The Dream Run That Was

Most people move from less to more, or easy to hard or slow to fast..but RM being RM has always been a bit ‘ulta’….so I moved from hard to easy…

I ran the 21.097 kms half marathon last year so this year, I thought chalo let me run the 6 km dream run…I mean if I can run 21 kms, what is 6 kilometres..just about over 1/3rd of it na…of course I can do it…not realising that 6 kms is not 6 metres its 6 KILO metres…

I didnt practice at all…I thought, whats there to practice..I can just do it right? I mean if I can do the 21 kms LAST year (note the key word being LAST which is like 365 days earlier!!!, why not now)..not realising that my bones creaked, I had put on some 26.783 kilograms around my stomach and bum and that my feet were killing themselves despite being large for the body frame I have

and then of course the usual practical reason that only one of us could practice running in the mornings and evenings…since RD was already into it, I would rather take care of R and all that..yaa yaa..the sacrifices one does as a wife 😉

anyways, so RD’s race started at Bandra at 6.15 and he left early…I left at about 6 in the morning..took a bus to the station, got into a train and reached dadar, crossed over to the central side and waited for a train to CST which was 20 minutes late and realised there was no place to get in only..the whole ladies compartment was FULL of marathoners running the dream run…some were parents of girls who were running the half marathon ‘maajhi mulgi ekvis kilometres karnar aahe‘ (My daughter is running the 21 kms) says one woman proudly who was going to CST to cheer her for the last one kilometre,

while some were school teachers who were running for the past 4 to 5 years with their school children (kids above 12 years are allowed to run the 6 kms dream run) clad in a salwar kameez with their bib number pinned to the duppatta, and shoe clad feet, I think they made a wonderful sight, breaking the streotype of that you need to run in shorts and sweat absorbing t shirts and all that…

its amazing to see these women who struggle in the day to day Mumbai life, managing work, children, travel and everything,  come out and run their hearts off..and they were so so positive and cheerful..the entire compartment had a festive look

Reached CST and walked to the entrance….since I couldnt locate the other person from my office, I was alone..and people who know me, know that I hate to be alone..but this time I enjoyed..the entire maidan was like a carnival….there were 100s of people from each company wearing similar t shirts..there were 12 year olds and 80 year olds showing the same level of enthusiasm…each of them was enjoying the sun, the fancy dress and what not…there were people running for NGOs, for their company, for their own self…each person had a purpose and it felt wonderful to be a part of this festival 🙂

The marathon started dot on time…thats one thing I LOVED about this..usually Mumbaikars are known to be late despite running to catch the 4.31 and the 6.56 trains..but most events being late in Mumbai..this one began dot on time…there was a roar, a count down and off we went…then everyone stopped..and looked left…I wondered if there was an accident and I realised that was the celebrity stage where there were celebrities…I didnt recognize anyone :(:( so I just ran…I ran the first two kilometres, walked the third, ran the 4 and half of 5, walked the other half of 5 and first half of 6, and then ran the last 500 metres..

Just because I ran the 21 kms last year is not gaurantee that running the 6 kms will be easy….I was an idiot to think I could do it…I finished, but I struggled like crazy to finish it…next time, no taking your body for granted!!!

Few things from the Run itself

1) There were bands on the way from all the radio stations belting out numbers ranging from chamak challo to sheila ki jawani, but what encouraged me the most was a group of children and one uncle on the guitar near the end of the dream run..the uncle was playing the guitar without any mike or new age audio system…and the kids were singing ‘kolaveri di’ and I must admit though I dont like the song much, I loved their version….uncle says strumming the guitar ‘on the count of 5 –  1,2,3,4,5’ and the chorus goes

 I couldnt help but smile and the few kids who saw me said chalo chalo run run faster faster…it was awesome..that uncle, he was amazing 🙂

2) The locals who stay on the route…armed with lemon water, glucose biscuits artistically placed on the tray, loads of smiles, tons of claps and beautiful co ordinated screams, worked very well for me to run faster

