The Year End That Was

Or should I say, the weekend that was…


I stayed back at work *Rolls eyes*…I mean WHO works extra on the last day of the year…RM the weirdo!!!

I cant believe the boss gave work at the last minute..the whole damn office was empty except me, the AC and the low hum of the computer!!!

RD picked me up from Borivali stn and we shopped for the veggies (Why are the veggies for Undhiyu not yet available in the market!! – I am so missing Baroda)

We shopped for some boring veggies, picked up R and then went home…made some yummy pune misal….whats pune misal..if you have stayed in Baroda for long and studied in the engineering college there, you would be aware of a place called Canara cafe which is a quaint old cafe which is an udipi (one of the few ones in Baroda) where you get this dish called pune misal which is pulses (moong, matki) cooked to perfection, with a dash of curd on top, imli chutney, raw onions, jada sev and sprinkling of coriander on top…and boss…you know need to put a spoon in your mouth and the spicy, sweet, sour taste will take you to heaven…while the one I made just took us from the kitchen to the drawing room, but there is hope in life….after all year end and year will see improvements eh?


R’s daycare was closed so I made of stuff which R and I could do together, you know the mother-daughter bonding stuff..

I give her a cloth and she cleans up the place…mutual benefit to each other…What..she was not bored and I had my house cleaned 🙂 and oh did I mention she spent a lot of time cleaning her bicycle…now its apparently sparkling clean!

ETA: R cleaning the bicycle!

Cleaning the wheels are important eh? (Check out the colins in her hand)


The blue cloth to match her clothes *rolls eyes*

Before 12, we managed to

1) Clean the house
2) Make Jeera Powder
3) Make Dhaniya Jeera Powder
4) Cut the veggies (RD got 1 kg of green peas which I made him only pod!)
5) Clean the bathrooms
6) Give a hair bath to R (What? thats the biggest achievement okie?)
7) Make cabbage parathas laden with a ton of butter for breakfast

and so we decided to go out for lunch..Sis in law wanted something from here so picked that up for her and then ate out..ate some yummy chole bature, tava pulav and cheese dosa and then drank some soda 🙂

Bought a pair of shoes for myself…bloody spent a fortune on it..I mean how can something that you wear in your feet be so so expensive!!! and I am cheap so went it for something that was among the lowest priced in the but seriously…I mean so much money for shoes!!!

came home and slept…

and then went for walk in the know the romantic type of walks which you do with your husband, holding hands..eerrrr…R was also there….go right up to the place which is the most important on the last day of the year…arey the ATM! we walked upto the ATM, withdrew money and came back 😉

and then went for the party in the building

boss..what fun we had….RD and I were both a bit apprehensive about going…since we are not really ‘social’ by Indian standards..but we had total fun…R danced her heart away..seriously..she came up with moves which were so funny that we all were in splits..and we had fun..the food was A.m.a.z.i.n.g

We had

1) Pav Bhaji
2) Pani puri
3) Sev puri
4) Dahi puri
5) Kulfi

Simple but yummmmmm!

We played games….the kids did…R being one of the youngest was a kacha limbu in everything..but thats okie…it was fun..and she enjoyed it…and then we played housie in which RD won the first five and the last line…(I suspect he cheated somehow knowing his way with numbers ;)) we didnt get any prize or anything but it was super fun…

Came back home at 1…yes yes..the tiger mom in me actually let R be awake till 1 in the night


The loving bro RMB calls me up at 8 to ‘wish’ me happy new year! I think he is inheriting my dad’s quality of waking me up *Rolls eyes*

anyways we then got up..RD made the usual sunday breakfast of cheese laden yummy omelets which was a good start to the year…

and then I turned the first day of the year to one-pot meals…Dal Dhokli for lunch and Pasta for dinner..

We did nothing great in the morning..generally lazed around which R was doing her ‘homework’ *rolls eyes again!*

and then we slept in the afternoon…big time sleeping we did 🙂

and got up to take a walk this time it was just me and R and her newly polished cycle 🙂

Came back and then went to the nearby market in search for banian ‘slip’ for R…Its getting kinda cold here, and the brat being her dad’s child refuses to put on a jacket or sweater..which leaves me with no option but to put stuff underneath her uniform…so we got that..and then went randomly shopping for stuff..which are actually not very useful in the house

came back, had dinner and went to sleep

and that was the new year we spent..what did you do?


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54 Responses to The Year End That Was

  1. summerscript says:

    The bicycle is so cute!! And the owner is so so cute 🙂
    Do you have a video of R dancing? I want to see 🙂
    Happy New Year RM, lots of love to little R 🙂

  2. Scribby says:

    we had a simply lazy cozy tucked in doing nothing new years weekend 🙂 Chirpy was in her bubbliest moods and enjoyed both days and almost nights for she slept really late than her bed time 🙂

    I think that’s how we love our new year celebrations…just being at home,doing nothing,silently welcoming another year of mad rush,happiness & hope,some sad moments and lot of cuddles 😀

    lol @ matching dust cloth,RM you’re a cracker I’m telling you 🙂

    Dal Dhokli? I simply love it but only when someone else makes it 😉 *hint hint-when we meet what you should treat me ;)*

    Heres wishing you and the entire RM household an dazzling,happy and healthy 2012!!!!

