The Weekend It Was – In Mails and Pictures

It all started with this set of emails 

From: RD

Sent: Tuesday, January 24, 2012
To: RM
Subject: 5 hints


I will be giving you 5 hints regarding our weekend destination, lets see if you get it right before we reach there, if you do, you will get a surprise gift.

Hint 1 – This is a stopover on the way


From: RM
Sent: Tuesday, January 24, 2012
To: RD
Subject: RE: 5 hints 

Oye…what is this..a game or what Gah! 

Okie wait..I know this is the McDs at Panvel…am I right???


From: RD
Sent: Tuesday, January 24, 2012
To: RM

Subject: RE: 5 hints 

Yes Hint 1 answered successfully – 4 more to go..come on you can do it and grab the gift…


From: RM
Sent: Tuesday, January 24, 2012
To: RD
Subject: RE: 5 hints 

Abey where is the second one????


From: RD
Sent: Tuesday, January 24, 2012
To: RM
Subject: Hint 2 

Agla Sawaal – doosre hint ke liye

Kya aap taiyar hain 

Yeh lijiye – hint – lal syaahi mein 

This Place is an industrial town in the Indian state of Maharashtra, at the base of the Sahyadri mountains. Patalganga River flows through here.

A colonial source describes this place as follows:

The Bhore ghaut is formed of a succession of lofty emminences, towering above each other, the last of which attains a height of 2000 feet (610 m) above the level of the sea. Its outline at a distance is bold and imposing; it presents a plane or table summit, with ranges of stupendous hills beyond, with the sublimity of which Europe possess little that is analogous, at its foot stands the small and romantic village, which has a noble tank appertinent and a Hindoo temple, both built by Nana Furanvese (the Peishwa’s prime minister) at his individual expense.


 From: RM

Sent: Tuesday, January 24, 2012
To: RD
Subject: RE: Hint 2 time words change karna Wikipedia se ‘’ 

You are talking to someone for whom secondary research is part and parcel of the 8 hours at work….come on you can do better than giving me such copy paste hints

Its Khopoli isn’t it? 


From: RD

Sent: Tuesday, January 24, 2012
To: RM
Subject: RE: Hint 2 

Yes it is 

Let me search for a very hard 3rd hint


AFTER WHICH HE GAVE UP…He calls me and says…I cant think of anything so basically I will let you know where we are going J

So we went to ‘Big Red Tent’ ( which is at Khopoli…for a ‘hold your breath’ night of camping…. 

You know I am a big fan of Enid Blyton…I used to love reading her secret seven and famous fives where the kids would go camping, live in tents and sleep in sleeping bags, eat dry sandwiches and stuff…well I did just that….its like living your bookish imagination to reality… 

I should at this point be expected to fall on RD’s feet and thank him and all that…errr…lets say we just fought with each other very well before the trip…so that he knows that his wife hasn’t changed and somethings are just permanent in life 🙂 

I wont write too much..because I have loads of pictures (RD has become an expert in blog picture taking 😉 )

But RM is RM and always has to write something!  

Some stuff to realize 

1)      I am very very bad at navigation…in no life trust me to take you to the right place…I managed to ‘read’ the instructions on the email on RD’s phone and yet lose us into wilderness…well..what do I say…it’s a special gift 😉

2)      RD is a cool guy…he doesn’t panic…well..I knew that…I just witnessed it in reality when we got lost J

3)      Our car is rugged…it didn’t puncture on the dirt road!

4)      Camping is the funnest thing in the whole wide world..the thing better to that is sleeping in a sleeping bag…ekdum superb!!!

5)      When you spend 10 minutes of silent time with your child sitting by a lake which is tranquil and talk to her about the ducks swimming by, there is little more you want in life after that

6)      When you tell your child that you have been foolish enough NOT to get maggi for her and she has to eat roti and sugar, and she cries a bit but then nods her head in understanding and says ‘amma I will not ask for maggi’ you realize that your kid is getting older now!

