The Weekend That Was – Ahmedabad and Back

We went to Ahmedabad. (Sticks tongue out at Smita).yayayayayaya! kya trip tha 🙂 ekdum awesome

Friday night – Ate Pizzas yayayaya! and boarded the train 🙂 the train was slightly delayed..but the enthusiasm was so much that we were not too bothered 🙂

Saturday  – We reached ahm…mama came to pick us up…we were freezing….with a capital F infact…Ahm is cold..bloody 6 years out of Gujarat and I have forgotten how cold it gets..really really cold!!!

Actually as the train neared the station, someone put on the light…R got up with a blink and a smile and said ‘amma, aa gaya ahm’ and did a bit of a jig lying down!

We reached home and had some amazing filter coffee mami made…then R and mama and RD went to my sister’s house to pick up N & N..and baap rey the ruckus the kids created..running around, shouting at the top of their voices..sometimes I feel its good we cousins are so close to each other….at least R enjoys her second cousins to the fullest 🙂

RMB came to meet us for like 2.546 minutes en route to office hmpf!

We had bread jam and bujiya and sweets for breakfast…and then mami made the most yummy mulakutal, rasam, amla aachar, carrot salad and curd rice for lunch..

Went to pick up another cousin of mine who was coming from Daman on the way to Calcutta….so R got to meet her M Chitti as well…

The kiddos had lunch and mama put them to sleep…my elder sister KV, M and I…we talked and talked and talked and talked and talked..

managed to pollute the poor kid M’s mind completely…and then realised she is no longer a kid…she is 25 but somehow I always consider her a baby 🙂

M in all sense of the word, now seems off marriage and babies 😉 KV and I are getting good at gory details I guess :):)

Went out again to meet one of RD’s college friend..leaving R at my mama’s house..which is a first for me…she just said ‘amma aap jao mein N&N ke saath stay karungi!’

Came back to have a WONDERFUL dinner of jeera rice, aloo dum (mami special), Gujju dal and roti…it was YUMMMY!! 

R was first ready to sleep with N & N, but then got cranky and started with ‘mereko meri Amma joiye’ which triggered a chain reaction in little sister N who said ‘mereko meri amma venam’ which triggered a series chain reaction in older brother N who was like if both the sisters want their Amma, even I want my amma…so the babies slept with their Ammas..but I think its only this trip..from the next trip onwards, I dont think they will want their mothers *Dances in joy at that!*


Got up about 7.30ish..R got up with us..had amazing filter coffee again thanks to mama this time 🙂

RD decided to make his celebrated spanish omelets after bringing N&N from their house to here…but finally we all settled for some yummy french toast mama special…RMB had to go for a function but didnt want to miss out on the french the bugger comes here, eats to the brim of his tummy and then goes immediately to the function to eat again *rolls eyes*

we told mami not to cook anything for lunch because of the leftovers..though she did make some amazing imli rice 🙂

M went back to Calcutta while RD, Athimber and the three kiddos went to Kankaria lake without the mothers…which was a good thing as per RD…you girls were not on our heads asking us NOT to do this and NOT to do that..we had fun…

I think I agree…I tend to over react when I am with R..the kids had super fun with their fathers….

In the meantime Mami, Mama and I went shoe shopping because I was cinderella again and broke my shoes on the way to Ahm 🙂

We bought shoes for me and then bought some tri colour clothes for R for her independence day celebration and just for the records the clothes were more expensive than two pair of shoes!!!!

Came back, ate lunch…and then sat and gossiped with KV and Athimber while the kiddos slept

Went to get sweets etc etc in the evening…and RMB dropped us to the station..

boarded the train..tried to sleep but couldnt thanks to R’s continous coughing..

today morning sees a cranky RM…see you in a better mood tomorrow eh?

Lying down ulta for a pose...we love each other so much



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48 Responses to The Weekend That Was – Ahmedabad and Back

  1. My era says:

    In the start I thought R wrote the post seeing those exclamations on eating pizza 😉 😉
    My my 2.56 minutes 😯 that’s bad 😦
    Hope R’s cough gets better soon….N&N and R seem to be enjoying gossiping in that shot 😀 😀

    • R's Mom says:

      hehehehe! If R wrote this post on pizzas..she would not have posted only..the girl is crazy about them…which happens to be in the genes 😉

      R’s cough is pretty bad 😦

  2. summerscript says:

    Wow amazing weekend !!!!! 🙂
    someone put on the light…R got up with a blink and a smile and said ‘amma, aa gaya ahm’ and did a bit of a jig lying down! — sooo cute that it 🙂 🙂
    And the pic is sooo sweet RM 🙂

  3. Seema says:

    Oye, Jan 26 is Republic day! Hope you haven’t taught R that it is Independence Day. Gah! :mrgreen:

    Now, I feel so jealous reading this post. I have nothing to say as I have turned dark green out of plain envy.

