Risms in 2012


I am cooking in the kitchen..and R stands near the kitchen door, poised on her bike to crash into the patram shelf..when I turn around..she looks at me and says

Amma, Can I come in (Its all in English okie?)

RM: Of course kanna..come (Secretly pleased that she has used ONE language in a sentence and waiting for the trend to continue in the next sentence)

R: Amma, actually mereko lookofy karna che what you are doing? (Amma, actually I want to look at what you are doing)

and there…she ensures my state of ‘pleasedness’ doesnt last more than a second!


We are rushing out getting late..

RD: Wear your shoes R wear your shoes

R is loitering around pretending to do something…when

RM: Will you wear your shoes or do we leave you and go

R: *Puppy eyes* Amma, you wearao me na (Basically she wanted to say ‘amma, you put them on for me – wearao – is a mix of wear + Pahenao!)

Sometimes, I wonder if seriously if a linguist met R, he or she would run away afar to Antarctica the way she kills languages *Rolls eyes*


RD and I are folding the clothes when R comes to me with a folder in her hand with rough papers set aside for her scribblings drawings..

R: Amma, zara yeh folder open karna, mereko mere documents nikal ne hai!!!

Both RD and I just stared at her open mouthed!


RD: R this week, I dont have too much work in office…I will take a day off..then we can go to the national park in the morning and then go to the playzone in the afternoon…okie?

R looks at him for 2 seconds..

R: No Appa, mereko toh daycare jana hai!

RD doesnt know what to say!..and oh..she didnt go with him anywhere 🙂


RD: R, will you come with me to Sabarimalai in May
R: Amma ayegi kya?
RM: No baby, Amma cant come..it will be you, Calcutta Thathi and  Appa
R: Oh!

and I thought she would refuse..so I look triumphantly at RD when the brat says

okie Appa, maine come karungi..

and I am deflated!


RM: shouting from the kitchen: R…R…

R: Shouting from the drawing room: Kya hai Amma

RM: Enge vaa…aa plate lai jao (Come here and take this plate)

R: Amma, zara main busy chu….baad mein I will come okie? (Amma, I am busy now, I will come later okie)

and oh I go and peep out and indeed the brat is busy…colouring in her colouring book *rolls eyes*


RM: How was your X mas party in School

R: Mereko acha nahi laga

RM: Kyun baby?

R: Mereko Santa Claus se darr laga..main bahut royi

RM: What how can you be scared of Santa claus…eeeeeeepppppppssss!

and I shout that because I see a guy dressed as Santa coming near me as I search for rick with R from her daycare…

R: Darr laga na?



I am getting bugged at R for not letting me comb her hair while she is fooling around with RD

RM: R..nee variya illiya (R are you coming or not…what dont drop your jaws…I can speak a bit of Tamil okie?)

R: without skiping a beat sings this in tune!! – varille nee varille chaitra veena vadini (this is a malayalam song, I am crazy about…Ponnambal something is the starting…)

Seee….this is why I dont speak to the brat in Tamil!!!


Last week, RD and I were having this ‘discussion’ about a second child…and it just stopped in the middle for some reason…after a while I am in the kitchen trying to wash the patrams..while RD is giving R a bath and putting cream on her body

She is doing her best to trouble RD squirming and giggling and all that

RD shouting to me from the bedroom: RM, never…never…are we having another kid! Isnt this one enough!!!

I am laughing away to glory!


I tell R snuggling to her in the bed…you are my hot water bottle, you are my doll, you are my darling, I love you

R tells me ‘you are my horrorwaro bollell, you are my doll, you are my amma, you are my …my….my ….woh kya bole aap abhi da.. kya (What did you say now that da…what?)


and then with the kolaveri fever not showing any signs of subsiding…R comes up with this!

We are sitting at the bus stop waiting for the bus while R is fooling around with a dabba full of mamara..I tell her twice that its going to fall down..and if she doesnt want, just give me the dabba…she doesnt listen and does an intricate dance step with it involving holding the dabba in one hand..when

RM: R are you giving me that dabba or do I spank you?
R: looks up with a twinkle in her eyeWhy this Amma veri Amma veri di? in kolaveri style

I am so shocked that I dont even react to it!


