The StoryTeller in Me – 3 – This Involves The Fox and The Fish

Again, non parents may just skip this post…

After the Elephant and Stone and the Broom story, R wanted a story on the fox and the fish…whats the connection? dont ask me…so this is how she asks for stories

R sitting on the potty seat

RM: hurry up R, we will miss your bus
R: Pehle aap story bolo
RM: nahi pehle aap potty karo
R: no, aap bolo toh maine karegi
RM: Arey…what story you want
R: Kuch bhi..koi bhi
RM: okie..
R: no no wait, I want..errr..ummmmm…errrr…fox and fish

Chumma, just like that, she will come up with random tales…I mean fox and can someone find anything common in them

But I am also R ki Amma (Seema coined that word for me!) so I can do the most impossible of tales!!!

RM: there was once a fox….the fox is walking around on the bank of the river which is near the sea

R: Why near the sea?

RM: oye, potty karo, lemme tell you the story

R: okie okie

RM: So the fox hears a sound of ‘help me, help me’ and he looks around..he sees a fish on the bank of the river struggling to get into the water

R:Amma, fish outside water maar jayegi na (Amma, fish will die outside the water na)

RM: yes yes, you do potty, I am telling you the story na

R: okie okie

RM: so, he sees the fish and the fish says please put me into the water, I cant breathe here…so the fox picks up the fish in his mouth

R:And usko kha leta hai? (And he eats up the fish)

RM: (while I am thinking that would be too harsh on the 3 year old, she has already gone  overdrive in her imagination!!!..actually her potty is not yet over, which means I have to pull the story a bit more) no no…he gently takes the fish in his mouth and puts the fish into the water…

the fish finally breathes in a lot of oxygen from the gills and is able to speak after a long time…she tells the fox, ‘thank you for saving my life’

fox says ‘its okie’

fish says…fox whenever you want my help, please remember me and I shall come to your help..

and they become friends

R: phir?

RM: ho gaya finish story (Story is over)

R: no no amma, abhi baki hai..mera uniform daalna hai and hair comb karna hai…please tells story na… (no no amma, its left…I still have to wear my uniform and comb my hair..please tell the story na)

RM: Ufff…R better hurry up

R:Amma, aage bolo na..tohi main uniform wear karu chu (amma, tell me the story, only then I will wear the uniform)

RM: one day, one monster catches the fox…and he tells the fox, within 5 hours, I want a pearl..a real pearl..if you can get me from the sea, I will leave you otherwise I will eat you (Said with a lot of scary tones and stuff, in hope of scaring the brat but unfortunately, she is the technical kid like her dad who had to question everything mom says)

R: Amma, pearl sea la irruku (Amma, pearl is in the sea?)

RM: yes yes…and so the fox is very afraid…and he suddenly remembers the fish *show me your hair properly otherwise, I will hit you* (Errr…thats RM to R)

and he goes to the fish and shouts fish fish help me

Fish comes out and said ‘arey fox, what happened’

Fox tells her about the monster…so fish says ‘dont worry, I have a friend oyster he will give you the pearl’

R: Amma, oyster kulla pearl is there (Amma, is there pearl inside the oyster)

RM: yes yes, oysters make pearls…and so fish quickly goes to the oyster and tells her about how the fox saved her life and all that…oyester says wait I have an extra pearl in my cupboard and I will share it with you

so fish takes the pearl and gives it to the fox

R: amma, fish pearl kaisa leke gaya…fish no hands (Amma, how did the fish take the pearl, the fish has no hands na)

RM: Arey in the mouth (*Let me tie the ribbon dont move*)

R: okie

RM: so the fish gives the pearl to the fox…fox says thank you and fish says ‘its okie’ and then the fox takes the pearl to the monster…monster is very happy to see the pearl and says okie fox I am very happy with your friend ship with fish and you are helping each other, so I will give you a lot of chocolates and books

and the fish and fox are happy after that and always remain friends…

and we are dressed for school that day…phew! the things you have to do as a mother *rolls eyes*


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88 Responses to The StoryTeller in Me – 3 – This Involves The Fox and The Fish

  1. uma says:

    I think RM you must start a short stories books for children…
    am serious!