    Keep rocking, cracking and writing 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      Wow! what a lovely lovely way to spend the new year…I loved it..

      Errr…R wanted a matching cloth okie 🙂

      and do come for Dal Dhokli..mine comes out pretty decent *Kala tikka to that*

      Same to you darling…

  3. Tharani says:

    I will write a post on what I did okay. I am sending AV to RD for training okie.. Make him learn to make rajma, omlets and all RD’s specials.Have a great year ahead RM. Here is to more and more years of blogging and let the love spread.

    • R's Mom says:

      yes yes please write a post with ALL the details…newly married new year and all that *wink wink*

      hahahaha! you dont know what all RD DOESNT just let AV be as he is…you dont want an RD at home 🙂

      Happy new year and take care of yourself

  4. RS says:

    Hey! Wishing R,RD and you a very very Happy New Year! Hope you have more fun and lots more happening – and we get to see that blogging as a regular resolution too! 😀

  5. garima says:

    Worked extra on last day ???
    I am now tempted to make that moong wala dish at home…drooling at the thought of it:-)
    R danced in the party..see some more creative genes in her 🙂
    Wishing all R’s a very happy 2012 🙂

  6. Smita says:

    You guys didn’t fight??? Well!!! There is some hope in the world!!

    Psst now you guys will not fight in this new year 😀

    And what is with these kids, even my brat spends hours cleaning his teeny weeny car as if it is the biggest car in the world!!!


    • R's Mom says:

      Errr…I didnt put up the fight..abhi new year and all…why talk about fighting! babes, we can never NOT fight..we love each other too much 🙂

      He does..awwww! thats so cute…Happy new year to you all as well

  7. Sreetama says:

    Happy New Year dear! Wish you a helthy, happy & successful year ahead! Lots of love to R! 🙂

  8. chandni says:

    happy new year 🙂

  9. Smitha says:

    Happy new year RM! Heres to a new year full of R’s(and RM’s ) chronicles:)

    You guys had a fun new years eve! And all that yum food. We started the new year eating out, so we know how the rest if the year is going to be like 🙂

    Would have loved to see R’s new moves:)

    • R's Mom says:

      Great to hear you started the new year by eating many more eating outs :):)

      Arey she was hilarious to watch 🙂 It didnt strike to take her year perhaps 🙂

  10. Look at that kutti girl cleaning the cycle! 🙂 So cute. BTW, where are her shaving-brush kudumis?

    And err what is Undhiyu?!

    A happy happy 2012 to the R household! 🙂

  11. Batul says:

    Happy New Year 🙂

  12. Deeps says:

    Awww, now isnt that bicycle sparkling clean! Well done, R! :). Loads of hugs coming your way from our end for New Year, sweetheart 🙂

    RM heres wishing you and your family a fantastic year ahead! It was truly fun reading your year-end account :). Our NY eve was spent at our friends’ house, amidst incessant gup-shups, kiddy-buffooneries, sumptuous meals and some bursting of crackers at the strike of twelve 😀

  13. Vidya says:

    You shopped for sis-in-law? You are coming to Chennai? Or another SIL? Tell me you are coming to Chennai:)
    Splurging on the self once in a while is double-ok!! Anyway, you finished shopping 😐
    Its a crime to work late on Fridays, specially the last Friday of the year, month etc!
    And you must start posting the recipes of all that French and Italiano food that you mention on this blog:)

    • R's Mom says:

      no no not coming to Chennai…its a long story..will tell you later 🙂

      I know I know working on last friday of the year 😦

      arey whats French? – Undhiyu and Dal Dhokli both are gujju babes 🙂

  14. Ashwathy says:

    I mean WHO works extra on the last day of the year…RM the weirdo!!!
    Of course…you would not be YOU without it. Having said that, atleast you didn’t have work over the weekend. I know of colleagues who did. So thank your lucky stars!