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80 Responses to Risms in 2012

  1. RS says:

    Ayioooo!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEE this R 😀 Muuuaaaahhh and one Beeeeeeg Squeezy Huggie to her. This is such a wonderful age and I want to meet her!!!

    OK, and now to RM:
    Madam ji, what is this:” Enge vaa…aa plate lai jao” – when you can use 3 languages in 1 smalll sentence why cant your daughter – enough about her killing the language and all – you first correct yourself before you even lift a finger at my little girl! hhhmmppphh!

    And Guess what-Chutku is S.c.a.r.e.d s.h.i.t of Santa too!! He says “Santa cauch beda amma, santa cauch beda!”

  2. varsha says:

    🙂 liked all of them esp the santa claus.

  3. What a great way to start the day…Had a good laugh RM.. esp the amma veri.. hahaha 😀 R is the cutest…… 🙂 my hugs to her!!

  4. kirti says:

    hehehe….totally amusing. I tell you this girl of yours is a full entertainment package.
    And – the Amma, actually mereko lookofy karna che what you are doing? is classic. I tell you she is going to be a master of many languages.

  5. Sumana says:

    RM, Lol you had me laughing all this while. Now i know where R gets her Rism’s from. It is none else other then our sweet smart lady RM.
    RM: Enge vaa…aa plate lai jao (Come here and take this plate)
    Tamil and Hindi in the above sentence…
    So you are in talks for the second, np we are here to wait for the news.. 😉
    Have a fun weekend and for sure your monday post is much needed……

    • R's Mom says:

      Arey nahi…I am toh a good girl..not a nautanki like R 😉

      Errr…I present not to see the second line 🙂

      and yes the talks and negotiations are still underway 🙂

  6. Seema says:

    Hahaha… Good you posted Risms today. I was gonna ask you today elsewise 😀

    1. It will be no fun anymore if R starts framing sentences in a single language. What about your readers’ ‘pleasedness’ eh?
    2. Wow, what a hybrid word. Linguists will take lessons from R and will run to Antarctica if they hear RM’s language. (Remember Doodh ka patram??)
    3. Mantam also warn us when we touch their stuff saying ‘Yeh hamaara impotent document hai. Touch mat karna’
    4. She loves her daycare too much na? I wish I could find such a daycare for Mantam as well.
    5. Don’t worry. She is just phekofying.
    6. What? You have problems with her being busy??
    7. LOL. Good that guy dressed as Santa came at that moment to make RM understand R’s woes.
    8. I actually dropped my jaws when you said ‘nee variya illiya’. Just can’t imagine you speaking in Tamizh
    9. How many rounds of discussions will you hold to arrive at a decision?
    10. R is your hot water bottle??? *Rolls eyes* What kind of expression of love is that? Baap re! I wonder what you call RD when you are in a mushy mood ❓
    11. ROFL. She is so spontaneously creative. Mmmmuahs to her.

    I made Bhindi today, remembered her in the morning. Now, I am so happy to read Risms. Thanks RM for posting this.

    • R's Mom says:

      Yaa..I realised you are back and would ask me..thats why the post 🙂

      Awww! you get reminded of R everytime you make bhindi na 🙂

      1. Errr..I am hoping she will improve..seriously!
      2. I know ‘wearao’ (Rolls eyes)
      3. They are so cute 🙂
      4. I know her daycare is definitely great 🙂 and she has tons of friends there as well
      5. hahahahah phekyofying…you are Ring eh?
      6. Errr..no actually 🙂 but it would be better if she helps me a bit
      7. ahahahha
      8. I can speak tamizh hmpf!
      9. Errr..discussions and negotiations are underway
      10. Arey hot water bottle because her body temperature is a bit higher than normal..always..so in the cold it feels so nice 🙂 Errr…I am definitely not giving you ideas about mushiness and RD 🙂
      11. Will be given to her in the evening

  7. Vidya says:

    lol! this girl has all signs of being a successful linguist.. Its believed that children below the age of 5 can learn even 10 languages simultaneously.. read abt it somewhere! nice that you have exposed her to varied tongues:) with all that cocktail, the way she speaks is simply wonderful:) but amma, why this kolaveri really? *hides under the table*.. and cheeee, you are scared of Santa ?!!!!

