The Weekend That Was

Phew! sometimes I feel I should just be working 7 days a week…its easier getting up at 4.30 everyday and then cooking and going to office than doing weekend stuff…

It was a hectic weekend again…

Friday night: We shopped for veggies and came back home to see that the maid was standing out for us…so I quickly made peas daliya and ordered  requested RD to get some boondi from we had peas daliya pulav and boondi raita….and the conclusion drawn

I cook well under pressure….I mean the faster I try to finish the dish..the tastier it turns out..of course we are also talking here about burnt karelas and raw bhindis..what? the former was because I forget that the gas was on and the later because R forgot that the bhindi cant be eaten NOW kacchaa!!!


R had school at 9..we had to drop her to the place where her annual day is being held and then pick her up from school..we went to the temple and then dropped her and came back home..

So I got up to make hot hot methi na theplas…and get the comment ‘amma aa toh kadava hai’!!!! from the brat…what else do you expect methi na theplas to be 🙂 and just for the was not even kavada…the brat wanted shrikhand thats all!!!

Oh did I mention RD left for Australia…and since he was leaving in the evening we were to do his packing..and then we are going for a wedding next weekend to Trivandrum which means that he comes in on the next saturday morning at 6 and we leave at 10…which means that he needs to pack two bags…

1) For Australia

2) For Trivandrum..and to all those who think I HAVE A WEEK to do it..’sorry, I refuse to pack the guy’s bag…its too much hard work and I am not a typical wife…you want to wear clothes, you pack them, I will push in the extras like shaving creams and soaps okie?

anyways so he is ‘working’ on the computer while I am nagging requesting him to start packing…Ufff RM dont get so worked up..we can do it..

okie..boss…your trip…you can manage..

We have to pick up R at 11.30 and we leave home at 11.20..for the first time I am thinking…I am going to be one of those horrid parents who will be late etc etc..we see two mothers from R’s school struggling to catch a rick..since we are already late, I decide to pick them up as well…we give them a lift and RD going ‘Ferarri’ style to her school..only for us to wait till


for the kids to come!!!

By the time the teachers finish giving instructions to all the parents sitting R’s class…R has managed to fall down twice, eat a whole dabba of cornflakes, drink water, lose one ribbon, get her shirt out of the pinafrock, losen both her chotis and laugh and dance with 4 classmates, and share her corn flakes with 3 other kids…yaa yaa…who is not hyperactive eh? *rolls eyes*

I get palpitations just hearing what the teacher is saying..they get either gold dress or silver dress (thats today they give the dress) black sandals (without heels) red ribbons in hand to be tied, make up to be done, golden/silver streaks to be done on the hair…

I am almost fainting when my knight in shining armour tells me..dont worry RM, do what you can…Gah! what does he know…he is off for a conference na..

but he being the knight get her sandals and while I go to get the make up…in the shop where I make a fool of myself not once but four times…(Thats another story) I go to another shop handing RD stuff in his hand saying pay for this pay for this..

As I am going to another shop

RD: What did you buy RM

RM: Errr..make up stuff

RD: I paid SIX HUNDRED Bucks..what exactly are you making her up?

RM: Errrr….I got a powder, and lipstick and eye liner…..

then I tell him smugly “boss be happy your wife doesnt use make up at all…otherwise I would be unaffordable’

RD just shakes his head in despair!

by the way, that bloody guy cheated us…I had asked for golden/silver glitter for R’s hair but told him I will come on Monday to pick up depending on R’s dress, but when I went away, he gave RD both!!! and thats why the 600 Rs!

anyways, if anyone wants golden/silver glitter please let me know..I will courier it okie?

We had lunch

1) Cheese dosa for R, RM and RD

2) Hakka noodles and manchurian

3) Mexican sandwich

It was yummmmmmmm

Came back home and I went to the parlour for waxing because I wont be able to do it next week..the lady managed to draw blood waxing on my wound…and then to add some more spice she put a lot of antiseptic body toner for my wound on the leg to burn the bloody skin off…and then she of course said ‘sorry sorry sorry’ like a million times 🙂

I came back and RD left…he dropped R and me on the way so that we could go to the doctor….the doc was not there but we got the meds for R

We walked by a ‘daab’ shop and R was like ‘amma, mereko venam’ so me being the indulgent mom said ‘okie’ and managed to drink some myself 🙂

We stopped a bit away from our house, enjoyed a sev puri from a known uncle and then walked back home holding hands….Got shrikhand on the way

Dinner was

1) Methi na theplas yaa yaa the morning ones continued

2) Shrikhand 🙂

Went to sleep after R was sure that her ‘appa not in the house na’ a million times and RM managing to lock and unlock the main door a million and one times…what? its not my job..its RD’s job and I get confused whether its clock wise or anti clock wise!


