Down A Specific Memory Lane

During the 3 hour drive to the cousin’s place on Saturday, we heard a lot of songs on the radio..while RD and R were grooving to Kolaveri, suddenly the song that came up on the radio while we were channel surfing was ‘Aankhein khuli ho yaa ho baandh’

The R family reacted in the following manner to the song

RD: Yuck, what a horrid song
R: Amma, mereko kolaveri listen karne ka che *This girl cant think beyond Kolaveri!*
RM: Wow, I have so many memories with this song

RD: WHAT? *Actually shudders* THIS song..horrible movie…I wonder how people even saw the movie!

RM: but but, I danced on this song in college

RD looks from beyond the steering wheel towards me wondering if he married a freak or something

RM: No RD seriously, I did..and I made four boys dance along with me and one more girl

RD shakes his head in total disgust now very sure that he married a freak who is responsible for half the genes present in his only child!

anyways, I go ahead and tell him the experience

We had a dance competition in college..

We were a group of 2 girls and 4 boys

RD interrupts and says..what 2 girls danced with 4 boys..why wasnt it 3 girls and 3 boys (This guy thinks so conventionally na..leave it to RM to think out-of-the-box…well read ahead for the actual reason!)

RM: because only 2 girls wanted to dance…

RD: how many girls were there in the class

RM: 5!

RD: What out of 5 girls only 2 danced…and 4 boys wanted to dance…what a class?

RM: Hmpf!!!

and I ignore that and continue the story

So we adjusted the choreography so that all of us danced in sync

and out of the 4 boys, two were know people who can naturally move their body and two were absolutely NONE dancers!!

and boy, the way we made them practice…to even make them shake their hip, we would go one two one two one two…

RD burst out laughing and I am like why are you laughing….he imagined the boys doing the practice!

anyways, so we made them practice like crazy..come to college early, stay back late, practice when the prof was late..during the lunch break, during the tea break, any much so, that the poor guys were always going one-two-one-two-one-two ALL THE TIME…

 and so much so, that SP who was a part of the group told me ‘RM (I wasnt RM know just to clear the records) I will NEVER EVER EVER listen to this song in life, even if its a matter of life and death’ no he was seriously FED UP! we did so much practice…

On the day of the competition, we were all prepared and I will never forget that night…

We did get a lot of boos claps..but more importantly I remember the shouting my mom gave me and Cousin K because we reached home really really late at about 10.30 in the dad had taken his vehicle and gone in search for us..and at that time, we didnt have any mobiles, so my neighbour uncle ran behind to get appa back because we reached home and missed appa on the way..

Gosh! Ma was at her furious best then..and then not to be left behind, my mama came in the weekend and gave us his dose of shouting..and mami called up to finish off her dose of shouting also…you know just so that cousin K and I didnt feel bad about only one set of parents screaming *Rolls eyes*

Later, I came to know that we lost the competition by a whisker to a group of girls who danced on ‘aajana chu le meri chunneri sanam’

I am still proud of that…no no not about the losing..well actually about losing to four  girls…I mean who would think that a bunch of 2 girls and 4 boys out of which 2 were total non dancers could even dream of competing with a bunch of 4 girls who were almost professional dancers!

As I said all this to RD who was hmmmmmmmm…all the time, R comes up with this

R: amma, zara abhi kolaveri listen karein..and

there, my memory bubble burst 🙂

and oh after my really boringly interesting story, the traffic did move a bit faster 🙂


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40 Responses to Down A Specific Memory Lane

  1. anisnest says:

    RM in dance competition? you are an all-rounder RM.. don’t worry about R and RD.. we are here to listen/read all your stories.. 🙂
    have a good week..

  2. summerscript says:

    R: amma, zara abhi kolaveri listen karein..and — ROFL
    You brought back lot of my college memories. I am not a great dancer but I have danced like crazy in college. We won, we lost ,we cried.. aaahhhhh!!
    ahh Nostalgia!!

    • R's Mom says:

      I know..after all the nostalgia..leave it to R to jolt me back to reality with a kolaveri!!!

      What fun dont need to be a great dancer and all that…I am not one either..its just about enjoying like crazy 🙂

  3. Wah RM! This song has got immense story-material. Even more than the rags-to-riches Rajnikanth song in every movie of his! 🙂

    And this Kolaveri thing… I am fed-up now, RM. It is more a Suprabhatham at my house these days! **Sigh**

  4. Life during school and college seems to be the best, right? Really interesting story RM 🙂 I am more like those 2 boys in your group – cant even shake my leg properly 😦 never ever danced in my life! You’re great 😉

  5. Scribby says:

    so even the traffic was stuck to listen to your story RM 🙂
    Your story invoked my memories of school and college fests 🙂 Usually in school I used to be a boy given that I had a boy cut and I was tallest in my class along with my BFF…..I also have a photograph from 8th std where me and BFF are wearing shirt and dhoti and a mustache 😛

    lol @ amma abhi Kolaveru listen karein 😛 almost sounded like “okay ho gaya apka? now please can we move ahead?” 😛 😛 😛

    • R's Mom says:

      hahahah! aisa mat bolo..RD will never let me tell stories in the future 🙂

      AWwww! thats so cute…dhoti and moochi..I am jealous of your tall height…I am such a shorty 😦

      I know I have understood R so perfectly Gah!

