Randomness Returns

Dear three ladies in the office – Everyone has cough..its in the air..Mumbai is cold and I sit right under the AC duct..which means I freeze for 8.5 hours a day…so if I run to the washroom which is a mile away from my desk, coughing , holding a tissue in my hand covering my mouth, it doesnt mean I have ‘good news’ to share..so next time ask me if I have cold before you wink at me and ask me ‘kuch good news hai kya’ okie?

Dear lady who is pregnant and doesnt want anyone to know – Seriously, I am being honest to you saying that ‘you walk pregnant‘ your tummy is not showing now as its only 3 months, but eventually it will…why do you think people wont understand..so whats the point of getting angry at the other lady who told the entire office about your pregnancy…I agree she was wrong, I would be bugged too, but now why do you want to break your head on it…you are pregnant babes, celebrate instead of sulking..the kid inside you will be happier eh?

Dear bus driver of the BEST bus #xyz – you are awesome boss! you actually WAIT for R to get off the bus on her own and dont crib about waiting too long…you encourage her to take one step at a time and say ‘acha kiya acha kiya’ AND wave good bye to her…I think you are definitely a child’s indulgent grandfather 🙂


Dear Man at the bus stop, smoking is bad for your health and please dont try and kill my daughter and me with it as well….we have ‘miles to go before we sleep and miles to go before we sleep’

Dear R, crying AFTER you made a mistake that too AFTER I scold you is really not the solution darling..because at the end of the day, I just get more bugged and scold you more and then you cry even more..whats the point…if you make a mistake, say sorry okie?


Dear Cake in the shop, no, no matter how seductively you look at me, I am not going to buy you and gain calories….and no matter how much you tempt my daughter with your brown smooth covering with a bright white design topped with cherry, I am not  buying you for her as well…you are becoming a bad habit Gah!

Dear RM, I know you are bugged at that uncle for printing your name on the card and more so as Smt RD….its bugging and irritating as if you dont have an identity of your own…but remember that love is the bottom line…he loves you equally, but is just following the norm which he has grown up with…no use feeling bad about such things..it just shows you over react to things which dont need a second thought!


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94 Responses to Randomness Returns

  1. hitchy says:

    you are one blogger who will allow me to be first in commenting thanks to your early morning posts ! 😀

  2. The bus driver sounds really grandfatherly 🙂
    This good news business has no sense of personal space!
    The cake sounds sinful.
    A hug to R.

  3. Shruti says:

    🙂 too groggy to come up with a sensible comment. Just wanted to say I was here.

  4. hitchy says:

    Dear R’s mom

    I loved these conversations with yourself 🙂 😛

  5. AT says:

    omg, did someone actually asked you if you were pregnant…I guess people are too busy poking their nose in other’s business..
    I loved the BEST bus driver incident 🙂

  6. summerscript says:

    3 ladies – Really they ask you for good news ??
    I love this BEST bus driver- I think he is the best bus driver!! 🙂
    Seeing so many “Men at the bus stop” everyday – Why don’t they understand 😦
    CAke- Don’t worry cake. I will buy you!!! 😀

  7. anisnest says:

    i came here to say me first 😦 😦 Its okay me second me second 🙂

  8. Pepper says:

    Babe, you can tell if a woman is 3 months pregnant. even if she is not showing, just by the way she walks? :O

  9. Seema says:

    Love the way you come with such random posts. Hugs to the one and only RM, not Smt.RD 😀

    PS: You did not post R’s Republic Day pic yet 😦

  10. anisnest says:

    RM – my eyes are burning now as I was writing, writing, writing for past one hour and just published one of my post.. I will read your post tomorrow morning and comment theek hai?

  11. anisnest says:

    looks like I am seventh 😦 😦 😦 **shaking my head** heavily.. bad very bad..

  12. uma says:

    hmm..poor ladies, they have nothing else to think about!
    How sweet of the driver..:-)

  13. Loved the bus driver’s act.. and really “grrrrrrr” for the 3 ladies at your office.. I have some similar ppl at my office too… irritates me to the core…Like I had to take sick leave on friday and on monday comes a reply for my mail from my team mate in Malaysia (a guy) asking if I am expecting… How do I get to explain without losing my temper!!!

    LOL @ the cake 😀 and R is still very young.. She will soon learn to say sorry… dont scold her…

  14. Don’t be mad at the 3 ladies, RM. They probably only mean it as some friendly banter to brighten up the monotonous atmosphere, though I agree they have no sense of private space.

    I too don’t get why some women are so passionately secretive about their pregnancies when it is anyway going to become public knowledge pretty soon. Doesn’t make sense.

    The BEST driver is really the best!

    Hehe I too get into this vicious circle sometimes–I scold kiddo–kiddo cries–I get mad,scold her some more–kiddo cries harder!!

