For whoever is Bengali and reads this blog..please skip this post

 SnS (I just have to read her blog for ideas) talks about how she scares her sweet adorable twins *Gives stern look to SnS* with ‘Othai Kanna’ – One eyed guy ..if they do any masti

in my case, its ‘Maago’ Imagine saying ‘M-A-A-A-A-G-O-O-O-O’ in a scary loud voice with eyes opened wide and hair all around your face *Shudders*

you wouldnt want to meet me in the Maago way…I am sure you will get scared

but well, R is my daughter, she has grown up for 9 months in my tummy and on my milk, so the chances of her getting scared with that ‘maago’ face of mine is a little less..guess she thinks all mothers look like me 😉

…but anyways

so maago is my othai kanna../

Now what/who is Maago

When RM was a little nice sweet girl…what? dont laugh…I was a little sweet nice girl

she would go to her mama’s house every year…with nine children (no my parents had only me and bro – the rest were my three mamas-mamis ka children) my middle mami was assigned with the job of feeding us with curd rice and pickles at 2 in the afternoon after a short nap

now I dont know whether this happens in every tambram household, but one elder member of the family used to make all the children sit around in a round, bring a BEEEGGG tapela of curd rice and some sambhar/pickles/curry and then the kids had to extend their hand one by one making a small curve (concave eh some engineering words remembered) and then the rice would be put in the hand, a small hole would be made by the giver of rice and either sambhar/pickles/curry (we had a choice phew! at least in that!) would be put in the hole and we would eat it

Now some kids were pakkis (read RM) and some where non pakkis (Read RM’s bro now known as RMB on the blog)

So even after mami finished a round of nine kids, RMB would be holding the food in his hand..and mami would scream ‘Maago, vaaaaa’ (Maago, come) and thats it RMB would be the fastest eater i n the world gulping down  his curd rice faster than PT Usha almost winning that Bronze medal at the Olympics

The ‘maago’ made us do a lot of things, eat curd rice, stop whispering to each other in the night when we all slept together, stop us from sneaking bournvita or ghee from the kitchen..and what not

Maago worked like magic..with a set of 9 notorious kids, I am sure many an adults blessed ‘maago’ for being there…and no one in the family ever explained what ‘maago’ was all about

then I married RD and had R whom I had to scare of course…intially RD was perplexed with my usage of ‘maago’ to scare a child..and he was like what is this…he explained to me what maago actually meant..

I mean, I always thought this maago was a scary  person with big eyes and hair all around the face (why is this sounding familiar to me!!!)

But actually ‘maago’ means the ‘Mother’ in Bengali…

The beggars in Calcutta earlier (?) used to go around the streets in the afternoon screaming ‘maago, maago’ asking for alms which was apparently a scary noise to a little kid

But mami being the brilliant person, managed to convert the word into a scary person who would pick us up..

and then I became a mother to a stubborn child who is only scared of …guess what?


and the tradition continues 🙂


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74 Responses to Maago!

  1. Seema says:

    LOL at ‘my middle mami’…

    RD is right, it’s actually calling out to one’s mother. Not just by beggars, but every Bengali says ‘Maago’ frequently just like we south indians say ‘Ammaa..’

    Stop scaring R alright? I never scared Mantam ever so far. Ma used to always scare them and they would cry in their sleep. You can use better ways to get her do things na? Like I always threaten them that I will not give them medicine or not let them do their homework or not let them go to school as blackmail tools. They would do what I want them to do, plus they also crave to do their homework, have medicine and go to school. So, I am in a total win-win situation 👿

    • R's Mom says:

      I should have also written that Konkanis married to Bongs should also not read this post 🙂

      oye..vacation nahi gayi?

      Errr…you think R is scared!! She scares me in her sleep and mine with all the football activities she indulges in with her dad..both of them are playing ManU vs. Arsenal every night!