7)      When you wet your feet in the clean water of the lake, and realize its cold, the sensation is something that you will definitely remember for a long long time

8)      When you don’t get up on time the next day to go on the trek as organized, but go on your nature walk with your family, its one of the best walks you have had in your life

9)      You discover what marshmallows are thanks to a 5 and 6 year old who are kind enough to share them with you and teach you how to burn them slightly J

10)   Vegetarian barbeque is awesome…we had ‘corn on cob, paneer, capsicum, mushrooms, jacketed potatoes and sweet potatoes’ follow it up with a simple dinner of amazing dal, rice, roti, dash of lime and sprinkle of coriander with pudina chutney and you feel you dined with the Gods…until, you get up the next day for a breakfast with is absolutely delicious missal made from sprouts with onions, lime and coriander and awesome egg burji..then you have definitely dined with the Gods

11)   You help a mother carry a wet child over a difficult track and then she gives maggi to your daughter because they have extra..thats a wonderful feeling of oneness in the camp

12)   When the 5 and the 6 year olds wait for your child to pick up her water bottle from the car and then go ahead on the night walk where they teach her how to hold the torch correctly…awesome J

13)   When you realize that though the people along with you are really rich, they are not show offs and are ready to teach you the right way to camp

14)   When you realize that during the nature walk, you see an actually huge spider web and look at it at awe and then your child relates it to a book you read for her..well see all the reading has some advantage

15)   Such trips definitely make you realize that RD is good with surprises…it was the most wonderful gift I got in a long time (We will momentarily forget the kindle and the Harry Potters!) 

Check out some pictures..

By the Lake I stand alone facing the world

Throwing stones into the water with Bhaiya

Amma teaches me how to walk (Into the water)

Lying on the hammock is the coolest thing eh


Look at Amma snuggling next to me 🙂


Amma shows me the tent while I wonder when I can eat that packet of chips


Appa and his photography!


We walk along the untrodden ways


Me and my Dad make the best pair in the world


Spider Spider where are made your web and left it too?


Crunching on the dry leaves is the bestest sound on earth 🙂


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69 Responses to The Weekend It Was – In Mails and Pictures

  1. hitchy says:

    first to I must claim this spot… !!

    Second is lovely pictures…

    third is let me read the post now ! 😛

  2. Pepper says:

    Your name is visible in one of the emails. Do you want to take it off?

  3. hitchy says:

    This is so wonderful and wht a bright idea… yesterday I and hetal were thoroughly bored this weekend … so many times we asked what to do and then she would get busy surfing channels and me on my scrabble in laptop… gee… !!!

    this throws up so many new ideas… I told her we need to plan for our Sundays… ! so that we dont get bored by the evenings after hogging heavy lunches ! 😛

    🙂 something she must read… !

  4. Pepper says:

    Aweesomeeee! One more placed bookmarked. Thank you thank you! 😀 Did I already tell you I think you have a very exciting life?

    • R's Mom says:

      Thanks rey…took out the name :):) This is what happens when I load too many pictures..and thats why my blog is more about words than pictures 🙂

      Errr…very exciting eh?

  5. Seema says:

    Wow whattay weekend re!

    Loved the pics… I’m sure you would be feeling Monday blues today again after such a serene, close to nature expedition.

    In the pic where ‘Amma teaches R to walk in water’, you hair IS like crow hair…. LOL 🙂

  6. VJ says:

    Sounds like an awesome trip !!
    What was the reason for surprise?
    and you purple top is very nice !

  7. uma says:

    gosh! awesome so jealous now! you must have had a lovely time…
    beautiful pics!

  8. The pics are beautiful ! I’ve added Khopoli to my list of must-visit places. RD is definitely very good at surprises *gropes for the mobile to tell hubby about it all* !!

  9. Scribby says:

    aww @ me and my dad make the best pair in the world 🙂 🙂 🙂

    P.S. you’re no way FAT! stop calling yourself that,okay? 😛

    Loved the pics..though honestly I’ve to read those pointers…will comment again on reading them 🙂

  10. Archana says:

    I love this post! First, the mail exchanges are very romantic 🙂 and you write as you talk. There are very little things you need line was classy 🙂 Much love to R!

  11. Ramya says:

    When you spend 10 minutes of silent time with your child sitting by a lake which is tranquil and talk to her about the ducks swimming by, there is little more you want in life after that – Really true..

    Woooow… such a sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet surprise gift… Lucky you RM (Jealous) … and how dare u fight with RD (scornful look)

  12. You love Enid Blyton too?? 🙂 I still read them…and have a copy of the Faraway Tree series near my bedside table 🙄

    You catch a plane and come over here and we can camp together in the wilderness and err maybe we can get to say “Hello how do you do?” to a bear 😳

    The pics are awesome and ahem you have a sexy back :mrgreen:

  13. Deeps says:

    That was such a lovely account of a super-duper surprise gift! BTW *same pinch same pinch on the love for Secret Seven, famous Five, etc. :). I heart Enid Blyton too! And same pinch again for picking up a fight before leaving for a trip…I have majored in that art BTW 😛

    I loved the mail exchanges bet you and RD! Hilarious you two are!