    And you are as usual the sadistic mom who makes her daughter do all the work!! 😛 😛
    R looks adorable….sitting down all tucked away and patiently cleaning her cycle. Hugs to her! 🙂

    YOU MADE dhaniya and jeera powder?!! 😯 How many podis do you make anyway?! * falls at feet *

    I mean so much money for shoes!!!
    And this, while women are hoarding away truckloads of shoes! 🙄 Women have a shoe fetish…they can never have enough footwear. Or so goes the concept. 😛 And here you are complaining about buying ONE pair?! 🙄

    Romantic walk to the ATM??? 😐
    You need to take walks more often, woman. ASAP!! 😛

    Hearing about all that sleeping you did is making me jealous 😦 Was sleeping at 1am and still having to wake up at 7am. Told you about our family reunion na… long story! But it was fun to be with everyone though 🙂

    Gah! That girl !! Why does she want to do her homework now?! 😯

    Yeah there is actually a nip in the air these days… brrr! But pleasantly so. 🙂

    And what’s ‘playing housie’? 😐

    P.S.: I’m back to comment! 😛 You didn’t think you’d get rid of me so easy na! :mrgreen:

    • Ashwathy says:

      And as usual you will enable this comment only once it is tomorrow 🙄 😛

    • R's Mom says:

      what you colleagues worked on Saturday as well!!

      arey I am not sadistic..she loves cleaning 😉

      arey RD wants jeera powder separately for his set of curries and I want dhaniya jeera powder..he is the Bong and I am the gujju 🙂

      seriously Ashwathy, I was shocked at the prices of the shoes!

      family reunion and all eh…what fun 😉

      that girl is crazy thats why..she wanted to write her 1 to 15 and A to Z again and again!!! dont know housie…how can you not know! its this random number game rey..jane de..nothing to break your head about 🙂

      glad you are back to comment 🙂

  15. zephyr says:

    I read it in the morning itself, but had to go out, so am commenting only now. Loved to open the year with your chirpy post. Ahem, ahem…dal dhokli? you never let on when I came over, or I would have insisted on it 😛 The kutti looks so so cute. Give her a tight squeeze and cuddle from me, ok? Well the L&M I lazed around the house and went and had bhel in the evening. Brat is away, so it was rather quiet.

  16. My era says:

    Love your energetic posts and the food talk makes me love them all the more.
    I am a food fanatic as far cooking goes, so your posts are definitely hints for my next ventures at cooking 😀 😀
    Loved the cute cycle and our princess R cleaning it with so much love 😀
    Happy 2012 to everyone in R household 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      hahahahah! Just be glad I dont post recipes…otherwise all your cooking plans would flop 😉

      Happy 2012 to you all as well…have a great year ahead

  17. shades!!!! says:

    new year has started with so much of fun in R house hold. Keep rocking 🙂

  18. Tanishka says:

    My new year was also spent in a similar way… Our building had arranged for a party… Went their played hames, din’t win any but had fun… And then danced like crazies had awesome food and then played antakshri…. It was super fun….

    Wish you, RM, and R a very happy 2012…. 🙂

  19. Bikram says:

    Hmm nice fooood list you got there 🙂 he he he and the litty cutey cycle looks goood and bless her she is cleaning it all up 🙂 Happy new year once againnnnnnn

  20. AT says:

    ours was a lazy weekend too…
    I made a classic white cake (yep with frosting and decorations..) but didn’t tasted it… DH says it is yummy and I believed it..coz the cake was gone in 2 days (2 tiered) 🙂
    made brownies and cookies too…cooked normal meal, nothing fancy.. That was it….we didn’t go anywhere..just at home..

    R is a doll and look how helpful she is 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      you made cake that too two tier with frostings and decorations!! *Falls at feet* and you didnt taste it…*Double salutes* and brownies and cookies…oye AT just adopt me will you…I will do all the other work..just the cooking you can do..okie

      Errr…why didnt you taste it???

      Wishing you and everyone at home a super duper new year as well

  21. anisnest says:

    happy happy new year to you and your family RM.. I will do a post on what we did for new year… R looks so cute in that picture.. is cleaning really her favorite thingie or you made it as her favorite? 😉
    stay happy and healthy..

  22. Smita T says:

    I am going to make you jealous…. I went to canara cofee in Nov…. and had pune misal (which by the way… is not at all puneri in style) but was pretty good…

    Happy New Year…

  23. Seema says:

    Thank God, you didn’t make burgers again *Sigh*

  24. You know a very very strange thing happened to me on the first morning of the year. I woke up at 4.30 am and when I saw the time…the first thing that came to my mind was “OMG for the rest of the year will I be waking up at RM’s usual time” 😯 😯 sigh!!!

    Oh btw if the above thing is going to come true…I figured out that if I read your blog first among my other fave blogs, I might actually end up posting more often? 😛

    happy New year to the cute little Child Labor, the awesome Rajma Chef and you who makes us smile at the little things in life 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      ahahahhaha! thats one of the best compliments I have ever seriously 🙂 Errr..what woke you up at 4.30 on new year day!!! *wonders*

      oh you should post more often 🙂

      thanks thanks and more thanks 🙂 wishing you a super new year as well

  25. Kanthu says:

    I’m commenting here after reading the very 1st sentence, cos I too came to work on the last day of the year. And stayed here till 10.30pm..:-( Ok, now I will get back to reading the post…:-)

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