  2. The Bride says:

    Hee hee! My niece is scared of something called Gogiya (think it means ‘ghost’ in Malyalam). But she is also strangely obsessed and fascinated by this Gogiya character and stories have to be made up surrounding him.

  3. VJ says:

    I just commented on SnS’s post.
    Its monster in our household ! and it works like magic.. atleast for now.
    U r right.. I think it happens in all tambram households… kids making a semi-circle around the adult and food sered with hold made for sambar/curry/whatever ! Ha.. good old times !!
    This brought back so many memories RM

  4. varsha says:

    Ah RM, that sitting in circle and eating happens even today at my place (in-law), hubby, Sis-in-law, bro-in-law , myself will sit in a circle and out mil will give out the food :).
    Now I feed S and S’s cousin that way 🙂

  5. Had a good laugh RM at …. err R’s cost! 😀 😀

  6. garima says:

    At first I read it as ‘mango’ :-)I thought why scare a child with fruit….
    Nice innovative way of scaring kids the middle mami came up with 🙂

  7. RS says:

    Ha! Suuper. I kno – the begger was used to scare me and bro too…

    Right now the only thing that works for Chutku to stop howling – not that he gets scared – is policeman with a ‘pee taktak’ (the whistle and the stick) – we use it in the middle of the night if he starts crying because he heard the goorkha one night who was doing ‘pee taktak’ 😀

    He generally gets scared of loud noises but nothing we say can scare him otherwise 😦

  8. Ramya says:

    Thank god you can scare R with Maago atleast… Thejas heeds to nothing… Say him poochandi and he smiles making fun of you 😦 and the honesty of pakki non pakki – appreciate you RM 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      arey poochandi is such a cute word…try maago..tell him Big eyes, hairy hands, etc may work…yuck! look at me..teaching you ways to scare a little kiddo’ I am seriously a mother’s nightmare!!!

  9. Ashwathy says:

    But well, R is my daughter, she has grown up for 9 months in my tummy and on my milk, so the chances of her getting scared with that ‘maago’ face of mine is a little less..guess she thinks all mothers look like me
    Wah wah! 😀 Kya logic hai! 😛 Like mother, like daughter eh?

    20 years down the line I am sure R would be writing a similar post like this (if she ever blogs). The life cycle always continues 🙂

  10. summerscript says:

    hehehe.. If anyone tried to scare me saying maago I would have asked for mango.. cheap joke I know
    Anyway ..maago– the name is cute 🙂
    In our house its the “Poochandi”.
    Unfortunately for my neighbour kid I am the poochandi.He plays with me normally but if I were my specs then I am the poochandi for him.. 😦

  11. DI says:

    Hahaha! We had our mom saying buddha baba would come for us! And that was this beggar who used to come to our place and say ‘ Behenji, Buddha baba aaya’ and we would give him food et al. Why I was scared of him when I gave food to him everyday, is beyond my understanding 😦
    Oh, and yes, that is a Tam brahm thing I guess! On our vacations too, all of us 10 cosuins would sit around my Hyd periamma and she would give us food in he exact same way! 😀

  12. Sumana says:

    LOL at Maago, scary in one and the mother in another. I swear we really can make up words but how much they get scared is a question. Like my daughter says Santa does not get any gifts and neither is Ben10 real. It is all imaginary and you don’t bug me. Total fun post..

  13. Smita says:

    Don’t we follow certain things just because it was done that ways always. Without even trying to know the logic behind it 😉
    She is scared of you??

  14. Deeps says:

    hahaha! In my household its the ‘sackman’ who has the dubious honour of scaring my child. Nah, my stern looks, screams or bickering never give the impact the way a fleeting mention of ‘sackman’ does :). And sackman ( imaginary of course- psst, dont you spill that to namnam, ok? 🙂 ) can barge inside our house anytime, hide in strange places and corners or even disguise himself as chowkidars and wrap small kids in his sack and take them away UNLESS they eat well, sleep on time, behave themselves, etc. etc. etc 🙂

    Have to say though that this sackman is slowly becoming powerless with my daughter beginning to insist on seeing the sackman and telling him in person that ‘she is a good girl’ 🙄 😦

    • R's Mom says:

      That sackman is an awesome character eh? yaa its the same for ‘maago’ as well 🙂 heheheheh 🙂 your daughter is so adorable….she is a good girl eh?