  8. Munch says:

    HiFi to R for “varille nee varille….” 🙂
    Risms rock.. keep them coming

  9. dipali says:

    Smart kid you have!!!!

  10. garima says:

    hehehhe mind blowing Rism…she is one naughty but cute little doll 🙂

  11. uma says:

    lol..amma veri was the ultimate!!!
    and….err…did the “discussion” continue????

  12. Ashwathy says:

    “Lookofy”!!! ROFL!!! 😀
    For a mother who actually says something like ‘pleasedness’ at her age 🙄 the daughter isn’t doing too badly you know! 😛

    😯 @ #3 !! Where did she learn that?!!! 😛 Has RD been using office language at home or what!

    LOL @ #4 !! 😀 The girl who loves daycare, apparently! She’s like, how dare you take me out of daycare…my lifeline! 😆

    #5: She’s growing to be independent too fast na….. 🙂

    6#: Hehehe 😀 She is learning from you and RD, I tell you!! She is busy it seems!!

    #7: I hope you got the answer to the question! 😛

    #8: OMG!!! ROFL!!! 😆 * insert yahoo rofl icon here please * !!! Yea yea that song is ‘ponnambal puzha irambil nammal’ 😀 You speak to her in Tamil and she replies in Malayalam!! You deserve that! 😛 BTW I love the way she quickly co-related to the word ‘varilla’ to the words in the song!! 🙂

    #9: Hahahah 🙂 Too cute! That scene took me back to my childhood. I think I had a similar scene with my own parents! Brought back fond memories 🙂 My dad wanted all of 6 kids. And my mother was like, what! 😯 don’t you dare come near me!! 😡 LOL 😀

    #10: Awwww 🙂

    #11: Whats mamara?? 😐
    ROFL @ Ammaveri !!! HAHAHA… this one takes the cake!! 😆

    And finally, how on earth do you manage to remember all of these separate incidents and type them down coherently in one post?? 😯
    I have as it is troubles remembering incidents for my MM series!

    • R's Mom says:

      I know..lookofy *Rolls eyes*

      oh yaa..RD has a lot of ‘issues’ in office as well hehehe 🙂

      oh yaa..she definitely loves her daycare..has loads of friends there

      I know I know..and I am not complaining 🙂

      Show off she is 🙂

      YEs I did 🙂

      yes yes thats the song…I love that song and so does R 🙂 I just cant pronounce the words..honestly R does a better job than me…I knew you would help me..thank u for telling me the song 🙂 RD speaks pretty decent malayalam and he made me hear this song

      Awwww! your mom is so cute 🙂

      Mamara is like well..you dont know mamara…arey what you make bhel out of…ufff I dont know what its called…wait wait its Puffed Rice in English *rolls eyes*

      And about putting everything together…I really dont know..when I sit to write, it all comes!!! *I know I am crazy eh*

  13. ARP says:

    Wow RM R seems to be growing up fast. I absolutely loved the Rism blogs. 11# was super hit Mama 😛

  14. suba says:

    oh my god.. U sorry R made my day :)) ..

    Amma veri was awesome…my son sings ..kola veri kola veri kollu paati kollu paati 😀

    and varille..nee varille.. she knows how to tackle u nicely rt 🙂


  15. smitha says:

    ROFL!!! Just when you think you have heard it all, R comes up with more gems!!! She is a darling!! Please give her some hugs from me, RM

  16. Loved this post to bits. All what I wanted to say has been said already! **Cursing the stupid work that cropped up in the morning** BTW, when can I meet R at Hyderabad?! 🙂

    This kolaveri thing will never subside no??! And it is such a hit with kids I tell you! Keer sings the entire song! 😦

    • R's Mom says:

      you come to Mumbai na..with the kiddos 🙂

      Aiyo..even R can sing the kolaveri song completely..and upar se..she even does it with a typical Tamizh accent *rolls eyes*

  17. i cant stop laughing at 4 and 5!!! She is just too smart and madame the language skills are all yours. I dont know how RD speaks but without knowing that i know it’s you you and you….what abt ur guju/tamil sentence???

