Panvati or Why Me -6?

Remember all that natak I did for UID with RD being the nice husband and going and booking and appointment and all that

This is what they come up with now..

and then of course the lovely Suranga came up with this super funny blogpost it was even before I went in for UID…I should have just read the post and then let it go..but then RD had already taken the appointment, so we went ahead..

only for me to read this in the next weekend..

I tell you, I am like a panvati…You know panvati…I dont know how to explain it..its a very typical mumbaiyya term (CR, can you help?) its like that thing which always causes the trouble..

I have realised after crossing thirty and maturing and all that…I am a pretty much a panvati…I have loads of instances to prove it to myself


– The UID Scheme!

– The train stops right between Jogeshwari and Andheri only when I board it…and when I am not on it, I get reports that the train stoppages have decreased now! Why me?

– The buses…so we have an east going bus and a west going bus…I go by either of the buses depending on  the situation…I have ladies in each of the buses who heave a breath of relief whenever I board the other bus on which they are NOT sitting…why? because whichever bus I board, no matter what date or day, its late..always late…

I get daggers whenever I board a bus in the evening..seriously..saachmein..I kid not..

I have people telling me ‘arey aaj mere bete ka match hai, mujhe thoda jaldi west ke bus mein jana please’ (today is my son’s match, I am in a hurry, can you take the west bus?)

and then I have people telling me ‘RM, tu ekdum panvati hai..jis din mera train hoyega, dont take my bus (RM, you are a panvati, the day I have to catch a train, dont take my bus) see…can you beat this?

– or how only when I climb onto the office lift, it stops on EVERY DAMN Floor..most days I take the stairs..but some days when I am tired, I take the lift..and this happens

– or the flights get delayed/postponed and in one case even cancelled when I was travelling!

– or the traffic being stopped in exactly the lane or direction I am going..if I am going north to south, the south traffic is stalled, if I go south to north, the north traffic is stalled 😦

Its pretty silly infact…I am sure it happens to a lot of people, but I am not sure how many people have been accused of being a ‘panvati’

In my previous office as well, I was a known panvati…if something didnt have to happen, I would ensure it would a client meeting postponed or the office party date changed..or something like that…

like you know, whatever you touch turns to Gold in case of Midas…in my case, whatever I think/act/do turns wrong!!!

I am seriously thinking of having a board around me saying ‘Main Panvati hoon, talk at your risk’

Anyways, I guess all that natak about UID may ultimately turn to be a waste gah!


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67 Responses to Panvati or Why Me -6?

  1. Pepper says:

    Arey kya panavti and all. Aap toh awesome ho. Bus. Aapka blogpost padhne ka baad mera day awesome hota hai 😀

  2. summerscript says:

    RM, DO NOT talk like this OK..
    You are an awesome woman..
    1. You are one of the main reasons I started blogging
    2. No matter how much work I have , I never fail to read your blog as soon as I start the computer, because it makes me happy.
    3. You are one person who made me to take daily happenings on a lighter note. I mean we all have problems and tensions, but there is some fun in everything and your blog shows the fun part of it which is really great!!
    4.From your blog only I got some nice blogger friends.

    You are in no way responsible for the things that go wrong in this world.
    Bad Bad, shift+delete this thought pls pls pls.

    • R's Mom says:

      Arey the whole Panvati thing is like a joke in Mumbaiyya if something wrong happens you just blame someone and call them Panvati 🙂

      Aiyo, dont make me blush now..Glad to know you got great blogger friends…I am happy to hear that 🙂

      LOL on the Shift Delete thing 🙂

  3. There are scores of people like me who read your post first thing in the morning to have a good day. And some one calls you trouble maker??!! Tell me.. Who is the one who calls you ‘panvati’ and all that?! **Takes out the aruval from behind**

    And why are you calling your UID drama a waste, when you actually made all of us smile with your blog post on that! 😀 😀

    • R's Mom says:

      Aruval is the belan is it???