  6. RS says:

    Wow! All my participation ended in school only 😦 In college I remember dancing in the audience to all the dances on the stage and a friend made a recodring of our dance instead of what was happening on the stage 😛

    And the story was sooo long that the traffic began to move 😀

  7. sudhasruthi says:

    HI Rm..I have been lurking around ur blog for quite sometime!!Ur blog has real character..Simply bubbling with life..And much simplicity..and mundane events made interesting..U have the writing genes..

  8. Ashwathy says:

    A trip down the memory lane. Those were the good old days eh? 😀

    This song is special to me coz I was in school then….and around an age when my teenage brain had finally woken up to the concept of ‘boys’ and ‘love’ and all that. Of course these days kids are aware of everything from the day they are born so it doesn’t matter 🙄

    So this song symbolizes romance, mushy love and teenage puppy love all together to me at once. But then again, I wouldn’t listen to it much though…..times have changed and it’s become boring 😛

    Gosh! Ma was at her furious best then..and then not to be left behind, my mama came in the weekend and gave us his dose of shouting..and mami called up to finish off her dose of shouting also…you know just so that cousin K and I didnt feel bad about only one set of parents screaming
    Hahah….all the good memories of being shouted at, while coming home late. They make for great stories don’t they? 😀 Get ready – in another 10 years time – to start your own shouting….considering R is a mini-you! She will have her share of adventures….and you will be a remake of your own mom! :mrgreen:
    Dances in joy after having given R’smom some night mares!! 😛 😆

    Those were the good days when 10.30pm was considered “late”…..and you still tried to sneak around and stay late in college … just because! 🙂 Sigh……..

    And yes, irrespective of whether you won or lost…..the memories remain. And they stay precious 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      I know..totally good old days 🙂

      With this song!!! you got to be kidding..there were so many other songs babes 🙂 hehehehe 🙂 but I must admit it was a rage na 🙂

      baap was furious..waise she never used to scold Cousin K who was or rather still is the epitome of good behaviour and all..but that day..uff..and the worst part was mama coming in and then scolding all over again..!!!

      What…I wont scold R…I will be the cool mom and all that *Gah! whom am I kidding?*

      oh yaa..the memories are precious 🙂

  9. Deeps says:

    Wow, you dance! ‘Aankhen khuli’ is a sweet song!

    “Later, I came to know that we lost the competition by a whisker…I am still proud of that…” know what, RM, thats all that matters! If you are proud of yourself, winning or losing comes secondary :). So YAY to you and your gang 🙂

    Aww, R still hung up on kolaveri! Cant blame her..I am too :D. But I happen to hear Dhanush sing this number sans any digital-tweakings, at one of the reality shows recently and I seriously got a shock :shock:. He sounded so disappointingly different!

  10. garima says:

    ‘amma, zara abhi kolaveri listen karein’ you right RM R surely know her likings and priorities 🙂
    So R has good dancing genes from her amma and art & craft genes from her appa.Way to go girl 🙂

  11. Sreetama says:

    There are certain songs in our lives which have great memories associated with it. And Kolaveri such a rage man!!! It’s an epic! Rajni’s blessings worked for his SIL bigtime!

  12. Vidya says:

    So, some part of Mumbai came to a halt listening to your story! Good you recorded it here.. lol!on RD trying to get the 3 is to 3 equation:)) And R was waiting for you to finish, only to get back to where she started, ha ha!!

    • R's Mom says:

      No no..the story was so boring that the stand still traffic decided to move thinking baap rey..aur kya 😉

      and R toh you know na..she knows how to burst all my bubbles 🙂

  13. Bikram says:

    So you can dance tooo… Hmmm anything you cant do…

  14. Smita says:


    What memories you brought back!!! We all have “that” special song na which has so many memories atatched to it and trust me Men don’t understand all this!!!!

  15. Tanishka says:

    Errr…. Actually even I don’t like that song much… So “amma ab kolaveri listen karien”??? 😀 😀

  16. I would love to see you dance! Me? I am Dharmendra’s and Sunny Deol’s long lost relative 😛

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