

          Hey I did click pics on my purana sa phone..not very good, but then I want to keep this one for the records on the blog because I did her hairstyle and all that *looks proud*

  3. Sreetama says:

    Very valid thoughts! They never came to my mind! Maybe the wizard in Harry enabled him to learn all these things by himself!?

  4. Ashwathy says:

    I am assuming they brought him up like a normal kid and trained him (no magic) since they didn’t even know he had magical powers till the first book begins. Or rather, tried to suppress any existence of the magical powers since they thought magical powers brought them trouble.

    Having said that, is this really a post 🙄 😛

    Waiting to see R’s performance for the annual day 🙂 look at that proud mama!!

  5. uma says:

    They may learn all this by themselves, only we’d need to have MORE patience then..gosh! imagine life without diapers..*head spinning*
    was wondering where you were…

  6. Yes the wicked step-parents-sort-of were typical. Also consider their discomfort because being a wizard, he was different, .

    • R's Mom says:

      yaa..thats true…I agree he was different and for them it was even more difficult..but yet I wonder if they actually did stuff for him at all or was it Dumbledore who arranged for Harry to be taught all the basics

  7. RS says:

    Muuuaah to R for all that dancing – want more details on that.

    And RM – ONLY you can think about how Harry was brought up in the initial years!! 🙂 And actually to think about it-it must have been quite a task na? We cant completely rule them out as villians…hmm…Food for thought…

  8. Smita says:

    lol!!! I am sure this is what they must have meant when they coined the phrase *getting into finer details*

    An appeal to all veteran Momma’s….any full proof method for potty training? Am asking because despite all our efforts my L’lle brat tells us but after the deed has been done. All he says is “geela”


    I sympathise with you RM!!!

    • R's Mom says:

      heheheh! I am pathetic eh?

      Errr…there is no full proof method to potty train…he will get to it eventually dont thing you can do is proactively take him to su-su every one hour or so….and make him do it..he will get used to it then…

  9. My era says:

    Well, err..ahm…I have never read any of the Harry Potter books and have seen only one of the movies that too for 10 minutes flat in which I got bored enough to turn the TV off. Having said that on a HP fan’s blog I need not dare write anything more for the fear of attacks by RM’s chappals…
    *running away full speed*

    • R's Mom says:

      WHAT!! you have not read any HPs!!!!

      Errr…but honestly I know of a lot of people IN the family who have not done it..including RD and RMB! so dont worry…I wont chappalofy you…anyways you are too dear to are Pari’s mom na 🙂

  10. Sam says:

    Yes i think he being a great wizard it would have been easy for him.. or maybe his parents kept coming in his dreams(they usually do right?) and teaching him what has to be done;-).
    This post can only come from a mother who has learnt the importance of potty training and looking after the kid first hand:)

  11. Smitha says:

    Those questions make sense, I have to say 🙂 That might be the reason why they hated Harry – because of all that extra work 🙂

  12. hmmmm now that’s a very valid thought…yes yes JK rowling – do tell us!

  13. anisnest says:

    vah reh vahh.. kya doubt madam ji.. ***falling at your feet***
    glad to know that R had fun in the anuual day celebrations.. how about her costume?

  14. 😆 haa….you are Sister of my heart I swear!! The husband and I started reading Harry Potter almost at the same time…and I always…like always had all these doubts and used to bug him with my questions about Harry’s untold years. There was a time where he really wanted to put me in a box and pack it off to JKR 😥

    Isn’t it amazing when you love a book so much that even after you are done reading it….it still lingers in your mind and you indulge in a conversation with the characters in your mind and deeply feel for them? 🙄 (or in simple terms _ I might be a Psycho to do all this? 😳 )

    Mere ko venam….jaldi se R nu annual day pics 😛

    Ps: Two and a Half big fans of Harry Potter saying Hi to RM from this part of the world 😉