I get up at 5..yes yes half an hour late..and then have a bath..what to do? R wont let me have a bath otherwise!

and then plonk go back to sleep..didnt I tell you, I can do it..have a bath and promptly go back to sleep..its an art folks, its an art!

anyways, I get up with start where I see R on my paunch saying ‘amma, amma dekho kaun aya hai?’

RD is back giving me a surprise is it..or is it my amma who decides her daughter shouldnt be alone….I look around and see no one!

RM: who who who

R: Arey amma, dekho sun bhi up ho gaya..abhi get up karo..

yaa yaa….you dont need to wait for the next janam to get what you sowed in this janam..have a baby and it all comes back to you! so I HAVE to get up

Then I am miss super efficient…make poha for breakfast, dust the house, vagharofy the mamra, clean the kitchen cabinets and off we go to Zephyr’s place for lunch 🙂

we have….(get jealous people)

1) Baingan ka bharta

2) Carrot raita

3) Rotis

4) Coconut rice

5)Sprouts salad

6) Curd rice

7) Strawberry custard….

What fun…R and I ate and ate and ate…Zephyr was very very indulgent with R jumping from her bed to the bean bag to the bed and back to the bean bag…we talked and talked and talked..loved loved loved the time spent with her..and oh she gave two books to R which R is pakaoing me to read for like a million times!!!!

Came back and went to snooze land 🙂

Got up to have chai and did all the preps for the week…veggie cutting, atta baandhing, and even ironed R’s uniform…here I have to admit, I AM MISSING RD 😦

We then went down to play with the other kids of the building…we played confusion..does anyone know this game…chalo chalo ask around and tell me if anyone can tell what it is…I learnt it new yesterday 🙂

Came back home and went through the starfall website Seema had recommended…and then ate a dinner of

Plain dal

Boiled Rice

Sakaria nu shaak 🙂

And then back to snoozeland.

Wish me luck evening I am going shopping for R’s annual day…pray for me okie?

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71 Responses to The Weekend That Was

  1. zephyr says:

    I felt I should have cooked more items or at least more interesting stuff. Next time 🙂 And what a pathetic thathi I was! I forgot the cream wafers and daab the mama had bought for R, I forgot to give her the small water bottle she wanted to take and I forgot to open the Choco pie pack and give them to her. 😦

    This is what happens when you stay for such a short time. I can understand now what my mother meant when she said she forgot to feed/give/tell me things because I didn’t stay long enough. Wonder when we will meet again? Give a big hug and kiss to the little darling. I can still see her running back to wave to me when she couldn’t see me anymore at the door 🙂

  2. My head is swirling now. You did all this on 2 days? Really? **Falling at your feet wonly**

  3. Gayu says:

    Weekends are surely hectic…with so much to do around…
    I am jealous…*makes faces*..Coconut rice….Strawberry custard….yummy….Theplas…wow..!!!
    Weekend at my side was filled with lots of Surprises from Hubby. We celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary yesterday…I was feeling low…so this was my surprise
    and few lines which i penned for him…(I am quite good with words:D)

    Hats of to Swap…he has spent 7 years with me…:P
    Take care…and Muahhhh to R:)

    • R's Mom says:

      I know…I had yummy food

      Congrats on the 7 years…awesome…I loved loved what he gifted gifts..he is a sweetheart..and you look so young…I cant imagine you to be a mom at all..awesome 🙂

  4. Hehe, I too make a fool of myself at make-up shops all the time 🙂
    Wow , you go back to sleep after taking a bath? Now that is an art for sure!!
    What is sakaria nu shaak, RM?