    • R's Mom says:

      hahahaha! thats sweet of you to say that…I dont think any publisher will want to publish books on foxes and fishes and brooms and elephants and stones 🙂

  2. summerscript says:

    “I have an extra pearl in my cupboard” — he he he
    RM you are so so cute 🙂 😀

  3. Sumana says:

    Haha ha wonderful story. I am sure our imagination goes to its limits and we all think out of the box when it comes to kids and stories. Was a good read. So she is into multi tasking already haan. She listens to stories and side by side she is doing her stuff. Mine ones are so bad i tell ya, the story starts, they don’t move their butt.. I so love when you mix Rism here and there. we love those stories actually.

  4. RS says:

    Arey! this is such a lovely story – helping, sharing naiiice. Thie reminded me of another one – the crow and ant story – about how the crow saved the ant from drowning by floating a leaf so the ant could get onto it… next time you only tell her before she comes up with the animals-and see how surprised she will be 😀

    And what imagination you have yaa! Im struggling to recall those stories and here you are making such lovely ones up!

  5. R is such a shrewd kid… 🙂 so many questions and analysis…. 😛 and RM.. dont scold R ok.. she is a good girl who cooperates with you and has brought out the innovative story teller in you 🙂

  6. Storyteller RM – Salute! 😀 😀 😀

    But but.. ‘oxygen from the gills’ ‘oysters’ etc.. for a 3 yr old??!!

  7. Shruti says:

    LMAO!!! I can so imagine this situation so clearly.. Like when Lil p had asked me apple story.. Fish & fox.. That was a tough one. God job momma.. 🙂

  8. Seema says:

    I am in awe of your talent RM. You can spin impromptu stories amidst the weekday morning rush. I always read from books. R has a knack of getting things done from people eh? And the questions she asked you were also smart ones. (fish pearl kaisa leke gaya…fish no hands) Mmmuah to R.

    Mantam always ask me silly questions when I narrate a story to them which will be out of the story’s context. By the time I answer one of them, the other one is ready to bombard with another irrelevant query to get on to my nerves. Grrr…. So, one short story takes atleast half an hour to reach it’s climax.

  9. My era says:

    Superb story 😀 😀
    Loved the smart way you made the fox stroll by the sea right in the start which helped you add to the story later when R resisted wearing the uniform 😀

  10. zephyr says:

    I tell you RM, you are a natural story teller, but I guess all mothers are and this way, they can make up stories that will be suitable for the child and also give free rein to their own imagination. Looking forward to the next one. 🙂

  11. Ramya says:

    Wow!! A Super story… with MORAL 😉 Thanks RM for u gave me one that I can tell thejas… Atleast feel good u need to tell stories while starting the day.. I need to tell stories from 1AM to 3 AM nowadays ;(

  12. Smita says:

    *Cough* *Cough*

    Ever thought of publishing a story book with crazy characters & stories???
    Trust me it will be a hit 😉
    *And I run away before I get hit*

  13. Ashwathy says:

    show me your hair properly otherwise, I will hit you* (Errr…thats RM to R)
    LOL!!! You terrorize that kid in between telling a story eh? 😀 😛 You monster!! :mrgreen:

    And I actually like this story. 🙂 It has a nice moral (friends helping each other, good begets good and that kind of thing). If you actually thought of this on the spot….then …well… *grudging admits* that’s quite an achievement!! 🙄 😉

  14. vethal says:

    U are v v innovative

  15. Gayu says:

    WOW…!!!! That was so nice….I just enjoyed it…..I loved every part of it….the beginning…the end….I was thinking how will the fish help a fox….and the pearl thing was just perfect:)

    Keep telling such tales….and we are here to hear:)

  16. gardenerat60 says:

    Hi, Can grand parents read the blog? 🙂

    Nice story ideas, thanks, Can use them for my Grand daughter sometime?

    • R's Mom says:

      Welcome here 🙂

      Errr..would grandparents be interested in this blog :):)

      hope your grand daughter likes it..dont tell her you read it here…she will find me and bash me up 🙂

  17. Vidya says:

    Arre wah RM! Better copyright and send the stories to a publisher:)

    I used to enjoy doing this kind of story-telling for my niece who would want a different end to the same blue-fox story.:) she got to choose the color of paint in which the fox would fall!! he he.. For Varun, its a squirrel every day- Ramu, Somu.. I think i blogged sometime back.. not sure though:) am seriously thinking of out-sourcing the little one to you:)

    • R's Mom says:

      hahahah so that the publisher comes back to me and falls at my feet and says please please RM, I will pay you extra money and you please stop publishing such stories in your blog is it :):)

      hahahahha squirrel is it?

      of course of course RM aunty is waiting for Varun to come to were planning a weekend trip na…come come..Vyas and I have a date!