    • R's Mom says:

      your husband is a very very patient mand 🙂

      I know…I have re-read the series like 3 times and yet I feel something new I discovered everytime I read it 🙂

      Hello hello and Muah to the half fan 🙂

  15. Pepper says:

    RM you are a sweetheart 🙂

  16. K says:

    Remember that magic used to “spill” out of Harry whenever he was angry – the glass partition vanishing in the zoo, Aunt Marge’s wine glass shattering. Perhaps similar things happened when he was an infant. Maybe some of Aunt Petunia’s prized crockery cracked whenever baby Harry was hungry and they ignored him. Or whenever they failed to change his diaper, the contents…hmm…er…,well, let’s just say that they may have learnt the hard way to take good care of baby Harry 🙂

  17. CA says:

    Three mins break you manage to get only to think about Oliver twist…. kahani mein twist boss …

  18. hitchy says:

    Not seen any movie after I slept in the first part… not read a word of the novel…

    hate him to death… thanks to mad crazy borthers who will only read his books his moives and play video games of HP…. their mad penchant never let me love him ! 😛

  19. popbiscuit says:

    They must have done some basic stuff like diaper changing. I am sure other stuff like learning the alphabet and other things they gave him no attention.They must have given Dudley tons of time and attention considering how dumb he is and Harry must have picked up seeing and hearing all that around him on his own.
    As for doctor’s visits I doubt they ever bothered…come on he had cellotaped glasses in book 1. Now I am just letting my imagination run wild but I really want to think the worst of the Dursleys..

    Interesting questions though..will now go and bug the husbadoo about these:)

  20. zephyr says:

    You know this is the problem when grown ups write books for children and adults read them. Since they are writing for children they would obviously leave out potty training details but adults wonder about THESE. 😀

  21. I had the same thoughts as I read the first few books ( and I read Harry potter only about 2 years back when i was a mom to a 1.5 year old.So I guess it was natural for me to wonder how they took care of him in the initial difficult years)
    I guess they must have taken care of the basics( like feeding him some basic stuff, potty training etc.)But there is always a difference when somebody does these things with love for the child and when they do it because the child was dumped on them. To give them credit, them must have put in some effort, but not the love which is also required to bring up a child.
    I cant believe I actually gave the Dursely’s come credit 😕

  22. Never read HP.
    Too old I guess.
    HP apeared two generations too late.
    My son is a big fan and has the complete collection.
    I read, ( during my boyhood), Enid Blyton and later Arthur Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie, PG Wodehouse, and finally graduated to Perry Mason novels of Erle Stanley Gardner before slowly stepping into the world of adult reading via James Hadley Chase and Harold Robbins.
    Those were the days when there were no computers, no internet, no TV.
    Radio and outdoor and Indoor games were the only alternatives to reading.

    • R's Mom says:

      no can NEVER be old to read dad is 65 and has read all the books..we have politely shared (make it fought) for the books to read them…

      I think I went the same way as you did, Enid Blyton, Agatha Christie, PGW, Perry mason 🙂 I am not a big fan of James Hardley Chase and Harold Robbins, I prefer Robert Ludlam, Jeffery Archer and Sidney Sheldon 🙂

      • The last three authors you mentioned were later entrants.
        By the time they became popular, an unfortunate thing happened to me.
        I got OUT of the reading habit and developed other interests and hobbies and also got totally wrapped up with my career and family.
        Reading took a backseat.
        I regret this.
        I am back with a bang now and am once again the voracious reader I used to be.
        In addition to books I now devour blogs like a glutton and you are my most recent victim.

    • I’d like to reiterate RM’s comment that you are never too old to read HP…in fact, HP is not just a kid’s book…I’ve written a whole post about that as it deals with adult themes…particularly death.

  23. Good point actually…I would like to think at least Petunia did given the fact that she showed some emotion later in the series. Or else, she might have done it as a duty…or even as a reason so that he doesn’t poo & pee everywhere (remember, she likes her house clean!)

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