Potatoes and Tomatoes – The Story Teller in Me – 5 and 6

Potato Story

SnS this one is for you

The story of the potato..

SnS in her comment on the Bhindi story asked me  I wonder what story you’ll come up with if she asked about potato! 😀 :D’

So one day the vegetables all were showing off on what is better in them and what is better in them

The palak said ‘ look at me..I am nice and green..I have tons of iron and most mothers ask their children to eat me..and I am so yummy with a dose of paneer.’

The bhindi said ‘arey look at me….everyone loves me when I am nice and fried or even when I am filled with masala..and most mothers make their children eat me because I provide the right nutrients for brain development…you know RM’s patty used to tell her to eat bhindi because she would become good in maths’ *Errr…but RM didnt eat me well..thats why her maths is so bad!*

The cauliflower said ‘ arey I am supposed to be a cancer growth of the cabbage, but I am nice and flowery…you can make yummy manchurian out of me and I provide the right amount of vitamins and other nutrients to the body’

The tomato said ‘arey look at me juicy and red..and I make the basis of so many gravies..so I am the best’

Slowly all the vegetables were showing off their qualities and then someone started laughing at the potato…hahahahah potato look at you..lumpy and without shape and a dull brown colour..and once your skin is removed you cant even keep yourself white…

The potato was sad for a while and then he thought..arey why not…I am great too..didnt God tell me that everyone has a special quality hidden in them…

So the potato said..wait wait wait vegetables….without me, most of you would taste bland..I provide substance and richness to all the veggies made in this world..what about boiled potato..thats so good for health..and fried potato chips or fingers..everyone loves them..and I am added to  most bhaji to provide that extra zing…so what if I am lumpy and brown, I am so easy to cut…you can even use me with my skin..I am the first choice if there is no other veggie at home and most people add me to all bhajis…you dont need to store me in the fridge and I can stay good for days together…you can fry me, boil me, roast me, toast me, make parathas out of me and make yummy bhaji out of me…and being white is not everything in life….even if I turn black, my taste is just as yummy…I am so cool!

and then all the vegetables felt bad for making fun of the potato..they said ‘we are sorry potato, you are right..you are definitely an important part of the kitchen’

The potato said ‘arey all of us are important and we all have our good qualities….no one is superior to anyone..God made all of us different and gave us special qualities because we all are special’

All the vegetables were happy and clapped their hands at the potato..

so there you go SnS..Is this upto your satisfaction?


and Tharani this one is for you

since you wrote in the previous post that ‘RM do you love me too, i want a tomato story’

In very early times, tomatoes were rock solid which needed to be cut like you cut apples and wood apples..

One day a tomato was sitting very sadly by the fruit market…so God came and asked him..what happened tomato why are you so sad?

Tomato said, you know bhagwan, the vegetables say I am a fruit and the fruits say I am a vegetable…finally both the groups dont seem to want me…I have no friends 😦

So God says ‘arey tomato dont you understand  you are unique…you can blend with the fruits also and you can blend with the vegetables also’

Tomato says ‘but God, I dont want to be unique, I want to be a part of a group…I hate being alone…

So God says ‘is that so? are you sure?

Tomato says ‘yes yes…I want to be a part of some group’

God says ‘okie Tomato so I am going to change you into a soft, slightly sour vegetable which will form the basis of all curries and you will be renowned in the world for giving colour and substance to the food world’

Tomato was very happy he said ‘saachmein God, you will do it?

God says ‘yes yes, but you must promise that you will happily blend with any vegetable, while you can retain your taste, you will promise to enhance the taste of the other vegetable and if you are mixed with onion and ginger and garlic, you will not act pricey

Tomato agreed..he said of course of course God, thank you So much

so when the tomato went to meet up with the vegetables, they were very surprised to see his appearance…wow tomato you have become nice and soft and you even taste a bit sour…

The vegetables then started fighting that with whom will the tomato blend the best as a gravy..the cauliflower said with me, while the peas said with me, the bhindi said no no with me…

The tomato was very happy so he said wait wait friends, I like all of you…I promise that whoever takes me with you for making a curry, I will blend with all of you….anyone can add tomato to their curry for a tangy taste and I promise no vegetable will taste bad with a dash of tomato…

And so the tomato became popular and he became great friends with all the vegetables 🙂

Happy Tharani?


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83 Responses to Potatoes and Tomatoes – The Story Teller in Me – 5 and 6

  1. summerscript says:

    I totally totally love it!!Seriously you can write a book RM!
    What creativity !! I love you. Please tell me you love me too! 🙂

  2. Love your stories 🙂 Tomato originally came from Mexico or some country in South America, no?

  3. That is such an innovative and fun way to make kids understand the importance of different veggies. Must say u are an amazing story teller.

