The Story Teller in Me and The One Generation Late Gene

and so…RM realised that having children a child not only changes the way you look ….you know physically you start to love that paunch which seems to have forgotten that the child is out of your tummy or the bum which seems to have forgotten that it doesnt need to swell to protect the baby any more…I digress.

okie, so RM realised that having children a child also changes the way you imagine..

For someone like me whose imagination levels are zero, zilch, nada….here I am coming up with stories like no woman’s business…

So parents please read further for a story you can share  your little ones with

non parents may directly go to the end of the post if you want to see why RM feels that genes sometimes skip generations

anyways, so here is one story…now remember, these stories are usually told in the morning while drinking milk and going to potty (If you think the stories are gross, well they arent) just time pass baba..

The Story of the Elephant and Stone

One day..there was a stone

R: What stone amma?
RM: Arey one stone baba
R: Big or small
RM: Big
R: no small
RM: okie small
R: No big
RM: oye, decide fast..big or small
R: okie big

RM: one day there was a stone and it was bored of sitting at one place all the time….it used to keep telling people, take me somewhere, I am bored, I am bored..but no one paid attention to it

R: Why amma
RM : arey because everyone was busy
R: Why amma
RM: Arey you want to listen to the story or not
R: okie
RM: So one day one elephant came and said..what happened stone..stone said: I am bored can you move me a bit
R: Stone kyon nahi move kar sakta
RM: Because it has not hands legs
R: Kyun amma
RM: Well because its a stone
R nods her head but not convinced

anyways so the elephant tells the stone..okie I will push you you may get hurt..and he pushes the stone with his trunk
Ouch goes the stone (The ouch is supposed to be said with effect and all okie?)

what happened said the elephant
That hurts..
Oh sorry, but I cant help it…I will be a little slower
Stone: oh its okie…I liked to move
The elephant had an idea…you know what stone, I will do one thing, I will take you right up to the top of the hill and then you can roll you want that?
Stone gets excited and says yes yes

so the elephant slowly slowly takes the stone on the top of the moutain and says ‘ready, steady, go’

and wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee comes down the stone from the mountain..

Wow says the stone…this was so  much fun..thanks elephant…

Elephant says do you want to do it again
Stone says no no, I dont want to disturb have been so nice already
Elephant says arey no probs..chalo we will go again

and so the elephant slowly slowly takes the stone on the top of the moutain and says ‘ready, steady, go’

and wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee comes down the stone from the mountain..

Thank you thank you thank you shouts the stone…you are very nice

No probs says the elephant…we will do one thing..every day, I will come and take you up the mountain two times and you can roll down

Thank you elephant says the stone and they become friends

and R has finished her milk, potty and bath by now

for the hair combing..well thats another post folks



and now why RM thinks that genes can skip generations…look at the card below R made for her teachers for christmas

I did the drawing of the tree…and just so that you dont then confused its an X MAS TREE..okie….R tells me ‘amma, x mas tree aisa nahi hota..yeh to triangles hai’ but since I am the mother, I am I tell her,…oye you want to make card or not..and then she agrees…


Thats R’s finger or RD’s??? guess guess 🙂


She did the colouring with crayons, the outline with sketchpen and the small decorations with sketch pen…trust me, I am impressed 🙂

I knew reading Shruti’s blog will have some positive effect 😉

Guess some genes of both the grand fathers (RMD and RDD) is rubbing off here…


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61 Responses to The Story Teller in Me and The One Generation Late Gene

  1. summerscript says:

    hehe.. first of all the card is so cute 🙂
    Loved the whys and kyuns 🙂

  2. Loved the story – but what happened next – didn’;t the stone break on its way down the mountain?

    Btw the unartistic me is thoroughly impressed with both the drawing and colouring of the Xmas tree

    am guessing that’s R’s finger??

    • R's Mom says:

      Errr..we dont talk about breaking to little children 😉 we always end stories with friends for ever and all that 🙂

      The finger…actually…I need to ask RD…it looks like his..but I think it may be R’s…yaa yaa..I am a fantastic mother

  3. Ramya says:

    Arey RM… this story is incomplete…. Put in the whole one… and what all ppl say… Say story to kids with morals… God knows why but I never am able to say morals for my stories.. So put across the morals also… A stolen story for Thejas 😉

  4. RS says:

    Wow! What an imaginative story RM! Im going to try this out on Chutku tonight – he keeps asking for a naayi kathe 😦 ‘dog story’ so I will instead tell him an elephant story 🙂

    As for that christmas tree – wow – she has done them so well within the borders and all… Good going R (One BIG HUGGIEE from this auntie to her)…

    And Merry Christmas! 😀

    Oh! finally – That RD’s finger?

    • R's Mom says:

      Great..hope he enjoys it..and do add on to whatever you invented after it

      I know…seriously I am shocked at her drawings..yes yes hugs passed on today evening

      Same to you 🙂

      I am not sure whose’s finger that is..looks like RD’s but may be R’ you know when I say RD has small nice fingers and R has huge ones like mine…I cant even differentiate gah!

