The Leap Year Baby

Thank you all for your comments on the previous post…definitely helpful 🙂

and now this is a short post (at least by my standards!) I wrote a few days ago..forgot to publish 🙂


I just realised a couple of days ago that its a leap year this year…*Groan* which means one additional day of work..

But then you know what…I always wanted to be a leap year baby born on Feb 29th…I mean how cool is that…

you celebrate your birthday once in four years, and then rest of the three years you can celebrate either on Feb 28th or on March 1st or both days (what you miss your birthday na!) depending on which day of the week it is…

and then of course even if you are 28 years old, technically you are still 7 years…isnt that awesome!

But…I cant actually decide my birthday na…I mean my parents wanted me in September so there I am 😦

and before you point out, yes I could have tried that with R..but things didnt fall in place and R was born in May..the last day of May Gah!

Again, if I were to have another child, I should have been pregnant now na..if I want the child to be born in Feb…unfortunately thats not the case..and then I can perhaps wait for another four years before the other kid, but that is..well…I dont know…one kid in 2008 and the other kid in 2016…thats just too far away 😦

THIS is why, I think you should be a good planner…I wish I had realised that 2012 was a leap year a bit earlier and accordingly adjust dates ahem ahem, to have a baby in Feb 😦

sometimes, even simple things like knowing the dates in advance have so many advantages 😦


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87 Responses to The Leap Year Baby

  1. caroline says:

    My mom is Feb 29 born.. and I can tell you she doesnt like her bday at all..we do try to make it as spl as possible… bt the yrs d date is nt thr we wish her on 28th feb and march 1st..

  2. Tharani says:

    Err how do i plan now. I cannot plan a baby after 4 years. That’s too long. May be i can have to get pregnant immediately so that i can have a baby this yr and plan for the next one in 2016. Cool na. AV where r u?;)

  3. sheils says:

    2016 may be late for a second child with a 8 year gap..but…2016 Feb may be right to have your third 🙂 🙂
    so, go ahead…you can still adjust the dates for the third time around (wink) (wink) 🙂 🙂

  4. Ramya says:

    how sad.. V 😉 missed it RM 🙂

  5. leapdaylady says:

    Well, I’m a Leap Day baby and I think it’s quite cool. But then, I don’t know life any other way than being born on Leap Day. When I was little it was confusing. I learned very little about it in school so as I got older and more curious about it I did my own research. Wow! I found out that February 29 is a very important day. As I got even older I wanted to find others “like me” so I started a birthday club in 1988 when I was 7 ;~D Then in 1997 I merged my little club with Peter Brouwers little club and we formed, what we think is, now, the largest internet birthday club with 10,000 members world wide. It’s the Honor Society of Leap Year Day Babies. (Caroline, maybe if your Mom joined – it’s free – she could read about others like her and maybe like it better?) We’re at and we’re not only a birthday club. We help people understand this extra day business; what it is and why it is. We help parents of little Leaplings understand their childs Leapness, and we help Leap Day babies understand what their birth day represents. It’s pretty fun really. We have the LEAP THIS shop where you can buy items with a Leap Year and Leap Day theme. Not only for those of us born on Leap Day, but for anyone who wants to celebrate Leap Day. Afterall, it’s not just our birthday, it’s everyone’s extra day. We encourage people to do something good with it :~)

    I Leap, therefore I am,
    Raenell Dawn,
    The Leap Day Lady
    The LEAP THIS Shop
    Anyone can be born in a Leap Year, we were born on Leap Year Day!

    • R's Mom says:

      Welcome here…and wow this is a LOT of information…I had no clue that there was a club and all that for Leap Year Day babies…its amazing to be born on Leap year day right 🙂

      • leapdaylady says:

        You got that right! I have lots of fun with my Leapness. I’ll be 13, again, this Leap Day. The first time I turned 13 I was entering into puberty. This time turning 13, I’m leaving puberty! Which I prefer. I never had the desire to reproduce. My husband and I mentor children. There are so many who don’t have postivit adults in their lives. It’s fun to be that for them :0)

  6. The first person who came to my mind when you said Feb 29th was Morarji Desai! When we were in school, we used to feel sad about him having to celebrate his birthday once in every 4 years. And you say it feels good? Really?!

    Then, if I am not wrong, this post is more about planning a baby, right?! **wink wink**

  7. summerscript says:

    and then of course even if you are 28 years old, technically you are still 7 years…isnt that awesome! — hehehe 😀

    *Groan* which means one additional day of work – You are saying this for feb 29th. My mother says this for every month which has 31 days!! And she is not working!! 😛

  8. Smita T says:

    I should have known that you wanted a Leap Year baby… then I could have coaxed you in having another very lovely daughter…. 😉

  9. Ashwathy says:

    Here you go again!!! You are dropping hints left, right and centre! 😛 😛

    I will just await the good news from you. Oh, don’t worry. Try for Feb 28, 2013. And then you can always go around telling others WHAT IF it had been 2013!! 😀 😀

    My sis-in-law’s kid was born on April 2nd…. missed it by a day and thank goodness!!