  4. Ramya says:

    aww…. Jealous of you RM.. Anyway hope R gets better soon

  5. Ahmedabad is cold?? I thought only Delhi was cold 😀 To really make this post worthwhile for Smita – you have to add that you saw her favorite SRK there 🙂

    That’s such a natural pic of the kids relaxing!

  6. Ashwathy says:

    nd baap rey the ruckus the kids created..running around, shouting at the top of their voices..sometimes I feel its good we cousins are so close to each other….at least R enjoys her second cousins to the fullest
    Very important, especially since R is an only kid 🙂

    from the next trip onwards, I dont think they will want their mothers *Dances in joy at that!*
    Dances in joy eh? I’ll still be around on this blog when you write about the pang you feel when R no longer needs you around… 😛

    Imli rice!! Gah! 😛 One more item to make for me when we meet ok? 🙂

    And psst…welcome back to Mumbai ok? 😛 😀

    • R's Mom says:

      I know I know 🙂

      Errr…I dont think I will feel any pangs about R not needing me…I am sure I will be jumping in joy 😉

      I didnt make Imli Rice..Mami made it..

      thank you thank you

  7. uma says:

    wow..seems like a wonderful did you come back with Monday blues or were raring to start the week?
    err..btw, I think you meant the republic day and not independence day..:-)

  8. Smitha says:

    You have the most happening weekends 🙂 That sounds so much fun! So much packed into one weekend 🙂 And yes, next trip onwards the babies will not want their ammas anymore 🙂

    Is R’s cough better now?

  9. RS says:

    You went out of town for the weekend?!! Boohoo! I also want to go somewhere… And why are your posts all about food all the time? I always end up reading your posts when Im hungry and keep thinking my God! how I wish I had all that yummy food in front of me like RIGHT NOW!

  10. Chatterbox says:

    Wow you definitely had a food-filled, fantastic, family outing 😀
    Hope R gets well soon 🙂

  11. Everlasting Flame says:

    Aww.. such a cute pic. After reading the post, I was just sooo jealous… how did u manage to have so many yummy things in a matter of 2 days??! *makes note to self, to sleep less on weekends and cook more*

  12. Writerzblock says:

    Wow! But can I just say I’m feeling incredibly jealous 😦

  13. hmmm….wow a weekend trip! sounds like so much fun!

    independenve day itni jaldi??? 😛

  14. Pepper says:

    Your weekends always leave me breathless 😀
    How many hours does it take to get to Ahmedabad by train from Mumbai? 7?
    Imli rice? Like Puliodarai? That’s one of my favs!
    R still has a bad cough? 😦

  15. Tanishka says:

    Your weekend was sooo much fun…. But as always my attention was on the food…. 😀

    How is R now???

  16. anisnest says:

    sounds like a wonderful get together.. you make me go all green RM.. I am missing family times big time 🙂 gossip with cousins is the best to happen in this world.. How is R now? hope her cough is coming down.. RM is cranky? no never.. she is the strong lady who inspires me to no end.. Are you back to good mood now?

  17. AT says:

    RM, you timed RMB’s visit in nanoseconds? 😀 where was R at that moment? She would have stopped you from timing… Independence Day or Republic Day;-)

    you know what I’m amazed how much can be done in 2 days..I would never ever dream of doing something like this…I am lazy…

  18. CA says:

    You guys rock …. your enthusiasm in travelling with a little kid amazes me … really !!
    But I have to agree, family unions rock 😀

    • R's Mom says:

      arey are kidding me right? I mean I know of so many bloggers who travel with 6 month babies…idhar after a lot of thought and all, with RD fighting with me, I agreed to travel with R after she is 3.5…I dont have the guts at all 🙂

  19. Vidya says:

    Awww.. am all nostalgic about such visits to my cousins! Its nice to shoo away all the elves and have someone shepherd them, and enjoy all the catching-up with our folks na? RM, i’m convinced that your entire family, even the extended are great cooks!! Am drooling at the mention of all the food that you mention here! Am going to persist on your starting a food blog, but post only once a week ok? Am barely catching up with this weeks posts on this blog:)

    Hope R is doing better now!

  20. NBose says:

    The best part of your weekend details is the food….:-)

    Honestly I m feeling bit “J”….quick weekend trip, family gala time, yum food!!!….. 😉

  21. hitchy says:

    aha ! 🙂 late here…

    but hey did you buy Bharuch’s Khari Sing ! 😛

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