    • R's Mom says:

      I can go back to sleep after a bath…I am an unique piece 🙂

      Errr…sakaria is …wait wait…I will search on google…got it..its sweet potato curry 🙂

  5. I skipped reading everything you wrote except:

    1) Cheese dosa
    2) Hakka noodles and manchurian
    3) Mexican sandwich
    4) Methi na theplas
    5) Shrikhand 
    6) Baingan ka bharta
    7) Carrot raita
    8) Rotis
    9) Coconut rice
    10)Sprouts salad
    12) Curd rice
    13) Strawberry custard
    14) Baingan ka bharta
    15) Carrot raita
    16)Sprouts salad

    Feeling hungry now.
    Let me read out this list to my wife and see what luck I have.
    In the meantime all the best to you on the occasion or R’s annual day.
    (Glutton Vishwanath)

  6. lifesong says:

    Another rocking weekend 🙂
    Best of luck for your shopping…
    My daughters daycare annual function is on 18th Feb. Luckily we have been asked to get only dress, hairband and socks … No cosmetics!

  7. VJ says:

    Phew !! I am trying to catch my breath just reading about your weekend.
    All that food makes me hungry now RM.

  8. Ramya says:

    losen both her chotis and laugh and dance with 4 classmates – R literally had fun letting her hair down 😉
    Prayer done RM… Good things to miss RD 🙂

  9. Ashwathy says:

    in the shop where I make a fool of myself not once but four times…(Thats another story)
    I am waiting to hear this! :mrgreen:

    .the lady managed to draw blood waxing on my wound…and then to add some more spice she put a lot of antiseptic body toner for my wound on the leg to burn the bloody skin off
    You are seriously useless! 😐 You should have just told her to be careful coz you already have a wound there…. and then PAID ATTENTION to when she was waxing that part…so that you can see she is not applying wax there!! 😛 That’s what people with half a brain do. Or atleast people concerned about their wound do. 🙄 You don’t have either!!

    A ‘daab’ shop?? Come again??

    what? its not my job..its RD’s job and I get confused whether its clock wise or anti clock wise!
    God save me from commenting on this 🙄

    and then plonk go back to sleep..didnt I tell you, I can do it..have a bath and promptly go back to sleep..its an art folks, its an art!
    What is the point of having that bath, madam?? 😛

    have a baby and it all comes back to you! so I HAVE to get up
    This is why I am trying to enjoy all my sleep before I have a kid!! 😛

    vagharofy the mamra,
    Do the what, where, how??! 😯 Don’t u bloody dare open your mouth and complain about R and her language when you dare to use this language on your blog!!! 😡

    Ok so what is this confusion game??

    Ah!! I see…. I’m sure your shopping will go into another post altogether! 🙄 Go on!! 😀

    • R's Mom says:

      I dont think I am putting up the shopping story..its too embarassing!

      I was talking to another girl from my building and we were swapping work stories when zaaap she went on my leg..baap hurt like crazy!

      Daab is raw coconut…now I dont know in which language…I have always called it daab..I think its Bengali 🙂

      Arey the front door is a pain seriously!

      errr…unlike my MIL who believes that one should not touch the old day’s clothes and bedsheets after a bath…I am pretty cool..the bath is just to change the clothes heheeh 🙂

      sleep away Ash

      Errr…how do I explain vagharofying the mamra….you know mamara right…the one thats used to make bhelpuri…you add turmeric, oil, hing, salt, red chilli powder and then add this and make it yellow and crunchy..did you understand!!!

      Confusion is a great game basically what happens is that its my den…I take your name and run after you and you take Scribby’s name and then Scribby will catch me and then I take SnS’s name and so SnS will catch short total confusion and often confusion on who will catch whom…we were screaming our heads off…we meaning the kids and I… 🙂

    • Seema says:

      Great to have Ash back in form 🙂 Wooohoo 😀

  10. uma says:

    you do seem to have packed weekends, RM! Always full of interesting activities..:-)
    All the best for the shopping, RM!
    lol@ sun bhi aa gaya, abhi get up karo!

  11. Shruti says:

    600 Rs worth of Glitter??? Kitne KG khareeda?
    Arrey for this annual day stuff na… don’t stress.. usually teachers have all extra .. do what u can and send her off on time.. bas.. baadme teacher ka headache ..

    That was once whirlwind recap.. mera sir abhi bhi ghoom raha hai how u manage so much stuff in 1 weekend.. and that too with RD gone.

