The Story Teller In Me Part 2 and the Advantage!

Non Parents – Skip this blog post 🙂

and so after the elephant and stone, R wants a story on jhaadoo…you know the broom with which you sweep…I mean normal kids ask for stories of lions and tigers and rats and cats and dogs..but R being the daughter of RM has to go and ask for a Jhadoo ka story *rolls eyes*

I mean boss, what all can you lapetofy around a jhadoo (Lapetofy (Hindi + English) means to lapet in Gujju and Hindi as well I think…means to spin an imaginery story…usual usage is ‘oye kya lapet raha hai’ (Oye why are you spinning a tale) Ani and SnS – all this explanation for you..see how much I love you both)

anyways so while combing her hair, I came up with the jhadoo story *rolls eyes again*

One day there was a jhadoo who was sitting in shop

R: Amma, jhadoo sit kaise karta hai
RM: Errr…he was there in the shop..
R: but sitting kaise karta hai?
RM: Dont move your head and let me comb your hair
and I continue the story

so the jhadoo used to tell everyone, please take me home, please take  me home, I will clean your house properly..but no one took him

one day, one little girl came and told her amma, I want to take this jhadoo home…

so Amma said, what will you do with it?

Girl said, I will help you by cleaning the house..

amma, said okie I will buy but you must use it

The jhadoo was very happy that a little girl got him..and then when they reached home, the jhadoo realised that there was a little boy in the house as well

so both the children used to take turns to help their mother clean the house

R: Amma, phir kya hua

RM: Errr..story finish

R: Yeh toh finish nahi hai..aage bolo

RM uses the brain cells again one day, amma fell very sick..So Appa told the children,dont worry dont worry, Amma has to take chutti from work, but I will also take chutti and we can  help Amma

So the little girl and the little  boy said okie..we will help you…

R: Amma, maine bhi aapko help karti hoon na

RM: Yes baby

and so, the jhadoo said, I will also help you..and the jhadoo quickly sweeped all the floor sparkling clean…

R: Amma, jhadoo apne aap kaise work kiya

RM: no no, the little boy took the jhadoo and did 1 room sweeping and then the little girl took the jhadoo and did another room..and finally appa took the jhadoo and cleaned the the jhadoo was very happy when all of them cleaned the house..and when amma got up to take her medicines she was very happy to see all the work done…she said thank you to appa, little boy and little girl, who told her to also thank the jhadoo for his help..and they lived happily in the clean house

by this time, both her chotis are done and ribboned!!!

and we go to school

Last week, the maid told me she was taking a day off and I said okie…RD came home and I told him…‘K didi is not coming tomorrow’

R promptly says ‘Amma, I will help you clean the house with the jhadoo okie?’

and this, my dears, is the advantage of lapeting!!!!


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69 Responses to The Story Teller In Me Part 2 and the Advantage!

  1. The Bride says:

    What a cute story and so gender-neutral! I guess stories don’t have to be fancy to entertain kids.

  2. Pepper says:

    Sorry I ignored your warning. Now I have a question. Why should non parents skip this post?

  3. uma says: stealing..oops borrowing this story…loved the simple but effective story!
    and what benefits too!!! 🙂

  4. summerscript says:

    RM you are so clever!! 😀 See how carefully you created the story and made the little one clean the house!!! }:-)
    Little boy?? Ahem!! 😀

  5. varsha says:

    ah R fell into the trap ;). it is other way around at my place .S does all the lapetana s . She is the one who tells the story and I keep asking questions like R does.

  6. RS says:

    Lapeta toh sahi – poor R – dont make her work too much okie? *gives stern look* poor child doesnt understand that you are making her do ‘child labor’ hmmpphh!
    Im seeing her doing a lot of work around the house these days.
    R – Come to Blore sweety – This Maasi will tell you more stories and make you sit and pamper you…

    • RS says:

      Oh! PS: In my house I can replace the jhaadoo with the wipe cloth 😀 So, thanks for the story-it will be told exactly as is to the little fellow at home. I hope there are no copyrights involved!! 😛

      • R's Mom says:

        Dear RS Maasi,

        Please take me bangalore with you..I will ensure that Chutku learns ekdum rapchik Mumbaiyya hindi and manages to learn 1254 ways to irritate his parents…

        love you Muah


        PS – Of course no copyrights for you 🙂

  7. RM… such a cute story.. I remember my mom lapetofying similar stories for me.. I still remember all of them… sometimes I ask her to do it all again even now.. 😛 hahahaha 😀

  8. What a cute story out of a broom! 😀 And thanks for the translation. You are helping me with my new-year resolution, aren’t you?! 😛 😛

  9. Scribby says:

    Three claps for churning errr lapeting such a lovely story…heheh I don’t carry such funny and imaginary brain cells…so I’m adding your stories to my stock for ready use 😀

    And I like the idea of the little boy too 😉 *hint hint..what you don’t know you SHOULD have a little boy now 😛 😛 :P*

    Keep adding these stories…if need be create a page here so that parents like me can come and find stories at one click 🙂

  10. smitha says:

    LOL!!! That was one great advantage of lapeting:) and you should compile these stories into a book for the rest of us:)

  11. LOL at ‘yeh to finish nahin hai, aage bolo’ –happens all the time with me 😀

    But seriously, you did a great job lapetofying a pretty decent (and gender neutral to boot!) tale about the jhaadoo of all things. I am going to tell my little one this very story tonight. I’ll tell her I read it on RM Aunty’s blog 🙂

  12. Ashwathy says:

    Hahahah!!! 😆 You evil woman!! I bet you told this story just to get her to do this work!!! 👿

    R: Amma, maine bhi aapko help karti hoon na
    RM: Yes baby

    Awww 🙂 She’s such a darling!!