  10. lifesong says:

    What you wanted to be born on 29th Feb? I wouldn’t want it at all. Imagine celebrating your B’day on the actual day only once in 5 years.
    On a different note a colleague of mine wanted to get married on 29th Feb. His logic was that way he would have to give gifts to his wife only once in 4 years for their wedding anniversary 🙂

  11. RS says:

    Hehehehe! Couldnt hold myslf back from commenting to this one! 😀 You SHOULD have planned better na? ;-P

    And I have a friend who is a Feb 29th born and he keeps saying he is still a young boy married with a daughter now 😀

  12. Seema says:

    If you had expressed such desire some time back, all of your loving, well-meaning readers would have flooded you with reminders and plans of action to aid you achieve it 😀 However whatever happens, happens for good. Who knows, had your plans of giving birth to R on 29th Feb materialized, she might as well be found frowning on her mom’s choice of date 😦

    I would never want my birthday to be 29th Feb. You are the first person I’ve come across who craves to be a leap year baby 😀

  13. Smitha says:

    You might have been lucky that you did not plan that much in advance. For all you know the baby might have cursed you for making her miss three birthdays before she gets her proper birthday:)

  14. Ahem ahem…you have been dropping too many hints lately. Some good news in certainly in the offing 🙂

  15. uma says:

    oye, doesn’t you are just giving excuses for not planning R2, we are not taking any..;-) and I think I’ll go with what sheils said above..*wink wink*…:-D

  16. Bikram says:

    hmm chalo theek hai.. you have FOUR years to plan it out now … mission feb 2016 🙂 theek hai na

    and best will be that year you wont have to work extra one day 🙂 you will be home too.. seeeeeeeeee ek aur faida …

  17. Smita says:

    Gah! too much planning happening here for things which happen unplanned and no I am not talking about the plan that you are planning for RS (R’s sibling :D) but I am clearly talking about you know what 😀
    *wink* *wink**wink* *wink*

  18. My era says:

    Well I am trying to see the in-depth desire of having a second baby soon….don’t worry if you missed on 29th Feb…..the next target date can be 14th November 😉 😉 The nine month before that date is super cool…..valentine’s day of a leap year 😀 😀 😀

  19. TPL says:

    My friend is a leap year baby and he says he never liked it as a kid as his bday came once in four years unlike his friends’. But now he thinks it’s cool 🙂
    My son was due on Feb 17th. And I was hoping he would be born one of these days: Feb 13-bff’s bday
    Feb 15-another close friend’s bday
    Feb 17-actual due date
    Feb 19-his great grand dad’s bday
    Feb 21-president’s day

    And then he was born on Feb 14th which I completely missed was Val day 🙂

  20. anisnest says:

    hmm.. looks like you are still in the planning phase.. wishes to get into the next phase soon RM 😉

  21. Hmmm…a very thought provoking post RM!! I mean it is making my brain churn madly and calculate and recalculate the exact date one should get hold of the husband to pop out a baby exactly on Feb 29th 👿 :mrgreen:

  22. hitchy says:

    you are truly addicted to blogging ! 😛 😛 😛

    Whilst I am not good at advises I just read it up in the last post ! 🙂

  23. Sreetama says:

    Nice thought but honestly, I would not like my baby’s birthday on Feb 29 or marriage anniversary! I have a friend whose b’day is on Feb 29. She is pretty cool & sings “I’m just 4 years old!” We celebrate her b’day on March 1 or Feb 28.

  24. Suba says:

    Super post :)…one thumbs up for the 3rd kid idea ;P

  25. I knew a couple of people born on the 29th and they celebrated their birthdays on the 28th. A friend of mine and her partner are expecting a baby and since it is going to be a caesaerean section delivery (due to her partner’s health), she asked the doctor if they could choose to deliver the baby on the 29th. The doctor told her not to be so cruel! 😛 So now the baby will be born in March…

  26. I know a child born on Feb 29.
    But they still manage to celebrate his birthdays every year on the correct date!
    How come?
    For birthdays, they follow a different calendar and celebrate what we in South India call the Star Birthday.
    This date is not the same as the date in the Gregorian Calender.

    I never thought so much about the implications of having Feb 29 as the date of birth.
    What do governments do when they wish to decide the retirement date of a person born on Feb 29?
    Can a clever lawyer argue and get him a bonus of a few years extra service till the 29th comes around next?
    Or do they use Feb 28 ?
    Or March 1?
    In some cases in Government service even one day can affect the fortunes and careers of some other Government employee.
    I mention this as a similar date of birth issue has been the subject of a dispute between our Government and the Army Chief.

    What do Insurance companies, banks etc do with a person doing a critical transaction on Feb 29?
    If the first LIC premium was paid on Feb 29, then the next premium falls due on Feb 28 or March 1 ?
    This can make a legal difference in deciding if someone has defaulted on his premium payment and may even affect a claim.
    A fixed deposit made on Feb 29 for two years say with instructions to credit the matured amount to a savings bank account, matures on Feb 28 or on March 1?
    This may decide if an account holder has enough funds in his account to honour a cheque that has been issued or whether the cheque will bounce.
    Just wondering.

    • R's Mom says:

      yaa MIL also always celebrates RD’s star birthday only…his real birthday, they often forget to even wish him 🙂 but his star birthday has a lot of yummy stuff like payasam, and Ganapati homam prasadam and stuff 🙂

      I think in Govts they use March 1st….I have read it something *Cant remember where*

      hahahah now you caught me..I dont know about LIC and stuff….but most likely March 1st would be the date they would consider right?

      You sure got my thoughts clicking..and I wrote the post only at the point of celebrating birthday with pomp :):)

  27. Scribby says:

    ROFL RM 🙂 you’re a cracker didn’t I tell you already 🙂

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