    • R's Mom says:

      no Rs.600 was including some powder, some eyeliner, some kajal and then those glitters…

      and you are so right…thats exactly what happened…her teacher did the final stuff!!! my mom was telling me this only 🙂

  12. Vidya says:

    Shaabbbaaa! So much in 2 days?!! I’m wiping away sweat beads from my face and forehead after reading this… Amidst all this, you ensure you visit snoozeland? You are awesome! What i remember about weekends is that it comes and goes in 2 nano seconds.. And am here at work on Monday!

    Good luck with all your annual-day shopping:) And wish this entire week whizzes past so RD is back after a nice week at vidhesh-land.

  13. Scribby says:

    okay so on THE Saturday cook only when we arrive at your place 😉 for a tastier food 😛

  14. Bikram says:

    oh man.. and you know what i did this weekend .. SLEPT-watched india lose another cricket match got depressed went to pub to drwon my sorrows ..

    and sleep on sunday and then kill all the bad men on call for duty 🙂

    I liked my weekend but when i look at the foood you have mentioned me not happy I had junk food …

  15. My era says:

    Well, I love you tons for your love for food…just like me 😀
    Ouch! that cheat shopkeeper pushed in both types of glitter 😦
    Wow! Going to Trivandrum for a wedding means tons of stories for already getting excited 😀
    Good luck with you shopping RM 🙂

  16. Munch says:

    Just re-confirmed that I love your weekend posts the most 🙂

  17. Sreetama says:

    How do u manage to have such action packed weekends every time? And so much food! OMG!!! Lucky !

  18. ARP says:

    Hey RM,

    A comment after a long time. Just to let you know I have read all your blogs, just have been plain lazy to leave a comment.

    You are great!!!! getting up at 5:30 am on Sunday!! Have you always been an early riser???
    You manage to pack up so many activities in a day. Hats of too you 🙂 And you say R is hyperactive …. now I see where she has got it from 😛 Hope you have a nice time shopping.

  19. Deepsi says:

    hey that once one nice weekedn spent!! mention of Loads of food and having a good time… ur daughter is a darling with all her mixed language makes it appear more cute!!

  20. anisnest says:

    is it kadava or kavada? pls to enlighten me with the meaning also my pyaari hindi teacher 🙂
    Err what does all these mean?
    “vagharofy the mamra”, “pakaoing” and “Sakaria nu shaak”

    you have to admit that I am a serious learner.. lol

    wishing you good luck lady.. Its for R na so you will get everything perfect..

    • R's Mom says:

      sorry..its kadava….Did I mis spell it…it means bitter 🙂

      Vagharofy the mamra – Refer my reply to Ashwathy
      pakaoing – irritating (Its slang typical mumbaiyya language)
      Sakaria nu shaak – sweetpotato subji 🙂


  21. Smitha says:

    Your weekends leave me breathless 🙂 How do you manage all this in two days????

    And the food! I end up drooling after reading all that!

    That door locking/unlocking thing – I do too – not that it is husband’s job – I kind of don’t check when he is around – assuming that his bulk will be enough to scare away burglars 😉 But when I am alone, I check a million times! I should do a post on my checking routine sometime 🙂

    So much of makeup-shakeup! Here they are very laid back – just do what you can is what they say – and that is what we do 🙂 Tomorrow, they are off to a field trip, dressed in Victorian clothes. Now where do I get anything Victorian in my house? So I had to order something from the internet – just so that she is not the only one – not in costume…

    • R's Mom says:

      The food was yummilicous 🙂

      hahahah you should do a post so that Ashwathy doesnt laugh at me anymore 🙂

      Victorian dresses – why would they want that…how will the kids play in the picnic 😦

      • Smitha says:

        No no – it is a trip to an old mill – from the victorian times. So the children will have fun being dressed like that too 🙂 The clothes are not so complicated- Just a dress and an apron and a frilly cap – quite easy for them to wear 🙂

        I will do that post sometime 🙂

  22. Seema says:

    Waiting for all the updates about how the annual day went. Hope you have some pictures for us.

  23. Seema says:

    Did she like Starfall?? *curious*

  24. Where are you today? All okay?

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  26. sev poori!!! mereko bhi!!! So much food in this post, I am feeling hungry now 🙂 And I had lunch only half hour back!!

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