    • R's Mom says:

      WHAT! no no..abhi what else can you do with a jhadoo..I am not Shruti to create wonderful things out of a jhadoo..and my imagination is limited to jhadoo = cleaning the house 🙂

  13. Gayu says:

    hehehehehe!!!!! good one….but I enjoyed the Elephant & Stone one…I could actually imagine the stone getting bored….and when I saw a stone outside my office…i was reminded of your story. How happy the stone must have felt na…hehehehe….

    Nice imagination!!!
    Muahh to R:)


  14. I love such stories! I make AB tell me stories of all these things regularly. And you tried to deprive me!!! 😯

    R ki Amma haay haay

    And you are devising such evil strategies against paavam R?

    R ki Amma haay haay

    • R's Mom says:

      WHAT!!! Can you please give me AB’s number…you know what…now I know..R and you share a birthday!!! no wonder you have this as well in common…I am only praying to God that R gets your writing skills…please please please God!

      errr…you know..if you meet R you will realise I am the paavam here!

  15. Vidya says:

    Am shamelessly borrowing this story for Varun,, Why that alert at the beginning? Yaar, thoo yeh story kisi publisher ko bhejna pls!

    • R's Mom says:

      of course you should tell Varun… 🙂 I hope he doesnt bash me up with a broom after hearing it..

      Arey the warning because would non-parents be even interested in weird stories like this !

  16. Sreetama says:

    What a story! Kahani ghar ghar ki!!! And the advantage was too cute! 🙂

  17. Seema says:

    Dear R,

    Next time ask your Amma for a sibling who you can take turns with to help her…

    With lottsa love,
    Seema Aunty

    • R's Mom says:

      Dear Seema Aunty

      I am pakaoed asking my Amma for a Chotu a days, I just ask Appa…he said he will look into the matter, discuss with Amma, and get back to me…till then can I borrow Man-tam 🙂

      lottsa love


      • Seema says:

        Oh, I would be so glad to lend Man-tam to you 😀

        Your Amma will get so bugged and perhaps finally agree that getting a Chotu-baby would be a better deal than living with 3 3+ year olds around 😀

  18. zephyr says:

    Agree with Ashwathy, you schemed to get her help you! The poor little thing! See what I mean by self stereotyping? We box ourselves in without even being aware of it and when someone else does it, we scream blue murder 🙂

  19. anisnest says:

    cute story… wish I can also spin stories like you RM.. my brother does that.. I remember him saying stories about kadugu (mustard seeds), jeera etc.. to his daughter 🙂

    Err what is lapeting RM?

  20. anisnest says:

    oh RM plssss ignore me asking what is lapeting in prev. comment..
    You know I am going to ask don’t you? 🙂 :)..
    thanks a lot for that explanation.. let me remember this now lapet lapet lapet lapet lapet.. ok one more word added to the brain from RM’s blog..

    • R's Mom says:

      Good girl 🙂

      Pssst – your hubby doesnt understand Hindi na…if he knew I am teaching you such stuff..he will come behind me with a belan 🙂

      • anisnest says:

        hey fyi – my hubby knows Hindi very well.. that’s one of the reason am desperate in learning too… he works for a Delhi based project… What if he talks with his girl friend over phone in Hindi and I want to eavesdrop 😉 help me RM help me plzzz save my life 😉

        • R's Mom says:

          Errrr… dont use words like lapet in front of him okie? and if you tell him you learnt it from me, he will personally come to Mumbai and hit me 🙂

  21. My era says:

    You are one smart mum….you lapetofyied with such talent that you made real happy with telling a story on the subject of her choice and then making her feel happy by telling her that she too is a helping daughter just like the girl in the story.
    The hidden third benefit you had was the prize of your soooper performance 😉
    Keep these rapchik stories flowing, I’ll surely use them on Pari someday 😀 😀

  22. hmmm I think this is one reason I hate all these modern gadgets we get these days….imagine spinning a story about a Vacuum Cleaner standing sadly in the corner of a Hi5 department store 🙄 I mean why would the Vacuum Cleaner want to move his shiny self from the big store to clean and ragadofy a stinky carpet? 😥

    You are the only one I know who can so beautifully make a child to work 🙂 usually people like em restore to screaming to get things done 😳

  23. TPL says:

    RM – you know Harry porter story was originally JK Rowling’s bed time story for her kids 🙂 so one day we hope to see you there too!

  24. Tanishka says:

    I know it sounds kiddish but I just love the stories you tell R…. You know you should post these stories more often… 🙂

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