The StoryTeller in Me – 4 – How the Bhindi Got its Crown

Disclaimer: Non Parents DEFINITELY can skip this one!!

I know I know…I am turning into some sort of a chumma  random story teller machine

I wonder how R comes up with the weirdest of requests…Amma, zara ek story bolna she says and when I start to say one story, she says ‘amma, never finish hone wali story..long story’ and I am like ‘oye I dont know anything like that’ and she is like ‘acha amma, abhi bhindi ka story bolo’

RM: Bhindi?
R: yes yes amma, mereko bhindi very much (Basically I like bhindi very much)
RM: I know I know, but I dont know any bhindi story
R: amma, mereko bhindi venam..story venam (Amma, I want bhindi, I want story)

RM: Errr..okie…so one day all the vegetables were having a party
R: Kya party amma, new year party?
RM: yes, new year
R: like apna building ka party?
RM: yes yes

so all the vegetables were having a party and the bhindi was very upset because he didnt have anything different to wear…he didnt want to be green in colour

So he told God, ‘I want a different colour’

God said ‘but you are green, so beautiful and pretty’

Bhindi said ‘but I want to be purple like the brinjal, or red like the tomato, why am I so green, its such a common colour, and then most leafy vegetables are green’

So God said ‘but beta you are lovely in what you are and  you have such lovely qualities, most children like R like you so much…’

But bhindi was very upset..he said ‘but God, I want something different, you gave everyone something different na…so even I want something different’

R: Phir kya hua amma, uska colour change ho gaya?

RM: no no, then God said okie…I will give you something special..and God made a lovely crown which was green matching in colour with the bhindi’s colour with a long tall pointed head and lovely design…and Bhindi was very happy..he said God God wow my crown looks so beautiful and God was like now are you happy..and bhindi said ‘yes yes very happy..thank you God’

and Bhindi goes to the party with his crown and everyone says ‘wow Bhindi you are look so pretty…we loved your crown’

and the Bhindi was very happy

R: oh wow!

RM: yes yes now wear your socks

and so thats how the bhindi got his crown *rolls eyes*


For all who asked about R’s cough – thanks 🙂

but its still there…the kiddo is back to the asthma mode huffing and puffing her way through…but insistent she wants to go to school…no fever so I sent her…hopefully the doc will give her something strong today evening…


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68 Responses to The StoryTeller in Me – 4 – How the Bhindi Got its Crown

  1. Superb story RM… wow wow wow!! you are such a great story teller now 🙂 Convey my “get well soon” wishes to R.. hugs to her!!

  2. But RM, why should non-parents skip this again??? I loved it so so much!

  3. zephyr says:

    Lovely story, but the cough is worrying. Take care.

  4. Seema says:

    Standing ovation to RM’s creativity!!! Wow, I’m in awe RM.

    Hugs to R. Hope she gets well soon.

  5. Wow.. RM.. Your imagination is awesome.. Bhindi has a crown is it?! Super! I wonder what story you’ll come up with if she asked about potato! 😀 😀

    And give a big hug to R. Her cough will be better in some time, okay!

  6. summerscript says:

    Clap! Clap! Clap! for the story RM 🙂
    Hope R feels better soon!! Take care!!

  7. Chaitali says:

    I must appreciate the story teller in u… 🙂 I think u can write children story books…atleast sm mum’s like u don’t have to break their head on making up stories..

  8. garima says:

    Oh wow what a wonderful story teller you have become RM…you spin stories instantaneously 🙂
    I hope R gets better soon…loads of hugs to her (chalo ek hug aapko bhi diya :-))

  9. SreetamaS says:

    That’s a lovely story with a wonderful moral that you should be happy with the way you are & even if you are not, you can always deck yourself up with small little things around which makes you different! 🙂 I also know a bhindi story! Will tell R when I meet her! 😉

  10. Ramya says:

    Thats really a sweeeeeet story RM.. forget R, even I loved it 😉 Pray God R gets better without getting worse

  11. uma says:

    wow..story with a moral n all..very panchantra-kinds..:-)
    Good going RM!

  12. Bikram says:

    ohhhh not good.. how is the little one now..get well soon R.

    And hey Rm Rm Rm mere lo bhindi very much toooo.
    Loved the story…

  13. Awwwwwww such a nice story! So cute – you really should write short stories R’s mom so that kids like R, me etc can read them!

  14. Keerthana says:

    Hehe…smart kid 😀

  15. Keerthana says: kid!..She makes you spin such

  16. My era says:

    Wonderful story like always 😀 😀
    Hoping R gets well soon 🙂 ….give my love to the little princess and her story-teller mum

  17. RS says:

    You know I have heard a similar story about Baingan getting a crown and a thorn…Not sure if my mom cooked it up for me or was it popular..
    Your story telling skills are great.. I remember my daughter used to ask such stories..I remember one about safety pins.. Thankfully daughter has passed the age and son does not bother..
    Take care of the cough.

    • R's Mom says:

      yaa is it? I am not sure if I have heard it….but I guess when we spin stories, we obviously take inspiration from a lot of stuff around us heard sometime somewhere…share the story of the safety pin will ya?

  18. NBose says:

    Wow Rocking RM….I am saving all these stories in my kitty to tell Mishti later (copy right is always yours…;-))

    Take care of R’s cough.

  19. Laila says:

    As usual, very nice story again… I wish I could listen to R talk first hand… she sounds (from the words i read) so so adorable….

  20. Tanishka says:

    Only you could come up with a story on bhindi… 😀 Just how you make such stories so spontaneously…??? 🙂

    Lots of hugs to R… Get well sooonnn baby…

  21. anisnest says:

    wowww RM.. superb story.. its no joke to spin a story in no time that too with specific objects.. a pat on your back.. keep up the good work lady..
    R will get better soon.. take care

  22. AT says:

    nice story RM… you have a talent 🙂 write a book…

  23. 🙂 So this is where the tomato and potato stories began 🙂 Nice!

  24. smvlm says:

    My daughter also 3 years old wanted me to tell her “fan and chair” story recently. How i wish i could be as creative as you. Loved all your stories:)

  25. man…I am beginning to like your stories SO much that I’m planning to recommend them to my sister to read to her son who pesters her for stories !

    By the way, what happened to the book idea I’d suggested sometime back? Did you think about? I’m serious! I think more people will benefit if you publish instead of waiting for R to grow up and do it 😀
    PS: I will buy the book R’s amma. I pwomise.

    • R's Mom says:

      hahahha! thanks for the reco 🙂

      Book and all..kuch bhi kya re….no one will publish such stories..they are there on the blog for R to read and enjoy when she grows older and again for the mothers who kids are R asking them for new stories everyday 🙂

  26. Archana says:

    Aiyo, why that discalimer 🙂

    mereko bhindi venam..story venam – I love the way she speaks two langauges in one. Do you know the penguin went to murugan idli kadai story?

  27. TheChosenSpark says:

    Aww this is so cute.. First time to your blog and absolutely loved all the stories.

  28. pyl says:

    is there any another story of patato and bhindi. that why bhindi is cooked alone??

  29. Bhagyashree says:

    Thats such a cute story; will tell my son this one 🙂

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