3) An old couple – aunty wearing a saree over which she wore the yellow t shirt and uncle wearing a matching t shirt were holding hands and sitting down on a bench…they have run the senior citizens run 4.3 kms which starts earlier at 8 and have obviously finished it…I look at them and my eyes meet with aunty..she looks at me smiles, gives me a thumbs up and says run run chalo run..and off I go again 🙂

4) The end…I falter, one young boy must be about 15..chalo chalo didi bhago bhago udhar hai ending..and I get this surge of energy to finish the marathon running…

5) Kids running as if they are sprinting for a 100 meter race, old men and women over taking me as if I am the 80 year old here, an old man walking patiently with a walking stick determined to complete encouraging everyone, 99% of the people running for a cause ranging from saving the girl child, to cancer patients, to eye donation to blood donation to saving a stray..its a sight which is not easily forgotten…

such small events make up for the lack of practice…I am glad I did it…totally glad I ran 🙂

I message RD, he calls me that he is done…I rush to meet him..we dont meet for sometime since RD’s phone is conked off while I am searching for him..finally after 20 agonizing minutes of wait, he tells me I am near the huge orange bottle, I ran to him, I hug him like crazy because I am so so proud..he shows me his medal so proudly and I hug him again…I realise there is group of people in black t shirts staring at us as if we are crazy….I break away…one girl and one boy look at me and wink 🙂

We are so happy that RD finished his run..for him, its an absolute achievement..and for me…its a lesson that boss…6 kilometres is no joke…

Next year, here is what I plan to do…I dont plan to go back to 21 kms…I know I dont have it in me…but I do plan the dream run again, I plan to run for a cause..which one I dont know..but here is something to the 10 odd people who read me…will you join me…I propose that we run the dream run together (you can go to half or full marathon if you want to) together for a cause, I will host anyone who is out of Mumbai at my place from Friday night to Sunday night or even Monday night…you can come to Mumbai, park yourself at my house and I will wake you up and give you hot milk and banana and oatsmeal if you want before the marathon for strenght purposes, and I promise to give you a train journey to reach the event which will be an adventure in itself…I want to run for a cause, and I want to encourage people to run with me…anyone interested??


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86 Responses to The Dream Run That Was

  1. Sangitha says:

    You’re on. I’ll come. Have done the Dream run a few times for my NGO, was even on radio shouting out our chant. I love the atmosphere. The year after the blasts, the people at the Oberoi were standing and waving and everyone got goose pimples just seeing the tall chef hat and damage. Mumbai so rocks, more so on marathon day. Am a slow runner though – did one full marathon some 15 years ago and have recognized that long distance running is not my thing. It is not even close to my thing. Yet, I do it again and again. Weird….but enthu?! 😀

    • R's Mom says:

      Awesome…Glad that you will come…I will let you know the registration times (usually in July) arey even I am a slow runner, but we can all do it together na..and perhaps we can run for your NGO least that ways we know that the charity is going to the right place 🙂 so start practising theek hai?

      • Sangitha says:

        Done. Doing the 10k this year in Bangalore. And thinking of the Kaveri trail run in September on the banks of the Kaveri. So should be ready, we hope. Assuming all goes well!

  2. Great job on completing the dream run RM..:) You’ve all the reasons to feel proud.. RD on 21.097Km and you on 6Km!! my wishes to RD as well:) I’m not sure if I can come to Mumbai next year for this.. but you have inspired me enough to take part if anything of this kind comes up in Bangalore!

  3. summerscript says:

    RM, the way you have written makes it sooo interesting…
    You let me know the date and all. I want to give a try. Seriously!!!
    I am the kind who needs continuous encouragement for every single thing. And if I am surrounded by people like you mentioned in this post, I would be very happy to try!! 🙂

    Yayyyyy to RM and RD!!!! 😀 😀 😀

    • R's Mom says:

      Usually its in the second Sunday of you have ONE WHOLE YEAR okie…Please do can stay at my place and we can run together 🙂

  4. sudhasruthi says:

    For me doing a run is a dream..C ya in nxt mumbai marathon…Just let me knw the dates 🙂

  5. Me! Me! Me!! 🙂 🙂 Count me in, okay!

    Really really proud of you, RM. I really mean it. I could visualise the post completely. Lovely narration. Great going girl! 😀 😀

    • R's Mom says:

      yes of course…your parents and CH can perhaps take care of K&K for two days..or you can bring K&K along and my parents can go bonkers with so many kids to take care of 🙂

      thanks and do make it okie?