  18. Shruti says:

    just be happy that she understand each language even tho she speaks in a khichdi of it all 🙂
    Lil p refuses to answer if we speak in any language other than English.. n i know she understands all. The amma veri is too too cute!

  19. Tharani says:

    Ah thanks R for making me stay awake this boring training session.ummah RM for writing this

  20. Yes R kanna Ammaveri has gone nuts! 😀
    Look at her hybrid language and she blames you!
    Such a cutie pie R is 😀

  21. Sreetama says:

    Loved every bit of it! The last one is killer! Why this Amma veri Di!!! 😀

  22. Aswathy Venugopal says:

    Wow.. ((hugs)) to her.. 🙂 lots of love.. 😀

  23. she is the best! seriously, i have tears from laughing. and oi, coloring is important to her – so yes,, she can be busy doing it 😐

    why this amma veri? priceless!

  24. Bikram says:

    he he he he … I am rolling on flooooerrrrr .. LOKOFY he he he he beautiful …
    and waerofy … oooh my vocabulary needs updating ..

    yes yes let her get the documents out .. come onnnn ..

    ooooooooooooohh and a song for YOU .. awwwwwwwww blesssssssssssss

    lots of love and hugs to R (only) he he he 🙂

  25. Ramya says:

    Ur sentence enge vaa gives the reason for r’s mix of languages 😉

  26. TPL says:

    The Santa comment made me LOL:-)
    Also imagining how you reacted to the Santa 😉

  27. Rajani R says:

    OMG!!! amazing read…. have lots to catch up on.. and am glad i started here… you have one adorable kid… and that kolaveri song… my hubby was telling my sons to sing that song when they see me getting angry at them… :-)… its a kolveri veri itself!!! such a chweeto kid…. !! loved RD’s comment about having a second kid… never happened to me though… not couse the kids where well behaved or anything but the hubby just love kids….:-D … BTW.. never got a chance to wish you (I think) …so Happy New year to you, RD and sweet R….

  28. anisnest says:

    muahhh to R baby on the why this amma veri amma veri lolll… I want to see your face when she sings that RM 🙂
    amma too is scared of Santa? why amma why?
    give R a big hug on my behalf…..

  29. AT says:

    R is super cute 🙂
    don’t worry about use of multiple language in one sentence….our pediatrician says it’s good for the kids to exposed to multiple languages…their IQ improves plus they learn multiple language 🙂

  30. Richa says:

    soooo funny! Loved all all all!

  31. Deeps says:

    Too good too good too good!! I am actually having a ball laughing here! Lookofy!! Loved that term! Mereko ‘Risms’ more venam! 😀

  32. Tanishka says:

    LOL…. She is really a sweetheart… 🙂
    The best was why this Amma veri amma veri di….

  33. Seema says:

    Where are you?? Waiting for your post RM. 😦

  34. garima says:

    RM where are you,hope everything is fine..no post from you today?
    I came to office today very early at 8:30 and thought I would be the first one to read your today’s post and coment 😦
    Hoping things are fine at your end

  35. Scribby says:

    the beshtest: LOKOFY 😀

    OMG..she is an entertainer RM 🙂 YAY… and you know what now toh I don’t even need to read your explanations of these mish-mash words formed with multiple languages…heheh yeah I’m kind of so used to this Rictionary now 🙂 I know how to decipher the words 🙂

    bring them on more and more..I’m serious make a page 🙂

    *thinking and smiling that this rictionary will be heard from the horse’s mouth soon :-)* YAY

    • R's Mom says:

      Arey total nautanki she is 🙂

      glad you have started to understand 🙂

      Make a page eh? Even CR told me that..okie okie will try soon

      of course of course yaya to that 🙂 cant wait

  36. summerscript says:

    “Why this Ammaveri ?/ ” — She is tooo good 🙂 Smart kid 🙂
    I like both kutti R’s and RM’s hybrid language 🙂 🙂
    Darling R is so so so cute 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Totally totally love this post 🙂

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