Risms in 2012 – part 2

R and RM are sitting in the bus stop waiting for her school bus…R is eating her ‘cornflakes without milk’ *rolls eyes*

RM: I love you R

R stops chewing looks up and then starts chewing again

RM: Oye R, I love you

R: okie..


R: okie

RM: Arey I am telling  you, I love you

R: Theek hai amma, okie

RM: No, you are supposed to say, I love you too

R: okie

RM: Arey you are supposed to say that

R: Okie amma, I love you too

RM: Awwww! I love you baby

R: Main baby nahi hoon and I love you two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten…bas!

RM: !!!!!


RM is removing the skin of the orange while R is playing with the belan..

R: Amma, main aapke liye roti make karu…

RM: yes yes

R: okie, then I will make matki ka subji also

RM: I love matki

R: And I will add pineapple, banana, apple, orange, cherry, strawberry into the matki subji okie? ekdum mast subji okie?

RM: !!!!!

Why God Why?


R and I are coming back by the Activa when I start singing ‘tera mujhse hai pehele ka nata koi’

R listens for a while and then says ‘amma dont sing please’

RM: kyun kyun

R: Sab road pe cry karenge!

RM: !!!!

Hmpf! kids these days, dont appreciate good music!!!

R and I are sitting at her bus stop…R looks around and says loudly

I-D-F-C – Appa
I-N-F-R-A – R (she says her name)
B-O-N-D-S – Amma

Dekho dekho amma, maine sabka naam read kiya (See see amma, I read everyone’s name)

The bus stop has IDFC Infra Bonds advertisement stuck on it!
This is called total alphabet recognition without worrying about the sounds of it *rolls eyes*

Well, kuch nahi toh at least she thinks her amma is Bond!!!

RM: R, do you want to do a dance in S Athai’s wedding…we can practice everyday

R furiously nods her head like a tanjaur bombai and says yes yes yes

RM: okie great, which song you want to dance on

R: Why this kolaveri, why this kolaveri, di?

RM: !!!!


R is not getting up from the sofa after drinking her milk in the morning

RM: R, get up get up, chalo school ko late ho jayega
R: No amma
RM: you dont want to go to school
R: I want to go
RM: then hurry up otherwise amma will leave you and go
R: Amma, but mera leg mein dukhing ho raha hai (Amma, my leg is paining – dukh in Hindi is pain!) toh aap mereko lifting karo na please (so you please pick me up)

Language baap rey!


I am trying to make R wear her school sweater and she is refusing to wear it

R: Mereko acha nahi lagta sweater (I dont like sweater)
RM: But you have to wear otherwise D teacher wont let you in the class
R: (Makes a sad puppy face) okie amma, I will wear

after two minutes while I struggle with my own sweater (the bulk of the body has become so much that I am not able to get both my hands into the sweater)

R: Amma, till when I sweater wearoing (Basically till when do I have to wear sweater)
RM: Till the winter ends…when it is no longer cold
R: Amma, kabhi finish hoyega cold (When will the cold finish)
RM: After holi beta

R thinks again

R: I dont like cold
RM: okie…but you dont have a choice
R: I like rain

This is the moment I am dreading…for someone who HATES the rain with a vengence…see how it gets back to you

RM: Errrr…R but in rains its all wet wet..so yucky
R: Not yucky, nice and geela (nice and wet)

Like RD says, here is a true Mumbaikar in the making

*goes away to catch those broken heart pieces which are threatening to be washed away in the Mumbai rains*


and then R you must realise that even if your Thathi takes your cycle because you insisted that she sit on it and she being sporting enough to even dare to sit on it,you shouldnt be pulling her hair like that…its not going to make the hair any longer *Rolls eyes*

Pushing you Thathi


Pull it and pull it to make it longer!


PS – Check what Vidya and Comfy have to say about age difference between their kids on the Indianmomsconnect website 🙂


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62 Responses to Risms in 2012 – part 2

  1. R is such an adorable kid. And the way you describe it all is very creative extremely interesting…

  2. VJ says:

    you made my day… I was grumpy all morning and now I have a huge smile reading this post !
    Hugs!!! beeggg beegg Hugs to R baby !

  3. keerthana says:

    Oh I wish this blogging was there when I was a kid..your daughter will love reading all this when she’s old enough 🙂

  4. ‘R: Sab road pe cry karenge!’ – I was really ROFL on that. And then, when you said this – ‘Hmpf! kids these days, dont appreciate good music!!!’, I rolled so had that a part of the flooring in the office broke!! 😀 😀 Way to go, R. Keep it up!

    If you can choreograph for Kolaveri, why can’t R dance for it? Bolo.. Bolo..!!

    R is just 3 years old no, RM?? She recognizes every letter correctly. What more do you want her to do? **With a stern look** Next time, you say anything about her!! **stares and runs away**

    Yay!! R likes rains. R likes rains! **Does a happy jig while showing ‘kokku-kokku to RM**

    And the final pic was awesome max!!

  5. uma says:

    So RM is Bond, huh??..:-)
    loved all of Risms…precious..:-)
    thanks for linking Vidya and Comfy’s stories..:-)

  6. Seema says:

    Arrre, did you cut her hair very short? Can u still tie her Kudumis?