    • R's Mom says:

      Well..actually they were asking in such a way that it bugged me 😦

      I dont mind the secrecy..my problem was with the mental tension she is taking..its not good for the baby na 🙂

  15. Gah to those 3 ladies who ask you for good news!!
    I really like the BESTest bus driver! 🙂 🙂
    At least R cries after you scold her, Keer coolly pours her medicine on the floor and begins crying even before I notice! What a way to escape the shouting-mom! 😀 Okay.. Now, DON’T SCOLD R okay! 😀

  16. Yasmeen says:

    You sure about the lip smacking cake, RM ?! 😛

  17. Smita says:

    Some good piece of advice to your colleagues 🙂 I wonder why some ladies ki life revolves around anticipating when somebody is having a baby! Some ladies need to chill and think beyond what they think!

    That bus driver uncle sounds so cute n sweet re!!!

    And yes stay away from the cake shop!!! Just have nain sukh 😀

    & I totally agree with ur advide to urself. Sometimes we do over react over things which shouldn’t matter much. Be happy with yuorself and be sure that you are being appreciated by people who matter the most for you rest all shouldn’t give you too much sweat 🙂

  18. garima says:

    Why is everyone in your office and apartment building behind you to share that good news with them…Seriously now I am getting bugged up ,so can imagine how you would be feeling 😦
    Gah to them..happy Weekend dear!!!!

  19. lifesong says:

    The BEST bus driver is sweet na 🙂
    I remember a couple of years back we were travelling by BEST bus and the conductor gave us the ticket. Cheebu wanted a ticket too 🙂 So he simply tore off the last non printed page of his ticket book (or whatever you call it), punched it and gave it to her. She was so happy 🙂
    LOL at the cake 🙂 What is it with these cakes? They keep smiling at me too all the time 🙂

  20. RM can’t you stuff the AC duct with the dupatta’s of the 3 ladies? so that you don’t freeze for 8.5 hours and that will keep the 3 ladies busy searching for their Abroo?? :mrgreen:

    R is a baby na…she has the right to bawl her lungs out! 🙄

    Haa cake? I just made a Tiramisu today…shall I sent you some pics of it? 👿 😈

    Ps: Thank you for posting before my bedtime 😛

    • R's Mom says:

      Errr…the AC duct is already covered with paper..and yet I freeze!!!

      you made Tiramisu AT HOME *Falls at feet, asks for blessings and then calls up RD to get RM Tiramisu right away*

  21. Swati says:

    Ha ha.. U make every little thing such a fun to read!
    Btw kids dont saybsorry that easily. Can tell u from experience.. 🙂

  22. Sreetama says:

    Lovely post RM! And don’t scold R! 😛 On R’s behalf, what I can say is, “Ye aansu nahi, auzaar hai!”!!!

  23. Smita T says:

    The Bus Driver was so cute :)…

    I agree with you, the Cakes are sinful…. and it is they who makes us buy them…

    Now I have to remember to not to (?) write Mrs. RD on the invitation card or anything I address to you… you wont get bugged 😉

  24. Ramya says:

    Dear bus driver of the BEST bus #xyz – Love this… waiting to see somebody like this here… And beware of scolding R… o many of us are here for her

  25. sheils says:

    loved your ramblings R’s mom 🙂
    keep rambling… 🙂

  26. Ashwathy says:

    @ The three ladies in your office: Pah!! They have nothing better to do in life eh? 🙄 Hey psst…this has nothing to do with our comments to you about babies okie? We are not like them at all right? :mrgreen: 😛

    @The lady who is pregnant: I am supporting her for this one. I think it’s upto her when she wants to break the news. Or maybe she is waiting for an occasion. She has a right to decide. Not have someone else spoil the fun, especially on such an issue. 😐 I feel like breaking the head of the other woman who blabbed it around office.

    @The driver of the BEST bus: He’s a gem 🙂

    @Man at the bus stop: Oh I’ve lost track of the number of psycho’s I’ve met 😐 who do that unmindful of KIDS standing around them!!

    @R’s mistake and crying: Did you tell her this patiently? Later? When you are both in a better mood? That would make sense.

    @Cake in the shop: Oh yeaaa I’ve a hard time resisting the bakeries. But been doing not too badly after all! 😀

    Smt RD?? Card, what card?? 😯 Ok I’m confused with this one….

    P.S.: This post should be mostly titled ‘Pet Peeves for the Day’. 😀 (except for the driver of the bus, rest of them fall into that category)

    • R's Mom says:

      arey you guys dont say like that na….those ladies..I was bugged at the way they said it 🙂

      Errr…yes R and I did speak about the crying and scolding later on…

      Arey one marriage ka card of a relative..it had our name printed on it…and I was like pakaoed and stuff..and I realised I was being stupid!

  27. Gayu says:

    Hehehehehe the 3ladies scene was…LOL..!!! I faced it the last week. We have a bus drop till station. The first two rows are reserved for Pregnant ladies. I sat on that seat for 2 days. The third day a lady asked me, whether I am pregnant. When I said no….her reply made me all the more irritated.
    She said, “Ur skin is glowing these days, and I guess u have put on weight also…and u sat on this seat…so i thought u were…err…”

    Wow…what an observation….!!!