  5. garima says:

    Aww thats so beautiful card.R baby I’ll also want it 🙂
    And RM nice story you created I mean really I read it completely 🙂

  6. Ashwathy says:

    RM realised that having children a child
    These days you are leaving too many clues all over the place…do you realise that? If you want to have a child, just go ahead will ya?! 😛 😉

    How in the world does a bum protect a baby….:shock: except maybe the way the mother sits?? 😛
    Stop making excuses for your fat bum!! :mrgreen:

    It looks like RD’s fingers but I m sure u r gonna say R! 🙄 😛

    And as for your story telling skills…well…why don’t you leave that to your parents? 😀 😀 BTW since you managed to get her to drink her milk in between that, I’d say still the story is successful in its mission so…no comments!! 😆

    • R's Mom says:

      Arey..just clarifying incase some one has two or more kids..and then if I had left it at children, everyone would have pounced on me!

      dont you know *Gasp* you have to put on weight around your bum…otherwise, your baby is unprotected *Dr.RM’s theory of her big fat bum*

      I dont know whose’s finger that is..need to ask RD…he took the photu and emailed it to me via his big phone and all that..and before you pounce on me, let me clarify, I dont have photo facility transfer on my phone..thats why RD took it *Jeez the things I have to explain to you*

      WHAT! my story is very nice okie…oh yes..she did finish milk, potty, bath with this 🙂

      • Ashwathy says:

        I didn’t even ask for an explanation … he can email it to you via his phone…or just use the cable and transfer it to your PC… 🙄 How does it matter re? 😛
        I think I have trained you in your responses by now!! :mrgreen: You start providing explanations even before I ask…or even THINK…about questions!! 😆

    • Smita says:

      *This one comes from all the Moms who delivered a baby & are fighting to lose weight*

      Have a baby first and then I am sure you too will come up with things that look like excuses but aren’t excuses really!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  7. The Bride says:

    Hahaha, I never realised the expanding bum was there to protect the baby. I shall now be using that one to excuse my own huge ass, that has begun to scare me whenever I catch sight of it.

    Really liked the story. Please put the ending, even if you never told R the ending you need to make up an ending for us. I thought I was creative but when my niece demanding a story I realised I was gobsmacked.

  8. Amitha Shetty says:

    Hi RM,

    I enjoy reading your posts. They are very funny. You are really good.

    Best wishes,

  9. Shruti says:

    yay!! that qualifies for artsy-craftsy 🙂 link it in.. n i love the story.. esp the whys n wheeeeeeeeeeeeees 🙂

  10. Comfy says:

    Arrree waah! What stort RM. I am bad at this story thing. Making up songs to keep the kids happy is what I do. Buzz’s current fav. goes ‘Choti si Bugz mili, Buzz hei badi badi’. 😀

    Wow! at R’s card. She is amazing, I must say. 🙂

  11. Smita says:

    Such a sweet vella type story 😀
    I will tell you another very useful use of a bum (of our size). You can keep a cup of tea on each 😉 aam ke aam guthliyon ke daam 😀
    The card is lovely 🙂

  12. Swarna says:

    Card is very nice R’s mom.
    Merry Christmas

  13. Bikram says:

    She has the talent there to convert those Triangles into a tree with decorations :O

  14. Yasmeen says:

    That was a nice story RM, but is it the same everyday ?! And I love Dr.RM’s theories.. lol 😀

  15. Zephyr says:

    Tell you what, you should write a book of children’s stories. God knows with the kind of plagiarised and other stories coming out, your original ones will be a breath of fresh air!

    I loved the ‘I am the mother.’ bit :))

  16. AT says:

    I was laughing over the kyon and various comments…I know a 3 year old girl, she also asks lots of questions like these…. They are inquisitive 😀

    Card is cute..

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays RM

  17. Tanishka says:

    I loved the story… Reminded me of my childhood days… 😀
    Is that RD’s finger??
    The card looks cute…. And trust me your xmas tree looks far better than what I used to make… 😀

  18. anisnest says:

    this why amma? why not amma? are the most haunting questions I say..
    card is so cute rey.. I guess its RD’s finger.. right?
    how did I guess you may ask…
    Me thinks “the finger looks small and if its R’s then your brain would not have posted that question at all..” sahi hey na?

  19. Why is that I am imagining a Gypsy type dressed up R spinning kiddy stories I wonder 🙄

    Aww that is indeed a masterpiece of a card. Lucky teacher I tell ya and too bad you can’t store it for life in a scrapbook 😥

    • R's Mom says:

      you mean Gypsy type dressed up RM spinning kiddy stories…heheeh 🙂

      I know I know…teacher is definitely lucky and so is R that she didnt inherit my genes 🙂

  20. I love your story..I wish I can cook up some stories like this. I am so impressed with the Chirstmas tree. R did a wonderful job coloring..Hugs to you both. Merry Christmas 🙂

  21. very cute of R to corner you with questions.give her a hug from me. getting here after a long time. for some reason i got the msg that your blog was for invited people only.

  22. ouch the previous comment was mine.

  23. Sreetama says:

    I’m back RM!!! My comp is working fine again! Touch wood! This is the best gift Santa has given me!!! Wish you all a Merry Christmas! Loads of love to you & R family!!!

  24. Rajani Ram says:

    Good story telling RM…. and as u said it got through all the chores right? so its all good…. Beautiful card…. Merry Christmas to you and ur family… Enjoy! 🙂

  25. Scribby says:

    I so agree on loving that paunch thing 🙂 this the fever across the world it’s like feeling proud of that paunch because you popped out a baby from there 😉

    lol @ since I’m the mother so I’m right 😛 mean you 😛 😛 😛 my poor baby R !!!!

    okay by the way it looks like a chrissy you get some credit !!! hahahah

    and what about hair coming? write a post,fast 😛

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