  18. Such an entertaining story R’s mom-at this rate, your daughter will want to publish these stories on your behalf saying ” amma sollum kathai” something like paati’s bedtime stories 😀

  19. Bikram says:

    by the way .. why the disclaimer .. on top “Again, non parents may just skip this post…”.. wy shud they haaan.. they have all this to look forward to in their own home …

    and what a story wah ji wah …

    oyeeeeeeeeeeeeee R .. next time ask for camel and the fish
    or or or zebra and whale …

    or giraffe and dog 🙂 make sure mummy’s brain cells work overtime .. he he heh e

    To the mother :- make sure you give my idea to R .. pleseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 🙂

  20. DI says:

    hats off to you! Thats creativity to the hilt 😀 You can totally do a childrens book! Also send me some scripts for future use with Zo 😀

  21. SM says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed the story as a non parent. As an indulgent mausi to a 4yr old niece, furiously taking down notes on story telling for use with the said niece :)))

  22. Smitha says:

    You are one creative lady 🙂 And so patient to weave so many stories 🙂 All I would do is, if you don’t get ready on time, you will miss school 🙂 And madam loves school so much(or hates being stuck at home with me, so much), that she gets ready in no time 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      Arey R loves school as well..give her a choice she will go even on Sundays..but the problem I think she gets up early and then gets bored to do stuff….the laziness genes of the mater is very dominant here 🙂

  23. NBose says:

    Compile all these stories….they are big hit….other day i started telling this elephant & stone story to Mishti instead of regular rabbit & tortoise one….Don’t know, what she understood but she kept quiet with eyes wide open for the whole story which she never did for that rabbit one….:)
    But R seems like a really smart kid…she knows that you ‘have to’ tell a story in order to get her ready!!

  24. Deeps says:

    Gosh, how I wish I could actually hear you and R talk, RM! What a rollicking experience it would be :). You should actually have a separate page for your stories, really!

    You know R reminds me so much of Namnam! She had this pre-set condition too of hearing a story from me while doing potty! :D. Every. Single. Time 😀

  25. Laila says:

    That’s a really nice story, actually… I totally enjoyed it 🙂

  26. anisnest says:

    woww RM.. your lapetofy has no limits.. loved the story.. fox, fish, pearl, oyester.. wowww…

  27. Scribby says:

    another one to add to my to-tell list 🙂 YAY for stocking me already 🙂

  28. AT says:

    wow, nice story…I was like how would you make a fox and fish story..but you did it…. Hats off…

  29. Iyoo…mere ko lovu with the fox and fish who can say “Okie” like RM and R 😆 all from the same family eh?

    I must say you are indeed a good mom…I mean if the brat asks me to tell him a story while he is doing potty and I am running around fixing up breakfast and lunch……I might actually whack his butt with the spatula 😳

  30. Tell me more abt wht the monster did with tht pearl? Please 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      WOW! Count Brat commented on my blog post…I am super happy *does a dance and all that*

      Errr..the monster presented the pearl to his Amma and told her thank you 🙂 Why do I have a feeling that you are secretly teaching R to ask weird questions 🙂

      • Seema says:

        Even I had this question in my mind ki ‘What would the monster do with one pearl?’. You have ready made answer for that also. Wow, hats off!

      • 🙄 I think you might be the first person in blogsville who actually seems happy to welcome ME on a blog.Due to my Infamous reputation,I usually get greeted with pitch forks and knives. 😐 Anyway,Thanks for tht welcome dance;Your blog has been blessed! 😀

        Arey wah..such a thoughtful little monster he is….Im totally impressed.i think he deserves a story frm his monster mommy just for tht kind gesture :mrgreen:
        *Keenly waiting for the monster spin-off story*

        • R's Mom says:

          hahahah! you dont know MY 3 year old BRAT at home…any other brat is always welcome…you cant get scarier than her

          hahahhaa! I now HAVE to write something for you eh?

    • Rascala *note to RM – Please hide this word from R and in case she asks what it is just say that is how Sakshi chechi calls the Count lovingly* 😉 Okie….Rascala Brat the monster carved a hollow in the pearl, stuffed it with chilli powder and garlic paste and stuck it back to look like a normal pearl and now is waiting outside your home in the disguise of a Filipino :mrgreen:

  31. Tanishka says:

    Today no praising the story… Nothing about the post… Just one question… Will you adopt me… 😀 I just love these morinng story sessions with R… 🙂

  32. Scribby says:

    you know what RM ? wait…shall I say it here or do a post at my blog???

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