  6. garima says:

    Wow RM I got so impressed by your josh…as I was reading your post I was mentally preparing myself for next marathon in Bangalore..Your energy level is really contagious and dear thank you so much for the last para.We are indeed greatful to you for inviting us to your place :-)take care

  7. Batul says:

    Congrats on the dream run!!!! I am interested, but haven’t made up my mind… will let you know.. I so love the few things… they are guaranteed to make you smile, motivate and much more

    • R's Mom says:

      arey can do it yaar…we can run will be fun..and anyways, I cant run the whole the walk jog will be think about it..okie?

  8. Wow, what a wonderful description RM. When I read what you wrote about the 15yr old boy saying chalo bhago didi udhar hai ending, I felt like getting up and start running myself–no mean thing if you know what a lazy bum I am.
    And I went absolutely awwww over RD proudly showing you his medal and you hugging him like crazy. 🙂
    I live quite far from Mumbai (in Chandigarh) but since you’ve given such a tempting offer–your house to park ourselves in, hot milk, banana and stuff–I have a good mind to be in Mumbai for the next dream run and run with you for whatever cause you choose. 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      so can come from Chandigarh to here na…you can come on Saturday morning and leave on Sunday night…I will arrange to pick you up and drop you and you can stay at my will be fun and we will do it for a good cause..and if we do together, we can complete it as well okie?

  9. My era says:

    Three cheers for R’s mom and RD….you guys rock 😀 😀

  10. Seema says:

    Oh RM, your post made me fall in love with Mumbai and Mumbaikars. Their spirit is applaud worthy.

    Proud of RD n U. Wow, you did the 6 km run without any training or practice! *Pats on Rm’s back*

    How I wish I could join you. I have never even run the 100 metres race in school. I was a zero at Sports 😦 Please ask RD ro share some tips and words of motivation. I would love to do it.

    • R's Mom says:

      of course of course…

      Thanks for the pat

      Errr..why wish..join me next year na…you can either bring Mantam, or request MIL to take care of them for two days..and then you can come on Saturday morning and leave on Sunday night….think about it Seema, its worth the trip 🙂

  11. Ramya says:

    Hey RM… wow.. I now really want to do such a run if it happens in Bangalore… Let me know if anything comes up here… and congrats!!! u did it again 🙂 and I loved that old couple wish to b the same in my old days 🙂

  12. Smita T says:

    Hey… I will surely come… and you dont need to pamper me… Infact if anybody from your blogger freinds needs a place to stay they are welcome at my place… I think with practice I should be able to manage the dream run… 🙂

  13. Shruti says:

    U go girl! .. 🙂 .. Lets see how I practise..My exercise regime is 0 as of now..
    If possible I will join you next year.

  14. Shruti says:

    and tu kya.. I would have hugged RD.. just cos I know him as ur husband.. and knowing what an achievement that must have been. 🙂 Why shy away from PDA [ public display of affection] when he so so deserved it! Jisko jo sochna hai soche!

  15. Ashwathy says:

    I thought you’d never ask !!! 😀 😀

  16. Tharani says:

    Count me in ok. I will come. Next Jan is it? Ha one more year. After reading your post i so want to run now. Hugs hugs . And thumbs up to RD .

  17. Pepper says:

    I will join you next year! Most definitely will 😀

    • R's Mom says:

      yes yes yes..and you dont even need a place to stay 😉 you are the Mumbai bai anyways 🙂 come okie…like I told Tharani..may be the PepperMint jodi can run the dream run together?

  18. Sumana says:

    Good congrats Mam ji. I signed for one in Bangalore after reading your post. Way to go and thanks for making it contagious.

  19. dipali says:

    Congrats!!!I loved this post, R’s Mom.