    Loved all the Risms as usual. Mmmmuahs to her 😀

  7. summerscript says:

    I love you three, four ,five was class 🙂 🙂 🙂
    ROFL @ sab road pe cry karenge 🙂
    I love this girl RM, totally love her 🙂
    And love the pics 🙂 🙂 So sweet 🙂

  8. varsha says:

    Ha ha ha , rofl,
    where do they get this notion that by pulling the hair the hair will grow , S does the same thing with my hair .

  9. Gayu says:

    Sahi….even I love Mumbai rains….and njoy it to the fullest…right from Marine Drive to Chowpatty…to Gorai to Matheran…..Its simply breathtaking RM…!!!!!
    R is cho cute…..just feeling like cuddling her…and giving her lots of kissi….. read some Samu tales here

    Have a great day:)

  10. Ashwathy says:

    First of all, let that kid say ‘i love you’ if she wants to. 😛 It’s her prerogative. And no, she does not have to say it just coz u say it 😛 Understood?? Like she rightly pointed out, main baby nahi hoon! 😀

    ROLF @ sab road pe cry karenge!!! 😆 Did she ACTUALLY say that!! 😯 😀 😀

    She will think her amma is James Bond going at this rate!! 😀 :mrgreen: A poorer female version of it of course!! 😉

    And DON’T U DARE utter a word about her language!! 😡 You are the sole reason for it!!!

    The pics of her with her thathi are so adorable 🙂

  11. Sreetama says:

    Risms # 1, 3, 5 & 6 are ROFL! The other are soo awwww! Even I don’t like cold & feel rain is nice & geela! 🙂 Lots of love & hugs to R!

  12. Shruti says:

    ayoo.. the poor ajji.. 🙂 I love Risms and this year seems to be full of them. thanks for sharing this and making me smile first thing at office.

  13. Ramya says:

    R: Sab road pe cry karenge!

    Love Risms 🙂

  14. Pingback: Mantam-isms « Anecdotes of Two-riffic Twins

  15. Bikram says:

    Bas ab bol diya na .. aur kitna bole chothi si bachi, yeh aaj kaal ke parents .. kitna bulwate hain… I hear you R , I hear you so very loud… 🙂


  16. shail says:

    OMG, you have a non-stop entertainment channel right at home! 😉
    Yay she likes rain, like me 😀

  17. Laila says:

    Love love love the Risms!!!!
    Hugs to the cutie pie….

  18. Tanishka says:

    Awww… She is such a sweet heart…. Really….
    Lol at road par sab cry karenge…. 😀
    I’am wondering what steps you’ll give her for Kolaveri… 😀
    I love rains too…. R please explain your mom that rains are not yuck… They are the best thing about Mumbai… 🙂
    And the pics are super cute… 🙂

  19. anisnest says:

    Awwww R is one awesome girl.. I totally agree with the singing part RM.. Adi used to say amma stop S.T.O.P when I try to sing 😦 kids these days **shaking my head heavily**
    Be happy that she identifies the alphabets correctly RM.. I have seen kids who say d as b and p and q till they are 5 (read as Adi).. She can confidently write 12 as 21 and 43 ad 34..
    the pic with Thathi is the highlight..

    Thanks for explaining Dukh but what it Matki RM?

  20. CA says:

    Good ones … especially liked the hair pulling to make it longer. I hope she won’t pull my last few strands … to make it any longer.
    I must say your mom is definitely a sport sitting on the little bicycle 🙂

  21. ROFL 🙂 R is so cute in all these posts..And see she is growing up so fast that she started even teasing you 🙂 Is that you mom RM? she is super sexy 🙂

  22. Road pe sab cry karenge….hehehe!!
    Reminded me of a mother saying that when she tried to sing her baby to sleep, the baby responded by looking sweetly at her, taking the pacifier out of her mouth and putting it in the mother’s mouth 😉
    Pics of R with her thathi are so00 sweet. R is lucky to have such an indulgent thathi who agrees to sit on her bicycle for her!!

  23. My era says:

    remember she is NOT a baby but she is super cute and adorable :d 😀
    Love the Risms 🙂

  24. Everlasting Flame says:

    Lucky you RM.. R seems to love all fruits. Fruits are on the “no touch” list for my nephews and nieces. And I love what R is wearing.. cutie pie 🙂

  25. Comfy says:

    R’s I love you 2 3 4 reminds me of the same thing Buzz said a few months back. too and two..same same but different 😀

    and RM at least you got ‘I love you’ after a while. All I get is
    Comfy: I love you Buzz
    Buzz: I lub you Bugz
    Comfy: But I love you Buzz
    Buzz: But I lub you Papa
    Comfy: 😥

    She is adorable RM and the pictures just took the cake. I can’t stop laughing 🙂

  26. Vidya says:

    Her recognition of spellings is amazing:) and how many times will you make the the girl say ‘i love you’?! you know na? 🙂 her response/reaction is priceless:) her pics with her thathi are amazing! so cute of thathi to get down to the kids level and play!

    And thanks for posting that ‘sibling-age-diff’ on indianmomsconnect:)

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