      hahahaha! arey like I told Summerscript – Panvati is a pretty normal term used here…and trust me loads of people call me Panvati

      yaa…I guess the UID was literally a drama *Rolls eyes*

  4. garima says:

    what Panvati (panouti) and all….arre it happens sometimes in life
    Btw I got reminded of Akshay Kumar in ‘Houseful’:-)

  5. RS says:

    I completely agree with pepper. I HAVE to read your posts first thing in the morning. I dont open my blog – I open yours, read and comment first and THEN I think if I want to write something or start my work – and the day goes by happy-happy! 😀

    And its more or less like this Murphy’s law no? – traffic and lifts…

    By the way-got a very serious thought while reading this, one person who will be most affected is RD – so what does RD have to say to this?

    • R's Mom says:

      now YOU are making me blush…aisa kuch nahi rey…I dont even know how long I can blog daily..whenever I get something to write, I just do it…guess its become a daily affair now 🙂

      RD – hahahahah! I dont know…I think even RD considers me a Panvati only…he does call me ‘klutz’ and all that..

      • RS says:

        Klutz huh? Im one too – i HAVE to drop something,hurt myself somehow – At home they ask me before I sleep – so where did u hurt yourslf today/what damage did you do? otherwise you wont get good sleep! 😀 So there – you have comapny…

  6. Gayu says:

    Hey R’s Mom….
    Happy New Year!!!!!!!

    kya hua….ur a motivation for all mommy bloggers…I mean how can someone manage everything at home, office, plus kid…and then even blog about it everyday:)…..HUH..!!!!

    *pat on ur back*

    Today morning I missed the 5:20am local…as it went at 5:18am…and the 5:36 local came at 5:50am…and I was late to work…part of Mumbai life:)

    Hope we can meet up this year:)
    Have a nice day…and haan….smile….thoda aur….thodasa aur….!!!!!!!!!

    • R's Mom says:

      Happy new year to you too…

      Arey motivation kuch nahi rey…I just generally blog 🙂

      Aiyo you missed the train is it…its so so bugging…wait…you said 5.20 AM *Falls at feet* why do you leave home so early…I cant imagine leaving so early in the morning..brrrrrr!

      you take care babes okie 🙂 and yaa we should meet up soon…lemme know when you planning a trip to this side of town 🙂

  7. shades!!!! says:

    Common gal there is nothing like panvati. It can happen with any one.
    We don’t notice any of this when it happens with others and we tend to accuse ourselves if the same incident happened twice also.

  8. Smita says:

    It is panauti!!!

    And same pinch! happens with me also but then chill re! We at least have the power to make or break things 😉 and ppl who critcise us, well they are jealous!!! 😀

  9. Vidya says:

    Arre yaar, blame it on Murphy’s:) Panvati and all that- duh! All those panvati-calling people, you divert here.. They’ll be mighty pleased to have you on their bus/train etc! I think it happens to everyone.. traffic jams! all the time in the direction i go! we invest in stock market, it crashes.. we withdraw, it soars. we invest in property, the loan interests go up, real estate crashes.. we sell, interest rates go down, real-estate booms.. see? But we convince ourselves that all our actions are for the larger good:)

  10. Ashwathy says:

    You shameless creature!!! You posted this coz you will get some sympathetic comments and also praise about how awesome you are!! :mrgreen: I know all about your little game!! 😛 But you aren’t fooling me!!! 😆
    * dances around in joy after having found reason to scold Rsmom all over again *

    And Panvati or Basmati, it doesn’t matter. You are like my sis…and that in itself is enough to make you soopah! 😉 😀
    And please keep all those incidents happening and keep blogging about them…. it makes for entertainment reading for all of us !! :mrgreen:
    * runs for life as Rs’mom chases with broomstick *

  11. Deeps says:

    LOL, RM, trust you to make your panvati-hood into a full-fledged post and turn it absolutely hilarious! :Really, it was a riot of a read!