  20. Sreetama says:

    I loved it RM! It inspired me to run! I’m a very bad runner but somehow after reading your marathon posts I get the urge to run!! I’ll try to be a part of the Delhi marathon. All the best for next year! 🙂

  21. Vidya says:

    I like your offer RM, but add your ‘specials’ to the list na, like apple cake, thepla (priorities, priorities!)! I will be there, so count me in:)!! No jokes! If am not traveling anywhere, i will join:)

  22. Bikram says:

    If I am in mumbai or plan to come there then OFFcourse will run it .. by the way a secret planning to run the half marathon here .. this year .. slowly getting there …

    you did good RM 🙂 bravo

  23. Reading this post has inspired me to the point of wanting to do something,atleast in bangalore.
    Amazingly descriptive post Rs mom and congrats on the dream run! Awesome stuff !

  24. Smita says:

    I am totally totally proud of you. So what that you huffed puffed ur way to the finishing line, what matters is you did it. And trust me this post has inspired me, hopefulyl you will see me there next year.

    And yes it is very necessary to be fit & to be serious about it. So lets put up a goal to be fit & in the process if we lose weight aur badhiya hai. ok?

  25. I am in – at least 365 days ahead of the event i am considering myself in 🙂

  26. Laila says:

    AWESOME!!! The 6 kms run is an achievement too, RM. I admire you and of coure RD too…
    Keep it up :)))))))))))

  27. vidya sethuraman says:

    hey rakhee…vidya here..would be very happy to join you..i ve not done any marathon and after reading urs i am interested n it..will c if i am in india will defn do for a cause and with u dear….luv u loads…

  28. anisnest says:

    wowww RM.. congrats to you and RD for finishing the run.. your post was narrated in way that I felt as if I ran the marathon and saw that boy and uncle encouraging me.. positive vibes, positive vibes.. its amazing isn’t it..

    I so so so want to come and run with you next year RM.. Honestly I don’t think I will be able to but but after reading this post I take a plunge that I will run at least one marathon in my life and will dedicate it to you my lady..

    • R's Mom says:

      thanks rey Ani..what a felt you were running the marathon..awww!

      oh you should run…try and make a trip to India sometime in Jan and then you can come to Mumbai for a weekend run and go back..

      *Blushing on the dedication and all yaar*

  29. Smitha says:

    That was brilliant to read, RM! Congratulations! It was brilliant! I would love to do the Bangalore one next year – if everything goes as per plan!

  30. CA says:

    A big round of applause for RM !! Awesome job !!

  31. popbiscuit says:

    Awesome!Congrats on completing it…I missed Bombay so much with your post:(
    The crowds, the sounds, the sights..your descriptions were lovely and now I just want to go home!

  32. Kinmin says:

    This is so awesome RM – I am so proud of you for finishing the run! And the wat you described the run is beautiful – I’m amazed at how you always focus on and remember the good things in life! I wish I could take up your invite to the Mumbai marathon, but it won’t be possible.. but I am running the Pittsburgh marathon relay (~6 miles) this summer. I’ve never run in my life, so plan to start training soon! And I will be running to raise funds for an ngo i volunteer with (AID India).. if you want to run for a cause next year, i have a suggestion – you could pick teach for India – they are doing an excellent job!

    • R's Mom says:

      Super girl…6 miles is more than 6 kms :):) run run…I am so proud…yaa start training…and glad you are doing it for an NGO….okie..teach of India is it…I will speak to Sangi as well and ask for her NGO details..thanks for the info ..and all the best 🙂

  33. this is awesome! im all inspired! let me get off my fat butt and see if theres anything coming up in chennai!

  34. uma says:

    wow..a very proud moment glad you ran the marathon..I’ll be there next year, if I can..:-)

  35. uma says:

    sure,RM..will try and schedule my holiday tht way..

  36. zephyr says:

    Are you sure? Want to host a nag? I am on! Congrats RM! Hugs 🙂

  37. abhinav says:

    I ran the half marathon in less than 2 hours time , to admit i loved running in mumbai and the latest post was on it.

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