  15. sigh! I was sitting and thinking what scares my little guy and I realized I never ever had the need to scare him 😦 Guess he is gone after his dad in the Good Boy department coz I remember my mom and bros came up with loads of stuff to scare me 😥

  16. uma says:

    am yet to hit upon a magic word like that and am garnering hopes (in vain) that R will be suitably scared into obeying me. As of now if I shout “watchman” to scare R, he looks back at me and shouts back in the same tone…lol!!!

  17. Vidya says:

    I mistook maago for mango! its hard to believe that something can actually scare R.. RM’s daughter and all that:)) here, varun decided himself that a moth will come if he doesn’t go to bed, eat etc.. a not that he does all that without a fuss.. but he invented his own maago!

  18. lifesong says:

    In our home it was “wee willie winkie” who came to our rescue for making my daughter eat, sleep …anything. Though in the rhyme he comes only to check on children who are not in bed by 8 o’clock, in our home he came to check if she was not eating, sleeping or doing any other mischief 🙂
    But after she turned 4 she was like ” aane do, main usko bhaga doongi (Let him come I will scare him away)…:)
    That was the end of him…Sigh!! But he was very useful while he lasted 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      but but but..isnt wee willie winkie supposed to be a positive character??? or am I getting confused *Goes to search on the net*

      hahahaa on the aane do, main usko bhaga doongi..thats so R typish 🙂

  19. Kanchan says:

    Haha, Maago is actually funny RM !

    At my parents place it used to be “bhokadi” – some kind of female rakshas. Oh and I really believed it for a very long time 😦 Later on there were also stories about a serial killer ghost – who makes X mark on your house and comes calling in the night. If you answer, you are done. Traumatic.Surprisingly these scary monsters were female in my native.

    Mil tried to scare Adi with “Gumma” we later on added “wee willie winkie”. Yes, I know, wee willie winkie !!! But he actually started getting scared – not in the day time, but at nights – wouldn’t sleep alone citing WWW etc. So I decided to stop it. Now I work hard to convince him that these monsters, rakshasas don’t exist !

  20. That was so hilarious. I was grinning and constantly saying “maango” while reading it! LOL

  21. NBose says:

    LOL…despite your warning I read the post!!!!….Bongs use this term when in pain as well….or when somtimes a fatty like me sits on floor and then tries to get up…there comes this “Maago”!!!..:)
    I think I should also start doing some homework on these charatcters…my baby is 7 months…he he he!!!

  22. anisnest says:

    I was waiting for this post from the time I red your comment on SnS post.. Achaa Maago means “Mother” is it? theek hai one more word learned from RM’s blog.. 🙂
    we had this “kannabiran..” to be scared of.. He is a man who lived on the same street of my mama’s house and he had red eyes and big mustache… the sound he makes when he looks at us.. oh my god horrible.. we would gulp down anything in a nano second if his name is called out..

  23. AT says:

    aww poor little girl R, you are scaring her…. But then I am yet to reach your daughter is 1 year old…lets see what future holds…..

  24. Scribby says:

    ROFL mago err I mean RM 😛

  25. vidya sethuraman says:

    hey raks dis s vidya…ur posts r interesting..i read it daily…way to go lady

  26. shail says:

    I can’t stop laughing. Maago, hahaha. But strangely enough I never have resorted to scaring my kids. ‘You better listen to me, NOW!’ was enough. Perhaps I am scarier than any Maago! 😉

    R’s Mom, you are tagged. Please step in here:

  27. chattywren says:

    RM, I have linked this post of yours to one I have done on my blog on the same lines Do read!! Cheers!

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