    Oh, I have had days where whatever I touch has turned into big time dont worry, you’re not alone :).

  12. Panvati means unlucky no?

    U mad woman. Panvati it seems 😛
    Chal chal zyaada sulk mat kar.

    Next time tell people that if they annoy you too much, you know to do black magic as well. Then let’s see who calls you panvati. 😛

  13. Suba says:

    Who called u Panvati.. who who

    like all the others above me have said..ur blog never fails to bring a smile on my face every morning.. so u r a lucky charm 🙂


  14. Bikram says:

    right ab mera kya hoga .. i get inspired by all you do and if you talk like that I guess i got nothing to look forward to now …

    not good .. so now stand up , walk tall.. apna nahin to mera socho 🙂 LETS GOOOOOOOOO

  15. Sreetama says:

    It happens RM! Some days are good, some days are bad and if most of the days are bad, we consider ourselves panauti. But don’t worry, remember the lines of ZNMD? ‘Thoda gham hai sabki kissa, thodi dhoop hai sabka hissa!” RM aakhir tu kyun roti hai? Duniya me yuhi hota hai!!

    • R's Mom says:

      you remember dialogues!!! Girl!!! you are crazy….I admire people who can remember movie dialogues..idhar toh apna naam bhi yaad rakhna mushkil ho raha hai 🙂

      Hugs hugs and more hugs

  16. u r a mad mad woman!!! but absolutely adorable…so panvati becomes not applicable 🙂

  17. Scribby says:

    whatever it is I don’t know..all I know is you have energy with which you tend to change it direction of traffic 😉 but then power is power no? 😛

    S M I L E ?

  18. AT says:

    panvati is in other’s mind…
    traffic or bus getting stuck in traffic jam or lift stopping on every floor etc are just daily happenings of life…

    how can someone who has created a new life (R) can be Panvati….

  19. anisnest says:

    Arey RM don’t care about your physical world calling you “panvati” we all are here to call you “genius”, “great”, “excellent”, “nice” and what not.. Count us lady.. you were never a “panvati” to us.. We all love your blog and look forward to your post every day.. RM is our rock star..

    • R's Mom says:

      I guys are all very kind towards me..and eventually I am going to get a BIG SWELL HEAD with all the comments..though Ashwathy will definitely get me back to ground 🙂

      Hugs to you

  20. Smitha says:

    I loved CR’s idea 🙂 Next time add black magic as well, nobody will dare call you panvati next time 🙂

    And your blog posts certainly make my day.. I need them to wake up properly every morning 🙂

  21. ARP says:

    Hey RM,

    Have read your blogs all these days, just leaving a comment after many days. First of all a VERY HAPPY,HEALTHY, PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR to R family.

    Secondly the ‘panvati’ thing is just a superstition. Have you read ‘The Secret’? As per this book ‘Your thoughts become reality’. Start believing you are lucky and you will attract good luck :).

    • R's Mom says:

      Thanks thanks 🙂 Happy New year to you too…long time na 🙂 busy you must have been 🙂

      Errr…no I havent read ‘the secret’ you recommend it?

  22. Seema says:

    Missed reading your posts even during the vacation every day as it had become a part of daily routine.

    Don’t pay heed to all those people who call you Panauti. Your posts make my day and cheer me up. And apparently to most of your readers too. We all love you and can’t do without daily doze of RM’s blogs.

  23. if they call you Panvati…then maybe my husband should be called PanPATI?? coz he seems to have all these troubles you have mentioned 🙄 The man even makes me chauffeur him to office if he has a meeting to attend coz he says when he drives every single signal turns red 😆

  24. ARP says:

    I do recommend ‘The Secret’ DVD. I tried reading the book, but used to doze off after reading just 2-3 pages … then a friend recommended the dvd. It’s around 2 hrs, there is repetition of stuff, but its a good watch. I watch it whenever I want to get inspired and have positive thoughts.

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