  4. AT says:

    you can make kids eat their veggies 🙂 write a book..

  5. Seema says:

    Awww *falls at RM’s feet, gets up ans salutes*

    Both stories are wonderful RM. Mmmmuah to you!

    How is R now??? (When is the Independence Day …Err… Republic Day celebration in her school?)

  6. OMG!!You are too much I say.
    I just loved these 2 stories. BTW I loved yesterday’s Bhindi one also.
    I am inspired to eat more veggies after reading your stories 🙂

  7. OMG.. RM.. Now I am really falling at your feet! This is so…. A.W.E.S.O.M.E! I never thought you can come up with such stories. And that with morals. OMG. I am still reeling under it.. You are super RM. Really!! R is so lucky.

  8. Loving all these stories RM… Wonderful they are.. as others are proposing, do consider writing a story book, i will buys in 100s only for me 😀 I love stories.. and now yours are too good!

  9. varsha says:

    super stories RM. Reading them is fun :). You should write a collection of these stories as a book.

  10. garima says:

    AMAZING stories RM with beautiful moral..You really write well .Tell me how does R reacts to these stories,am sure soon even she will start spinning such cute stories 🙂

  11. AA_Mom says:

    Super awesome! Have been reading you for a while now, but this is real nice.

    So far I have told the story of Baingan to my kids, I am definetely going to share the potato story

  12. Sreetama says:

    RM! U r a rockstar when it comes to story telling, be it for children, or for grown ups! You should seriously consider writing a book! I love your stories!

  13. Shruti says:

    haha.. Very creative.. 🙂 loved them all

  14. uma says:

    seriously RM, you’re gifted with some story-telling creativity. Why don’t you make a blog-page of these stories? You should seriously consider this as your alternate profession..it will be fun and maybe lucrative too!

  15. Jay says:

    Cool stories, R’s mom. 😀

  16. Swarna says:

    Wow, very sweet stories R’s mom 🙂
    Hope R is doing fine now.

  17. zephyr says:

    Arrey, the stories are great but lot less fun than when R asks her all-important questions and you scold her to eat/go potty/dress/or stand still 😀 That adds to the spice and fun. So chalo chalo, rewrite them both now. 🙂

  18. sheil says:

    OMG!!! You are really a tale spinner!!
    First time in your blog and loved it!!
    Will definitely be looking forward to reading you 🙂

  19. lifesong says:

    RM you are really so creative. Loved loved reading all your stories 🙂
    You should seriously consider writing a book for children. They are going to love it 🙂

  20. bikram says:

    Wow… This reminds me of a play I was a potato .. I played the part. And the dialogue was on similar theme.. I was in 5th class then..

    Enjoyed the stories..

  21. Vidya says:

    Where are your feet lady! *doing a saashtaang namaskar and all that*! I mean you can write kids literature so spontaneously! Send them to some publishers ok?!

  22. My era says:

    You can make any kid fall in love with veggies…very good stories RM 😀 😀
    Someday if Pari will refuse to eat any vegetable or fruit, I’ll quickly tell her to read your story as a proof that I am not the only one telling her that this vegetable/fruit is very good 😉 😉

  23. Gayu says:

    fantastic….what are you doing in your office RM….ur talent is wasted there. Ur an AMAZINGGGG story teller ya…I can imagine you telling stories with that special effects…and noises…and making those faces…to amuse children….

    WOW…!! I am enjoying it….
    R is cho luckyyyyy


  24. Ramya says:

    Acho RM… mother of all!!! Can say any vegetable story and make us eat them.. wow… become my momma!! 🙂

  25. Most kids will start developing feelings for the veggies if they read this yaar. Forget kids,me too. Sniff sniff.
    Too good.

  26. dipali says:

    I love your stories:)

  27. Laila says:

    hehe… very nice story again…
    I guess I will also come up with a request soon… Wait for it 🙂

  28. Smitha says:

    Stop relating all these stories here 🙂 Go send it to a publisher – they will fight with each othetr to offer you a book deal 🙂 What fun stories, RM! You are a proper storyteller 🙂

  29. anisnest says:

    awestruck RM.. you and only you can come up with such nice and moral stories.. hats off lady and falling at your feet too..

  30. Pepper says:

    I will book mark these posts for future references 🙂

  31. Awesome!! i am speechless, RM ! What imagination ! Your stories are much better than the ones in those fancy story-books. R is lucky to have such a wonderful tale-spinning Mom 🙂

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