    The BEST driver…Being Human:)
    The smoker…i feel like throwing them into a room, closing all t he doors an windows…and telling them to smoke for the whole day…lets see if they survive
    CAKE…hmmm…Samu doesn’t like cakes…for that matter she doesn’t have a sweet tooth(but we do love choclates)…but her MOM has:P
    Crying….ihmmm….m tired of it…even today morning i scolded her…then Samu cried…then I scolded her more…n then she complained to hubby…”Mama ne mujhe daanta….”

    How are u feeling now…take care…the climate is horrible…

    • R's Mom says:

      hahaha! chalo one thing good, your skin is glowing babes :):) people can be so weird, and draw conclusions I dont know what to say!!!

      Samu is not a cake person is it…she prefers spicy food?

      hahahha on mama ne mujhe daanta..she is a sweetie :):)

      Better now..thanks for asking..Muah

  28. Very new to your blog.. enjoy your writing…Interesting message to Dear Cake in the Shop 🙂

  29. Deepsi says:

    Wow hats off to the ideas n the way u post!! random yet very nice!!
    I wonder when will I get such unique ideas to post!!

    Like reading ur random posts!! 🙂

  30. ROFL post. Totally paisa-vasool 😉

  31. My era says:

    Loved the BEST bus driver incident 😀
    Just Ignore the souls who don’t respect others personal space and don’t think too much about that cake….or else you’ll end up craving for it in no time 😉
    Have a fantastic weekend RM 😀 😀

  32. Mummmmmmmmy!! You made the feed truncated.. now i have to come to the blog to read your posts… 😦

    please please revert back to full feed. i really like the daily posts.. pretty plz

    p.s: Too many things happ at my end. none good. how is R and R and R? 😀 Will call sometime this weekend

  33. i am with the 3 ladies – any good news??? 😛

  34. Laila says:

    Liked the post 🙂
    As for the preg lady, I think I am with her on this… she has the right to announce it when she is comfortable… it is too personal and no one else has the right to talk about it…
    Regarding the cake, I think it’s okay to simply enjoy the sin 🙂
    Hugs to R…

    • R's Mom says:

      oh of course she has the right to announce when SHE wants..but she is getting so upset that I am worried it will affect the baby..

      errr…I am enjoying the sin so much that the sin is sitting all around my tummy and bum 😦

  35. anisnest says:

    a big salute to the bus driver.. RM – pls act fast and make those 3 ladies words true 😀 then they can’t ask you like that na?
    I hate passive smoking.. I always hold my breath until I go away from the smoking person’s vicinity every time I cross them.. Note the point I say a person as most ladies here also smoke 😦
    Cake shop – there is one at our street corner and that tempts me any day but we ladies are strong na.. let’s take a pledge to never look at direction but I don’t know for how long..:(

  36. CA says:

    You can resist such a sinful cake. … WOW .. I am sure it would have been a hard test 🙂
    And regarding Smt.RD thing, agreed it bothers a lot, but I am glad you are able to see some positive in that, they included you because they love you.

  37. Tanishka says:

    The bus driver is soo sweet… 🙂
    And I totally agree with you on the cake shop thing…. They are so damn tempting but so fattening…

  38. Dear R’s Mom,

    If you write in this refreshingly different style you can’t prevent me from being attracted to your blog.
    I know you from your comments at IHM’s blog and also recently read all your TRBA blog entries and liked them a lot.
    This is my first visit here and I am sure it is not the last.
    Let me now catch up with a your recent previous posts.
    I will keep dropping by now and then.
    I hope I am not intruding here.


  39. Rajani Ram says:

    coming here after a long gap…. well it felt long for me… :-)… but awesome read as always… hope all is well with you and family….

  40. piyali says:

    cant help smiling/laughing while reading your posts.you are blessed with a great sense of humour.

  41. Scribby says:

    aww @ the bus driver 🙂 virtual hugs to him 🙂

    Cake eh? sigh the same story everywhere 😦 why are cakes so tempting ? or not why are we after loosing weight? 😛

    Ollle mella baccha R …tell her to count days when she is cranky next time 🙂 just few days and we’ll be face to face 🙂 YAY

    Awww R !! Hugs to you dear!

  42. Nikita says:

    How does one walk pregnant? Just curious to know !!!

  43. Nikita says:

    And about the cakes… dont even tell me about them. They are sinful. My office block has Barista counter at the ground floor, and god.. the Choc excell they serve…its beyond words…a frn got me addicted to them. And i just cant resist them, any stupid excuse and i m ready to gauge on them. The frn mentioned above is thinner than a paper and failef in all the attempts of gaining weight and I am just the opposite.. what shoud i say…thicker than the hardbound harry potter 7th book :P… so both of us hardly care about the calories it brings.
    They should not have such tempting counters near the reception if they want healthy employees. Not my mistake, the employers.

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