    ‘amma I will not ask for maggi’- aww, R is a darling! Sometimes you really wish they wouldnt grow up so fast, dont you 😦

    Was this a cold place? Then wetting your feet in cold water in the cold weather must have been even more thrilling an experience, nahi?

    Beautiful snaps, all of them!

    • R's Mom says:

      Same pinch on two accounts..= soooper 🙂

      It was pretty cold there…RD toh was ready to swim, I was like nothing doing..just my feet, not beyond that 🙂

      thanks thanks…RD is the photographer 🙂

  14. You guys are awesome 😀

  15. garima says:

    Wow what an adventureous weekend you had :-)Nature walk cool really looks like you lived a life the one depicted in books 🙂
    Loved all the pics and aww on ‘amma I will not ask for maggi’ so cute…
    And spider wala thing after a story writer you have become a poet too 🙂
    Advance wishes dear!!!!

  16. Vidya says:

    Wowie! Sounds exciting! I have never camped so far! Good you had fun and R also enjoyed 🙂
    The photographer has done a great job!!

  17. Bikram says:

    wow.. next time when you come to uk bring “R” with you and RD tooo .. there are some beautiful places here for camping and its like heaven on earth .. up north
    but this one where you went awesome , I am a outdoor person and let me tell you it is FUN .. real fun camping ..

    R had fun there lovely jubley ..

  18. Smita says:

    Ah!!! Now I will show this link to my hubby to give him ideas 😉

    And nice set of pics!! And let me tell you, YOU ARE NOT FAT. OK!!! U shud see me and u will change ur definiton of fatness 😀

  19. zephyr says:

    When you told me RD has a surprise for you, even I didn’t imagine this! You must have had the most wonderful weekend and what pics! The lake one confirms RD as a great photographer. And R is so cute, even i can’t see her lovely face. And of course RM too!! btw, why did it again become the weekend it was?

  20. Laila says:

    How wonderful… Awesome surprise you got…
    The descriptions reminded me of a certain point in Lonavla… We drove to that point a few years back… it was one of those rainy rainy and extremely foggy days. I remember getting down from the car and walking into the fog having no idea what lies ahead… absolutely wonderful location it was…
    I don’t know why I am blabbering here… but, thanks for bringing back those memories…
    As usual, very nice post and nice pictures too…

  21. My era says:

    Loved….loved…loved this post and the energy with it all started in form of those beautiful e-mails. Camping is awesome fun any day and any place for that matter when you have such awesome company 😀 😀
    Important lesson learnt, always keep stock of Maggi with kids around (for I rarely, say once in two years eat Maggi myself)

  22. anisnest says:

    wowwww awesome weekend that was 🙂 camping is always in my list but didn’t get to it yet.. someday for sure.. that’s so cute of RD to give surprise and all.. R’s kudumi is the attraction for me in every photo 🙂

  23. Smitha says:

    RD is such a sweetheart to arrange all this 🙂

    You guys had such a brilliant time! I so want to go camping again! We used to go – a long time ago – 10 years ago – to be precise, when we were in Bangalore. We used to have so much fun! Reading your account makes me want to go camping again!!! So much fun!

    R is a real sweetheart!

    And I love Enid Blytons too! I grew up on a staple diet of them – until I discovered other authors 🙂 I still read them – I am sad 😦

    And you call yourself fat??? I should go and hide myself somewhere 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      oh yes we had total fun…come to India and we can go camping together..what say?

      The photographer was kind enough to click me in the non fat position 🙂

  24. popbiscuit says:

    Lovely! Camping with family is on my to do list and for some reason harder to do when they visit the US for a month.We end up flying to some city and doing a lot of the touristy stuff instead.
    Looks like we can do it close to home now – when we are in Bombay next!

    • R's Mom says:

      I know I is difficult when folks come in only for a month..there is so much more do to do na…but time you come here…go to this place..its awesome

  25. Ashwathy says:

    Sounds like a super awesome weekend……!! Or should I say it’s even better than the weekend I had? 😉 Hehhe 😀

    Hmm thanks for giving me a new destination to check out!! 🙂

  26. Aabha Midha says:

    That was a lovely surprise and a lovely get away.
    Some gr9 pics you have uploaded. Inspired me to go camping.

    thanks for sharing this brilliant idea with mother nature!

  27. Swaram says:

    Ayyo we just cancelled our Shillong trip – were supposed to fly sday, and nw I see this post 😦
    Sounds so much fun!:D And ofcos U R NT FAT! Hmmpf!

    Lovely family bonding time *kala-tika*

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